My good friends will tell you that I’m not very good at comedy, being a girl I almost never remember even the funniest of jokes but I did think we needed a bit of cheering up today.

It occurred to me that Arsene always has a sound-bite and like every good politician he can roll them out for similar situations hoping that no-one will notice ‘hes used that one before’. I did some searching and after an hour and a half of reading through hundreds of quotes a pattern emerged, and the realisation that many of his gems that had been used over the years can still be applied now – why was I surprised?…………

“I really can’t remember having as many injuries as this but it is not a crisis. We have enough good players in the team to win the game.”

“We should not have lost. Our side played with a team spirit showing some great quality, but we were punished for a lack of experience and maturity.”

“I think we have the best defense in the league and you don’t do that with a bad goalkeeper.”

Plus who can this be referring to…………….again?

“It does not stop him from moving or playing. He can play with an anesthetic in his hand but we will monitor him in training tomorrow morning.”

Arsene relishes his battles with the other top teams in the Premiership and there were lots of quotes about Fergie and Mourinho and Arsene’s desire for Arsenal to be successful in winning the title.

The opposition love the fact that he is always ready to declare how positive he is and my spud friends delight in telling me at every opportunity that we aren’t going to win anything.  But there is a way that Arsene worries the others with his sincere belief, his cold grey eyes staring into the camera declaring that even with half a team we have the character and the spirit to win the battles.

“I have got more important things to worry about. We do not even talk about the title. The most important thing I am concerned about is winning our next game.”

“At the moment it does not look likely that we can catch Chelsea. Lets get our injured players back first, but right now Chelsea are not even a worry for me,”

There are times when even he lets his guard slip, shows some humility as he recognises that no team can win everything all of the time. This from the man that predicted his team could go unbeaten for a whole season and then they did.

“It is a miracle we are still in the competition but we are up for this game and I think we will go through.”

“What’s good about football is that it’s not predictable, … I feel we have the needed cohesion, the belief and the quality to beat them.”

“What’s important for me is that Arsenal are the best team in the country. At the moment we are not. That is the real worry for me.”

“There’s something happening in this team and it’s growing in confidence. It’s young and showed resilience, attitude and not just quality, but character.”

As you could possibly predict there were so many accolades to Henry, Vieira and Bergkamp that I just couldn’t choose which to include but there were also some quotes about players that we can all have a guess who they refer to……….

“You can compare him a little bit to Vieira, who has a similar stature. He is a little bit of a different player but Patrick is a good role model for him. To model himself on Patrick would be a good idea because he has that kind of stature and strength.”

“Unfortunately for us, he has made a good decision. But he has played 14 years for Arsenal, so he could not turn down the opportunity to have two more years playing than he could have had here.”

“Don’t forget, he started out as a centre-forward when he was young and sometimes he reminds people of that.”

“Wayne Rooney has achieved a lot, and I want to be cautious with comparisons. But he has the same ingredients at the same age to be a big prospect for England.”

This has to be my favourite – its such an understatement

“It is a big blow to lose the two players, because our squad is a little short.”

And this was the most topical quote of them all

“We need to be more consistent in the championship, … Hopefully, you will see that against Sunderland on Saturday. We have a good opportunity at home.”

A good opportunity Arsene to keep up the pace on the leaders and ensure we don’t get sucked into the chasing pack.

I shall be there – maybe Sol will play ……………


108 Responses to ARSENE WENGER SAYS………………..

  1. Morning all

    I was trying to go for a Fun Friday but now I’ve read how Steve Bruce thinks he can beat us tomorrow – its true what they say you should never read the papers, lets hope the team don’t.

  2. Rasputin says:

    Morning AA’s anonymous 😉

    Excellent complilation peaches. What makes you think that will cheer folks up? – I think a lot may find the quotes a bit depressing 😦

    I don’t think we took much notice of Arsene’s utterances when we were winning everything, he didn’t need to make excuses or try to cover anything up. Since we moved to the Emirates, the PR has become more ‘redtop’ than ‘broadsheet’ I feel.

  3. Big Raddy says:

    Good work Peaches.

    I like the theme. It is only in very recent time that a manager is expected to discuss with the media on a bi-weekly basis. What surprises me is there aren’t more gaffes made by people who are football men first and PR men a long way second. Yet AW has been superb with the media from the outset.

    The way some fans put his post-match interview under the spotlight is alarming and I fully understand SAF’s stance. Would that AW would step back sometimes, but that is not the way of the man.

  4. Rasputin says:

    The press love Arsene because he always appears to answer a question honestly. I believe him when he says “I did not see it” – the view of events on the opposite side of the pitch at ground level is not clear at all. It’s the press statements issued in his name that have been engineered by the PR department that often get up my nose.

