The Summer of Change

By dandan

Arsène Wenger, I believe, faces the toughest summer of his career, because on top of the obvious need to revitalise the squad with three or four new players he also has to wrestle with the new premier league rules limiting the squad size as follows.

All clubs will have a named a squad of up to 25 players of which only 17 can be over the age of 21 and not home grown.

A home-grown player will be defined as one who, irrespective of his nationality or age, has been registered with any club affiliated to the Football Association or the Football Association of Wales for a period, continuous or not, of three entire seasons or 36 months prior to his 21st birthday (or the end of the Season during which he turns 21).‪

Clubs will be able to supplement their squads with unlimited additional players under the age of 21 on 1st January in the year in which the season commences.

Changes to the squad list of 25 may be made during the period of a transfer window.

It is interesting to note that home grown does not just apply to players brought through the academy of the club he is playing for, thus Sol would qualify having come through the spuds system from an early age. We have 7 first team players in this category.

Campbell, Djouro, Bendtner, Fabregas, Clichy, Song and Denilson

Add to this the fact that we are allowed to add as many unregistered under twenty one year olds as we like and it would appear to make us well placed with our existing squad. However it does mean that any player reaching 21 has to be registered if he is to continue to play, thus needing an existing player to be deregistered. One wonders how long an unregistered 21 year old or deregistered older player would want to stay

This clause seems to me to make any players that Arsène sees as surplus to requirements  very saleable, given that many clubs will be scouring the country for players that will allow them to fill up there squads.

Could be that Arsène’s youth project will prove to be a real moneymaker for the club. Once again it seems Arsène has done it right.

Being able to loan players out will also be pivotal as to how squads are handled, given that additional young players can be added in January, promising players can be put out on loan for 6 months premiership experience prior to joining the squad as unregistered players.

So how would our squad look? My initial take would be

New GK, Fabianski, Mannone

Djourou                            Campbell

Clichy                                Eboue

Gibbs                                 Sagna

Traore                                Vemaelen                      2 new CB’s

Arshavin                              Denilson

Diaby                                    Fabregas

Nasri                                     Ramsey*

Rosicky                                 Song                               Wilshire*

Bendtner                               Chamakh

Van Persie                              Vela


* = Unregistered players, playing regularly

I expect Almunia, Gallas, Sylvestre, Merida, Senderos, and Eduardo to leave the club.  With a new Goalkeeper, 2 Centre backs and a Centre forward to join us. Arshavin is also very likely to go. So a new holding midfielder would be handy although Eastmond could be used in that role.

Perhaps some of our loan players will also be sold or indeed added to the squad, it gives you some idea of the decisions Wenger must make with so many of them approaching twenty one, which has become very much the cut off point career wise.

Interesting times ahead I think

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  1. London says:

    Good read DanDan and an interesting subject although for me a complicated one. I have a few questions I hope you may be able to answer.

    Is this new system only applicable in the UK or is it Europe wide?

    I assume whoever designed this did so in the the hope of creating a more even playing field, what do you think the even plying field is supposed to look like? For example are there existing clubs that this new rule is aimed at in their present guise?

  2. Rasputin says:

    Morning all,

    Very interesting article dadan, I’d completely forgotten about all this stuff. What with these new rules, the World Cup, billionnaire owners, shortage of top quality layers etc etc it is going to be a very interesting summer. I think its great we’ve (apparently) tied up the Chamakh deal, but I can’t see it being so easy to get one or two quality CB’s. There should be a GK of the standard we require out there though I think, but I can’t see how it could be Reina as some blogs are suggesting.

  3. Morning all

    dandan you’re going to have to be the expert on this subject – which clearly you already are 🙂

    Sounds like we’re in good shape though and like London I’d like to know who of our closest rivals are going to find it difficult to work within the new restrictions.

  4. chaf says:

    Morning, interesting read DD.

    If Wenger had this in mind all along why didn’t he mention it, and put us out of our misery.

    And harking back to the last post, I think I’m closer to hip op than hip hop.

  5. One of the things that worries me about our financial stability is that if our closest rivals are forced out of business we’ll be the last club standing and that won’t be much fun 😦

    Will the same apply to clubs who can’t work within these rules about players. Rather than making a level playing field the whole playing field could change with seismic results.

  6. Rasputin says:

    If the ‘big’ clubs struggle to comply with the rules, they’ll change the rules to accommodate them or there will be the threat of legal action that will force the PL to backtrack. The big clubs won’t go out of business.

