Arsenal’s Best Transfer News Ever

When a transfer announcement sends tingles down your spine and leaves a smile on your face for weeks then you know it’s something special. I’m old enough and lucky enough to have experienced that sensation on a number of occasions. So, as we sit by our computers this summer waiting to be transported into football heaven by the news of a stunning new signing for the Arse, it seems like a good moment to consider some of those great out-of-the-blue transfers of years past.

To be clear, I do not mean the signing of players who turned out to be brilliant – so there’s no room here for Thierry Henry (who arrived after being a bit-part winger during France’s ’98 WC win) or Patrick Vieira (rescued from anonymity and mediocrity in Italy). We certainly welcomed those signings and hoped they would turn out for the best, but we hardly thought “that’s it – the title’s in the bag.” I’m talking about how things felt at the very moment the player was signed, without the benefit of hindsight.

So here goes: in reverse order, the 10 most exciting incoming transfers in my Arsenal supporting memory.

10.  David Seaman (from QPR, 1990)

When George Graham did the brown paper bag business to land Spunky it was a surprise to most Gunners as we were pretty happy with John Lukic.  But Seaman was already being talked of as the best young keeper of his generation and his arrival was a signal of intent: if we were going to be the best in the country, we needed the best goalie in the country.  The 1990/91 season proved how good a move it was.

9.  David Platt (from Sampdoria, 1995)

The 1994/5 season had ended in failure and disgrace for us, with Graham sacked for his aforementioned activities in the paper bag area. More of a crime, as far as many of us were concerned, had been his teams’ style of play during his last couple of years in charge. A midfield including Morrow, Hillier and Selley was about as daunting for our opponents as going 12 rounds with Noddy. It was hard to be optimistic about the season ahead – but then Bruce Rioch was appointed manager and two quick signings were enough to get us fired up again. One of them was Platty, one of the heroes of Italia ’90 and a player who had excelled in Serie A, winning the UEFA Cup with Juventus before joining Sampdoria. Good signing? Well, at least we’d heard of him.

8.  Dennis Bergkamp (from Inter Milan, 1995)

Before anyone starts saying he should be higher up the order, I can tell you that DB10 is my all time favourite Arsenal player. And when he joined us in the same summer close season as David Platt, I was thrilled. I knew him as that incredible Dutch player who had single-handedly destroyed England and who had scored 103 league goals in 185 outings for Ajax. But in the couple of years immediately prior to joining Arsenal, Dennis’s star had waned at Inter (a goal return of 11 in 52 starts over two years tells its own story).  I hoped he’d be brilliant – and I was overjoyed that at least he was a step up from signings like Eddie McGoldrick and Glenn Helder – but I didn’t know he would turn out to be a once in a lifetime player for us.

7.   Pat Jennings (from Sp*rs, 1976)

With my Irish family background I had always loved Jennings, even though he played for them. He was so patently brilliant, with hands the size of dustbin lids and a voice as deep as the Mariana Trench. In 1976 the Spuds came to the conclusion that Big Pat was at the ‘last orders’ stage of his career and sold him to us. Oh, how we laughed eight years later as he was still there between the sticks at the mighty Arse, with three FA Cup Final appearances under his belt.

6.  Ian Wright (from Crystal Palace, 1991)

When you’ve just won the league you really want to hear that your manager is not sitting on his laurels but is strengthening the team to keep momentum going.  Wrighty’s signing was a great statement by George Graham. He was obviously a brilliant striker (his supersub performance for Palace against ManUre in the 1990 FA Cup final stands out in the memory) and he seemed just the man to push us on to a period of true dominance. Little did we know that it would take seven more years and the arrival of a professorial Frenchman before Wrighty would ever get a champions medal.

