The Barcelona Inquisition,take a tip Cesc and stay with the ones who love you.

Day after day there are alleged reports that one by one the Barcelona players have been speaking to Cesc, pleading with him to return home to his roots, yet little or nothing is being published that he might not even get paid initially,let alone played, as quite frankly, Barcelona are in a real mess financially.

The latest report is that the new president of Barcelona,  Sandro Rossell, is travelling to South Africa to meet Arsène Wenger in what is being viewed as a “make or break bid”. Reports suggest that if they cannot reach an agreement with Wenger this weekend, the Catalan club are likely to turn their attentions elsewhere to bolster their squad. That in itself shows me that they are clutching at straws. Quite simply Barca don’t have the funds and in layman’s terms I will try and explain the complex issues surrounding the club.

As of June this year their total debt is 518 million euros, which included “irregularities” of 57 million from the 1990’s, yet they still have made pre tax profits for the last three years.

Their problem is one of cash flow, and hence they have borrowed 150m euros to pay short term payables such as hefty bonuses to the players  but they will need to continue to sell players before they can even think of putting in a substantial offer for a player such as Fabregas. The main issue revolves around the problems at Mediapro, who are seeking bankruptcy protection. The problems at Mediapro, who manage the tv rights for La Liga clubs, are a knock-on effect from problems at the suppliers of cable tv in Spain.  Strangely, Barcelona appear to have a different deal with Mediapro to Real Madrid with only verbal payment guarantees. If one adds to that the fact that players did not get paid in June, how dare they even try and attempt to belittle our club with a meagre offer for one of the best young players in Europe.

The promises by  media companies to be able to pay out large sums to football clubs and their inability to do so in the current climate are surely going to have an affect on football finances world-wide.

If you want to read more about Mediapro click here

In addition have a look at the source below to see Rossell’s reported take on Arsenals behaviour

Cesc, you are being conned, forget Barcelona and concentrate your efforts on a club steeped in history that wants you to be part of the exciting times ahead.We have seen you grow from a youngster to a world class player these last seven years, and if, and it’s a big if you leave us now, you may just regret it.

Written by kelsey

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  1. charybdis1966 says:

    Morning all, nice post by Mr Anonymous again – let me guess, is this a Kelsey post? Due to the knowledge of Spanish finances is why I’m guessing it’s Kesley.
    It confirms a good deal of what I thought that most of the Joanie and Rosie “Cesc will be a Barca player soon” tub-thumping was electioneering.

  2. JSP says:

    don’t ya just hate catalans and all they stand for!!!

  3. Rasp says:

    Great post kelsey, (hi chary, we’ve put the author’s name on now)

    In my naivety, I cannot imagine why we would want to enter into any financial dealings with a club who still owe us money from previous transfers.

  4. Rasp says:

    Morning JSP, yep, everything’s orange in my household for the final. I think the Germans would have beaten them if Müller hadn’t been suspended.

  5. JSP says:

    Not only the fact they owe us money still Rasp, but also in the way they perform transfer dealings. They hide behind player statements. Pique is an amazing mouth piece for them, and it’s done so underhanded so as to avoid confrontation with the jelly spines at UEFA!!!

  6. JSP says:

    I’m gutted Rasp, I pick Holland before tourna ment kicked off. Wish I had a bob or two on them now!!!
    RvP emulates the great Geoff Hurst and bangs in a hattrick!

  7. Morning all

    Great post kelsey – to think that Cesc’s signing was just a pawn in the election process is quite annoying. A couple of years too soon if you ask me.

  8. kelsey says:

    Morning all.

    It would be interesting to know how this post would be received in and around the Barcelona area.

    By the way the Kenyan report that was refuted by Arsenal yesterday, still say that what they reported was true, re the keeper situation.

  9. adam says:

    If the board of management at Barcelona had sat down and formulated a plan to make themselves one of the most unpopular teams in Europe, they couldn’t have gone about it any better. It’s this feeling of arrogance and entitlement which seeps through every statement I read. Not only from LaPorta and Rosell but loudmouths such as Pique, Iniestre, Xavi etcc that is so irritating. Arsenal sometimes infuriate me with their slowness or refusal to act in the face of compelling situations but, so far, they’ve played this one superbly and their silence has only made Barcelona look more amateurish by the day. Spain is broke, Barcelona are broke. That’s the truth, only this time the EU money has run out. Get over it. Adjust your spending to suit your income. Let’s see how succesful you can be without using other people’s money.

