Arsenal – ammunition on it’s way

The football season is back with us. The games at the Emirates this weekend enabled AW to showcase his two new signings, both of whom rose admirably to the occasion and gave a good account of themselves. We have a new attacker and defender that are comfortable on the ball and capable of seamlessly fitting into the Arsenal system, whilst adding a much needed touch of aggression at either end of the park.

This tournament last year introduced the chirpy Little Jack Wilshere to a wider audience than those real fans who were already in the know. Having gone to Barnet to watch the reserves play or sad souls like me who having subscribed to yet another pay TV channel saw the precocious 16 year olds awesome, performance against West Ham. Capped with a curling Henry like goal, right in front of the watching AW, sat on his own behind the goal.

Needless to say he was named man of the tournament last year, as indeed he was yesterday, somewhat luckily I felt. He played well enough and his shot on the volley that cannoned off the bar would have been another collectors piece had it been 6”lower.  His immaturity showed through when he was conned by a clever body check into conceding a penalty.

His real success this year and the exciting part for many fans was his link up with another unknown from the Academy conveyor belt Emmanuel Frimpong an 18 year old, solid, tough tackling, defensive midfielder who will collect a card or two along the way but looks the warrior many have been crying out for. Together the two took on the Milan midfield and were not found wanting. To young to do it week in week out, but by the season end I am sure will be regular squad members who have a number of first team appearances – ready to become regulars next season.

Theo has taken a lot of stick recently, but I thought he showed on Sunday with two assists, what his pace and crosses can do for us, if only his team mates would attack the far post when he is making for the goal line. He too is far from the finished article but seems to me to be growing in confidence.

Finally, AW stated he was still in the market for a defender and yet still a hard core of Arsenal fans continue to doubt his word.  I have been staggered by the number of conspiracy theories that follow AW press conference statements since the transfer window opened.  Do we really doubt the integrity of the man that much; how would his constant critics react if they were treated so shabbily, it is not his fault that we are linked with half a dozen different defenders on a daily basis. Shouldn’t we wait until the window closes before we crucify the guy?

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  1. Morning all

    A good read dandan. I’m really hoping we do sign the defender AW speaks of but as you say we’ll have to wait and see. Another season of potential is such a waste if we can really bolster the squad with a couple of good signings.

  2. BigL says:

    For what its worth, I think we have a 50% chance of signing someone.

    As for Wenger being a man of his word? You’re having a laugh. Wenger is a serial liar. Every transfer window he says the same thing.

  3. Morning BigL – I think you’re right there with the ‘serial liar’I’m just hoping that this year he means it. Our defence is so short of experience now its not even funny.

    Silvestre or Gallas coming back? Could still happen – although I haven’t looked at NN yet …….

  4. kelsey says:

    Moning all and a nice post dandan.

    Transfer dealings always amuse me.A bit of cat and mouse game.

    The big boys have been relatively quiet so far and the tabloids seem to concentrate solely on who may leave, primarily cesc in our case,, though the momentum about torres is gaining daily.

    I never understand this last minute rush every transfer day deadline.

    I appreciate there are negotiations to be had and agents, wages etc obviously come into the whole package, but why is it beneficial for a club to buy a player just as the seaon kicks off, when surely it would make sense to buy early say in may so he can be bedded into the side.

  5. Tommo says:

    Bring back Steve Bould!

  6. clockendjim says:

    Yes we do doubt Wenger’s word because he has such a long track record of leading us to expect significant signings at every transfer window and rarely ever do we see them.
    If last January he had plugged the holes in the squad that were there for everyone to see, then we would hve been champions.
    The same story looks about to be repeated. We so desperately need a world class goalkeeper and backup at CB. With only two weeks to the start of the season, there is no excuse for not having done so by now. If these signings are made then the PL is ours for the taking. If not, we can look forward to another season of dominating games like we did against Celtic , not taking the massive amount of chances we create and end up gifting soft goals to draw or lose many matches that should have been won.
    With £6m for Eduardo and the huge reduction in the wage bill without Gallas, Silvestre, Campbell etc, the money must be there.
    Come on Wenger get that cheque book out

  7. Gooner64 says:

    I really hope we sign another defender.

  8. Morning clockendJim – I’m not sure Wenger understands the frustration of the supporters sometimes. It was pretty clear to anyone and everyone that we needed a striker in Jan – he wanted Chamakh but Bordeaux wouldn’t let him go so why not get a big lump on loan for 6 months. Arshavin was struggling up front on his own.

    But the killer is the lack of defending by the team as a whole. Not being able to see a game out is pretty pathetic.