  7. You’re probably right rasp – they’ll just change the rules 😆

  8. London says:

    As things stand is there a particular team that will suffer as a result of these new changes?

  9. London says:

    Morning Chaf

    I am more post hip op.

  10. Alfa says:

    I’m probably missing something but I can’t see that the big clubs are going to struggle. Granted we are in the best position re young ‘homegrown’ players but Man U have a similar bunch of young players like Rafael, Macheda, Welbeck etc. don’t they? Chelsea seem to have a few, starting with Jon Obi Mikel. Not sure about Man City but they’ll buy whoever they need. Spurs have got lots of UK players anyway, including plenty of younger ones.

    Liverpool are in all sorts of trouble anyway, I’d image having 8 good homegrown players is low on their list.

    DD, maybe you have some data to help me out?

  11. chippy says:

    Pretty much all clubs are already in line with the new rules the team struggling the Most will be Liverpool, But thats hardly a suprise with Rafa as manager !!

    Interesting regarding players in and out personally dont think Arshavin will be sold as he on his day is one of our only true world class talents and it would be sending the wrong message out to all if he was sold,

    Agree this team needs a large overhaul as the way it stands at this moment it is the most un Balanced team we have had for years,

  12. Alfa says:

    London, Chaf, you have been listening to too much Great-Grandmaster Flash. 😆

  13. Alfa says:

    And his Adventures on the Wheelchairs of Steel…

  14. Rasputin says:

    Morning chippy,

    You are very well informed, do you have any ideas as to a CB or two we may be interestd in? I haven’t been that impressed with Hangeland.

  15. chippy says:

    Morning Rasputin,
    No idea im afraid and when Wenger does spend its usually on players we havent been linked with so i wouldnt even hazard a guess !

    Im with you on Hangeland think the system Fulham use suits him where as in our back four his lack of pace would get exposed as we defend with a higher line,

    I personally beleive we are in need of around 5-6, A Keeper is a must,As are 2 Centrebacks, Much needed is a proper box to box centre mid if he wants to play 4-5-1, We also require an out and out winger with pace and a centre forward (Chamakah done deal by all accounts)

    This will be the biggest summer in the transfer market for Wenger since he joined and for once he really needs to go out and make a statement, Do i think he will sign that many No but i trully beleive thats what we need,

  16. Mondiu Jaiyesimi says:

    No defensive midfielder? OMG we never learn. Our only real DMF has shown this season that he can also miss crucial games and is African as well(ACON)!!!

    Sign 2 DMFs I don’t mind.

    We can’t bloody defend.

  17. Alfa says:

    Mondiu, welcome to the site.

    Another Song would be very welcome.

    A few days ago I made a comment that I didn’t think PV could still do a job for us, much as we love him. To be fair he was Man City’s best player for an hour, but Song and Diaby had the better of him at least defensively.

    Personally I don’t think we need too many new players, just the ones we have fit and with some backup (e.g. losing Song, Cesc, Arshavin, RvP just on their own was bad, losing all pretty well terminal).

    Let’s face it, we are not going to be able to go out and buy players of the calibre of the Invincibles and weld them into a team. Nobody can.

  18. Mondiu Jaiyesimi says:

    I would like to say here that we gooners must understand exactly what we want.I believe one of our major flaws is the fact that Arsene is the most successful manager in the history of our dear club.

    14 Years now, how many titles? Do the math yourself.

    Ok, he’s has little transfer kitty to play with and all but have you cared to ask yourself if a coach like mourinho will allow Diaby and the likes to walk around the pitch against Wigan? No, he would have seen it just like we fans did. Mourinho would have barked, Ferguson will have screamed! Thats why their teams show more concntration.

    Wenger looks mean but he is soft! Thats why we are soft as a team. The toughies in his old teams were mostly inherited.

    I used to like wenger a lot, you know the style,glamour and all but I stopped when I noticed that he doesn’t really care about ho we feel as fans.

    In Nigeria, wenger will never get away with all those statements! Never! He says stuff like FAbianski is a top goalie, Silvestre is a top defender, I dont need to sign a striker etc.

    To be honest, we are not happy. We love Arsenal and there will always be The Arsenal after wenger!

    Lets stay positive but we must open our eyes and see the bigger picture.

    Gunners for life!

