Now Arsenal Must Speak

I have been tolerant of Arsenal’s almost total silence surrounding the issue of Cesc Fabregas and his supposed move to Barcelona, but now things have changed.

Up until yesterday there was, literally, nothing of substance to suggest our captain might be wanting out.

Sure, there was endless froth from the newspapers, both here and in Spain, but all based on an unsubstantiated claim by one journalist that Cesc had met Wenger a week and a half ago and demanded a move. The same hack said the deal would be done and dusted by last weekend, so that tells you how reliable he is.

But yesterday Cesc delivered a series of comments that are so enigmatic they have been given diametrically opposed interpretations by different sets of readers.

Here’s what he said about a conversation he had had with Wenger:

“It was probably the greatest conversation I’ve had with anyone in my life.

“I respect him so much and I don’t want to say too much about this.

“He told me to concentrate on my football and to concentrate on the World Cup.

“He told me to leave it in his hands and he will deal with whatever happens with my future. That’s what I’m doing. Just concentrating on football.

“I just want to be focused for the World Cup because it’s the most important thing.

“The rest is the future and I’m not interested in the future. “It’s not up to me anymore. It’s just now about Arsenal and whoever it has to be and that’s it.”

Right, so that’s as clear as Thames mud.

Based on those words I have seen headlines on Newsnow ranging from “Fabregas’ frank Wenger talk reveals Arsenal exit” to  “Fabregas will be at Arsenal next season.”

Comments around the Arsenal blogosphere seem just as conflicted. For some Gooners Cesc is offering sure fire proof that he loves us and isn’t going anywhere and, furthermore, Wenger must have told him about his amazing transfer plans for the summer and that’s why Cesc is staying. Blimey, talk about adding two plus two and making seven.

Others are interpreting the words to mean that Cesc has said he wants off and it’s just a matter of negotiating the price.

The trouble is, either interpretation could be right, or both could be wrong, his words could mean something else entirely.

In these circumstances, and with the issue now out in the open, it is intolerable for Arsenal Football Club not to make a statement on the matter.

Yes, we’ve had a bit of a burble from Peter Hill Wood, bless him, but his words only confuse matters at the best of times.

It is now time for Wenger or Gazidis to issue a statement saying where the club stands on the issue. To do any less is to show utter contempt for the supporters who keep the club going and will be doing so long after Wenger and all the players have moved on.

I don’t care what the statement is as long as it clarifies the situation and puts an end to this febrile sense of uncertainty (although my preference would be for a pronouncement that although we have had an approach from Barca, we have no intention of selling our captain for any price).

We’re waiting Arsenal, and we’re listening. Now SPEAK.



102 Responses to Now Arsenal Must Speak

  1. Rasp says:

    Thanks to dandan for this morning’s post.

    This article was submitted by Rocky and somehow overlooked – we have put it up this afternoon as it is relative to events taking place today.

  2. SharkeySure says:

    As bored as I have been of this topic, and I’m normally happy that our club doesn’t involve itself in tittle tattle, this is an exceptional scenario, and I wholeheartedly agree that we need a statement.


    Well said Rocky !!

  3. Max says:

    Yeah i think that this management needs to say something and get fans out of this rut.

  4. Erik says:

    If Cesc is willing to stay depending on the signings we make then we can’t release any statements.

    If Wenger/Arsenal make a statement saying that Fabregas is going to stay if we sign players, 1, 2, 3, 4 then those players will automatically get a few million added to their price tag.

    Also, what if we cant sign these players?

    I dont think Arsenal should say anything until we know what cards we have to play with.

    I think this saga will go on until the last day of the transfer window.

  5. Lawrence says:

    I totally agree with Rocky, Arsenal have to come out and speak just like other big clubs do.

    I am also worried that if Cesc does not request a transfer the club will lose between 16 to 20 million having to pay the rest of his contract.

    So Barca, unless Cesc requests a transfer nothing less than 80million

  6. Goonerboy says:

    Sell Cesc if he is so desperate to go, get the money.

    Ramsey and Wilshire on rotation – that would work out much better for us

  7. Rasp says:

    Hi Erik,

    That’s a very interesting point. I think Rocky was speaking from the heart rather than the ‘business head’

    I think if Cesc does go, it will also not be until the very end of the transfer window.