  9. tommystout says:

    well said dandan, i don’t doubt that he’ll bring someone in but i’ll groan if it is one of the french men that we have just let go.
    i’m 50/50 at the moment, half of me wants a new defender bringing in but the other half wants a new work ethic implementing for the whole 90 minutes. If that means we tire in a game then so be it, the game should be killed off by then.

  10. Bobby says:

    BigL, if Wenger is a serial liar it seems likely that your name stands for Big Liar.

  11. Damian says:

    Kelsey take Man C as an eg. even though they have unlimited money it still makes no sense to have players sitting getting payed that are not eligible due to the squad size ruling so today Lescott is whatever 17M tomorrow 16.5 and on the last day 9m because if they don,t take it they pay 5m in wages 4 a player that can,t play & next year 1 year older 1 year less on his contract & 1 year of sitting out not playing then can they get 9m 4 him and if they do it only adds up to 4m anyway

  12. The Man City player surplus is interesting – have they drawn up a list of players that they’re willing to lend out?

    This will ultimately suit Man City as they’ll keep their players happy, they’ll be playing against their rivals and they won’t be able to play against them.

  13. tommystout says:

    just saw the “gunnersaurus wants move to barca” headline from gingers… haha 🙂

  14. tommystout says:

    i dont think that we would take a player on loan from anyone in the premiership let alone a rival…. it would be like having an enemy within!

  15. SPECTRUM says:

    Reality check. Latest odds on the Premiership winners for 2010/11 ; Chelsea 6/4, Manchester Utd. 5/2, Manchester City 11/2, Arsenal 7/1.
    To all those Wenger devotees who think this will be OUR season – well the bookies beg to differ. While 7/1 suggests we’ll do o.k. ( top 4 again ? ), they don’t think we’ve got what it takes to WIN IT. The bookies are not often wrong.
    If you think differently, have a wager. At 7/1, on the fourth line of betting – good luck !
    “In Arsene we rust”

  16. I agree we shouldn’t need to take anyone on loan EVER and definitely not from the premiership.

    Think about the Barndoor for example – if Citeh don’t sell him but don’t want to name him in their 25 man squad and lets say he goes on loan to Everton, he can play against all the top 8 sides but not Citeh – thats not fair is it?

    I know he’s not that good but he does want to be loved so he does try hard for a while.

  17. roger says:

    In arsene we rust…..what a twat

  18. dandan says:

    Morning all, Imho it is the Arsenal fans who read what they want to, into AW’s words, expectation among football fans has always been a source of amusement to me.
    It is the same reasoning that the likes of Arry the spud use, before leaving a trail of indebted clubs behind him as he moves on, you can rest assured he doesn’t manage his own money that way or he wouldn’t have that pad down at Pool.
    Should we do a deal and unload a couple of players to Owen Coyle at Bolton in exchange for Gary Cahill. Wenger will be called a skinflint or cheapskate and accused again of misleading fans. Personally should that happen I would regard it as good business and a job well done.

    But then I don’t like owing money in my personal life either.

  19. truegooner says:

    Thought this may be of interest………from le grove…Morning all, fun post. I heard an interesting tale myself yesterday. I am not one for gossip as i have no real sources generally speaking. However, yesterday I was talking a friend who is high up in Finance with one of the banks. We were talking about Arsenal and I was moaning about the lack of transfer activity. He said that its partly down to the fact that Arsenal are about to be taken over once the window closes. There is a takeover plan in place and the buyer is waiting for the window to close so they do not have to get involved in whole transfer window stuff. He said its not they lack the funds but they want to have a period of explororation into what is going on in terms of the squad and more importantly the managers contract. He also said that the market is still inflated by citys money and that any sensible investor wants to avoid the price inflation caused by them and wait for it to settle. He thought the board are resigned to selling in Sept and that ownersghip will reside in the hands of one individual and their company then. This was maybe a contributory factor in the limiting of Arsenes budget this summer. As this seems to have changed from he has loads of money to he is on a limited budget now. He would not despite all sorts of efforts tell me if it was stan, the oligarch or another. Although he thought it was interesting that we were looking to exploit our interests in Asia more. Although I cannot verify the above or vouch for the accuracy of my friends info. It is gossip that is diferent to the who shall we sign sort and thought it was worth sharing.

    Oh and just for those out there I am niether an Arsene Knows best nor arsene is any one of the swear words some of the bloggers choose to use. im an Arsenal fan who happens to think life is complex just like running a football club.

  20. Well if thats true then the club has done a good job of diverting our attention away from any takeover speculation or even who’s going to be buying Lady Ninas shares.