  19. interesting article dandan, i must say i did read a similar scribing on another blog yesterday, but you have certainly broken down the facts in a far more palatable format for my liking.

    maybe this is what wenger meant when he recently said chav/city cannot but all the good players… the point of this system is to prevent what chavs were doing back in 04-06.. buying any decent player who could strengthen utd or arsenal.. swp being a case in point, and letting them rot on the bench.

  20. you know,looking deeply into this new squad thing… it’s truly fantastic news for us and football in general.

    the real disadvatnge will be for the citehs and chavs of this world.

  21. Alfa says:

    Mondui, the last few minutes of Wigan were awful, no argument. But if you go to the matches you can see Wenger shouting at the players all you want, even TV, Arshavin etc.

    I don’t agree with the way he over-defends players sometimes, he could just stay quiet, but most managers don’t criticise their players publicly. When did Mourinho or Ferguson last do that?

  22. Alfa says:

    SfH, I don’t see how it is a disadvantage for the richest clubs to have ‘only’ 25 good players, 8 of whom must have played in England when they were under 21? Mourinho always used to say that he needed 22 great players to win the league. Which of them doesn’t have that already?

  23. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    Good stuff dandan. It could be the Summer of discontent, especially for Manu & the chavs. It sounds like a mild form of salary cap, with Clubs gaining future advantage by investing in expertise to counter the opposition.

    So a Club with a world class cash cow stadium & very little debt; state of the art training facilities & top of the pile coaches; combined with a bowling green style pitch would have a distinct adavantage 😉 Hey The Arsenal ticks all those boxes 😆

  24. Rasputin says:

    Morning SH,

    dandan actually submitted his article before the other one was published and was in two minds as to whether to put it up today when he realised he’d been beaten to it, but we persuaded him to go ahead because, as you say, it is very clearly explained and is an important topic at this time.

  25. Alfa – if you break it down, it will disadvantage the bigger clubs because they maybe cannot go out and buy aguero, ribery and kaka… as they in citehs case they already have hit the threshold of non-domiciled players, therefore they may only be able to buy one of those 3.. leaving 2 on the open market.

    Rasp – indeed it is, until i read yesterdays blog i had no real idea about it, i remember the whole domiciled player thingy about a player under 21 having player 36 months etc etc but i just imagined it to be years away.

    When the rule was passed, i recall SSN doing a check on all the squads to see who would suffer, and all the top clubs aside from pool were ok… but the problem moving forward for the likes of chavski and citeh is they cannot just buy up all the best overseas talent and bolster their squad whilst preventing us and manure competing for them.

  26. this must be affecting all clubs europe wide?

    inter milan will be stuffed good and proper.

  27. dandan says:

    Afternoon all, thanks for the kind words, the source of the changes can be viewed here,,,12306~1804959,00.html, it is a Premier league initiative and will they believe enhance the England team, I would be interested if you could put your minds to work as to how the Squad will look next year,

    By the way for those who thought I was a bit rough on ghost and his stats yesterday, it is because all the American sports are bedevilled and eroded by constant and meaningless stats and I have no wish to see the beautiful game go down that road.

  28. tommystout says:

    Hey DD fabulous post. I’m looking forward to next season already. Is this new system actually going to be implemented next season, I knew about it but didn’t know the calender so to speak.

  29. 😆 just picked this up off another site….

    there was a clash between song and bellamy on saturday, they nearly came to blows.

    another gooners has described it being a akin to a coming together between mike tyson and graham norton haha

  30. tommystout says:

    How many is the current squad quota this season, is it 25 at present?

  31. tommystout says:

    Hi SFH i guess you are talking about their altercation on the pitch? I think Song did well to not let fly.

  32. dandan says:

    As far as city is concerned they can still go and spend, spend, spend, but will have to sell many of the existing squad, rumour has it that the spuds are already in for Bellamy and Richards.
    Some of these top managers may have calculated that they can play the season out by rotating there 17 Foreign players and mixing in the homegrowns against the lesser teams.

  33. tommystout says:

    Will Vela not count as home grown, even though he was loaned out?

  34. London says:

    Hi DanDan

    I would like to state that I was not one of those who thought you were rough on ghost face; in fact, under the provocative circumstances I think you were remarkably well controlled.

  35. andy says:

    Morning evry1
    I dont think it will change a lot to be honest. Liverpool probably are a bit screwed and will have to send half the squad back to spain but other than that all it will mean is that spending clubs will be looking to steal other teams homegrown stars instead of the foreign players. I dont think it will affect what we need to do spending wise because most of the players we want to get rid of dont qualify anyway.