  8. BigL says:

    @Erik – I hope that your correct and Wenger has given Cesc some assurances that he intends to buy some quality players.

    I am suprised how many people think it would be a good idea to sell Cesc.

    Cesc is our only big name attraction at the club (I don’t count RVP since he is our big name attraction at our medical center). If Cesc goes it will be hard to attract big players in the future.

    If you’re a player and you read in the Sunday paper that Eboue wants you at the Emirates your hardly likely to demand a move are you.

  9. nutcracker says:

    To me the silence indicates that they haven’t closed the door on the option of selling Cesc if the right offer comes along. If they come out and say that they wont sell Fabregas and eventually do, there’s gonna be hellfire from the supporters. It seems the board are keeping their options open.

  10. rellends says:

    don’t hold your breath. the silrnce will be deafening as it is every summer.

  11. andy says:

    I’m not so sure they can say anything. As irritating as it is for us as fans to no know, I feel that something bigger is going on and this is acting as a very convenient smokescreen. I did think that in the last couple of games AW seemed to have lost patience with certain players. Add to that the reported funds available to him and I think Mr Wenger is planning to buy and by revealing his thoughts now will undermine the negotiating process for these players. Rightly or wrongly could AW and Cesc be just keeping quiet because its convenient to do so at the moment. Just my opinion of course and probably totally wrong but who knows.

  12. Rasp says:

    I agree andy “leave it in my hands” probably means ‘if we sell you for loads of money that will benefit the club and you will get your dream move and if I don’t, we will try to strengthen so that Arsenal can have a more successful season ahead’ – it would be a win/win situation for both Cesc and Arsène

  13. clockendrider says:

    Don’t understand why not coming out with a statement shows “utter contempt for the supporters”. By making any statement they show their hand to the opposition. “Fabregas is going” equals carte blanche for the other club to offer a low price. “Fabregas stays” just opens the door to the other club driving a wedge between the player and the Arsenal. Saying nothing forces the onus back on to the other club. The longer it goes without the other club making a bid and engaging in a proper process, the more the player will feel that he is just being used as a pawn by the other club. Sure, a statement might provide a sugar hit to the myriad of websites all flailing around feeding off of poor or no information not to mention fans who can’t see through such nonsense but it makes poor business sense. And football clubs are above all businesses whether fans like that or not.

  14. RockyLives says:

    Hello All
    Erik – whatever the content of their conversation I do not believe the outcome will have been Cesc promising to stay subject to new signings. Wenger would not allow his captain to hold him and club to ransom in that way.

    clockender – I take your point, but it’s common practice in business for the Board to make statements when there is speculation that potentially affects the value and health of their company. I believe there are statements they could make which would not undermine our bargaining position.

  15. perrygrovesworld says:

    Obviously Rocky you have never played poker… No reply is the best reply. If Joan Laporta’s reign passes without a word then its down to the new guy, Rossell to make a bid after the World Cup when Cesc’s worth more. And he has said that Barça are over spending so it may not happen… its going to plan methinks.

    In fact Barça blinked first….

  16. andy says:

    I would like to think that AW has admitted to Cesc that he hasn’t enjoyed working under financial restrictions either and assured him that things are about to change and just be patient.
    I personally think Cesc is not yet an all time great, in MOP he is not amongst my personal top 10-15 players. By leaving now he stands to walk away from the chance to become a legend and to captain a winning side. Something he will probably never get the opportunity to do again.

  17. trollz says:

    Im more interested in wat Mourinho will do with Real.

    Mourinho = greatness

  18. Cockney64 says:

    Why would we make an announcement about his transfer before thw world cup. As has been said numerous times if a player has a good tournament his price rises. Cesc and Spain are going to have a great world cup. If he is going his price will only go up. We can all find fault with Wenger but when it comes to knowing when to let a player go for a good price he has a great track record..Anelka,Henry the list goes on. Lets make Barcelona sweat and watch the price rise and lets see if they can even afford him.

  19. Steve says:

    Don’t be so childish !

    We know Barcelona wan’t to sign Fabregas and he would be happy to go, but they haven’t got any money so they haven’t made an offer.