    Maybe even the ‘Cesc to Barcelona’ stories have been put out deliberately – oooh I love a conspiracy theory 😉

  21. Rasp says:

    Afternoon all,

    An excellent archetypal dandan post 😉

    I mentioned Lady Nina’s shares some weeks ago as a possible factor in the summer expenditure.

    All managers lie – it is part of their job. I hate it, but it happens and Arsène is no different to anyone else in that respect. We never had any intention of spending £20-30m this summer, and in fairness Arsène didn’t say we would. He did however say the it was the defence that needed looking at.

    Recent games have shown me that we will be playing Russian Roulette with our defence if we don’t sign a defender who can deputise for Vermaelen.

  22. SPECTRUM says:

    Any truth to the rumour that the unspent transfer money will be used to build a monument to Wengers vanity ? Later to be converted to a shrine for the AKB’s to pay their respects after he’s left ? I also heard their admission fee will go towards Wengers super fund.
    “In Arsene we rust”.

  23. irishgunner says:

    The “In Arsene we rust” and “Its Arsenal FC not Arsene FC” are two of the gayest sayings that pop up on Arsenal blogs.

    Not that I’ve a problem in the slightest with anything gay – I don’t mean it in the sexual way, just that they are “poofy” sayings. I just imagine a gimp saying them – I’m not an “AKB” or “I hate Arsene” but to think that our club wouldn’t heavily revolve around a man who has been the head of the club for 13 years is quite frankly retarded.

    “In Arsene we rust” what the fuck does that even mean?

  24. SharkeySure says:

    Roger – you wait til you’ve read it 30 times !!

    Spectrum. Couple of Q’s for ya:

    What odds were England to win the World Cup..??

    Do bookies change or alter their odds thru the season..??

    Do you really still think your ‘in Arsene we rust’ line is gaining or losing you kudos..??

  25. SharkeySure says:

    Hola amigos, buenos tardes….

  26. GunnerN5 says:

    irishgunner: Three cheers for you! It’s so juvenile that even the word childish does not fit the bill. Today the site has turned very anti Wenger, which I find very disturbing – “serial liar” indeed!

    This man spends 24/7 working for AFC what possible reason would he have for lying about the transfers he hopes to make? Not making the obvious transfers can only make his job tougher and logically speaking why would he do that? There’s no logic other than the transfers he hoped to make did not pan out – “serial liar” indeed – I ask ya!!

    Lets face it if it appears to us punters that we need a GK and a CB than it must be as obvious to him as the nose on his face – if neither of these positions are filled than it will, most likely, be down to not being able to make a deal that is satisfactory to both parties – “serial liar” indeed – get a grip!

  27. irishgunner says:

    GunnerN5 – Honestly, I am more on Wenger’s side, I think he is doing a great job although at times his stuborness does frustrate me, particularly when it comes to our defence.

    I’ve actually no problem with people having grievances with Wenger as long as they explain it and why they feel like that. We all have our opinions.

    But all this “are we going to build statues” and he’s “running a cult” is so much fucking bollix it drives me insane. As you said, just completely and utterly juvenile – its like they have nothing to back up their argument except from what a certain other blog professes everyday ….

  28. SharkeySure says:

    The ‘cult’ is the collection of mentalists who believe all this talk of ‘Arsenes bonus’, completely ignoring the fact that at any point in the last 13 years he could have walked out and earned way more than he ever can at Arsenal.

    My fave from the Wizard of Oz and his merry band of mentalists is that apparently Arsenes wife has let it be known that Arsene is obsessed with doing it on the cheap for the extra kudos he’ll get. More shite from those who peddle it, knowing that the mentalists will blindly accept it, without asking for quotes or valid sources.

    Arsene ain’t perfect, but he sure as fuck ain’t the greedy **** that some would paint him to be.

    Its laughable

  29. SharkeySure says:

    Lets be clear.

    NOt buying/loaning a CF last Jan was criminal.

    Leaving Arsh out of the semi v Chelski was criminal

    If we start with Almunia as our No.1 this season will be criminal.

    Arsene makes mistakes.

  30. SPECTRUM says:

    Irishgunner – ( at 2;32 ) – You wouldn’t understand it because you’ve been too indoctrinated over the years to see ANYTHING that the manager could possibly have done, or is doing, wrong.
    Again, to prove my point,if you can TRULY be honest and impartial, see if you can come up with ANYTHING critical of Wenger, on or off the field. Not just the lack of transfers. Deeper than that. You won’t be able to, will you ? Then see the first paragraph again.
    “In Arsenal we rust”.

  31. SharkeySure says:

    Two days ago in Spain, my 7 year old daughter wanted to go on a theme park ride. We queued for 5mins, then got told she weren’t tall enough.

    Funnily enough she didn’t turn round and call me a lying bastard of a dad just cos it didn’t happen as planned.