  36. Alfa says:

    Bellamy should have been sent off. Song did indeed show quite a bit of maturity.

    SfH, presumably a rich team can still go out and buy the 17 best players they can afford from anywhere in the world, as well as the 8 best ‘homegrown’ players from English clubs. They would have to sell players to do so.

    If anything, good ‘homegrown’ players will become more valuable to English clubs, which will favour those who can afford to buy them, like Chelsea, City etc.

    In fact until someone can tell my why this is such a big deal I will think of it as a big red herring.

  37. andy says:

    How does the rule affect young players who are registered to us but are out on loan on foreign soil ?

  38. dandan says:

    Andy it is designed to do two things: 1 To give a positive bias to young players as a third of the squad has to be home grown and as the lesser clubs will not be able to induce players from abroad as easily as the big clubs do, then that third it is hoped will be really home grown.
    Although this is rather let down by the fact that you cannot take players in this country who live more than ( 1.5 hours I believe) from the club. So poaching by inducement and relocation will still be practised by the wealthy clubs.

    2 Enhance the England squad in the long term

  39. there are a lot of interesting permutations of how this new system can work in favour and against the bigger wealthier clubs.

    in reality, we will just have to wait until the new season starts to really understand how it all actually works.

    a world cup summer will keep this off the press agenda, so some time in early august we might start to see a real focus on these new regualtions.

  40. stevesai69 says:

    New GK,
    Mannone or Chesney (The other to be loaned out)

    New RB (Eboue will leave)

    New CB
    Campbell (or Nordvelt to return if he leaves)

    Gibbs (Traore to be sold)

    New DM


    New winger ( possibly Eden hazard )

    Van Persie
    Vela ( Eduardo to be sold )
    New CF ( or from the ranks )

  41. andy says:

    Like most of it but rather see dumb and dumber sold and backfilled with lansbury, eastmond, or randall ( is he still with us ??? )

  42. andy – i guarantee you will not be calling diaby dumb or dumber comes xmas time.

    you will be calling him the lynchpin of our midfield.

  43. andy says:

    Haha sfh. Believe me i so hope ur right but to look at him doesn’t fill me with confidence. Never really looks like he knows what he’s doing let alone what the other team are about to do.

  44. chippy says:

    Carnt see that not with Fabregas and Song in it, Diaby needs to step up several levels to even become anywhere near a lynchpin, Souness,Paddy,Scholes,Keane, etc are Lynchpins diaby is as yet unfortunatley no where near that status !!

  45. agree lads, but the last month aside.. you must have surely seen a vast improvement in him this season?

    go back to jan feb time, read old gooner blogs, always a great idea to feel the mood at the time

    the majority were calling him a monster etc for us then, just 3 months ago… a bad month, and now he is worthless and not good enough.

    keep the faith

  46. andy says:

    I dont think he’s worthless but at the highest level when he has to stand up and be counted he goes missing.

  47. did you not see the chav game at the bridge?

    he was the best midfielder on the park that day… even on the losing side!!

  48. chippy says:

    Agree with that and he did finally look like the player we all know he can be but he just seems to go missing when the pressures on as Andy has said, Wouldnt call him useless and wouldnt want him moved on as theirs a player and a half inside and one day it will all click for him,

  49. chippy – i really think a fully rested pre-season, and he will come back next season as a big player for us.

    what often gets forgotten is he started pre season a month early last year, and had burned out a little early this season.

  50. andy says:

    He just reminds me of Kanu. Has massive ability but one day he be man of the match and the next he will be awful. It aint personal i just feel that inconsistency has been our biggest problem and the guy lacks focus.

  51. chippy says:

    Hope so, As i say hes got all the Tools hes just got to use them on a more regular basis,

    Im pretty sure he will be in the French squad for the world cup tho so will probably come back broken !

  52. that’s a good point.. i thought he had lost his place in the france team… i rather hope he does not get picked.

    he is almost certain to get injured if he does.

  53. andy says:

    Or injure some1 else, hopefully not Mr Nasri this time. haha

  54. he could have a go at evra…

  55. chippy says:


  56. GhostFace says:

    Hey DD

    Nice post.

    I think you’ve listed 27 players there with the 2 new CB.

    Personally i dont think Fabianski will make it to next season. We’ll have a new GK and bring Almunia as back up.

  57. GhostFace says:

    As far as stats go you cant argue with Stats.