5.  Charlie Nicholas (from Celtic, 1983)

In the 1982/83 season Charlie scored 48 league goals for the Hoops in 74 games – an amazing return for a young striker. He was Scottish Player (and Young Player) of the year and Liverpool and ManUre were desperate to sign him. (The Liverpool-based Scottish players conducted a campaign of persuasion not dissimilar to that of the Barca boys in their attempt to woo Cesc). So when it was announced he was coming to Highbury it was Scotch whisky all round.

4.  Malcolm Macdonald (from Newcastle Utd, 1976)

I nearly cried with happiness when I heard we’d signed Supermac. The dynamic Londoner who’d made his name with the Geordies was a perfect blend of pace, power and skill.  If he couldn’t out-sprint defenders he just ran over them. He was a brick wall with a Formula One engine. Just a year before joining us he had scored five goals in a single game for England (against Cyprus).  It was obvious he would lead the Arsenal line for years to come. Sadly, after two seasons as top scorer, a knee injury brought his career to a premature end.

3.  Davor Suker (from Real Madrid, 1999)

Yes, younger readers – in those days players left Madrid to join us. Suker was a superbly gifted Croatian striker who had been a sensation at the 1998 World Cup in France. I was driving down the A1 after a visit to relatives when the news came through on the radio that we’d signed him. My fist-pumping and screaming caused great alarm to drivers in adjacent lanes. He never really lived up to his promise with us (although I fondly remember one stunner at home against Villa) but, on the day we signed him, life felt good.

2.  Clive Allen (from QPR, 1980)

It was one of the strangest transfer episodes ever in the history of our club, but when the young striker signed for us the press were universally agreed that, going into the 1980/81, season Arsenal would have the strongest attacking line-up in the league: they called it the SAS attack – Stapleton-Allen-Sunderland. I was on Cloud Nine when he signed. And then on Cloud One (?) two months later when he left us for Crystal Palace without ever having kicked a ball in anger. There was talk of a dodgy deal by which QPR were not able to sell him directly to Palace and in which we agreed to act as go-betweens, but it was all very strange. It didn’t turn out all bad though – we did get Kenny Sansom from Palace in part exchange, who became arguably the best left back we’ve ever had.

1.  Sol Campbell (from Sp*rs, 2001)

Oh what bliss, oh what joy, oh what schadenfreude. Big Sol was far and away the best player at the Spuds for the previous few seasons. He was their talisman, their captain, their heart and soul. His contract was at an end, he had told the Spuds fans he would not leave, some of the biggest clubs in Europe wanted him – and he joined one of them: Arsenal. What a coup, what a masterstroke. Spuds fans of my acquaintance literally could not bring themselves to speak. It was finest piece of David Dein and Arsene Wenger teamwork ever.

That’s it. Older supporters may want to suggest names from the ‘60s and earlier who don’t appear here. Others of you may want to challenge my ordering or insist on other signings who should be in there. Feel free to disagree… that’s the point of blogs like this.


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  1. London says:

    Morning all

    Great stuff Rocky and I agree with your number 1, I can remember exactly where I was when I first heard conformation, I couldn’t stop giggling, the radio 5 presenter was a spud and I later found out he refused to read it out…..It gets better the more I think about it.

  2. charybdis1966 says:

    London, would that 5-live reporter have been Peter Allen? A disgruntled(is there any better word to describe a spud?)spud radio presenter I’m sure.
    how we could do with some joy transfer-wise at the moment.
    I read elsewhere that Fish-head had joined some arab team, it’s a measure of how little he is rated that his departure is greeted with as much joy as a star signing.

  3. Rasp says:

    Great article Rocky,

    I agree with the No.1, but maybe would have put Bergkamp higher up the list purely because of the quality – but in terms of the impact on supporters when he was announced, I suppose 8 is about right.

    I was pretty ecstatic when we signed Arshavin despite the long drawn out process. It was just nice to see us sign a world class player for a change.

  4. Ong KH says:

    Hi, I started following Arsenal only in 1990s, and my top 3 exciting transfers would be:
    1) Sol
    2) Bergy
    3) Platt

    In particular, I was surprised that Rioch is able to sign up both Bergy and Platt at the same time. Bergy is my fav player even before joining us. Imagine the thrill of seeing your fav player in an Arsenal shirt!!

