Barça will welcome the walking wounded

Morning all, our engine room got its wires a bit crossed this morning and so the much awaited euolgy from our favourite match reporter London is not yet ready to hit the presses.

Theres a lot to talk about following last nights amazing come-back.  Our team came from 2-0 down to draw with a Barcelona side that showed us and the world how to boss a game with awesome skill. In the first 20 minutes we hardly had a touch of the ball but managed to get to half-time still level following some amazing defending and goal-keeping from Almunia.

The chances taken by Arsène Wenger to play both Fabregas and Gallas were clearly a mistake as it seems possible that neither will play now for the rest of the season. Arshavin also left the field early and went straight down the tunnel. It means that many of our 2nd string players will be called into action for not only the return fixture but for the remaining games this season.

As I said lots to talk about, so lets get chatting and hopefully we can enjoy Londons post a bit later on.

31 Responses to Barça will welcome the walking wounded

  1. Sorry to have interupted your chat chaps – hopefully London will put something together a bit later.

    If one of you wants to do some player ratings I’ll add them on if you email them to

    Let me know on the blog if you do and I’ll go and find them.

  2. yuk player ratings
    its a team game

  3. I know but the player ratings often generate a lot of chat RSD. I’m often amazed that someone will see something completely different in a player.

    Take Denilson for example – my heart dropped when I saw he was coming on for Arsh? but what a game the boy had. Towards the end of the 2nd half I was thinking who’s that bit of skill from and it was Denilson – so well done to him. More of the same please on Saturday.

  4. yeah i thought same peaches saw him and sol warm up and just praying to god it would be sol

    but he didn’t put a foot wrong “the water boy”

  5. i guess it because when you watch on tv as many do spec in blog-a-sphere
    the camera follows the ball
    the ball isn’t always where the action is.
    i have been banished to the crap office computer so havent seen the game again yet late start so cant really give a accurate description.

  6. what is wordpress doing with my avatar changes ever page i go on

  7. blaze gooner says:

    hi all,

    the first half was terrible.
    i think the gunners were a bit afraid of barca… and gave them too much control on football..
    second half… the decision of getting ibra off was definitely a wrong one made by guadiola.
    but wenger’s introduction of walcott was effective… god job theo!

    agree on Cesc and Gallas should not have been started this match. but the most important thing I want to say after this game is: the gunners are sooo f**king manly in the second half — NOT giving up + fighting hard!

    See what Cesc did! just hope his injury isnt serious! May god bless all Arsenal players!

  8. how long does it take to develop cesc xrays

    you think if it was broke we’d no by now for sure

  9. Rasputin says:

    Morning all,

    We’re far from out of the CL. Barça will remember how we transformed in the second half. We can now play with freedom over there. They’ll be the strong favourites and we’ll have nothing to lose. We can be very proud of our team today.

  10. You’re right blaze gooner about Cesc – what a man!

    Do you think Pep promised Thierry he could play and so he had to bring him on.

    At one point it was surreal to see Song, Vermaelen and Sagna in a line just outside the penalty box and Henry hovering, waiting to pounce – there was no way Song was going to let him through. Brilliant 🙂

  11. Livers says:

    I concur Rasp 🙂

    We could be sat here this morning thinking it’s all over..

    far from it

  12. What a night at the Grove…

    my ears are still ringing, the noise during the last 20 minutes was undescribable.. i’m sure those of you who went last night will understand what i’m trying to get across.

    i struggled to sleep last night, the adrenaline rush from that comeback must surely be akin to a shot of heroin???

    had the pleasure of watching the game sat next to our george best… peter marinello… and he shared my sentiments on arshavin

    either he has been playing injured for a while.. or he is a lazy so and so.

  13. we showed how to play fast attacking football in the last 20 lets hope we can remember how we did it for tues

  14. I sat for 10 minutes yesterday evening thinking it was all over and we hadn’t really even kicked the ball yet.

    Even though some have been disappointed by recent performances from Theo he still manages to make you feel that something exciting can happen when hes on the ball. His passing last night was really crisp and direct, he’s kicking the ball really hard. The Emirates loves him thats for sure and he gets a really big cheer.

  15. RSD – barca dropped off, no team on planet earth can harrass and harangue and press like wild animals for 90 mins.. they were always going to die down… which is why, after almunia’s heroics, we let in 2 soft goals.

    if they play like that again in the 2nd leg, they will go 2 up at HT and will be get 2 back late on.

    they tired badly.

  16. Morning SH – I know exactly what you mean, I was there too. I really felt we could have got a third after the pen – Barça were all over the place.

    Theo and Eboue – what a partnership. Eboue runs enough to bust his lungs to either feed Theo or get on the end of one of his passes. Brilliant sub from Arsene – taking Sagna off to move Eboue back and bring on Theo

  17. dandan says:

    Sent you an email peaches hope it helps

  18. they have real on the weekend and it will be there fifth game in under two weeks on tues.
    im hoping we can go at them from the off

  19. no, real is after the 2nd leg!

  20. and who says wneger cant do tactic’s

  21. peaches – how brilliantly did denilson play? he was everywhere, he does not dive in, but just seems to know when to nip in and take the ball and quick release it to the next man.

  22. Absolutely SH – I saw him make passes and break up play in a way we’ve only dreamed of up to now. Maybe he picked up Diaby’s brains by mistake cos unfortunately Diaby was guilty of not doing what we expected.

  23. diaby had his worst ever game for us, but he is allowed a day off after such a brilliant season.

    one day, we will get all 3 midfield players on their game, that day could be next tuesday.

    nasri, denilson, diaby look certain to be the starting trio.

  24. must have had me red tints on when looked at there fixtures then

    diaby either turns up or he dont no inbetween is there

  25. rooney ligament damage, out for the season for sure.

  26. kelsey says:

    As you know i have had my doubts about Denilson, but he was the real surprise package,he was immense, as was Song and nasri and bedntner did as best as they could.

    But Diaby, he faded after 60 seconds 😉 I really expected so much from him.

    if Arshavin had a world stage to play on he had it last night, and I honestly can’t remember a single moment of magic from him, injured or not, he will be off in the summer.

  27. not sure who will want him after last night, kelsey

    he dreams of barca.. but why would they want him?

    he has been a big let down this season.

  28. denilson is The Spanish Inquisition

  29. Rasputin says:

    Hi kelsey,

    We had some heroes and some villains last night. Now is the opportunity for Theo, Diaby, Nasri and Denilson to show their worth. Song will probably play CB against Barça and I expect Sol to play against Wolves. If, and it’s a big if, Sol can play 1 good game a week, Rosicky can play 90 minutes when required AND we don’t get any further injuries, we are still in with a chance of the prem and CL. The added bonuses could be the return of RVP, Cesc and JD by the end of this month.

  30. Sorry, gonna break you all up again, dandan has sent me a post so I’ve put it up.

    NEW POST now

  31. Rasputin says:

    I can’t see anyone paying circa £20m for AA based on his recent performances and age. We can’t sell him at a loss. Someone like Inter or Juve may be interested.

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