  10. Rasp says:

    Unfortunately JSP, I think that Spain will win comfortably as they have strength in just about every position. Probably the boy wonder is the one player who can win it for Holland if he has one of his good days and his free kicks are in the top corner instead of row Z 😉

  11. tommystout says:

    fab post kelsey, someone please post it to cesc…. mind you with the exposure he’s had to the tappas this world cup, you’d think that he would be in the know of barca and their current state of affairs.
    god i love the way barca play but hate everything that they stand for!

  12. Great picture rasp – you’ve managed to do some good things with the Barça crest haven’t you – hey look at that, I got my cedilla back 😆

  13. SharkeySure says:

    Well said Adam.

    Morning all

  14. Rasp says:

    Great comment adam, I think their brash approach has backfired and they now look a bit silly every time they announce that Cesc is on his way. When they eventually fail (which may be part of the plan all the time), they will no doubt say it is because Arsenal were being unreasonable – what a joke!

  15. kelsey says:

    excellent response adam,

    especially the last few sentences.Spain is in free fall, and though this is not intended to be either a political or financial blog with regards to Spain, today’s papers over here, say the recovery could take 20 years.

  16. dandan says:

    Nice one kelsey,hope the Euro keeps dropping and Barca debt to us is in pounds. LOL

  17. Mayank says:

    Great read.

    It’s a shame the Cesc’s being pulled into something that’s very political. One of their last concerns with buying Cesc is improving their squad. Sure they’ll have a ready made replacement for Xavi but they have some great talent coming through the ranks as it is.
    It’s strange that Pepe hasn’t mentioned once how he’d improve them.

    Another problem is Barca don’t play a proper no.10. Iniesta runs at players from wider areas. I doubt they’ll change their system to accommodate Cesc. At least this season.

  18. t.boyle says:

    simple solution demand the money up front then everyone will know how skint they are

  19. Mayank says:

    Pep not Pepe. 😆

  20. Sorry, I’ve just found those links aren’t working I’ll have another go 😦

  21. Dgob says:


    I truly hope that your views are correct and he tells them where to stick it. I also hope that their financial crisis leads them to where they deserve to be. As for their arrogance, I only want us to shove that down their frequently opened throats by our on-the-ptich performances.

    To the winner the spoils and I’ve a feeling we gooners will be very spoiled in the years ahead.


  22. Nice comment Dgob – I’m beginning to feel about Barcelona how I feel about chavski – contempt

  23. Rasp says:

    Welcome Dgob,

    I think our position on future transfers can be summed up as ‘cautiously expansive’.

    Our ability to avoid bidding wars by identifying players that have the quality but not the reputation to interest the big spenders is a real strength.

  24. forza forza says:

    if cesc doesn’t get his move he will be unhappy and not play to his potential.

  25. kelsey says:

    forza forza Hello.

    Just think about what you just said .

    If Cesc stays why on earth should he not want to play to his potential, where would he benefit ?

  26. Rasp says:

    Morning ff,

    If Cesc realises that Barca have used him as a political tool he will be delighted to return to the club that loves him. I can’t see Cesc not giving his all under any circumstances – this is the guy who scored a goal against Barca with a broken leg.

    He just wants to win, I hope we will have the team around him next season that can provide the silverware he deserves.

  27. dandan says:

    Interestingly they are saying in today’s telegraph that Arsenal are not withdrawing from the reserves league after all. Can anyone confirm that

  28. jaygooner says:

    So Barcelona have financial worries? Might be a good time for The Arsenal to gently remind them that they still owe money, thats wonga in Spanish, for the Hleb and Henry transfers. Of course, The Mighty Arsenal will only do this with respect, a word and attitude Barca clearly have no understanding of. Rosell is reportedly on his way to South Africa to have a chat with Wenger over the Cesc non-transfer bid. I am convinced that should the discussion actually take place, Wenger will have two words for Rosell, the second being OFF. Great post, nice to see Barca and Spain for that matter getting used to living in the real world. The only major Club in Europe not in the financial shit, is ermmm oh yeah! The Mighty Arsenal. Good times ahead for this awesome Club.

