Unbeaten This Century

When do you think was the last time Spurs beat us in the league? Here’s a clue – they haven’t beaten us this century. When was the last time they beat us at White Hart Lane? Again, not this century. The Spuds have beaten us twice in 15 years! Should we win or draw tonight, we will record a record breaking 21 games without defeat against another team. Does this entitle them to be considered rivals or laughing stocks.

The Spuds sit in 5th place, 4 points behind Man City with a game in hand – this is a vital game for them in their (hopeless) quest for a CL spot. Harry is already “bigging up” his team, talking his usual nonsense about how our North London neighbours ( I hesitate to use the word rivals) are on a par with the Arsenal, and how they have closed the gap on us (13 points and counting). What is in Spurs favour is their home record, they have been very strong at the Lane, unbeaten in 8, and conceding only 10 goals all season – the best in the PL. Add to this our lack of punch upfront, the absence of our top scorer, and a low scoring game is predicted – what price a last minute Bendtner header?

Spurs real hope in this game lies in our desperate injury list. With Fabregas, Gallas, and Arshavin out, we have lost our 3 world class players. There remains the possibility that Song will not be fit which will be another major blow to us. Can we win with half a team? Will the sight of RvP on the bench (I cannot believe he will start) spark us to victory? Can Sol overcome what will undoubtedly be a torrid reception to deny Crouch and Pavlyuchenko? Absolutely – we are the better team, end of!

I expect Spurs to start with Defoe and Crouch and bring on Pav in the second half. They are missing Palacios which is a big plus for us. Also missing will be Krankjar and Lennon. Back for the NLD is our old friend David Bentley, who is sure to be desperate for a big game. I am still smarting from his fluke last season at the Emirates and his celebration which relegated (or elevated) him high into the Gooners hate list. I wish him a frustrating night, and a long dejected walk back down the tunnel when he is subbed after an hour.

This game is a season breaker for Spurs. The loss to a dire Portsmouth will have sapped not only their enthusiasm but also their physical strength – 120 minutes on the dire Wembley pitch will exhaust any team, and they will wilt in the last 20 minutes, which is when we are at our most dangerous. I expect us to line up as follows, though I am rarely correct…..


Sagna  Sol  TV   Clichy

Song/Eboue  Denilson  Diaby  Rosicky

Theo  NB

Eboue could well start ahead of Theo, it depends upon how brave AW is feeling and if Song is fit.

I have many WHL memories dating back to Black and White days, most involve escaping their neanderthal fans, but despite the annual avoidance of flying bottles and coins in Paxton Road, it is a ground with positive memories. One of my faves was a 0-0 draw (1997) when Spurs absolutely battered us and Seaman showed why for a few years he was the World’s best GK (if only we could find another like him). And who can forget the Liam Brady left footer in a 5-0 in ’78?

Those were the days when Spurs were proper rivals. At Highbury when the chant “Stand up if you hate Tottenham” started, virtually the whole ground rose as one, now it is just the hardy few. Is this due to song-fatigue, or because Gooners no longer harbour an intense dislike of our neighbours? I applaud Harry’s attempts to bring Spurs to the top table. I want them to challenge us, it is good for North London, good for both clubs and good for the fans. It seems wrong that we “hate” MU and the Chavs, they are not the traditional enemy – it is the blue bellies from the Lane. Think of the songs …… The W***y Tottenham Hotspur went to Rome to see the Pope”, “My Old man said be a Tottenham fan, I said FO etc” “We hate Totteham”, “You won the League, In Black and White”. These are proper Arsenal songs, fashioned in the heat of the ’70’s and earlier. We don’t have songs for Chelsea, and those we have for MU are borrowed from other grounds. Football needs the comedy villain and Spurs over the past decade have just been the comedy  –  who can forget the commemorative mugs when they beat our youth team at WHL in the Carling!!

I fear that when we beat  Spurs tonight they will roll over in their games at MU and home to the Chavs. It is important to us that they do well in both but which would the Spurs fans prefer – Chelsea or Arsenal to win the title? No brainer is it!

The North London Derby is always a feisty affair and a draw in this game effectively ends the prospects of both teams (can anyone really expect the Chavs to drop 6 points?). We need the victory and that is what I expect.

178 Responses to Unbeaten This Century

  1. Raddy – I believe Cesc, he says he’s not going yet and that’s good enough for me but the hacks love to destabilise us don’t they?