    What the fuck do you expect Arsenal to do ? Would you like them to negotiate transfers on the back pages of the Spanish press ?

  20. RockyLives says:

    pgw – as it happens I’ve played a lot of poker (mind you, can’t say I’ve always won!). But to take up your analogy, we don’t need to show our hand, but a statement to the effect that the club wants and expects CF to stay is the equivalent of a strong opening bet that implies we have a strong hand and may be enough to frighten off other players who are unsure of what new cards will come out of the pack.
    Of course, that all rests on the assumption that the club do actually want to keep Cesc… hmmmm.

  21. London says:


    That is the most sensible comment I have read on the whole subject. I hope you come back here more often. I am not the owner but I feel confident in saying that comments like that are very welcome. Have you noticed above “Be our guest” it gives anyone an opportunity to write a post for this site, please consider it.

  22. Nazir says:

    Is there any reason to make a statement? If Barca cant afford him, there is no reason to make a statement. If we do make a statement, which may indicate a willingness to sell, dont you think that will open the posibillity of other clubs coming in for Cesc?

  23. London says:


    Fair enough, but why are you on this site?

  24. London says:

    Good Post Rocky

    You know I don’t agree with it but it is still a good post.

  25. The Law says:

    No disrespect to this site, but I don’t get this whole “Arsenal must make a statement or they’re showing contempt for the fans” bullshit.

    I, personally, have not heard such utter tripe in my life. This is right out of the same school of thought that says Wenger lies to fans because he said he would sign world class players and he doesn’t. Divorced from the reality of whether the man has had the funds or not.

    It has not, and will never be, Arsenal’s policy to comment on transfer speculation. If anything, the silence means Barcelona must put up, or shut up. All the talk about Cesc should request a transfer and the other rubbish coming out of Spain is meaningless until they make an official bid. Which they have refused to do.

    It’s clear RockyLives knows sweet fuck all about the business side of football. Do you think you’re playing fucking Football Manager mate?

  26. Rohan says:

    I agree with clockend for what it’s worth.

  27. London says:

    Great comment Law, a tad aggressive but still very good. We have different contributors every day, maybe you would like to write a post? Have a look above “Be our guest” I hope you take up the offer.

  28. London says:

    These comments are so good I have just noticed PerryGrovesWorld………….. Barça blinked first…….love it.

  29. RockyLives says:

    Hello The Law – thanks for your reasoned comments. When there was speculation about Ronaldo to Madrid, Ferguson was quick to comment that Ronaldo was not for sale – and the club repeatedly responded to further speculation with the same line. Perhaps not coincidentally, when the player did eventually go it was for an enormous fee.
    If you really think that silence is the only potential tactic in this game that’s fine – it’s your opinion and I’m more respectful of it than you are of mine, and nor will I assume from it that you have a whole bunch of other daft opinions.
    The standard of discussion is usually pretty good on this site – try and keep up.

  30. alex says:

    Most of us arsenal fans to me it look likke they are speaking or writing with their heart not mind.

    What more evidence can be much clearer than what has said Fabregas yesterday.Respect to the fans,manager and the club period.He do not say as previously did that he is an arsenal player and it is all rubbish.He didn`t say that i will be an arsenal player next season.Did he ?
    So the evidence is clear to me that he want to leave .

    He is an arsenal player and has a cotract that expires on 2015.So if any club want to buy him has to pay what the Arsenal club want.Simple.BArca have they got the money ?I dont think so ?
    Barca are really desperate for a (Fabregas )?
    To me they have enough talent in that department and i dont see their desperation.
    So question is Fabregas no matter how much you say i respect the fans or the club it is you and your dad that are pushing for the sell.
    Thank you for thanking us and i have to say politely you can go as long you do not want to play for us anymore BUT Arsene and arsenal club has put faith in all you youngster giving you the chance to become what you are now .The club has become a laughing stoke with empty trophyless cabinet for years.Nurturing you and your likes.How much respect you give to that Mr Fabregas ?

    In all honesty the guy he want to go for what ever reason.Fair enough but the club that you want to join have they got money to buy you ?Do you really think that they are that desperate to have you ? I dont think so.