  29. charybdis1966 says:

    Raspers, @your 10.00am, it’s a nice little game I have for myself early doors – guessing the author. By now all the authors have their own individual style and areas of interest so usually you can have a good punt at the identity of the scribe.

  30. charybdis1966 says:

    That’s the spirit I like to see JayGooner – that’s the attitude I like to see in fellow gooners. We get enough people(the red tops, sky sports, Talk shite etc..) knocking us so we shouldn’t fall for the boll***s they put out about us.

  31. London says:

    Good Post Kelsey

    I just want to put some perspective or at least the perspective as I see it.

    Which is a larger global brand out of Arsenal and Barcelona? If Arsenal needed to raise funds would they have too much difficulty? Then this should explain how easy it would be for Barcelona to raise any amount of money they might need. I will happily join in the belittlement of Barcelona but broke they are not.

  32. GhostFace says:

    Fine Morning,

    How come we didnt love Ade the way we love Cesc 😉

    To my knowledge theyre both guilty of the same thing imho!

    Good post Kelsey.

    But did you read how Mr Rossell worked out that Barca had 75m pounds to spend?

  33. London says:

    And what are they guilty of Ghost Face……to your knowledge?

  34. GhostFace says:

    Theyre both traitors are they not?

    Kissing the badge and all that…pretending to love the club.

  35. London says:

    How is Cesc a traitor?

  36. GhostFace says:

    How bout you answer a few of my questions from last night.

  37. GhostFace says:

    Seems you only know how to ask questions not answer them.

  38. Jay-Jay says:

    I don’t think you could call Cesc a traitor.

    Sure, he’s probably not acted in the manner we would of liked, but he’s nowhere close to whoring himself around Europe for another bumper pay rise.

    The more this saga goes on, the more I’m certain he’ll stay. Those fuckers from Catalonia are in all kinds of financial bother and does Cesc really wan’t to get splinters in his arse warming the bench?

    I think we’ll know once the Spain squad are back from Africa.

  39. GhostFace says:

    And what is even tragic about your comprehension skills is i already gave an answer to that question in the statement i made above.

  40. GhostFace says:


    Cesc is the Arsenal Captain.

    His behavior is hardly Captain like behavior is it?

  41. kelsey says:


    How can you make a comparison between Adebayor and Fabregas.

    Adebayor’s behavior has been well documented, and as far as I know all Cesc has said is it he will leave his future in Wenger’s hands. One can interpret that as one wishes.

    Please don’t start a fight on here, just be civil to one another, and as I wrote today’s post, I don’t think I am out or order in saying that.

  42. kelsey says:


    I am not for one moment suggestion that Barcelona are broke, but after some research it is apparent that their cash flow is not great at the moment.

    Asset rich, yes.

  43. Gareth says:

    Links are broken.

  44. ArseChicago says:

    Barca are having a laugh. They clearly don’t understand financial statement analysis and must think Arsenal are financially desperate. Putting aside what Adebayor said in the prelude to his exit and putting aside what Cesc has said or not said, look at the performances on the pitch. Cesc did nothing but pour his blood and guts on the pitch every match last season, even up and through his PK against Barca with what was likely a broken bone. Ade? He failed to show up for matches more often than he showed up. Now he’s soon to be an afterthought at City, soon to be recycled elsewhere. Proof is in the pudding, not in the stupid newspapers. This conversation folks like GF want to have isn’t new; I’ve seen many people want to draw these comparisons. Why? My guess is to prove some point about how we’re all racists deep down, because Ade’s getting the business, but Cesc is getting a free pass. That’s the subtext you’re laying out, right GF?

  45. kelsey says:

    Gareth Hi,

    The links were working but you are right now they appear to be down.We will have to wait for peaches to return, as she put them up.