    Morning Livers – the way the lino insisted that the ball hit JT on the chest in the 2nd half was very suspicious if you ask me…….. he looked pretty guilty as he trotted along

  2. Great post Raddy – so many memories of putting them to the sword – one of my favourites is still

    Tottenham Hotspur 4 Arsenal 5 – it has such a lovely ring to it and I went to a Golf Club dinner that night on a table of spuds – deep joy 😉

  3. Rasputin says:

    Great post Raddy,

    It’s a triple rollover on the lottery tonight, I hope the spuds don’t collapse to a triple rollover when it comes to the chavs and manure.

    They have question marks against several other players – Huddlestone may miss the game. The moan amongst spud fans is that ‘arry has let too many players go out on loan and they don’t have the squad to cope with the injuries.

  4. dats says:

    Never mind unbeaten this century.
    Unbeaten this Millenium!!!

  5. Rasputin says:

    Haha dats, good point 😉

  6. Ioan says:

    There’s me thinking we beat you 5-1. Silly me.

  7. leonardo says:

    5-1 to the Ar5ena1 (oops I mean 1-5) – oh and byebye Cesc, oh and on this day (14th April) Gazza scored his wondergoal in the semifinal at Wembley, oh and talking of great songs – we really did take the North Bank Highbury!

  8. Livers says:

    We need some goal difference back 0 – 13 would be lovely 🙂

  9. Morning Ioan – only in the silly cup I’m afraid and no-one takes that seriously 😉

  10. Livers says:

    Leonardo, well thought out piece…..

  11. Rasputin says:


    Welcome, if you read back through the post, you will see that we refer to being unbeaten in the Premiership.

  12. Leonardo – did you take that result seriously? How sad for you ……..

  13. Rasputin says:

    Hi leonardo,

    ‘We won the league at White Hart Lane’ is a much better tune I think ….

  14. Ioan says:

    We can all make up silly statistics if we ignore the results that refute them.

    You weren’t terribly clear though, no, sorry, all I can remember is your first team (Diaby, Fabregas, Adebayor) getting humiliated 5-1.

  15. KennyM says:

    *********BREAKING NEWS********

    During last weeks Champions League game thieves targeted several footballers homes while they were at footballing engagements.

    Steven Gerrad, who’s home was one of the footballers targeted lost valuables including F.A Cup winners medals, League cup winners medals, Champions League winners medals and his MBE medal.

    Another footballer targeted was Cesc Fabregas. Thieves are belived to have taken a kettle and a toaster.


    Fuck all again Cesc…. Fancy Spain again mate?

    Gooners…the only fans to proudly crow at not winning anything!……Perenial underachivers. LMAO!

    Whinger builds a team of midgets and then complains that all the big boys in the playground are playing too rough!…So FUNNY!!! You guys are FUNNY! So deluded. We spuds LOVE it! Us spuds actually feel sorry for you.

    At least we are progresing….you guys will not win anything THIS century!


  16. And they think we’re deluded 🙄

    What were the odds for Portsmouth turning them over in the semi-final on Sunday 😆

  17. Rasputin says:

    Thanks for the hits guys,

    I don’t imagine too many Arsenal fans have to scour the internet to find totnum sites as we are happy with our team and it’s achievements.

    The facts are that you have never won the Premiership and never played in the Champion’s League … a fine record you can be proud of and one you are about to extend this season.

  18. Rasputin says:


    Statistics can’t be made up by definition – they are mathematical facts.

  19. London says:

    Morning all

    Top post BR, excellent read as usual.

  20. London says:

    I am trying to get my head around a spud who would tell a joke in favour of the dippers…..they really are sad.

  21. Rasputin says:

    Morning London,

    I have had a look round the net and I can,t find one decent well written spud site – so we have to feel sorry for them… 🙄

  22. charybdis1966 says:

    Loan/Donatello – so we won’t win anything this century? How about a double(2002), an unbeaten league title (2004) and two more FA Cups(2003 and 2005) – that’s FIVE trophies more than you claimed we’d won this century. You do so like the number 5 it seems(Ar5enal – ho, bloody ho, pardon me while I have my split sides re stitched up), you even made a commemorative mug of it when you beat us in a fizzy cup game at your shit hole. I guess being typically delusional spuds you’ll say those 5 trophies are “made up stats” – very good, so those remedial learning classes we’re money well spent.
    You and your pond life club are the mugs – who else would produce a commemorative DVD of a drawn league game? Smacks of desperation but I do wish your club well as you have to provide us the football hilarity on a regular basis.
    We should expect retards of your ilk to be around at the moment as it is school holidays now and mummy hasn’t taken the parental locks off the home PC obviously.
    I just realised, I owe retards an apology – for comparing them to Spuds!