    Arsene is an astute manager and definetly i have a full faith on him and surely because always make the club first fabregas you can have lenghty conversation but the output is the same.Certainly the price tug on fabregas is high and Barca has to sweat hard to get you.
    The club is much bigger than any player.

  31. clockendrider says:

    Yes PLC’s do come out and make comments when there is speculation. The difference is that generally speaking in the business world idle speculation and gross distortion of the truth tend to be picked up by the City and filtered out ensuring that business senior management don’t spend their entire lives as slaves to speculation, ill informed gossip or plain nuisance making.
    The press have to sell papers and it makes their lives easier if they can fill out a few lines with a quote. However they have proven themselves to be both very poor at filtering the disingenuous and downright dishonest when it comes to cutting and pasting out of context so all in all it’s a better idea simply to limit public pronouncements to statements of fact. Further, the sooner fans wake up and realise that they have no right to full disclosure of everything that goes in in a club, since not even the non-executive shareholders have this, the better.

  32. The Law says:

    RockyLives, Ferguson repeatedly said Ronaldo was not for sale, and Ronaldo eventually left. Maybe it’s because I’m a Gooner and don’t find any reason to sample the opinions on Man Utd-related blogs, but I’m pretty sure that at no point during Real’s chase of Ronaldo did any United fan come out to demand a statement from the club on the ground that silence “showed contempt” for fans.

    Both clubs have very different ways of doing business, but Man U stating Ronaldo wasn’t for sale didn’t stop the sale from happening. And all of this was with Ronaldo actually saying loud and clear that he wanted to go to Real, and none of Ferguson’s comments in any way affected the fee. That Ronaldo cost 80 million pounds was down to what Man Utd wanted for him, and what Real were able to pay. Ferguson’s comments didn’t have anything to do with it.

    If Barcelona were to announce that they had made an official bid of X for Fabregas, then Arsenal can comment that X is a ridiculously low fee for a player of his quality, age, and potential, not to mention how long he’s got on his contract. That has not happened.

    Where is the “contempt” in showing Barcelona that silence is truly the best answer for a fool?

  33. Lordrif says:

    Barcelona want Fabregas-Fabregas wants to go to Barcelona,but,is contracted to Arsenal who are willing to sell but not for nuts.Full stop.Barcelona are looking for the 80m pounds.If they don’t have it then Fabregas will remain at Emirates.These are the facts.Why should we scratch our heads?

  34. kelsey says:

    I think it’s a situation where cesc is saying “I love you but can’t live with you anymore”. None of us no the real facts.barca being 420 million in the red won’t stop them.

    Would you want an unhappy player, our captain to boot, stay with us.

    It is all rather weird.No other clubs are involved, and we rightly are holding out for what we estimate is his value in today’s market place based on other transfers of World class players. yes, cesc is a World class player and personally i don’t think having a good World Cup or not makes any difference.he is not in the shop window, he is under a long term contract and quite frankly the whole situation is to say the least quite messy.(no pun intended)

  35. irishgunner says:

    Afternoon all.

    I’m having a Cesc-Free two hours tonight – well, I’ll try 😕

  36. London says:

    Afternoon Irish

    So where do you stand? Do you think he will go or do you think he will stay? 😉

  37. irishgunner says:

    Afternoon London,

    I have stated here often that I think he’ll GO 😉 😆

  38. Rasp says:

    I’ve stopped believing you now London, I believe irish 😉

    Irish, tell me, what’s gonna happen re goalkeepers?

  39. Big Raddy says:

    Some great comments.

    I go with both Clockend Rider and The Law. Silence is definitely the best policy IMO until the deal is done one way or the other

  40. irishgunner says:

    We’ll buy an old head like James or Scwazcher (pardon my spelling) use Almunia as number 2 and loan out Flapianski – well that’s what I’d do anyway.

  41. Big Raddy says:

    I think he will stay…… but I have no interest in thinking about this through the summer.

    Cesc said he wanted his future to be decided prior to the WC. I guess it has been (see my comments yesterday).

  42. irishgunner says:

    8Except maybe not David James, someone better. But an oldie none the less.

  43. irishgunner says:

    Good to hear RvP scored two last night.