  46. dandan says:

    GHost, That’s the problem with living in the states mate, you find traitors under every bed, just listen to today’s news you shipped ten out last night, LOL

    Cesc is our captain has given 7 years service and has the right if he wishes to move with our best wishes….. It is the constant maneuvering of other interested parties we object to.
    A very high percentage of posters on this site would buy Cesc a beer, thank him and shake his hand should he make the decision to move, again for all your condemnation he did not unlike one of your top sportsman appear on TV having held talks with 4 other teams and announce to an adoring public who his Dollar fuelled loyalty would be accredited to next season.
    Honestly I have many American friends but they do love to see what others do while being blind to their own behaviour

  47. dandan says:

    ArseChicago I do in no way include you in that generalisation

  48. London says:

    So Ghost Face

    You accuse Cesc of being a traitor and yet when asked why you cannot put forward a single reason. Lets try it this way: what has he done that is not captain behaviour? (as you put it)

  49. London says:


    Asset rich, cash poor……yep, I can live with that 😉

  50. tommystout says:

    did anyone hear the alan brazil show on talk sport this morning? fascinating stuff from craig johnstone…. all about whats been wrong with the world cup, the ball, pitches, the F.A… now that guy knows his stuff, an ex player and should be the president of fifa never mind blatter & co.

  51. charybdis1966 says:

    TommyS – wasn’t he the guy behind that “Predator” football boot, the one that was seen as very revolutionary/visionary at the time?
    On the other hand he also had a dodgy bubble perm however being an Aussie they kind have the propensity for mullets/dodgy barnets in their DNA( a la Jason Donovan.)

  52. Jay-Jay says:

    There is a part of me that does agree with GhostFace.

    I personally would have liked Fabregas to have been honest enough to send a statement to the fans sighting his reasons why he want’s to leave. His silence on the matter is just annoying people and the only statement he has made seemed to act as a way to place blame on the club if he is sold. “It’s in Arsene’s hands now”

    Henry handled his departure like a captain.

  53. kelsey says:

    Put yourself in Cesc’s position. As dandan said, we have had him in our team for 7 seasons, he has literally matured from a young teenager to the captain of Arsenal.He is a naturally talented footballer, and a joy to watch.

    I wonder what is going on in his head right now. He has had a cameo role so far for Spain in the WC and may not even play in the final,which Spain have every chance of winning.

    Do you honestly think his “mates” at Barcelona have been told by him to continually make references that he is yearning to join them.

    I don’t know him personally, but he comes over as a mature young man for his age, and I don’t think it’s a question of money.

    He most probably will return back home eventually, but I don’t believe he is in a position to make a statement,and remaining silent may be an instruction under Wenger’s orders, for a number of reasons.

  54. 26may1989 says:

    Cesc has done little wrong – we’ve all known for years that he would end up going back to Barca at some point, and I don’t blame him for that, he has good emotional and sporting reasons to want to do that at some point. Unlike Henry (who I still think is great) he hasn’t suggested he would stay with us forever, and unlike Adebayor, he hasn’t said contradictory things about staying and going (anyone remember the press conference??).

    But I’ve long thought this summer’s events are really a softening up exercise that AFC, Barca and Fabregas are going through, to ease the transfer next summer. I don’t doubt Barca and Fabregas would do the deal now if they could, but as many have seen, what’s the point of Fabregas leaving a club where the side is built around him for a club where he would be third choice behind Iniesta and Xavi? The World Cup’s been a clear demonstration of why Fabregas should, for his own good, wait. And I think he will, until 2011.

    As for Barca’s finances, it’s very to overstate the position. Yes, the Spanish economy is in trouble and yes, there is an ITV Digital-type problem on broadcast money, but Barca are still one of the world’s biggest clubs, have just announced a 10% increase in profits based on revenues exceeding €400m and the TV rights problem is in the process of being fixed. I think Rosell is probably right to describe the current problems as being temporary.

    But Barca’s behaviour in tapping up Fabregas really is outrageous – watching them get Hleb and Henry the way they did was one thing, but the bare-faced way they’ve gone about things this summer, especially the repeated comments of the Barca players from the Spain training camp, is even worse.