  23. Hi London

    What exactly do they have to crow about? Their biggest jibe is that we haven’t won anything for 5 years ha ha ha ha ha ……….

  24. Franchise says:

    how dare you gunners have a pop at our neighbours from Shite Hart Lane?

    It aint their fault we way way way more successful than the trotters of North London

    One day maybe one day those c*nts can moan about being only 4th

    America is more likely to have a transexual president before this happens though

  25. Morning Franchise – very eloquently put, thanks 🙂

  26. spursman79 says:

    good points made but chelski had a great record against us and we did eventually end it so it can happen again, i think the whole spectacle has been damaged due to terrible injuries on both sides, would have been great if both teams had fully fit squads but that is football especially at this time of the season, although we are in your shadow and have been for a few years (or decades lol) i think even you have to admit we are improving and pose much more of a threat to your team now compared to say 5 years ago, yes you have won the league on our ground so surely to go full circle we should end your chances of winning the title tonight, whatever happens tonight the one thing that is for sure is it will be a great game as always. COYS

  27. charybdis1966 says:

    And KennyM – of course a kettle and toaster are worth WAY more than an FA Cup winners medal. The thieves must have been spuds then – to dumb to realise that, the mugs.
    FOYS !!

  28. Morning AA’ers

    Great to see you back and posting BR.

  29. Hi spursman79 – thankyou for your well written comment if you want to come back during or after the game you’ll be welcome.

  30. StevenageYid says:

    Leonardo – What a tool you are! Arsenal haven’t won anything for 5 years now but still you carry on bragging about this bragging about that. You haven’t really got a lot to brag about my son have you? And if Spurs are no longer real rivals why go on about how great it is not to have lost to us in the league since 1999? And as for the rest of the Gooner fans on here – up yours!

  31. Alfa says:

    Spursman, welcome as the voice of Spud reason. I can even admit that I have a good friend who is a Spud. You’ll see in Raddy’s piece that he says it’s better that ‘arry has turned Spurs into proper challengers otherwise these games wouldn’t mean much, and we admit you are now. Great as it was to see you heading for relegation under Ramos it would have left a bit of a hole. The 4-4 with the Bentley goal was exquisitely painful but better than watching another bunch of Northern cloggers come and kick lumps out of us.

  32. Morning SH – nice to see you.

    Where do you watch away games – on the telly or down the pub?

  33. charybdis1966 says:

    Morning SfH – my FOYs was not directed at you Spursman79 incidentally.

  34. How funny that we all recognise the classy ones 😆

  35. StevenageYid says:

    Just as an aside I thought Leonardo was the author of this piece of crap! but I was wrong – he was to ashamed to put a name to it!

  36. charybdis1966 says:

    StevenageYid – well done, a classy post; your parents must be really proud. Now you are the sort of “person” FOYS is aimed at.
    So when does your remedial school reopen ? It can’t be soon enough.

  37. Alfa says:

    SY, and there was me thinking Leonardo was one of yours. Thanks for putting me straight on that.

  38. StevenageYid – berating one of your own on a Gooner site 🙄

  39. charybdis1966 says:

    LOL SavageYid – you took the p** out of one of your own – are you not really a double agent put on this blog to show up yids for the to***rs they are?
    Admit it, you’re a gooner!!

  40. peaches – tonight i shall be experiencing 3D TV for the first time, with my spuds hairdresser mate in tow.

    Chary – you will recall where we shall be watching… the william camden.

  41. charybdis1966 says:

    Oh yes, SfH – that was where I was drinking on that May evening in 1989. The landlord relayed the result at full time – and I was the only person to pump a fist in the air in celebration.

  42. chary 😆

    Football in 3D is gonna be amazing, hope you enjoy that experience.

  43. Alfa says:

    Morning SfH.

  44. Big Raddy says:

    You are on fire Chary LOL !

    I am so happy to see some Spuds on the site. Good to see that one or two of them have learned to use a keyboard …… it is amazing how Junior Schools afford the technology.

    I was deliberately charitable in today’s post. I had thought about being my normal abusive self, but then I realised it is inhumane to be aggressive towards the handicapped.

  45. charybdis1966 says:

    Ah no Peachy I won’t be there, I don’t live in that area anymore but I grew up there and know the William Camden well.

  46. Big Raddy says:

    Hi SfH. Good to be back in the saddle.

    Any idea which colour kit we will play in tonight? It will affect my choice of clothing.

  47. Ioan says:

    Rasputin: “I don’t imagine too many Arsenal fans have to scour the internet to find totnum sites as we are happy with our team and it’s achievements.”