    Funny that.

  32. SharkeySure says:

    Spectrum. Tell me about Arsene’s ‘non spending’ bonus.

  33. SPECTRUM says:

    SharkeySure ( at 2;49 ) – 1) If you read my previous posts, I said the bookies are right MOST of the time, not ALL the time.And that has always been so.
    2) Yes they do change their odds. Happens all the time.All I am saying is that this is their odds ( assessment ) of Arsenals chances at this point in time.In other words, the bookies don’t think much to our chances, despite your unbridled optimism.
    3) This obviously isn’t the site to come to for kudos.But I don’t seek them. Just giving my view on things as I see them.If they sound gloomy, it’s because I can’t see things changing.The bookies evidently share this view.That’s why we’re at 7/1. GET IT ?
    “In Arsene we rust”.

  34. irishgunner says:

    Not that I feel the need to answer to a five-year-old but I’ll humour you about the things I feel Wenger has got wrong over the years:

    Letting Pires and Gilberto go when he did.

    His reluctance to appreciate some of the basics of football in favour of his beautiful way i.e. at times just having to get stuck in and his seemingly lack of interest in setting us up to allow us to score headed goals.

    Using the 4-3-3/4-2-3-1 in pretense of aiding our defence but not putting out the players/having the players with the work ethic to do so.

    Going along with us “moving” to Wembley for home games.

    Not winning more with the Invincibles – I actually think he got caught up in the record that saw us lose out in the cups.

    Not playing Arshavin against Chelsea in the FA Cup semi when he was our most inform player.

    Now Spectrum, humour me and reveal why you think Wenger is doing such a bad job without beating around the bush and talking in such terribly vague points are you are doing thus far.

  35. GunnerN5 says:

    Okay Sharkey, It was criminal that your daughter did not get on the ride – and although you could have checked beforehand it was not necessarily your fault.

    Was it Wenger’s fault that he didn’t get a CF last Jan, will it be his fault if Almunia is his best choice to start the season – or are both things down to unfortunate circumstances – maybe he was just “short” of the mark???

  36. SharkeySure says:

    Ok, Spec you win. I’ve completely misunderstood your post, oh how foolish of me.

    There was me thinking that I should forget about Arsenal this season in case we don’t win anything, cos of the ‘bookies assessment’.

    Their starting odds of 10-1 last season didn’t really reflect us leading the table in March did they..??

    If you could talk about the need for a GK, or that we need another CB then people would respond to you in a manner you might appreciate. Over here the Arsene’s a mug, wanker, corrosive fucker (booom boom) just grates with people as pointless hyperbole, and makes you sound like a bit of a youngster.

    How did Wilshire and Frimpong do for you this weekend..?? Are they any good..?? Or are they two more fine examples of Arsene’s ability to corrode sterling silver..??

  37. SPECTRUM says:

    Sharkey Sure – ( at 3;14 ) – Hooray ! At long last I’ve finally managed to extract a few admissions from you that maybe just maybe, ( SSSHH! ) ! Wenger DOES have a few faults. At least you are the first one with the courage to admit it. Now if you could just awaken your AKB friends from their trance state…..
    As for the “non spending bonus”, I don’t subscribe to that theory.
    “In Arsene we rust”.

  38. Afternoon GunnerN5 – I think it was Arsenes fault that we didn’t get ANY CF last Jan – I believe ANY big guy would have been better than Arshavin up front on his own while RvP and Bendtner were out injured. He knew about Robins injury from November. He may have set his sights on getting a certain player which didn’t come off but he could have lowered his expectations for the good of the team.

    If I’ve promised my family steak for supper and I can’t get any I don’t give them nothing – they may have to make do with Spaghetti Bolognese but they won’t go hungry.

  39. SharkeySure says:

    Gunner 5.

    From the outside some things look criminal, but who knows what will be revealed in time. Therefore I hedge my bets a little…

    I’d like to think that as much as loaning/buying players isn’t the easisest thing in the world, it should have ben achievable last Jan, using a target no.1. target no.2 approach.

    Having said that its been know for aplayer to do a u-turn litearlly on the way to a club to sign, so like I say, who knows what really happened.

    The Arshavin semi looks like a mess of his own making though.

    Let me be clear, I thank the Gods of all religions for the day that Arsene walked in and completely transformed our club, and he’s still by far the best man for the job.

  40. SharkeySure says:

    Spec – I posted those before you asked Irish for some. Duh !!!

    At lesat do your homework before coming out to play.

    Do you know how long we’d be here writing out all the good he’s done…??