    However, Sol, what a steal that was. That has to be unexpected coz he was from spurs, never would have thought he would join us. hahaha

  5. SharkeySure says:

    Top top post Rocky !!!!

  6. DUGGI says:

    good post rocky!!!!

    I like all of them, but where is henry….

  7. Rasp says:

    Welcome DUGGI,

    Rocky does point out he’s not talking about players who turned out to be brilliant, but those whose signing made us supporters excited. When TH arrived, no-one expected what was to come and we were still mourning the loss of Anelka.

  8. Morning all

    Great post Rocky and I have to agree that Sol will always be the greatest signing for me – I had a team of spuds working for me at the time and they were speechless it was so funny. I went and got all the papers – the Evening Standard had a photo of Tony Adams sitting laughing at the sight of Sol being a Gooner in his new kit.

    They really hate him and were thrilled he left us on a free, I reckon we still had the last laugh though.

    Sols a Gooner da da da da

  9. Easily pleased then.

  10. ikramo says:

    where is HENRY?

  11. Rasp says:

    That’s rich addie, coming from a supporter of a club who put out celebration DVD’s for Carling Cup games…..

  12. dandan says:

    Great post Rocky, What is it about football supporters that they enjoy there nearest rivals getting shafted, even Lady Gooners it would appear have this vindictive streak. LOL

    For Me The late great Joe Baker would be high up that list he came in at a very dark time for us supporters ( spuds had done the double the year before) and illuminated Highbury for a few short years.

    See my archive post last month if you are not conversant with this guy.

  13. Rasp says:

    Morning and welcome ikramo,

    Read paragraph 2 of the article and all will be explained.

  14. arsenal4ever says:

    now we got Cole for free in the same way we got Sol :-)!!! Lets hope for more as Wenger already confirmed we are after Kocielny!!!

  15. charybdis1966 says:

    Hey Raspers, the bitterness oozing from that Spud just magnifies the pleasure of Sol leaving those losers from the Middlesex swamplands.

    Maybe he’s a gooner just trying to give us a chuckle ?

    If so, well done sir !

  16. Rasp says:

    Morning chary,

    Looking at his site, I don’t even think he’s a football supporter so he’s not qualified to comment – like spud supporters who also know nothing about football 😛

  17. charybdis1966 says:

    Don’t forget, that Spuds lot put out a DVD of a drawn League game as well.
    Oh the hilarity of it.

  18. Rasp says:

    Hi a4e,

    Are you one of those with ‘inside info’ on the Joe Cole signing, or just being optimistic?

  19. charybdis1966 says:

    Has anyone heard the theory that ‘ole Twitchy has been giving out hints that we are going to sign Joe Cole so that when he swoops in for him he will be able to ingratiate the swamplanders with his tale of “How I swiped Joe Cole form under the noses of the gooners”?

  20. Rasp says:

    That wouldn’t surprise me chary. I understand totnum offer generous signing on fees especially to players on a free.

  21. Baz says:

    Kenny Sansom didn’t come to us in part exchange for Clive Allen. We let Allen go to Palace in order to get Sansom.

  22. charybdis1966 says:

    True Raspers, although we wonder if Twitchy will be able to sign any cheques if the tax man finally catches up with him – there should be a clause in the emergency budget tomorrow especially for him: “Tax evasion contingencies for Twitchy Spud Spivs”

  23. dandan says:

    What price Terry running abroad before the season starts to escape our Media. He is a marked man if todays times is anything to go bye. Moaneeeoh would take him

  24. dandan says:

    Rasp do you think the spuds stock a large enough brown paper bag to keep Twitchy interested in cole.
    If Harry is offered the England job on The same terms as the last two holders, spuds wont see him for dust.