    As for Rosell’s comment that “The signing of Cesc has become difficult, because the expectation levels have been driven up the seller, and this isn’t good news for Barca. Everyone knows he wants to come, and that Barca want him. You can imagine what Arsenal want to get out of it”, leaving aside the assumptions about us wanting to sell at all, Rossel has a bloody cheek in implying that Arsenal are seeking to cash in and doing something wrong. The position is very clear, Arsenal don’t want to sell, at least not now, so to see someone with a blatant disregard for rules and contracts seek to take the moral high ground really is a joke.

    But as I say, I think this is really a charade for the benefit of the fans – Cesc will return to the Nou Camp next summer, not this summer.

    Now, cue press conference of Cesc signing for Barca…..

  55. London says:


    You seem a nice chap so I will keep it civilised but do bear in mind that the Captain of the club I love with all my heart is being vilified by so called Arsenal supporters which in normal circumstances triggers the attack mode within me. Your main criticism as I can see it is that if Cesc doesn’t want to leave then he should come out and say that he wants to stay.

    Well consider this: “If you think about it Cesc’s position is far more difficult than first meets the eye because he cannot be sure that Arsenal will not sell him if the price is right and that possibility is incredibly important when assessing the rights and wrongs of this situation.

    We all know that when it comes to selling a player every club has their price, a fact that both Cesc and his agent, David Dein’s son, are well aware of; they are also equally aware that Barcelona are capable of making an offer that Arsenal cannot refuse. So, let’s not kid ourselves, if the price were right Arsenal would sell him. As to the amount, my guess would be seventy million pounds.

    This being the case it is impossible for Cesc to simply come out and say that he wants to stay at Arsenal and see out the rest of his contract. The problem with making that statement is that if Arsenal subsequently choose to sell him the Barcelona fans will think of him as a player who didn’t really want to join them which I am sure you would agree would not be the best way for any player to endear himself to a new set of fans.”

    This is taken from a post I wrote if you are interested here is a link to the rest of it.

  56. ArseChicago says:

    I agree with 26may and would add that it seems some folks are faulting Cesc for Barca’s reprehensible behavior in all this. The team’s management and players have both been very disrespecting of Arsenal and karma’s a bitch. It’ll come back to bite Barca at some point. As for Cesc, I, too, see it playing out the way it did with Ronaldo at United, the difference being Cesc not being and acting the c&nt that Ronaldo is/was. The summer before the summer Ronaldo left for a pile of cash, all the talk was he was moving and he was talking about it and the United fans were pissed and even booing Ronaldo. He stayed, they won, they sold him the very next summer. I see it going down the same way. Cesc will be booed by a pocket of fans for a few weeks with it gradually dying away once the real football starts. Cesc will then likely be sold next summer is my guess. Hopefully we can win a trophy with him as a send-off so that in the future, the AFC fans and Cesc will still have a mutual love and respect. I’d want nothing more than for Cesc to return to the Emirates to get spanked by the Arsenal, but get applauded warmly first.

  57. Jay-Jay says:


    I don’t begrudge Cesc wanting to leave, not at all.

    Maybe what I’m writing is born out of sheer frustration at the whole interminable nature of the situation. You’re right,

    I love Fabregas, I relly do. However, I want him to leave in equal measure. Why? Because he is not commited 100% to the cause. He’s a brilliant player whose absence will weaken our side, but do any of us want him for another season just becasue Barcelona can’t afford him?

    You’re absolutely right; there are certain elements to the whole situation I’ve not really taken into account and for those I stand corrected.

    I guess thinking about it now, he shouldn’t of said anything at all. That’s the mistake he’s made.

  58. Jay-Jay says:

    That post was also a badly-typed fucking disgrace.

    I apologise for it.

  59. Jay-Jay says:

    Here’s what I wrote about the subject:

    I should of linked that to my original reply, sorry.