    Rasputin: “I have had a look round the net and I can,t find one decent well written spud site”

  48. charybdis1966 says:

    Cheers Radders, as I said the Spuds have provided us with so many moments of comedy gold over the years that you’d have to have a heart of stone not to laugh at their misfortune and delusional ways.

  49. hi alfa/BR

    must be our blue kit tonight

  50. charybdis1966 says:

    Loan – why are you still here? I find it puzzling that a so-called Spud should waste his time on an opponent’s blog, do you not have any spud friends you could blog with?
    It’s like a vegetarian going to a meat market and being surprised they don’t like it there.

  51. Well done SH – I was looking for that picture for todays post. Are you going to use it yourself, do you mind if I snitch it?

  52. dandan says:

    Morning all, Just back from an hour in the dentists chair (didn’t see Gazza before some spud asks )
    Sat down here and felt instantly better reading all the spud posts, very sad people, with the exception of spursman who sounds like a real football fan, well done sir.

    I well remember when Alan Sugar’s daughter wanted a cowboy outfit for her birthday, dad went out and bought the spuds, heard she sold it on EBay.

    Peachey if you noticed my draft moved its because I did some editing, sorry.

    Cant wait for tonight, as I have said before a dad and 2 brothers who are spuds couldn’t be otherwise.

  53. blaze gooner says:

    Sadly, the spuds can only talk about that 4-4 draw last season and that 5-1 CARLING CUP win. pathetic.

    but i can recall Nik scored a super header in the match when Keane missed a penalty; ade scored super goals, Cesc’s 11-second derby, 5-4 win at SHL etc etc etc.

    wow! How can i not love Arsenal! (L)

  54. Hi dandan – rasp and I both accused each other of moving your draft post so its good to know it was you 😉

    I also know some very nice people who happen to be spuds – shan’t be speaking to them for a couple of days now though unless we stuff them good and proper 😳

  55. no peaches you take it.

  56. dandan says:

    It was an accident Peachey, not intentional, how do you edit without moving them is that possible.

  57. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    Another top rank nostalgic post from BR. But your sentiment for old times sake might come back to bite you on the bum. The best place for a club like spurs is in your old 2nd Division 😈

  58. here is another one you may prefer

  59. Rasputin says:

    Morning SfH, good to have you on 😉

    Ioan, thanks for reproducing my comment word for word …. did you think it was that good? or had you forgotten to make a point?

    Clearly spursman has the ability, if you’re very lucky, he might be persuaded to set up a site for you.

  60. dandan says:

    Hi SFH good to see you back, Few spuds on here today wonder if the noisy ones will come back when we win.

  61. hi rasp/dandan –

    for once i am nervous about a game, this is it, no more chances after tonight unless we get 3 points i fear the chavs will take their 3rd title in 6 years.

    making back 5/6 points with 4 games left is asking for too much, even from a ulta optimist like me 🙂

  62. dandan says:

    Morning Raddy smashing read mate, ain’t it great to support a club with class and history. Mind you I remember the Blanchflower days in spudland, now he was a bright lad,could play a bit too, died far to young as did poor Johnny White

  63. tommystout says:

    good post raddy, thought it would bring out the spud bloggers in their droves:-
    well lets stick it to the twitcher tonight!

    so song is out – my line up would be –

    theo for the last 20 and VP, but hopefully the game will be won by then.
    good luck guys!

  64. Rasputin says:

    I have to agree SfH. No doubt there will be numerous post mortems if we don’t win the Prem, but the truth is that we have proved the pundits wrong who thought we’d struggle to make 4th and all this without our best striker for most of the season. We can be very optimistic looking forward to next season particularly iof Chamakh arrives.

    As I said earlier, if you’re looking for pivotal moments, Howard Webb’s failure to send off John Terry may just have been the final straw.

  65. Thanks SH – while the 2nd one contains all the team the 1st one has a stadium full of applauding spuds 😉

  66. I’m always apprehensive before a spud game – I never ram it down their throats when we do well – quietly gloat perhaps – but they always have to shout about it even if its a draw – they’re hopeless

  67. Rasputin says:

    I’ve inserted SH’s pic into the post.

  68. not just shout, peaches

    but release a bleeding DVD commemerating a DRAW with us 😆

    that’s the inferiority complex in a nutshell

  69. Quite so SH – we’re just classy thats what they hate most 🙂

  70. i see hill-wood’s been at the sherry again..

    not sure it’s a positive to state openly to the world that fabregras is not good enough for the current barca side.