  25. Rasp says:

    Morning dandan,

    I think Torres is the interesting one. If Pool don’t strengthen their squad (and how can they with so much debt) I think he’ll be off.

  26. Mike E says:

    if (and it is a big if…) we sign JOE COLE, where will he fit in your top 10 – or won’t he – rocky lives ?

  27. RockyLives says:

    Morning All. To pick up the point about Henry (maybe I wasn’t clear enough in the article): TH14 was one of the greatest players ever to play for Arsenal and, for at least two years when he was wearing the red and white, was probably the best player in the world.
    However, when we signed him his reputation was yet to be made. He was just another Frenchman signed by Wenger, joining a long list including the likes of Garde, Grimandi, Anelka, Petit, Vieira, some of whom turned into legends while others didn’t. So I was pleased we had snapped up a player who had featured in France’s WC campaign in ’98, but there was no way of knowing then how good he would turn out to be, so I wasn’t jumping up and down with excitement.

  28. RockyLives says:

    Hello Mike E. Good question. He might edge in ahead of Seaman at number 10, but no higher than that. He is well on in his career and somewhat injury prone, and he plays in an area where we’re strong, but I would definitely welcome his arrival.

  29. jaygooner says:

    The best transfer news this summer is the Man U spy Silvestre is going Yip Fucking EEEEE

  30. Hans says:

    Alan Ball was an awsome signing in his time. World Cup winner and captain. Could have done with a better team around him though…

  31. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    Spuds putting out DVD’s of a draw is funny, but isn’t as funny as your cricket team all getting OBEs for finally beating Oz after 20 years of trying 😆

    Australian’s all had a big chuckle about that one.

  32. RockyLives says:

    Nice one Hans. I do remember when we signed Bally and it was exciting to have one of the boys of ’66 coming to Highbury. I was 11 at the time, which may explain why it didn’t have as much of an impact on me as some of the ones that happened when I was a little older.

  33. RockyLives says:

    How’s the rugby Gnarley?

  34. Come on gnarley you must admit that was an amazing achievement by our cricket team 😉

  35. Rasp says:

    Ooohh gnarley,

    Methinks you’re getting a bit worried with these repeated references to the cricket – I see Wilko broke a few aussie hearts again at the weekend 🙂

  36. Evo In oz says:

    Great stuff peaches

  37. Rasp says:

    Coquelin has joined FC Lorient on loan – that makes the prospect of Koscielny coming to us seem more likely. You don’t usually loan players to clubs you are unhappy with and vice verse.

  38. Burgerkamp says:

    When we signed Risicky I was a happy boy. That summer he was hitting wonderful goals from midfield for Chech Republic and running the show. Didn’t work out as I thought 😦

  39. Joseph(Kenya) says:

    Campel, Viera, Henry, of late Vamaelen

  40. Big Raddy says:

    Great idea for a post Rocky.

    Of recent years I may have put in AA and TR. Both based on excellence in a WC.

    From the past, it would have to include Peter Marinello – Scotland’s George Best. The hype around him was huge and he arrived with immense expectations which he never lived up to.

    No question about the Number 1. His first game at the Shithole was unforgettable 😀 .

    But then it wouldn’t have been a Top10!

  41. RockyLives says:

    Hi BR. Rosicky is an interesting one. If my memory is correct we signed him BEFORE the WC… and then during the WC we were able to watch him and get really excited about him coming to the Arse. But when we actually signed him I, for one, knew little about him – which is why he’s not in the top 10.
    AA I left out because there was so much build up that the announcement was more confirmation than revelation.
    But Marinello is a great call and probably deserves to be in the top 10.

  42. Rasp says:

    Afternoon all,

    Record breaking post Rocky!

    I have no hesitation in listing Arsenal’s 3 worst signings

    1. Silvestre
    2. Silvestre
    3. Silvestre

  43. RockyLives says:

    I know this will be unpopular but… I thought Silvestre had some decent games for us last season.
    Now I’m running for cover…

  44. Big Raddy says:

    The potential signing of a French/Polish CB with no International experience nor much (if any) CL experience is a strange decision by AW (if true). I understand that JD & TV will be our first choice but why not buy a CB with experience? Preferably from the PL. Cahill, Hangerland etc?