  60. London says:

    The thing is Jay-Jay I don’t think he has done anything to indicate that he is not 100% committed. He has said he wants to stay at Arsenal and how much he loves the club so many times it is painful and I see no reason why he would not have said the same this time if it wasn’t for an offer coming in from Barcelona. This is the first time this has happened and as I say above he could not be sure that Arsenal would not sell him. Do you know how much Barcelona would have to offer to guarantee that Arsenal would accept? I don’t and I don’t believe that Cesc does either for all he knew it could have been the 35 mil they have on the table. It is also unrealistic for him to dealing with possible transfers during a World Cup. I fully expect him to come back from the World Cup and say he is committed to Arsenal.

  61. London says:

    That was an interesting read Jay-Jay

    I still take issue with this though: “but more as a fan resigned to the fact that his heart is just not with the cause anymore, and that kind of player is one we should cash-in on.”

    He has done or said nothing to indicate that his heart is not in Arsenal. Don’t believe those twats Graham Hunter and Guillem Balague they are the cause of this poison.

  62. Jay-Jay says:

    I’d love him to return and say he’s commited to Arsenal, but I can’t get past he has stated he wants to leave – or at the very least hasn’t denied those words attributed to him.

    Granted, I do now have a different perspective on the whole situation thanks to reading your post and I agree with you that he hasn’t really done anything wrong. I just hope that sneaky little suspicion I have in the back of my head that I’m right is proven to be wrong.

    I think he’ll stay as Barca can’t afford his price, and I really hope he does show us all how much he loves Arsenal by doing it for us on the pitch like he always has.

    The whole situation reminds me of similar situations with Henry and Vieira and their slightly lacklustre seasons at the club after a plethora of media speculation in pre-season. I even remember the incredible backlash aimed at Vieira when he reportedly criticised the club and the fickle nature of some fans unable to see past hyperbole.

    I’m not one of those.

  63. 26may1989 says:

    London, I agree with much of what you say, but just as in one sense you are right to say that Cesc “has done or said nothing to indicate that his heart is not in Arsenal”, the opposite is also true: as Jay-Jay points out, Fabregas has done or said nothing to indicate that his heart IS in Arsenal, despite all the stuff his Spanish teammates, Rosell, Lapuerta etc have been saying.

    I like the fact Cesc hasn’t come out publicly to say he wants to leave, because that would just back Arsenal into a corner and cost us a lot of money. But his slience does show, at the very least, that he would leave if a deal could be done between the clubs. Anything else and he would have declared that he is staying ages ago.

  64. irishgunner says:

    Evening all.

    Nice read Kelsey. There is going to be an article on Sunday’s “Sunday Business Post” about the finances of English clubs. I’m not sure if its only an Irish paper of if there is a similar version in England – regardless I’ll buy, read and report back.

  65. London says:

    26th May 1989

    Would you be kind enough to read this, if after you still feel the same, I will carry on — should you wish.


    I wish I could find that Vieira comment about some fans unable to see past the hyperbole — it is so true.

  66. 26may1989 says:

    Thanks London. I don’t agree that Fabregas is in an impossible position. If he said he wanted to stay, but ended up being sold to Barca, do you really think the Barca fans would take against him? I don’t. Henry said he wanted to stay with us but was later greeted like a hero there (though ultimately was a bit of a disappointment). In fact, I’d go as far as to say that a club prevailing in a battle for a star player, and overcoming earlier protestations of loyalty by the player, are seen as a measure of the buying club’s power, and therefore can be enjoyed by the buying club’s fans.

    Fabregas could quite easily say he wants to stay. At the very least, he could tell Pique, Xavi, Iniesta etc to shut up. He chooses not to, which tactically is a good move for him and also means he is not seen to prefer one of the two clubs over the other. But make no mistake, it is his choice.

  67. Jay-Jay says:


    When you think about his options, London is quite right to say Fabregas is in an impossible situation. Anything he could come out and say has possible repercussions for him.

    We would all love nothing more than Fabregas to have stated in the begining his heart was with Arsenal and he didn’t want to move, but he hasn’t done that – I guess that alone is the part that hurts all the Gooners. In contrast, the only people stating his heart and DNA are in Catalonia and Gerard Pique et al.

    Personally, I still hope he’ll break his vow of silence and speak to the fans at some point – I’m sure that’ll come when this reaches it’s conclusion – but I think it’s best he doesn’t.