    Seriously, you’ll really need to post your ‘thoughts’ elsewhere’ if you persist with that bollox tagline about corrosion, cos I for one will not enter into dialogue with you, and I reckon others will follow suit

    Use it on the ‘other site’ to your hearts content, they love that sort of ‘high end humour’. Have you really not heard the phrase ‘funny the first time’..??

  41. Hi Sharkey – Have you written that post yet 😉

    I’m with you on the thanking whoever needs to be thanked for sending us Arsene Wenger I just don’t get some of his decisions.

  42. irishgunner says:

    Spectrum – LOL its like you’re a mouthpiece for Le Grove. What will Geoff tell you to say next? 😆 You’ve no arguments at all.

    You’re like a wheel – I let your little mind try and figure out what I mean.

  43. tommystout says:

    IS Emir Spahic the CB we are after, seems like this ones gathering momentum. He’s small by CB reckoning at 6ft, never heard of him before, been playing in the french league…. and also plays TV’s side of the pairing… done deal!

  44. tommystout says:

    i don’t know how you can be bothered to get in to dialogue with spec ppl! waste of time!

  45. irishgunner says:

    Peaches – I had steak for dinner, it was yummy 🙂 Not sure how that helps you though ha ha

  46. irishgunner says:

    Tommy – I’ve never heard of this Spahic guy so can’t comment at all. Just hope we get in someone with a bit of grit and determination in him.

  47. SPECTRUM says:

    IrishGunner ( at 3;29 ) – Those are some of the milder points. There are many more which I have raised in various blogsites, and which are too tedious for me to repeat ad nauseum. Besides, if you had a keen sense of perception you would have noticed these things yourself, using some deeper analysis.
    Read Wengers media statements, his tactical decisions, his misguided (unfruitful) fixation with youth,lack of SENSIBLE, repeat SENSIBLE, spending – even NOW when we HAVE funds available…. the list goes on. And you think it’s not time for a change of direction, notwithstanding his (past) achievements ? ( which of course,I gladly admit were considerable ).
    What I’m saying is the way we’ve been going hasn’t and won’t, work. I’ve lost faith in Wenger to produce the goods. He had “it” once, but the last few years he’s lost his mojo. You disagree, fine. We’ll see.
    “In Arsene we rust”.

  48. irishgunner says:

    ” There are many more which I have raised in various blogsites, and which are too tedious for me to repeat ad nauseum. Besides, if you had a keen sense of perception you would have noticed these things yourself, using some deeper analysis.” – Bollix. Stop trying to cover over your lack of points with floury language. I’ve a degree in English and can talk in Shakespearian till the cows come home if you like but its pointless unless I actually make a point – which is what you are doing. (I.E. talking bollix in floury language – I love how you think your intelligent though, its kinda cute).

  49. SharkeySure says:

    Ok – Corrosion King – you have a nice night/life, thats the last response you’ll get from me til you grow up a bit.

  50. SPECTRUM says:

    SharkeySure (quote) : “Let me be clear, I thank the Gods of all religions for the day that Arsene walked in and completely transformed our club, and he’s still by far the best man for the job”.
    You got that half right.Why can’t you distinguish what he’s DONE, which we all, ( yes including me), applaud, from what he has done and IS doing, in more RECENT times ? That is what you AKB’s just can’t or won’t see !
    “In Arsene we rust”.

  51. irishgunner says:

    ” Corrosion King” – Ahahaha it took me a second but I got it ha ha

  52. SharkeySure says:

    Spahic seems like adecent bet. Experienced, bitof a tough guy. Overthe moon just to be a Gunner, let alone a regular starter.

    Fingers crossed he comes then.

  53. SPECTRUM says:

    Sharkey – ( at 3;48 ) Sorry about the time delay, there. The “rust” thing is my sign off – a way of making a statement on the manager and the direction he’s taking the club. Obviously it’s a play on words.It’s not intended to be humourous, but in my view is highly relevant, even if it doesn’t go down well with you lot.
    “In Arsene we rust”.

  54. Rasp says:


    Having read through your comments this afternoon I am left with a feeling of disappointment. You actually have some good points but they are completely lost in your rhetoric.

    No-one on here believes Arsène is faultless, they just mostly look at the bigger picture and balancing everything up believe we are lucky to have him. I know you disagree, which is fine, but I suggest you drop the ‘catchphrase’ as it is a bit tedious and try allow others to take you more seriously by adopting a less abrasive approach.

  55. charybdis1966 says:

    Afternoon all, so is Per off the agenda then? It’d about time we had a defender who is a big ‘un.
    As I said yesterday, members day will be illuminating – the biggest turn off will be if Cesc still doesn’t appear or he doesn’t take the mike from the stadium announcer go who does the compeering on Members day – you know, the middle aged guy with the Mullet.