  71. Rasputin says:

    Oh dear, PHW is so far removed from reality and ‘life on the terraces’. He really is an old fart who should keep his trap shut. I guess Ivan’s PR machine has no sway where he’s concerned.

  72. he really is that old great uncle who gets smashed on the brandy at xmas time and starts f’ing and blinding and telling all and sundry any dark family secret he can muster.

  73. spursman79 says:

    what team do you expect arsenal to play tonight, personally i think it has draw written all over it but you never know bentner might break hearts again in the 90th lol, would like to think we could win but knowing harry he will start crouch and be very predictable with the long ball which i really hate, we are due a win and with the news that song is definately out can only make us have an easier opportunity, maybe we could sneak it but in order for that to happen i feel we need to start with pav, think we will line up like this though…..

    walker, dawson, king/bassong bale
    bentley, hudd, kaboul, modric
    defoe crouch

  74. We reckon its going to be along ball to Crouch too.

    This would be my team set up 4-1-2-3

    Sagna Sol Vermaelen Clichy
    Nasri Denilson Diaby
    Eboue Nikki Rosicky

  75. Rasputin says:

    Hi spursman,

    Yes, I think that a draw is the expected outcome both sides of the divide.

    You can never second guess AW when it comes to team selection, and we never know the truth about injuries or fitness levels.

    My preference would be:

    Almunia (reluctantly)
    Sagna, Sol, TV, Clichy
    Eboue, Diaby, Denilson
    Nasri, Bendtner, Rosicky

  76. Rasputin says:

    Hi peaches – same team different order 😛

  77. Rasputin says:

    spursman, aren’t there injury doubts over Huddlestone, King and Dawson?

  78. Livers says:

    Dawson is fine Rasp as well as Fat Hudd as far as I’m aware… King is having late fitness test…

    So really Spurs are only missing Palacios and Lennonfrom strongest starting 11 as far as I can see

  79. charybdis1966 says:

    Livers, I thought Krancjar and Corluka were out, one of them was on crutches the last time I looked.

  80. Amused says:

    “very good, so those remedial learning classes we’re money well spent.”

    Brilliant! lol

  81. Livers says:

    Charybdis, Krancjar is out but wouldn’t play n their starting 11 if all fit anyway..

    Corluka is 50/50 apparently. I hope he doesn’t play because Walker is pony

  82. charybdis1966 says:

    Oh right Livers, I always thought Krancjar was a starter as he seemed to be highly rated. Perhaps ‘ole Twitchy is trying some mind games with the “50/50” injuries so he can surprise us. If both King and Corluka don’t make it their defence will look rather shakey.

  83. Livers says:

    Yeah I agree mate, even if they are back they’ll be rusty esp King.

    I just hope we have a real go at them tonight as I think they’ll fold if so

  84. Rasputin says:

    It would appear that their injury woes for this game are comparable to our own although the severity of our injuries throughout the season has obviously been far wors.

  85. charybdis1966 says:

    If we try and line up comparable injures Livers/Raspers I’d try:
    Gallas – Woodgate
    Arshavin – Lennon
    Song – Palacios
    Cesc – ?
    I seem to remember seeing somewhere that Jermain Pe**s being out, so perhaps he would their equivalent Cesc injury. Otherwise our ranks are more decimated than the Tiny Totts.

  86. Rasputin says:

    You’re right chary … and we both have the ‘curse of the ex-player’ against us!

  87. spursman79 says:

    king could be rusty i accept but he can also put world class displays in against the big teams even if he has been out, carling cup final against chelski springs to mind, we definately need him tonight regardless of how long he has been out, he is an inspiration to the whole team and will make us play that bit better in the same respect that cesc raises your game when in the team, either way it gonna be close, just hope no more injuries as we got to play the chavs and manure in succesion.

  88. Alfa says:

    Spursman, we want you to win both of them 🙂

    Can’t you rest Ledley and a couple of others?

  89. Well said Alfa 😉

    We’ll be rooting for you against the chavs and the mancs

  90. dandan says:

    The fat Russian has just brought 37 more shares @ £10,500 each he now holds 26.3% of the issued shares

  91. spursman79 says:

    i would gladly take losing tonight if it meant we would beat chelski and manure, great things ahead for north london in the future though.

  92. Big Raddy says:


    I would gladly take you losing tonight and beating MU and Chelski.