  68. 26may1989 says:

    One question Jay-Jay: why doesn’t Fabregas tell his mates in the Spanish team to stop talking about him? That wouldn’t even require him to say anything publicly, but clearly he is comfortable with the repeated comments.

    As I say, while I maintain he could quite easily go public if he wanted to, I don’t really have a problem with anything Fabregas has done or not done, I just think it’s a little naive to think he’s in a difficult position.

  69. Mayank says:

    Why do you think, if Cesc wants a transfer so bad, does everyone in Barca have to keep repeating it? It doesn’t make sense. All Cesc has to do is tell Wenger he wants to leave, no ifs or buts. He doesn’t even need to hand in a transfer request. Just like Henry and Vieira.

    That whole thing is Barca using Cesc. They know that when he’s living with his Barca mates he dare not make a fool of them by contradicting their statements. I’m not saying he doesn’t want to move but he’s a shrewd man who engineered his move away at age 15. He knows there’s lots of time to move to Barca. He also knows it will be a step down doing from Captain of a PL contending team to fighting for a start in a league with 2 teams.

    Barcelona, using the Media and their players are driving a wedge between the fans and Cesc. And I have to say we’re falling into that trap. One of the major factors for him staying at Arsenal is the fans. We love him and he knows it. If he was intent on moving to Barca at no cost this summer he wouldn’t have played with a broken leg against them. We all saw week in and week out how much he gave to the team.

    You could say it was all for personal glory but you wouldn’t be being true to what you saw and felt throughout seasons past.

    Guess what I’m saying is, if Cesc does stay this season, which in all likeliness he will, lets not put a smile on the Barcelona management’s face and do what they want us to.

  70. London says:

    26th May 1989

    I am no Barcelona apologist but I really think you are getting annoyed with the wrong people: rather than the Barcelona players your anger should surely be aimed at the journalists who pose the questions. Xavi, for example, does not go out of his way to enrol Fabrégas to Barcelona it is the sneaky journalist that says to him during an interview: would you like Fabrégas to join Barcelona? What is he supposed to say? No I wouldn’t because the little runt might take my place. Come on, these stories are so easy to create and fill lots of vacant column inches. In short, blame the journalists not the players.

    Now, onto your point about Fabrégas not saying that he wants to say I accept your argument above if you approach it from the Henry perspective but you fail to view it from a 22 year old human being.

    How many times does Fabrégas have to say he is happy at Arsenal before you are convinced? He has said it so many times it is painful. So we come to the first time that Barcelona make an offer; he doesn’t know if Arsenal wants the money so he keeps quiet, wisely in my opinion saying that he will leave his future in the hands of Wenger while he concentrates on the world cup. Do you really expect him to drawn into discussions while he stands a chance of winning the World Cup for his country?

    Fabrégas will show all the loyalty I need to see by leading the team out at Anfield.

  71. London says:


    If I could hug you I would.

  72. Mayank says:

    Haha London. At first I thought I’d make a post out of it but the topic seems overdone from both sides.

    Nothing would break my heart more than to see Cesc receive a cold response come August. If that’s the case I’d rather we sell him now, to the highest bidder.

  73. andy says:

    Hello All
    Good post Kelsey and interesting comments all round. I think there is one very simple reason why Cesc hasn’t said anything one way or the other and that shows the lad for what he is. He had a meeting with his boss and was told to keep his head down say nothing and just do what he does best, play football. He is a very good professional and club captain who is doing what he has been asked to do. IMO of course.

  74. 26may1989 says:


    Journalists are vermin, I have such low expectations of them that I consider them barely worth thinking about in situations like this, they are almost duty-bound to behave badly. But you’re right, I am critical of the Barca players in this case, because it’s the most sustained and blatant example of players being used to tap up another player in public that I can recall. And god knows, Arsenal fans have become connoisseurs of being the object of tapping up over recent years, so we’ve seen pretty much every variant, from ice cream parlours to secret hotel meetings.