  45. Rasp says:


    You’re right, he had a couple of alright games, and a couple of stinkers, We gave a 2 year contract to a manc reject over the age of 30 and paid them money for him!, I wasn’t celebratinbg with joy the day we signed him, I was embarassed.

    Raddy, he’s french and relatively cheap and no-one else was in for him 😦

  46. London says:

    Just as well that Sol came from our best friends or we would have all hated him.

  47. Robbing_Van_Persie says:

    Jose Antonio Reyes was very exciting. shame how that turned out…

    The most exciting nearly transfer was actually a double nearly transfer of Davids and Kluivert. Really thought that was going to happen 😦

  48. dandan says:

    He wasn’t that bad guys, filled a hole occasionally, you should have seen Ian Ure, Eddie Clamp and yes Peter I ain’t got a clue Marinello, Bloody hell Raddy he was hopeless all long hair and skinny legs LOL

  49. RockyLives says:

    Looks like the Laurent Koscielny signing is becoming imminent.
    He’s 6ft 1in. Not a midget, but not exactly a giant in the CB stakes either.

    Hopefully he’ll be Verminator Mk II, but I’m in agreement with BR that I would love to see a battle-hardened PL centre back joining us as well.

  50. scottpuffin says:

    Absolutely agree with Sol Campbell. I was on holiday at the time, and I was picking up the newspapers everyday waiting to hear who Sol would sign for. The back page headline was something along the lines of Sol-d To The Devil. It was beautiful.
    I would put Arshavin in the top 10. He was truly a world-beater when we signed him, and that was exciting. Gallas was exciting for me too, at the time he was one of the best defenders in the Premiership.

  51. scottpuffin says:

    Actually, I’m with Robbing_Van_Persie. Reyes was very exciting at the time. I was following the progress of Reyes as soon as I found out we were after him, and he looked absolutely quality in La Liga.

  52. Tom, Romford says:

    Sol Campbells signing was by far the greatest coup ever. The press thought they were there for the introduction of another player (I forget who) The doors opened and out stepped Sol and his agent Sky Andrew. The press were stunned, no one had a clue he was joining Arsenal. My favourite however is Dennis Bergkamp, the highest profile Arsenal signing. We crossed the Rubicon that day and became a first rank European Club!!

  53. Oooooh that David Villa would be a great signing 😉

  54. dandan says:

    Peaches behave he has scored once today already LOL

  55. RockyLives says:

    ScottPuffin – I did think about AA, but on balance felt that there was such a lot of build up to that transfer that when it was actually announced it didn’t blow me away. I almost had it in my top 10 but not quite. I can see the arguments for inclusion though.

    Tom – it’s interesting no-one has questioned Sol’s transfer at the top of the pile. It was, as you say, the sheer unexpectedness of it.

  56. Wrighty7 says:

    Evening all!

    Absolutely brilliant blog today, thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Has anyone mentioned Marc Overmars? I’m sure I wet myself when we signed him!

  57. RockyLives says:

    Evening Wrighty. I really thought about Overmars, but when we signed him he had been out long-term injured and I thought he was a real long shot by AW. Obviously I was wrong – what a player he was for us. But that was my (admittedly flimsy) reasoning for leaving him out.

  58. Wrighty7 says:

    Hi Rocky,

    For some reason I remember not being that bothered that Overmars had had 14 knee replacements by the time he joined us.

    I just was very, very excited!

    Have to admit Sol Campbell was probably the most surprising and definitely best transfer news that I remember!

    The first time he signed wasn’t bad either……..

  59. dandan says:

    One morning, the seven dwarfs went to work in the mine. When Snow White went to the mine to deliver their lunches, she found there had been a cave-in, and there was no sign of the dwarfs.