    You are a good man and I wish your team a long run in the Europa League next season

  93. I’m not sure I really believe you spursman – losing to us can’t possibly be worth a place in the top four.

    Think of the bragging rights 😉

  94. Look at us making deals with the devil 😛

  95. Livers says:

    Yes it’s pathetic really Peaches….. I don’t think Spurs have ever done us a favour and neither do I expect one

  96. Franchise says:

    spursman u cant have an attitude like that

    ild give a nut to spank you guys tonight that is how badly i hate your team and i do really like my pistachios. parting away with one is normally unthinkable 😀

    then how about that slimy dude called Jermain Jenas

    i hope we win 0-10

  97. Franchise says:

    Raddy its never a good sign when your enemies are compassionate

    if we were successful over the last few years there would have been no courtesy or maybe spursman is just a good man like myself 😀

  98. Big Raddy says:

    Fran. I like to believe the latter

  99. Rasputin says:

    Blimey, if spursman carries on like this, we’ll have to offer him a spot as a guest writer!

  100. Franchise says:

    guest writer from the dark side

    Raddy I concur

  101. London says:

    Or organise a gravatar Lol

  102. Rasputin says:

    In response to dandan’s comment re: the ‘fat russian’, there is a different perspective on him on LG today, it is quite a compeling case for choosing him above Kroenke.

  103. dandan says:

    Rasp. The fat Russian tag was me being lazy, not a criticism really, just couldn’t remember how to spell his name LOL

  104. London says:

    A compelling case for the Uzbek, this I have got to see.

  105. London says:


    I just went through the whole comments section on LG and there isn’t a mention of the Uzbek, is that the joke, there isn’t a case for the sweaty paedophile.

  106. London says:


    You must have meant yesterday’s LG post. Interesting.

  107. Big Raddy says:

    Pedro makes a decent case and I concur that IF we are to have an oligarch using AFC as a plaything, it makes sense to have as wealthy a man as possible.

    As to whether either of them have the greater good of The Arsenal at heart is anybody’s guess.

  108. London says:

    I wouldn’t try and disagree with that idea of if we are to have an oligarch then lets have as wealthy a man as possible.

    But questions remain as to why this man has got such a bad press.

    Pedro’s view rests heavily on the idea that Face Book would have carried out due diligence before it allowed the Uzbek to buy 1.5%. I am not convinced that Face Book would have carried out any kind of due diligence perhaps someone could throw some light on this?

  109. Big Raddy says:

    It is my stepsons birthday and unbelievably I am taking the whole family out for dinner.

    So, I leave it in your capable hands to see us through to victory. Though in my absence you guys oversaw 2 draws, a defeat and a very squeeky win, which quite frankly was way below my expectations!.

    I will be praying before the arrival of each course and toasting us with each glass of wine.

    Come on you rip roaring Gunners……… please, pretty please.

  110. London says:

    When it comes to due diligence I find myself at the mercy of the board. Perhaps it is naive but I believe that they want what is best for Arsenal.

  111. dandan says:

    I have the same problem on Sunday Raddy so I will record it and watch it live Sunday night, so to speak.
    Have a good night, hope tomorrows head isn’t to bad.

  112. RockyLives says:

    It’s quite nice waking up here in California and getting to read not just the post (good read BR) but also, by the time I came on line, 100+ responses. And very funny to read the desperate witterings of the Spudsters.
    I think the point has already been made, but the Spuds just don’t have any decent blogs of their own. Obviously they’re limited by having a much smaller fan base, but you’d think one or two of them could occasionally string a few words together.
    Never mind – here’s to victory tonight!

  113. Rasputin says:

    Sorry London, I’ve been in transit!

    Yes it was yesterday’s post on LG – sorry

  114. Rasputin says:

    I still can’t fathom the motivation of either Stan or Usmanov? Neither of them are Arsenal fans, so why are they so interested in buying shares that don’t pay dividends unless they eventually want to take over the club? Sorry if I’m being simplistic.

  115. dandan says:

    Van P and Woolcott on bench. EE and Sol playing…….. Crouch and Bentley benched, Rose young winger starts as does King

  116. SharkeySure says:

    Top post Radders….

    What is Harry playing at with his team selection..???

    A midfield of Bale (good player) , Fat Boy Fat, 7st Stone Modric, and a teen making hs full debut

    Come on you rip roaring Gunners

    Back at half tme/full time……

  117. SharkeySure says:

    Scoose me …..

    Evening all !!

  118. dandan says:

    Bloody hell Rooney all over again

  119. tommystout says:

    well diabys gone missing again and rosicky cant pass and when the ball is up to nik no-one comes and supports him…… eboue please shoot! cmon cmon cmon

  120. tommystout says:

    far from over but we always make it hard for ourselves, we must have had 70% posession!