  44. Big Raddy says:

    The possibilites from the PL must be Schwarzer, James, Green, Jaaskelinen and Sorensen. Or as London suggests, no-one.

    Jaaskelinen and Sorensen are both 34 y.o. and that must be the right age for a GK with Chesney coming through. We can get 3/4 years out of them which allows Chesney to reach adulthood

  45. irishgunner says:

    ” Jaaskelinen and Sorensen are both 34 y.o. and that must be the right age for a GK with Chesney coming through. We can get 3/4 years out of them which allows Chesney to reach adulthood” – B.I.N.G.O!!

  46. Big Raddy says:


  47. Rasp says:


  48. Rasp says:


  49. Big Raddy says:

    How appropriate 🙂

  50. Nick says:

    Saying something could only hurt, because it would take Arsenal out of the realm of 100% speculation and move it closer to an undesired result. Arsenal are benefiting in many ways from staying silent, apart from PHW’s “no way” comments.

    It makes you anxious and impatient, but ask yourself: is it more important to relieve your bladder or for Arsenal to get the most from this situation, whatever that may be?

  51. irishgunner says:

    Darn I can’t think of anymore… D.I.A.B.Y ??

  52. Rasp says:

    Hi Nick,

    The only thing the club could say is “the player is not for sale”. They have said that in the past to quash rumours. The fact that they haven’t this time means that there is a price we would accept, but I don’t expect Barca to come close to that figure.

  53. irishgunner says:

    Essien out of the World Cup.

  54. SharkeySure says:

    Almunia really has to go. No ifs no buts. Even when he’s not making howlers he has no command, no authority.

    Decent shot stopper when he’s actually in the right position to make save. Thats not enough.

  55. Rasp says:

    Hi Sharkey,

    He is only a decent shot stopper when the ball is low down. Anything in the air and he tends to fall backwards. The Danny Rose shot was straight at him at head height. If he’d have just stood there it would have hit him in the face (wish it had 👿 )but he fell backwards just like he did when he pushed the Kevin Philllips lob into the back of the net.

  56. irishgunner says:

    ” If he’d have just stood there it would have hit him in the face (wish it had 👿 )” 😆

    Mannone took a few in the face against Fulham.

  57. Rasp says:

    Yes Irish and he was man of the match and got us 3 points – when was Almunia ever MoM? – he must have lost us 12 points this season.

    Mannone did nothing wrong, 7 games and we didn’t lose one! He made his mistakes in the first game against twente and grew in confidence.

  58. dandan says:

    You make your point well rocky……..My computer has been down otherwise I would have replied sooner, fortunately clockender has reiterated all I have been saying on here since this furore started…..A heroic statement by the Arsenal standing on their dignity, would be far less advantageous than sourcing and signing behind this smoke screen, the players on AW list….. Once they are in place statements become superfluous as everything will be self evident….. Companies do not make statements unless their market share or share price is being affected, as far as The Arsenal is concerned nothing could be further from the truth. Stock exchange announcements are a matter of commercial/Company law and strictly controlled,as are statements to shareholders, customers are another matter normally marketing driven and optional and whether we like it or not we are customers.

  59. irishgunner says:

    Which is why none of us can understand why he was dropped – not only dropped to the bench but back to 3rd choice beneath Coco and Flappy….

  60. irishgunner says:

    LMAO Pizza Hut Ireland are giving away a free pizza to customers for every goal scored against France – the more the French get slaughtered in this World Cup the more freebies Irish people are going to get – this is going to be fun after all :mrgreen:

  61. dandan says:

    Oh Dear Irish I do hope you have written to Mr Henry thanking him for your free pizza’s LOL

  62. irishgunner says:

    Ha ha I will 😀

    There is money been given off items in Curry’s when France get knocked out.

    Free drink in pubs when they lose games and now free pizza – WOOHOOO 😀

  63. MoW says:

    arsenal are doing the right thing.

    no point in saying anything. what do they have to gain by saying anything?

  64. RockyLives says:

    Hi Dandan. I read your earlier post about the loneliness of the long distance Arsenal fan – it was a lovely read. Sorry it got displaced by my diatribe. Seems like I’m in a minority expecting the club to comment, but such is life.