  5. Morning Raddy – you didn’t fancy making the trip to blighty for this one this year then 😉

    The man is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t – I still feel hes better off to try to conceal how he really feels though.

  6. Its not only the press statements issued in his name that are sugar-coated – the ones issued in the names of the players are similarly difficult to believe.

    At least it made us smile when Ade gave an interview as we couldn’t understand what he was saying half the time 😳

  7. Rasputin says:

    Arsene is by far the most interesting manager in the premiership – SAF has his own brand of Glasgow charisma, but Le Boss has far greater depth. He always makes observations of situations that have not occurred to me.

  8. Big Raddy says:

    RAs. No point questioning media balance! Gone are the days of informed journalism, and it saddens me that today’s generation have not had the chance to read quality writing.

    An example… Jane Goody v J.D Salinger. And their obituaries…..

    Peaches. The highlight of that trip was meeting you. I remember nothing of the game!!

  9. Big Raddy says:

    Off to shovel snow ………….:-(

  10. Rasputin says:

    In a strange way, Arsene has relieved the ‘goalkeeper pressure’ on him till the end of the season. If the ‘injury’ to Al’s finger was a smokescreen for dropping him to give Fab2 a try, his abject performance means that everyone will be delighted to see beachbum back between the sticks.

  11. How perverse rasp – although obviously not true 😦

    Al could have had an ‘injury’ to his finger weeks ago in order to give Fab2 a tryout……..

  12. Rasp if you get a chance can you see what I’ve done wrong in the blogroll – I’ve put 2 new sites in but they haven’t come up as the site name.

  13. London says:

    Hooray the Beach Bum returns….you’re right Rasp it works.

    Congratulations Peaches for coming up with a idea for a post, I was thinking about what I would write if I had to find something today and the most controversial topic I could come up with was the washing powder the club uses to get the kit clean, could the whites be whiter? Questions like this require in depth discussion.

  14. Rasputin says:

    Morning London,

    What do you predict we will do to address the gk situation in the summer?

  15. It wasn’t easy London and I got more depressed as I tried to write it in a light-hearted way.

    We can do the washing powder next week shall we 🙄

  16. Rasputin says:

    Things we’d never thought we’d hear ourselves saying….

    “Thank goodness Almunia’s back in goal”
    “We should have started with Eboue”
    “Oh no, Diaby’s injured and is gonna miss the next game”

    etc. etc. etc. – you could add various Theo quotes and “Cesc is off in the summer” to that list…

  17. London says:

    What do I predict we will do to address the GK situation? F–K All

    It hadn’t occurred to me that Almunia might have been dropped, I don’t know why because now when I think about it seems completely plausible. The only up side to that idea is that it is starting to dawn on Wenger that something needs to be done. But goal keepers really seem to be his blind spot.

    It takes a lot to get me down when it comes to Arsenal but Wednesday’s public humiliation hit me hard.

    We need a convincing win tomorrow to pick us all up.

  18. Livers says:

    Morning all, couldn’t bare reading anything yesterday about the shambolic defending Weds so want to hear no more of it 🙂

    Onto pressing things, a good early result for Everton can give us a spark tomorrow and the belief we need to get back in the race. If we have any fit players that is…

  19. Is Song fit for tomorrow – I know that Diaby is out.

  20. Livers says:

    Apparently he’s fit…..

  21. Alfa says:

    Peaches, Rasp, I’ve fixed the blogroll entries but would you check that the names are right, I’m not sure about one of them.

    Hi Livers. I reckon Everton have a chance, shame about Fellaini.

  22. Hi alfa, thanks, I’ll check the email he sent me – maybe the other one says Untold Arsenal, thats what it should say.

    Anyone fancy the pre-mtch for tmoro?

    Whats up with Fellaini?

  23. Livers says:

    Fellaini is out for 6 months…. they beat Chelsea without him so you never know..

    If Arsenal can get a run going the rest will take care of itself..

  24. Hi Livers – everytime theres a set-back we dust ourselves off and get ready for the next run. Where abouts are you – do you get to go to games?

  25. Rasputin says:

    Tomorrow will be interesting. They have 7 players out, mainly midfielders. We have a strong midfield and arguably weakness at the back and the front. I am worried about Clichy dealing with the speed and power of the likes of Kenwyn Jones and Dazzer.

  26. Alfa says:

    Livers, good point about Everton beating Chelsea.

    I think that last time we won 12 matches in a row on the run in we won the league.

  27. I should have had banners printed with ‘Dazzers a Gooner’on 🙂

  28. afternoon people

    sunderland are on a downer right now, they were certainly on a upper when we played them earlier in the season… i expect a pretty straightforward 2-0 FT with nikki b getting on the scoresheet.

  29. Everton will definitely fancy their chances against the mancs tomorrow after beating Chelsea. They were very good against us and we were lucky to get a point in that game – they were ahead twice.