  121. tommystout says:

    anyone think im a little harsh blaming almunia for the goal???

  122. Rasputin says:

    Almunia at fault for the goal. His punch was weak and as always, he was falling backwards when the shot came in. All of our players have forgotten how to shoot.

  123. tommystout says:

    when harry was interviewed about danny rose and he nearly let the players special talent slip, do you think it was 30 yard goals from weak ass punches

  124. Rasputin says:

    Nik has been poor. We need RvP up front.

  125. tommystout says:

    nice to see your here rasp! glad im not the only armchair depressive this eve!

  126. SharkeySure says:

    Nah I agree Tommy

    I thought it as soon as I saw it. It goes straight through him at head height. Slow moving his feet, slow moving his hands, and gifts Rose the goal of his career.

    Really don’t want to see him at the club next season

  127. tommystout says:

    i dont think theres a lot nik can do with out some back up, most of the time he’s got 3 defenders around him.
    anyway spuds are gonna tire , then theo and VP can hit em for 6

  128. dandan says:

    We are not depressed we have run them ragged and spurs were knackered after Sunday, wait for the last twenty minutes

  129. tommystout says:

    hey sharky, yeah cant say i’ll be sorry to see the back of him

  130. SharkeySure says:

    Echo that Rasp..just said that to a mate. Shoot shoot shoot!!!!

  131. SharkeySure says:

    I agree Dan, but my hearts under some heavy stress already

  132. tommystout says:

    im sure they would shoot, its eboue who has had 3 chances to shoot and elected pass each time

  133. Rasputin says:

    EE is wasted on the left .. why play him out of position?

  134. dandan says:

    TV out for how long I wonder another muscle injury strikes. why does that keep happening is it the pace we play at.

  135. tommystout says:

    yeah DD gutted for TV , just sums up our season story so far.
    Clattenburk has been rubbish tonight!

  136. Rasputin says:

    Sol has ben immense, I’m afraid Almunia is very much the weak link and he has let the side down once again.

  137. tommystout says:

    Think the commentators went a little over the top on the goal 8 replays wasnt it (not counting half time analysis). You’d think it was goal of the season!

  138. tommystout says:

    right guys , see you at full time! cmon….. wheres that spirit boys!

  139. Rasputin says:

    And now Silvestre shows why he’s not good enough either ……

  140. dandan says:

    Why o why does EE have to pass instead of having a pop

  141. tommystout says:

    gutted 😦
    welcome back RVP, we have missed you!

  142. Rasputin says:

    Sol Campbell was our best player. How much have we missed RvP … he was pure class when he came on.

  143. London says:

    So who do yopu think will win the world cup?

  144. dandan says:

    Gomez had some game man of the match for me and RV showed just what we missed. To be fair to Andy Gray he was pretty accurate with his summing up he ranked RV with Rooney and Torres

  145. SharkeySure says:

    Horrible performance for the most part but a t least we had a spirited finish.

    Sol Campbell – wot a performance from the big man.

    RVP – Sheer Class

  146. SharkeySure says:

    Nite all – autopsy tomorrow

  147. spursman79 says:

    what a game, its been a long time coming and thoroughly deserved, arsenal just not at the races til very late on and the injury to vermalaenen didnt help you at all, feel we are back in the hunt for fourth now, i don’t feel arsenal are totally out of it cause if we can do the same saturday at the lane then you still have your chance.

  148. gnarleygeorge9 says:


    Totally agree with your 2nd last comment. Seeing RVP really raised my spirits. I think the only one who needs to leave is Eduardo. If he is not good enough to bring on when the squad is thin on the ground, its time to cut him loose.

    Oh, there is one other who needs to go, that social climbing Lady Nina. She is holding up progress, go now woman!!!!

  149. gnarleygeorge9 says:


    Although the result was bad 🙂 it certainly makes Spain’s El Boringo look like a slumber party.

  150. What a game spursman – your guys definitely did you proud and wanted the fourth spot more than we wanted the premiership – unbelievable really, still thats how it goes sometimes, I’ll be hoping you gather some more points along the way 😉

  151. Hi gg – we can certainly lament the injury to van Persie can’t we, what a return from the young man – he shook the game up and could have had a couple of great goals if it wasn’t for Gomez 😦

  152. if we had eleven men on the pitch showing the heart, desire and commitment of sol campbell this evening.. it WOULD have been a different result.

    wtf has happened to diaby? he only started getting aggresive and putting in a shift with 10 mins left, he was getting done in 50/50 by the midget modriuc for crying out loud.

    he should be ashamed of himself when he watches the repeats of that.

    that’s the last time i watch a game in a pub full of yids again.