  56. truegooner says:

    Spectrum the facty that you think its relevant when in fact its a bit of childish schoolboy humour really show the level of your thinking, there are blogs far more suited to your level

  57. Rasp says:


    We have had writers on here who agree with a lot of what you say and we have published their headline posts expressing those views – please don’t make the mistake of thinking there is any particular agenda. All shades of opinion are welcome as long as they are expressed with respect for others.

  58. SharkeySure says:

    Spectrum – save your energy where I’m concerned.

    “Ok – Corrosion King – you have a nice night” – Did you miss that…??

  59. SPECTRUM says:

    Rasp – In a way I feel the “In Arsene we trust” motto to be false and inaccurate, but I don’t complain. You guys are oversensitive. Afraid Arsene might be offended ? He’s a big boy.I’m sure he can take it.Unlike SharkeySure, who’s gone home to sulk.
    And he tells ME to grow up ??!!!
    “In Arsene we rust”.

  60. Rasp says:

    Hi chary,

    I agree about Cesc. His silence is likely to be interpretted as a lack of commitment to Arsenal. I just wonder if he views Barça’s reluctance to pay anything near what he’s worth as a lack of commitment on their part?

  61. Rasp says:


    I sense a change in your approach whether you intend it or not. Trading insults is just a bit childish and none of us should bother with it. If we debated like the other sites there would be no point in our existence. We are lucky to attract some excellent bloggers who feel comfortable with our ‘style’.

  62. SharkeySure says:

    Irish 4.08…no rush love.

    Cult Mentalist 4.16 (yes thats you!!) – thats just it, you CM’s just go on and on repeating yourselves, with your negative shite day after day after day.

    Odd part is that each time you say the same old shite, its trumpeted and given a fanfare like its a new revelation.

    Its not, and its just so fucking boring to read EVERY day.

    Most of Blogworld is very grateful to the two RingMasters at LG for creating a gathering place for like minded mentalists. And yes, the Circus analogy is completely and wholly deliberate.

  63. irishgunner says:

    Spectrum – the only one writing “mottos” here is you.

    You’re just rambling. Rasp said you made some good points in your posts and to be honest I can’t find any – at all.

    You seem so blinded by your hatred for Wenger now that you can’t make an argument. We like debate here, if you want to throw out silly little lines that are never backed up but get everyone else going “yes you are great, you tell the cunt how old and terrible and in love with money he is” Le Grove is that way —–>

    If you don’t agree with what direction Wenger is taking the club, you’ll find others here that agree or partly agree but try actually making some points for us to follow and either agree or disagree on, not some wild generalisations.

    Sharkey isn’t running away, its just bored of how repetitive and frankly uninteresting your posts are becoming.

  64. irishgunner says:

    On a different note – I just got my brand spanking new Arsenal jersey in the post with “Brady 7” on the back = 😀

  65. irishgunner says:

    Watt is gone on loan to Leeds – good move for him IMO as long as he gets game time.

  66. Rasp says:

    Hi irish,

    ‘A good point’ doesn’t necessarily mean that I am in agreement. Like you, I am just trying to give SPECTRUM the chance to express his views more clearly and then maybe he will consider our responses.

  67. Rasp says:


    It looks like most are resigned to the fact that we aren’t getting a new keeper, where do you stand on the likelihood of a new CB? (one that we’ve heard of)

  68. charybdis1966 says:

    If it hadn’t had been for the Cesc issue that should be resolved I was thinking of giving members day a miss as I’d been to the last 2, Raspers.
    If Cesc does do a little speech I’m seriously considering YOU-tubing it onto my account – might get a few hits/views even !

  69. dandan says:

    I guess many on here would class me alongside GunnerN5 as a AW man and they would be right. I put that final paragraph on my post solely to underline the vitriolic inadequacies of the likes of spectrum knowing some would come out of the woodwork and give the site some hits and the regulars a laugh in these non event pre league times as we wait for the real action to start
    Not even N5 and I believe that Wenger doesn’t make mistakes. We may well be regarded in some quarters as geriatric old fools. But in our book we have the experience through our longevity of a lifetime watching managers come and go to know a diamond when we see one.

  70. irishgunner says:

    Rasp – I know what you mean regarding “a good point” – I just couldn’t see any points at all. If someone argues a point well, no matter how much I personally disagree with it, its still a good point. I just see rambling from Spectrum. How often has Franchise come on and we totally disagree but I’d give him his dues because he made his point well? If we all agreed it’d be boring…

    I’m upset that it does look like no keeper is coming in and we HAVE to get an experienced CB in or its madness. I’m still angry over missing out on Given in the goalkeeping stakes.