    Tearfully, Snow White shouts down the mine shaft, “Hello! Is anyone there? Can you hear me Sneezy, Sleepy, Grumpy, Dopey, Doc, Happy and Bashful?”

    A voice floats up from the bowels of the mine: “England will win the 2010 World Cup.”
    “Thank goodness,” says Snow White, “at least Dopey’s still alive!”

  60. Wrighty7 says:

    This may surprise a few of you but I was pretty happy when William Gallas signed too.


  61. Hi Wrighty nice to see you, how’re you doing?

  62. Silly question I’m sure but where’s Cesc?

  63. Rocky if you’re around – stat busting day!!!!!!! Have you followed the instruction in the email?

  64. Wrighty7 says:

    Hello Peaches,

    I’m good thank you very much. How are you doing yourself?

  65. RockyLives says:

    Hi Peaches. Not yet. Getting there!
    I think the key was in the title today… (even though it was a fair description of the piece).

  66. London says:

    I think the reason for the success is easy to explain: it is a bloody good title and a bloody good post. Simples

  67. London says:

    Something is fishy

    I just don’t buy into the idea that Koscielny is the answer. It doesn’t stack up; an inexperienced central defender to be the answer to our defensive woes, naah, Wenger is smarter than that. As a replacement for Silvestre and Gallas to stay……perhaps, but if Gallas really does go surely someone with a bit more experience will be needed.

  68. Wrighty7 says:


    I reckon that Wenger will start with a Vermaelen-Djourou partnership next season mate.

  69. London says:

    Hi Wrighty

    Yep, so do I. Djourou is the heir apparent, he must have been promised this for a long time which has got to be the only reason he has hung around for as long as he has. Still, I like him and it is worth remembering the three reasons that he stayed and Senderos was allowed to go…………………pace, pace and pace.

  70. Hey Wrighty I’m good thanks 🙂

    Rocky – the key was clearly in the title but it was a great read aswell and we didn’t get any idiots slamming us for just trying to get hits. Major success all round. Now if you sort your email instruction out I can let you see the stats 😉

  71. rockylives says:

    Peaches – have just emailed you.

  72. Rasp says:

    Evening guys,

    Sorry to disagree but I’d bet my bottom dollar that Koscielny is the intended partner for TV. Koscielny has a lot more first team performances under his belt than JD even though in a lesser league.

  73. dandan says:

    Have put a new post in Draft Peaches hope it helps

  74. Thanks dandan I just saw xx

    Rocky – I’ve emailed you back

    Hi Rasp 😛

  75. dandan says:

    Right time for this old boy to go to bed,Gnite

  76. Nite dandan, thanks for the post

  77. Rasp says:

    Hi peaches,

    I’ve added Coquelin to the ‘Transfer Roundabout’ widget. I thought about putting Koscielny in too as I think the deal will be done by the end of next week. He is obviously THE signing AW was referring to that would be completed before the end of the WC.

  78. Yes Rasp I think you’re probably right, I’m pleased Coquelin is going to play regularly better than warming the bench.

    Are you waiting for the same thing as me – I reckon it should come before midnight?

  79. Rocky – I’ve added you to admin, I couldn’t do it until you’d activated the wordpress email but you should be in now. I emailed you some other hints.

  80. its up for grabs now says:

    alan hudson!

  81. rockylives says:

    Yay – it works!

  82. rockylives says:

    its up for grabs now – Fair cop – he definitely should have been in there. He was a superb player – can’t believe I forgot him.

  83. Scotland Steve says:

    Great post, Rocky…lots of fun!

    I’m an American who’s lived there and in Scotland since I became part of the Gooner family in 1999. Trying to use YOUR criteria for the excitement factor (thus ruling out Arshavin, who truly revved me up), the guy that honestly gave me goosebumps and made me jump around when we got the news was…


    I remember that amazing day when, after Arsene had said not to expect much during the January signing period (foes and fans should NEVER believe him), Le Gaffer suddenly trotted out Ade, Diaby and the hugely pursued Theo Walcott.