  153. and 3D TV is rollocks… when u lose.

  154. Not quite the experience you hoped for then SH.

    Diaby has moments of brilliance and then is complete rubbish in the next minute. I agree entirely with you – my friend reckons Sol must meditate before the game he is so pumped up and look how hard he worked – love him love him love him.

    How was the 3D – were the glasses annoying?

  155. to be honest, the 3D TV quality is AMAZINGLY good, it honestly is no gimmick.. you must must must go to sky.com/3dtv and find your nearest pub doing it.

    the glasses they give are nothing like you imagine, they are very sturdy and feel very expensive and not like those flimsy ones we used to get out of boxes of coco pops.

    sol has changed, your mate is defo onto something peaches.

    he was always a very focused man, but now he comes out like his is possesed.

    thats complete focus of mind, eye of the tiger business.

    i love it, but many other disgusted me.

  156. i never ever have a pop at players when things are not going right for them, as long as they are putting in a shift.

    tonight, 2 or 3 were strolling it.

  157. denilson continues to impress me, he was injured earlier in the season when he was giving up the chase at stoke etc

    he is back to the dynamo from last season.

  158. Well they all need to get a dose of whatever Sol is doing thats for sure – all that possession and no end product, its not like spuds played us off the park, its pathetic – this not shooting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  159. i need to go and have a long shower and cool my raging blood down…

    speak tommorow peaches.

  160. I love watching Denilson when he does his Cesc impersonation. A couple of years ago when he would come on for Cesc his body language was just like Cesc and tonight he was doing the looking from side to side just like Cesc does.

    I thought Eboue was a bit wasted on the left when he and Rosicky were switching sides.

  161. Nite SH, catch you tomorrow

  162. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    Can this site go back to how it used to be last week, coz it seems to be delaying my writing, & its irritating 😡

  163. KennyM says:

    2-1….LOVE it!

    Another year of broken dreams! LMAO!

  164. Rasputin says:

    Morning gg,

    I’ve trashed the post with the poll in to see if that’s the reason you’re finding it slow on here. Can you let me know if it has made any difference pls?

  165. dandan says:

    Morning Rasp. This is still so slow, there is a second delay between each key stroke and the character appearing on screen

  166. Alfa says:

    Rasp, that’s a good thought but there are some other things that will help more. I’ve been analysing the site using some web tools and basically we’ve got too much stuff on it now. Will send you a separate email.

  167. Big Raddy says:


    Strange, because I have no problems whatsoever. The site functions perfectly, which once again that Mac’s are best !

    Could it be an Explorer or Firefox problem? Try using Google Chrome – it is very reliable

    (can you tell I do not not to talk football this morning?)

  168. Rasputin says:

    Morning Raddy,

    I haven’t got any problem either with my lowly Windows 7 PC. I’m sure Alfa will have a fix for it.

  169. Rasputin says:


    I’m having to sit on my hands and gaffer tape my mouth up to stop me typing/stating my thoughts at the moment. There will be a new post up soon, may I ask everyone’s forgiveness in advance of what I am likely to say …. grrrrrrrrrrrr 👿

  170. Alfa says:

    BR, I also have no problems, and I believe that most people won’t have any problems either. I’ve tested with several browsers. However, we want it to work for everyone and there are some things that we can do to optimise the site.

    I felt pretty flat after the game yesterday, it felt reminded me of the Man U game early in the season when we seemed to have the beating of them – they just scored more, which is after all the point of the game.

    I’m still optimistic about next season though. RvP made a big difference, so would have either one of Cesc or Song.

  171. London says:

    Morning all

    I had a problem with the site running slowly, turned out to be my router.

  172. charybdis1966 says:

    Morning all, I’m still finding the screen judders/jerks when I try and scroll down – it could be my browser but I haven’t logged on with my laptop(only my PC) this week where I use a different browser. I could guess that it’s a IE7 problem, maybe goggle chrome would be better.
    At the moment the refresh rate/speed is painfully slow, however I can live with it if changing it effects the majority more adversely.

  173. London says:

    The judery scroll down is a setting issue, just google How can I scroll down smoothly.

  174. charybdis1966 says:

    London, that’s what I would have thought, but if I go onto any other word press blog, they scroll down smooth as a silk cod-piece, therefore it would seem an “Arsenal Arsenal” specific problem.
    But hey-ho, we have bigger problmes today to deal with, like the onrush of gloating spuds we can expect any moment.

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