  30. London says:

    The only silver lining I can see to come from Wednesday’s defeat is the certainty that we will not be taking tomorrow’s game lightly.

  31. Hi SH – I love your piece about the Q&A with Tony Adams.

    You’re right they were banging them in at the start of the season and climbing the table.

    Just Nikki or Nikki and Theo too, maybe Vela will come on tomorrow – these young strikers have got to start hitting the back of the net soon haven’t they.

  32. Hi London – I hope Cesc remembers how angry he felt after the game on Wednesday and uses that to instill a bit of fight in his team ggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  33. thanks for the kind words peaches.

    they were a very good unit earlier in the season… they have lost their way and we have to take advantage of the situation.

    this new format of champs league knockout legs being played 2/3 weeks apart is good stuff, we have plenty of time to prepare for porto at home.. so we need all the big guns out on form tommorow, 3 points is a MUST.

    going down 3 -0 and coming back to make it 3-3 in the final minute just won’t do.

    we need a convincing display to get the juices flowing again.

  34. and who do we think killed archie mitchell?

    my top 3 is:

    1. Stacey Slater

    2. Her nutcase mate

    3. Roxy Mitchell

    outside bet: little ben mitchell

    it certainly WON’T be any of the main ones in the frame a lah ian, phil, ronnie, bradley, peggy.

  35. Rasputin says:

    We need to defend better if we want to keep our premiership hopes alive, and that means the midfield must support the fullbacks. I’d play Eboue and give sagna a rest or if not, both of them to shore up the right flank. IMO, one nil is better than 5:2 in as much as the latter would rekindle the ‘we can outscore them’ mentality and at the moment we need a bunker mentality that says we shall not concede.

  36. alfa has put a news feed from in the side-bar and a link to the premiership table from sky sports.

    Is there any other information that anyone would like to have displayed in the side-bar?

  37. there is a good sky sports arsenal specific feed i have on my site…

    here is the link if you wanna stick it up here..,20514,11670,00.xml

  38. Rasputin – I’m still waiting to hear from Son of Rasputin if hes planning on joining me tomorrow – can you give him a nudge…………

  39. Don’t you think its Peggy? I thought it was Peggy without question……………

  40. London says:


    Respect for that piece on TA.

  41. Rasp – we need to defend like we did against Liverpool with me sitting muttering under my breath – concentrate concentrate – don’t do anything silly – keep the ball – all you have to do now is keep the ball 😆

  42. Rasputin says:

    I don’t think little rasp can go because he’s recording peaches. I put up the link to SS prem table but SH’s seems better as you may be able to see the table on this site rather than being re-directed.

    I think Dot did it in the drawing room with the lead pipe 😉

  43. Thankyou SH for that link – I’ll ask the technical dept to put it up. I noticed you had all bloggers on that post in a line down the page, how do you do that? That looked good – sorry to be pinching your ideas 😳

  44. cheers, london 😉

    peeches – i know peggy leaves soon, but its been made clear she returns next year… can’t be her in that case.

  45. no not at all peeches, we are ALL one and the same.. arsenal bloggers!

    go into the widgets bit under appearance… and pull “recent comments” over into the bar on the right hand side where all the other active widgets sit.

  46. Ooooooooh gonna have a go……………

  47. looks lovely, nice one peaches 😉

  48. That’ll be a veritable can-can if I’m talking to myself 🙂

  49. 😆 i’m sure you always do

  50. you lot have done a tremendous job of pooling all the right mix of gooners over on this blog.

    really good going, there is wonderful, open, honest, non bitching approach to all matters arsenal on here.. i hope it continues.

  51. Someone tell me how to do the accent over the ‘e’ in Arsene please – it was pointed out to me today that I should use one but I don’t know how 😉

    London does cos he told someone else how to do it the other day………..

  52. now that will be something i could use aswell…

  53. Rasputin says:

    There’s also an accent in Fàbregas

  54. Rasputin says:

    ….as well as Arsène

  55. Raspberries to you rasputin……….. 😆


  56. Raddy is writing a pre-match – alfa you can relax 🙂

  57. kelsey says:

    Peggy 😉

  58. Well blimey – you took your time 🙂

  59. Are you staying a while?

  60. can’t believe you all think it’s peggy.

    bradley apparently tops himself :0

  61. Alfa says:

    Thanks for the link SH, added now.

    Archangel and Santini say hi, and thanks for the support

  62. Alfa says:

    Peaches, if I am not writing the post, then we can all relax, especially London 😉

  63. Why does Bradley top himself? It has to be Peggy surely although she was quite remourseful once he was dead wasn’t she………

  64. 🙂 London won’t be relaxed until his match report is posted Sunday morning 😆

  65. kelsey says:

    as it is live tonight,there are 5 different endings and the cast don’t know as yet. Bradley and Peggy are both leaving the series.