  65. Leon says:

    The Arsenal board are just interested in making themselves richer – I don’t ever recall a close season where our expenditure on players ever exceeded what we gained from selling players. In fact, we are 26 million in credit. Arsenal are managed by greed driven parasites – the highest ticket prices and the lowest transfer expenditure – no ambition at all no wonder Fabregas wants to leave – there is no way on earth that Fabregas will win a thing at Arsenal because it is clear that winning things is not a priority for Arsenal

  66. dandan says:

    No problem Rocky, Yours was far more relevant because it is a matter of some importance to a lot of fans and very well argued.
    As a fan, I can understand the frustration, but my other head really believes it is in our favour, the press are a bit like armies they never attack on two fronts and the Cesc skirmish is keeping them well and truly occupied, easy copy without doing much work. LOL

  67. The Law says:

    @ Leon: So, because we’ve never spent more than we’ve earned, the Board are greedy?

    Kids, learn from Leon, and stay off crack.

  68. Big Raddy says:

    Well said DD.

    Nik B is getting a run out tonight. Hope he plays well.

  69. Big Raddy says:

    LOL Law, you have been on fire today….

  70. irishgunner says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh Jose and his feelings

  71. Big Raddy says:

    I can’t look at that tattooed lump without thinking of Zidane!

    And his time at Everton which shows that a very average player can win a WC Winners medal

  72. irishgunner says:

    A World Cup Medal AND a Champions League Medal – some mighty fine players have won neither.

  73. kelsey says:

    I know many are not interested in the finance related posts,but this will have a huge impact in Spain. naturally people who are employed pay taxes and the band was raised in addition there is a wealth Tax and as from next month there will be an additional Wealth Tax to everyone who has total assets of 1 million euros or more.This will be yet another factor to those players who wish to play in Spain. it will apply to residents only, though non residents also pay a Wealth tax which will also increase later this year.

    With regards to believing we may not sign any more players, if we don’t sign a keeper of quality it will be a huge hole in an attempt to improve our position from this season.

  74. London says:


    I vote The Law’s comment at 6:23 the best ever LMAO

  75. kelsey says:

    Evening london.

  76. goonermichael says:

    Hi Kelsey
    Is Peaches around?

    Hi Irish, Raddy how are you all?

  77. London says:

    I agree Kelsey, what you say is very logical……although supporting Arsenal is not.

    I very much doubt that Wenger thinks there is any real difference between Robert Green and Lukas Fabianski for example.

  78. kelsey says:

    Evening gm.

    peaches is always in and out at this time, most probably be on in an hour or so.

    How are we ? Well in my case a little confused with this Cesc saga.

  79. goonermichael says:

    My take on it is he’s going to stay unfortunately. I say unfortunately because his hearts not in it. I’d take the money and invest it in the team. Not sure if Wenger will do the same though. We coped quite well when he was out. He’s off my avatar anyway.

  80. kelsey says:

    I agree about Green, in fact as a stop gap for a year at a cheap price i would take James. Seems to tick all the right boxes for the club.

  81. goonermichael says:

    I have to look after a client. Catch you all later.

  82. Big Raddy says:

    Hi GM. Hope I am around when you eturn. If not good to see you here.

    Kelsey. As to pay, my guess is that Barca and Real , who after all are the only teams who can afford to buy from the UK, will find ways around the tax rise.

    Thinking wages. I read in the Grauniad that Samuel Eto’o is on €18m a year !!! And that Milito was upset because he only gets €4m Who knows if this is true and it does seem far fetched, but even if it is €10m it is still mad money.

  83. Big Raddy says:

    Nik B sitting Denmark’s game out. Shame.

    They are 1-0 up with a goal from Christian Poulsen, who would be great for us, but we won’t pay that kind of money for a 30 y.o.

  84. RockyLives says:

    @Irish – that Jose/Materazzi video is funny. What do you think Materazzi’s hiding behind his back? I bet it’s a ciggie. He was out having a crafty puff and then – oh crap! – here comes the boss…

  85. SharkeySure says:

    Flying visit lads/ladies…..

    Any of you guys use a site called ?? I think it was StringFH that put me on to it as they had a write up on Tommy V.