    We’ve shipped in more goals than we have last season with 2 games left to play.

    That may or may not mean our defending is worse off.

    But it certainly means its hasnt improved.

  58. kelsey says:

    Evening all.

    I have read your post dandan and several others since, and quite honestly there are several interpretations to this rule as i read it.

    Only a few months for all the clubs to get their house in order but surely when compared to the rest of europe we just play too much football,too many competitions and asking the players at he highest level to play some 60+ games a season and fly all over the world for various meaningless internationals in the middle of our season (which is far too long, without a winter break) and now restricting the amount of players in certain age groups as well, just doesn’t seem beneficial to me for the sake of the game in general.

  59. dandan says:

    Hi Ghost, if you read the blog you will see the squad is allowed 25 registered players over 21 and as many youth players under twenty one as you like. there are two players in that list who have asterisks against them denoting they are unregistered players.

  60. kelsey says:


    stats on goals conceded don’t lie, but as mentioned on numerous occasions it is a lot to do with :

    the way we play being an attacking side and therefore always open to the counter attack.

    Bad goal keeping

    No communication between the defence and keeper, keeper’s fault most of the time.


    How many mistakes can one allow a keeper in a season.They will always be highlighted but this season i can think of at least six howlers by our keepers, which is just not acceptable.

  61. dandan says:

    You could well be right Kelsey, but less Snr players in the squads and more games mean extra money through the gates for the clubs. Uefa have asked the league on several occasions to cut back to 18 clubs but they refuse.
    Don’t forget the big clubs abroad keep all their moneys from TV it is not shared out like here, so our big clubs have to run to keep up. Although I am not sure that applies to Germany.

  62. GF – will bet you as much as you like that Fab2 has more of a chance of staying than almunia.

    Why would we keep a 35 yr old, past his best… having had almost 8 years at the club, over a young up and coming 25 yr old that AW keeps saying will be a world class keeper?

  63. dandan says:

    Speculation that Arsene might buy Lassana Diarra from Real Madrid, would we buy a player that didnt want to stay last time, he is a hell of a player but would he use us as a shop window again, is he another Anelka. or would a season or two with him playing alongside Cesc be good for some of our youngsters, LJ. Eastmond and Diaby spring to mind.

  64. dandan, do you think that’s serious specualtion?

    by all accounts, diarra pissed off most of the staff at arsenal and that was one of the reason AW relucatantly let him go

    not a happy camper.

  65. andy says:

    I cant see it happening. As you say DD he’s developed into a great player but Dont think AW would trust him. I know that we are going to be linked to evry1 again but Melo keeps popping up. I think i’d sooner get him.

  66. GhostFace says:


    how does an unregistered player play regularly?

    You asterisked Wilshere and Rambo if they are unregistered they cant play for the club right? Or do they go out on loan?


    The keeping situation is definitely a heavy contributing factor no disagreement there. But surely you cant blame everything on Clownmunia.


    Honestly AW made Almunia vice captain so that shows you how highly he rates him. And when he was talking experience against Barca he was saying experience is important and cited Sol and Almunia as experienced players.

    This time last year when 4th place was secured Fabianski started playing so its nothing new that he’s playing now.

  67. GhostFace says:

    I dont think Diarra would want to come back to Arsenal after the way AW shipped him out…and said he’d seen a ‘miracle’ that Diarra made it to spain at the top level. AW didnt rate him…surely not above Flamini or Gilberto.

    Id sooner take one of the Sissoko’s or M.Diarra.

    The fact that AW is seriously contemplating signing Vieira scares me. I dont think he wants to sign any long term replacements for that position. The whole Vieira situation makes me think its sign Vieira and wait till Denilson comes good

  68. kelsey says:


    I didn’t blame everything on Almunia/ first point was “the way we play being an attacking side and therefore always open to the counter attack.”

    The theory is we score more than the opposition, but more and more teams are finding ways to close us down, that in practice we have had a huge percentage of possession yet often fail to score, then concede and finish up chasing the game .
    I admit it doesn’t really make sense as i believe we score more late goals than anyone else, we appear to be fitter than most teams over 90 minutes, vermaelen has boosted the defence yet we still concede far too many goals compared to the top two.