  71. charybdis1966 says:

    Maire – I got my members pack last Friday – it cheered me up after a miserable week, it had a real cool panoramic picture of all the squads to play at Highbury(with managers sitting there too).
    There was Hapgood’s autobiography also, although it seems a bit of an effort to read, a lot harder than Perry Groves’ book, which was included in a previous members pack.

  72. irishgunner says:

    Chary – When is member’s day? Go along and you might see our brand new, world-class CB 😉

  73. Rasp says:


    That would be good – so you think it is possible that they are saving Cesc’s triumphal decalaration of undying love for us for member’s day then?

    Hi dandan,

    Consider it a victory for freedom of speech 😛

  74. irishgunner says:

    Chary – I saw the picture on the online shopping page, it looks awesome. I got a free polo shirt with my jersey – nice surprise. Although having read back over the order it did saw I would get one free.

  75. charybdis1966 says:

    Maire, it’s on Thursday, the day Cesc is due back so he can pose for the squad picture.
    Raspers – if I get a seat at the front it’ll be a good view – if I’m near the back Ill have to zoom in and it’ll be all pixellated. 😦

  76. GunnerN5 says:

    Rasp; Frankly I really enjoy this site and it’s only today that I have been disturbed by some of the posts, Personally I can be very abrasive but that side of me usually only surfaces when I am confronted with indifferent and downright ignorant posts. Then I feel a need to respond, although I do attempt to be civil.

    On the AW debate, in my 63/4 years of supporting Arsenal no manager comes close to what Arsene has achieved. He has made a lot of mistakes along the way but his record of success far outweighs his oversights.

    You see I don’t see it as right or wrong, good or bad, smart or stupid. I them as an evolution and a path towards creating the ultimate for the club.

    We have no sacred right to win trophies and our history shows that we have only won trophies in 24 of our 117 year history – once every 5 years. Arsene has won 7 in his 14 years so he is way ahead of the curve and deserves far better than the trash talk that some of our more dubious members post.

    PS: To close a post by trashing AW is way beyond the pale and deserves more than a slap on the wrist!

  77. dandan says:

    N5 you re not suggesting I trashed AW are you?

  78. Rasp says:


    I agree that we HAVE to get an experienced CB – but I’m pretty sure we won’t! There is always so much more going on behind the scenes that we never get to hear about.

    I don’t think it is possible to sign a big name player like Mertesacker or Jagielka without there being weeks of lead-up to the deal, (Sol the first time was the exception) so I am of the opinion that it is most likely we will sign a player who is currently not on our (the supporter’s) radar. The deal might be done on the quiet because the selling club are keen for it to succeeed as opposed to the fuss big clubs make when a competitor tries to prise away one of their stars.

  79. GunnerN5 says:

    Peaches I too would prefer steak but tonight we are having left overs which will be just fine – but I would not like somebody else’s left overs or some re-tread football players – just to make up the numbers.

  80. Rasp says:

    Or, on the other hand, we may not sign another defender at all 🙄

  81. GunnerN5 says:

    dandan: In a word NO.

  82. SharkeySure says:

    “a lifetime watching managers come and go to know a diamond when we see one”

    Thats it in a nutshell DanDan. Well said. I’m a mere baby of 43 but even I have seen a few. M

    My biggest fear is that we ever lose our class as a club, and no longer do things the Arsenal way. Ie become a club that has managers coming and going, try and buy our way to succes without developing any players of our own…etc etc etc.

    Irish in July 2010, has ordered a shirt with Brady 7 on the back. Thats a strong clue about who Arsenal are and what the club stands for.

  83. dandan says:

    Rasp there is still a month to go,the last two weeks will be busy, the last week manic as they try to ditch players caught up in these new squad limitations.

  84. Rasp says:

    Or we may re-sign Gallas or cough! cough!cough! Silvestre 😦

  85. Rasp says:

    That’s a good point dandan, but clubs won’t be trying to ditch their better players if they chose not to include them in their squad … we don’t want cast-offs.

  86. dandan says:

    Irish I use to wish I had chippy’s left foot in my golf bag LOL

  87. GunnerN5 says:

    You know re-signing Gallas would not be all bad – except for his demeanor.

  88. irishgunner says:

    Rasp – I can appreciate why you feel like that, recent history backs that up, I’m just being the eternal optimist again. I’d rather not add another month to my doom and gloom ha ha

  89. dandan says:

    It might come down in the final analysis to the wage bill, this Portsmouth High Court Caper is going to scare the Crap out of a lot of clubs.