    Its the second best website out there 😉

  86. RockyLives says:

    SS – I second that. It’s a very informative site. Discussion’s better on here though!

  87. Rasp says:

    Thanks Sharkey,

    Here’s the link for anyone who wants to take a look…

  88. The Law says:

    Quick question: Who, exactly, is responsible for the bilge on that zonalmarking site? The 3 articles I read were all about opposition managers failing to exploit Arsenal’s weaknesses, not Arsenal’s strengths overcoming the opposition. What nonsense.

  89. RockyLives says:

    @The Law: that site is a good source of stats and does point out some less-than-obvious stuff.
    Btw, have enjoyed your posts on here. I don’t think your first post did you justice (the tone, I mean, rather than the points raised). You’re clearly an articulate poster. Be good to hear from you again.

  90. kelsey says:

    I am increasing getting fed up with the amount of Arsenal blogs popping up from nowhere on a daily basis, most set up by young 20 year olds from all over the world with twitter and facebook as additional useless features.,and mainly have authors who do not live in England and have never even been to a football match.All they do is generate hysteria amongst the fans, which through the Internet gathers speed like an avalanche.If you scan through the sites this past week, nearly every first team player is featured,mainly in a negative way, or with an innuendo in the headline.The trouble is many people are gullible and believe all this trash, which in turn destabilizes the fans and most probably even gets back to the players themselves.The official website of Arsenal FC should be updated more frequently, instead of being primarily a shop where one can purchase items.We are the third biggest club in the world, and the fans deserve better. rant over.

  91. Morning kelsey

    Don’t you think its indicative of a feeling of unrest amongst supporters that there are so many new blog sites being set up. We mostly use this blog – and some others – as a forum to chat to each other about things Arsenal but some blogs are just a way for someone to put their point out there.

    I think for some blog authors its about the rant not necessarily the blogging therapy.

  92. kelsey says:

    Morning peaches,

    Not entirely. They literally invent stories without any proof, i.e. Rosicky on drugs, Joe Cole is signing for us next tuesady, Mourinho will get RVP at any price and so on.

    We can have a debate and agree or disagree about our strengths and weaknesses but we don’t just throw around idle gossip just for the sake of it.

    No harm in suggesting who we would like to see in our team,but those are just personal opinions.

    I am about to sue telefonica, I have had three weeks of hell with them and it is amazing I am on line now 🙂

  93. I see what you mean – I didn’t realise there was that sort of rubbish out there! Thats a different thing altogether but I tend not to bother to read those sorts of sensational stories – they’re probably not written by gooners anyway.

    Is it just you thats had trouble with the phone line or everyone around you?

  94. Big Raddy says:

    Hey it’s Friday. Kelsey is entitled to rant away….

    My pet hate is when players are tackled or fouled and hit the deck looking immediately for where the Ref is. The ultimate act being Busquets in the CL SF, getting Thiaggo Motta sent off.

    This craven act denied a fellow professional the opportunity to ply in the biggest game of his career.

    Gerrard is a master of the tactic, and Eboue is the best at AFC. Shameful.

    It is the footballer’s equivalent of “Muuuuuum, look what sis did.”

    ( the above quote may have some history inside it 😉 and explain my antipathy!! )

  95. kelsey says:

    Morning BR.

    Peaches it is only in our street, I think the deluge of rain we had has interfered with the cabling in the street, but the engineers try and say it is a wiring problem within the house.Typical spanish, they can’t be bothered and every time one engineer comes over he repairs one problem and creates another, and so it goes on.

  96. Morning Raddy

    You see we’re available for all sorts of therapy 😉

  97. Big Raddy says:

    Manana Kelsey 😉

    We may have crap weather but the services are fantastic here. I complained about my TV reception to the cable company and an engineer was here the same afternoon.

    But we pay €800 a year for the package. How much does a Film & Sports package cost in UK or Spain?

  98. Big Raddy says:

    Thanks Peaches. I will take you up on the offer when I am next in England!

  99. Morning all

    Theres a NEW POST

  100. Craig says:

    @clockendrider – maybe you should change your name to “bell end rider” – don’t you think?

  101. When you order pizza online, there are usually coupons that are readily available for you to make use of. You can discover the voucher menu on the upper-right edge of the screen.

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