  69. dandan says:

    No Ghost, please read the rules at the beginning of the post, under 21 home grown players don’t count in the 25 Snr pros squad. But can still play you can have a squad of 75 providing only 17 are senior pros from abroad and 8 are over 21 and home grown

  70. dandan says:

    No I dont hawk, but them I didnt think I would ever see Sol in an Arsenal shirt again

  71. London says:

    Diarra is using Arsenal to advertise the fact that he is available, he pissed Wenger off big time, chances of happening 2 out of 10.

  72. dandan says:

    LOL Evening London, straight to the point again my friend LOL

  73. London says:

    Hi DanDan

    How are you doing? I am enjoying thinking about the new players that might join this summer.

  74. andy says:

    Enjoyable or painful ?? So many links and such little action. AW says this year will be different…. early signings sounds like deals already done and not just chamakh

  75. chill, the transfer window is still closed lol

    opens june 1st.

  76. Gf – we are not linked with PV4, think you may have read a few of those newsnow links that rehashed our links to him from last summer as now 😉

    andy – melo would be an awesome addition to the squad.

  77. andy says:

    yep. Melo, Hangeland and a gd keeper and i’ll be a happy gooner. Oh and bring bach chesney, lansbury and the norwegian kid

  78. dandan says:

    Hawk I hope everyone gets to read that.

  79. saw chesney play live at griffin park on saturday, he is a huge specimen of a man lol

    got immense presence and box commanding abilites, you can just see a mile off that he is going to make it bigtime, he seems very cocksure and self assured which is exactly what a goalie needs.

  80. andy says:

    True. We all moan too much but thats life init ? If football fans all agreed with each other wouldnt it be a bit boring ?

  81. London says:

    Gooners who hate Arsenal

    A very catchy title and it certainly has a fatalistic 1984 George Orwell ring to it. Pretty clever really.

    I was developing an idea myself that they are the sort of people who regret choosing to support Arsenal at a young age and hate themselves because they think they are stuck with it forever so all they do is moan every day.

    I wish they would fuck off really.

  82. Gooners who hate Arsenal – its a virus caught from spuds – my uncle and cousins are spuds and they moan about them all the time………..

  83. Big Raddy says:

    That was an enjoyable read. Thanks SfH.

    This MC goalkeeper thing……. How can such a request be granted? The rules are put in place to be adhered to, if MC are allowed to bring in another keeper it makes a mockery of the rules.

    We played our 3rd choice 20 y.o. keeper for 3 weeks, why can’t MC use their International 25 y.o. reserve?

    What is the point of the transfer window if clubs get permission to buy/loan outside it’s restrictions? Were I a Dipper, Spud or Villain, I would be mighty pee’d off.

  84. chippy says:

    The Writer of that Article should write for some good points hidden amongst the Wenger love in, Next he will be telling us this season was an improvement on the last when it plainly hasnt been,

    So everyone should be happy that the Club we love treat us like Mushrooms by keeping us in the dark and feeding us shit??

    How for the past two seasons just before season ticket renewal time theyve promised World Class (Wengers Words) Signings only for people to renew and the players to not come in and how we are told every season returning players will be like new signings ,How this team have mental strentgh when in fact they posses non, How hes identified the weaknesses then to plug them with an Ex Manc whos legs have gone, etc etc

    People in my view are well within there rights to ask where this club is going as at this present time its stagnated not going fowards and not going backwards which would have been all well and good at Highbury but we were told we had to move to compete with the Madrids etc of this world and yet we still act like small fry just look at PHW comments regarding Cesc to back up that point,

    The board ask for patience yet sell there shares and make millions whilst the fans pay through the nose being sold tomorrows, Somethings wrong somewhere. And i think thats where the Anger is coming from,If your happy with that fair play to you but not everyone is, Theyve taken our Badge, Ground and Arsenal spirit whilst making themselves mega rich,

  85. chippy says:

    Shit realised i didnt even add the part of us now only competing in 2 competions so the Arsenal are now bigger than the FACUP and its been deemed worthless by the manager and board, Well tell that to the Fans that saw Sunderland score against the Mancs or Charlie G winning us the double, And yet the tickets are still full price strange that !!

  86. London says:

    Good read Chippy, a lot of passion in there.

    Try this trick it works for me: ignore everything Wenger says about signings; anything that is said is aimed at potential new players and their agents. Contrary to what you might think he does not have an obligation to tell us exactly who he is going to sign which makes sense because if he did the price would instantly go up. So with that in mind you might see that we are not being treated like mushrooms; in fact, Wenger is working as well as he possibly can within his means and since the arrival of Abramovich and City’s financial might those means have been limited.

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