  90. irishgunner says:

    Dandan – LOL, the shirt just suited getting someone like Chippy on the back and he can never leave, not like Eduardo 😦

  91. We’ll have to disagree then GunnerN5 – I would have preferred a big lump to stand between the centre-backs, win some headers and allow Arshavin the space to weave his magic – just for a few weeks to get us through but hey ho Arsene wasn’t that bothered either.

  92. SharkeySure says:

    Silvestre !!!!!

    That would really leave me speechless. Having a decent player like Gallas mess us about would be bad enough….

  93. dandan says:

    N5 I love those stats of yours, one in every five years plays 7 in 14. magic

  94. kelsey says:


    Don’t seem to have missed much on here today 😉

  95. kelsey says:

    The Spanish media is still rejoicing in this part of Spain, and one gets the distinct impression that the barcelona players are not at all in the limelight.

    Everything revolves around local born (in madrdid) Iker Casillas .he is featured in every glossy over here without a mention of any of the barca players.

    So there really is a great divide.

  96. SharkeySure says:

    Kels…and thats the National media…not just the ‘club mouthpiece’ one..??

    I can never remember which ones which. Marca is Barca’s…??

  97. irishgunner says:

    I like Casillas – he seems like a nice guy.

  98. SharkeySure says:

    Irish – Agreed.

    Anyway off home to sulk now…I hope that big bad bully Spectrum doesn’t attack me with a rusty pitchfork on the way.

  99. kelsey says:

    This is what i call a football club’s website.

    They are very bullish with mourinho in charge that this season is theirs, at least domestically.

  100. dandan says:

    evening kelsey you well

  101. clockendjim says:

    If we had a Shay Given class in goal and monster CB alongside Vermaelen, then see those bookies odds tumble.
    We would then be favourites in my eyes
    We can all see it – why can’t Wenger and his board.
    For the sake of very little spending in the overall picture, we are on the verge of blowing it again when the prize is so within our reach.

  102. Rasp says:

    It is looking increasingly likely that Emir Spahić will be the mystery defensive signing ….. he’s a 29 year old, 6ft 0in CD currently playing for Montpelier. He is captain of the Bosnian national team and will cost less than half the price of Mertesacker or Jagielka.

  103. barumgooner says:

    haha Rasp. If I didnt know better I would say you sound almost triumphant in that statement.

    Only kidding….the first of 2 signings, the second being Mertesacker….

    in Arsene we trust

  104. barumgooner says:

    Sorry after reading a few of the comments from earlier I couldnt help myself from finishing my statement with a really wanky motto,I might finish everything in the same manner…..On second thought that might make me seem like a bit of a knob.

  105. Ketch says:

    Great read, Wenger deserves much more respect than some of the fans give him

  106. Rasp says:


    I only want the best for Arsenal. If Spahic is the best we can afford I’ll take him.

    I have been told by so many for so long that we were going to make some impressive signings. Pretty much everyone who promised a GK has had to backtrack – and so will those who think we are going to spend £10m on another defender – it was NEVER going to happen.

  107. barumg – did you see I sent you the copy you asked for?

  108. barumgooner says:

    Thanks peaches.

    I still think theres a chance of Mertesacker, 10m not really being a huge amount of money in todays market. It is looking increasingly likely that the GK situation is going to remain the same and there’s no way AW is going to break the bank for Jag so I kondof agree with you.

  109. barumgooner says:

    haha that should have read kind of.

  110. kelsey says:

    Morning all,

    I won’t make any predictions about signings but The Daily Mail continues “it’s hard on” about interviewing every single person in barcelona including Cesc’s grandmother,willing him away, back to his roots.

    Quite frankly as Arsenal captain he has the chance once and foreall to end speculation one way or another tomorrow.

    I honestly believe the only reason he is not going now is that Barca are cash poor for the moment.

    If he goes or stays we will survive and there is absolutely nothing we as mere fans can do about it.

    It appears to be prediction time as to who will win the league this year.

    last year the pundits in general agred it would be a 2 horse race, which eventually proved right, but they didn’t predict that Chelsea would lose 6 games.

    This season several teams on paper at least, look stronger and we may find even a lower points tally than last year, as i see at leat 6 teams taking points off each other, and that in itself may be an advantage to us.

    We all know the issues that need addressing so don’t give up yet, i still think there is a defender to be bought.

  111. Morning all

    Theres a NEW POST

  112. […] dandan пишет: It was pretty clear to anyone and everyone that we needed a striker in Jan – he wanted Chamakh but Bordeaux wouldn’t let him go so why not get a big lump on loan for 6 months. …. We were talking about Arsenal and I was moaning about the lack of transfer activity. He said that its partly down to the fact that Arsenal are about to be taken over once the window closes. There is a takeover plan in place and the buyer is waiting for the window to close so they do not have to … […]

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