    The only thing for which I would criticise Fabregas is permitting the comments to be made by his teammates in SA. Beyond that, he’s done nothing wrong. I respect him for keeping quiet, because he could quite easily force the move at lower cost if he really wanted to. But I don’t think he’s especially loyal or disloyal to Arsenal, he’s just making calcuated moves. No problem with that, I too will be pleased to see him turn out in our lovely new shirt in August. I just don’t understand why Fabregas should be either lauded or criticised.

    FC Barcelona on the other hand have behaved very poorly, even worse than they have done in previous years.

  75. andy says:

    How many young men do you know that have the good sense and strength of character to stay silent when all around are going stupid about the situation. If he leaves he has done us all proud but at the end of the day it isn’t up to him. He is contracted to Arsenal football club and Wenger will decide his fate. I’m sure AW is very proud of how his captain has handled the whole situation so far and so should we be.

  76. Mayank says:

    Spot on Andy!

  77. Mayank says:

    And 26th May, you’ve hit the nail on the head as well!
    Our new kit is lovely.

  78. andy says:

    Thanx Mayank. Its the first kit in probably 7-8 years that i’ve liked straight away.

  79. Jay-Jay says:

    Anyone else think it looks exactly the same as the kit we had during the first season at the Emirates?

  80. London says:

    Anyone who has an idea for a post send it in, they will be welcome, it doesn’t matter if the subject has been spoken about before, it will always be different because it is from your own personal angle. If you like this site and you want it to continue, help out by sending something in…….there is a job for me in an African orphanage somewhere lol

  81. London – what a great days blogging, well done to you and all the guys that hung around today. You’re passionate about our club and I’d never question that about you.

    I, too, am looking forward to seeing Cesc lead the team out at Anfield and can’t wait to sing his name at the Emirates again. I have to say I do feel a bit sorry for him at the moment – he’s not getting to play for his country and he’s had to shave off his beard but he’s going to look great in the new kit.

    Some very good points made from both sides of the argument and I concur with London’s suggestion that if any of you want to contribute a post to this site you would be most welcome.

  82. jaygooner says:

    You have really got to laugh at these Barca comedians,Rosell said: ‘We want a quick decision: Yes or no.’ This is the idior Barca President holding an unloaded gun to The Mighty Arsenal, ROSELL YOU HAD YOUR ANSWER WEEKS AGO! It was a polite respectful FUCK OFF AND DO NOT COME BACK

  83. Good evening jaygooner – Rossell sounds like a great negotiator – Barcelona must be very proud 😛

  84. andy says:

    Haha like it Jaygooner. He does seem a bit slow on the uptake doesn’t he ?

  85. 26may1989 says:

    The real question for Cesc is “What are you bloody doing to your eyebrows??! Just put the tweasers down.”

  86. 26may1989 – did you get the email I sent you?

  87. They’re probably being threaded 😆

  88. 26may1989 says:

    Peaches, it went into the junk mail folder (!) but have now seen it and am about to reply…..

  89. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    van Bronkhurst
    van der Wiel
    van Bommel
    van der Vaart
    van Persie

    Good luck boys from Van Diemans Land 😀

  90. kelsey says:

    Morning everyone.

    I don’t think we have had so many detailed and well argued comments made in a civil manner,for a while.

    Quality as opposed to quantity, well done.

    Unfortunately the blog world attracts all sorts and browsing through other Arsenal sites I was amazed to see posts mocking Michel Platini being unwell and staying in hospital overnight for observation.

    He is not my favorite person on his management and ideas regarding football, but is this really necessary.

    One Arsenal blog had as it’s headline a post and picture of Raoul Moat, which is just sick.

    I think I might write a post about the blog world of football, obviously slanted towards our great club.

  91. Morning all

    Cescs future being discussed on talksport right now – for the umpteenth time 🙄

  92. Rasp says:

    Morning peaches – are we ready for a new post?

  93. Hello :D, have you had a look at it – do you want to change the title?

  94. Just seen you’ve already been there, I’ll do it at 10 if you want to get outside, theres no-one about at the mo 😦

  95. Rasp says:

    Yes and no 😛

  96. Rasp says:

    New post ……

  97. Have you changed the post then 😛 😀 😆

  98. […] The Barcelona Inquisition,take a tip Cesc and stay with the ones … […]

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