    God, that was thrilling, because EVERYBODY wanted Theo.

    And by the way, I have not given up on the boy. He hasn’t had a healthy year to get a fair run of games. I think this shite about no “football brain” is simply a matter of a young player who still needs games, to see situations, to understand where to be, when to pass, etc.

    This young team we’re building is already exciting. How about if Theo and his rocket pace came good? Wow!

    Anyhow, for this summer I’m excited about Cole in particular (assuming…) but thrilled with anticipating the whole package. I love Chamakh and he plays exactly our kind of football. It’s going to come down to the right decisions at the back — including a keeper.

    We all may wind up being glad that Green let in that screaming blast from Clint Dempsey! Stock has dropped. But Rob’s still a good keeper, and we need two years until the our young Polish monster (Wojo) becomes one of the world’s best.

    Thanks for the good times with this chat today.

  84. […] Arsenal’s Best Transfer News Ever When a transfer announcement sends tingles down your spine and leaves a smile on your face for weeks then you know […] […]

  85. JoeB says:

    I was excited by Eduardo, Walcott and Nasri. Hopefully the best is still to come with at least one of them…

  86. Yup, I think Campbell is a very precise player bought by Arsenal, Arsenal always looked solid in defense, but he is getting old and no young players who could replace him.

  87. London says:

    Morning all

    Wow, just had a look at the stats, Rocky really has blown the lights out with that one.

  88. Rasp says:

    Morning London,

    13,000 hits including today – phenomenal! and some great new bloggers coming on which for me is as much an indicator of a good article.

  89. Big Raddy says:

    Congrats Rocky. The response was worthy of a fine post.

  90. London says:

    Morning BR, Rasp

    Did you notice Romford,Tom 7:35; he sums it up really well. I had forgotten that not only was it a surprise to us but to the press as well.

  91. Big Raddy says:

    DD. HOw can you say that about the great Peter “the face of Milk” Marinello 😉

    I saw almost all of his home games and a few away. Flatter to deceive comes to mind. He was a latterday Theo!

  92. dandan says:

    Rasp having been trying to edit that post, but cannot get the edits to stick what am I doing wrong.

  93. London says:

    I have just finished reading Marinello’s biography, it is easily forgotten how highly respected he was before he arrived from Hibs, I think. There was a huge furore that day.

  94. Big Raddy says:

    London. Made it that much more delicious.

    At the time I had a shop in Crouch End, there was a healthy split between Totts and Gooners (being almost equidistant between the grounds), and some of the staff were Spuds. That week the banter was fantastic!

    Judas…. hahahaha

  95. Big Raddy says:

    DD. Edit in the original Word/ks document and re-post onto AA. I have had the same problem in the past.

  96. Alex says:

    Errrr………..Thierry Henry?!! The clubs top goalscorer!!!

  97. Rasp says:

    Hi dandan,

    That may be because I am in editing mode with it at the moment. I was about to publish, do you want me to wait?

  98. dandan says:

    can you phone me please

  99. Big Raddy says:

    RAsp/DD. That would be the problem.

  100. Big Raddy says:

    Alex. If you read the post you will see Rocky explain why TH isn’t in the Top 10.

  101. dandan says:

    Hi Rasp am unable to change anything, will you at least put “Does Cricket still have it as a new para cheers

  102. Rasp says:

    New post ….

  103. lets_talk_about_cesc says:

    I know this wasn’t a massive deal but I remember sitting in my car listening to the radio when the deal broke for Aaron Ramsey! Purely because of the teams that were in for him, the fact that he had met with the mancs and came out full of praise for Wenger and the way Arsenal treated him and his family. Made me EXTREMELY proud!!

    no shout out for Jeffers I see?? Genuinely was excited about the Jug eared fox in the box…..although in reality he turned out to be as useful as a pair of socks in the box!!

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