  66. no idea, something about being set up for the killing and learning the baby was not archies, could even be max’s according to somebody i know… he tries to jump off the train bridge or something and jack tries to stop him…

    all of this is from a mate who works for closer magazine…

    how much is true.. who knows

    but if bradley does top himself.. the link to the actual murderer being a slater goes up imvho.

  67. kelsey – SH just said that Peggy comes back, although she could from prison I suppose………

  68. Alfa says:

    Who is Archie Mitchell? Does he play in the Blue Square?

    If he is looking for a new club and still has both hands then maybe AW can sign him up as a goalie.

  69. Too late – hes in the ground alfa – where have you been?

  70. kelsey says:

    Theo did it, because he hasn’t been around much later, always goes missing.

  71. Alfa says:

    Rasp, just saw your comment about the league table. For reasons of copyright it’s quite hard to automatically display the league info on your own site unless you pay. Still working on that one.

  72. I’m hoping tomorrow might be the day the real Theo stands up – mind you I say that every game. Its not about score predictions anymore its about whether the players are fired up to perform……

  73. Alfa says:

    peaches, even if all we do is lie his corpse along the goal line he’ll do better than Fab2 did for both goals on Wednesday night.

    Although, to be fair, he did make a couple of good saves as well.

  74. Its true and how awful that we feel like that 😦

    I think this has the makings of a new game – how about we predict the player ratings in advance 🙄

  75. Alfa says:

    If London were doing the ratings it would be:

    Song 11 (playing or not)
    Denilson 2 (if he scores a hat trick, otherwise 0)
    Everyone else 5, 5.5, 5.8 or 6

    😆 😆

  76. I once did a match report and nearly everybody got a 10 – it was a very good game. Actually I remember Theo definitely getting 10 😯

  77. Big Raddy says:

    What are you guys talking about? Is it a soap? Like Who killed J.R ?

    Must go….. X Factor 🙂

  78. i wll pay closer attention to my pal’s ramblings in the future 🙂

  79. London says:

    At the risk of being pedantic….whoops, what am I saying? That should read, purposely being pedantic; the accent comes above the “é” in Fabrégas and not above the “à” He’s Catalan not French although to Spaniards there is not a lot of difference between those two 😉

  80. London says:


    I am one of the great defenders of Denilson……you should have seen the flack Song used to get…..I have been banned from blogs for defending him….although the people who attacked me now look as though they know nothing about football……the percentages are always with Arsène……that’s alt 138 = è 😉

  81. Ok Mr Cleverclogs – how do you do it?

    Rasp – he said the accent is on the ‘e’ not the ‘a’ 😉

    Do you mean like this – no nothing happened 🙄

    I might have to give up 😦

  82. London says:

    Alt 130 = é

    Alt 133 = à

    Alt 138 = è

    These are the numbers on the right, not the normal numbers above.

    Alternatively go to “Word” press “Insert” and then “Symbol” and you will find everything you want.

  83. London says:

    Ok, while I am being pedantic, can we please use the cedilla in Barça this is alt + 135 = “ç” without this it is Barca which would be pronounced Barka — not good. We have been in the CL for thirteen seasons now, people please. The cedilla takes that “C” and turns it into an “S” sound “Barsa” but they can’t have that so they stole the cedilla from the French and came up with “Barça” pronounced Barsa…..clear?…….clear as mud 😉

  84. London says:

    OK, it’s true….I have been at the fire water…there is a reason….the artist I used to manage is number one in the United States which means down loads of back catalogue…………..

  85. London says:

    Ka ching

  86. Rasputin says:

    Smooth operator one London, I assume you’ve booked your box at the Emirates 😉

  87. London says:

    One or two difficulties to sort out and then it’s a box for me and the boys for the rest of our days.

  88. I wondered if you were part of the new album but didn’t want to ask, of course even if you’re not, the ka ching still applies.

    Congratulations to you and yours – beers on you tomorrow then 😉

  89. London says:

    Thank you Peaches, that is very kind….

  90. Its such a lovely sound London – always was, still is, shes a lucky lady to get another bite of the cherry 🙂

  91. Rasputin where are you – have you checked what I’ve done, could you tell me please……..

  92. Rasputin says:

    All done peaches – I expect to get carted off to the tower in the morning 🙄 – not for getting my accents confused though 😆

  93. Rasputin says:

    Did I hear correctly? Sade (accent?) is on Jonathan Ross next week.. kerching kerching!!

    Jay-z was the funniest guest I think I’ve ever seen on the program.

  94. London says:

    Those situatons don’t arrive by chance.

  95. Rasputin says:

    Mr. Fix it 😉

  96. Big Raddy says:

    Firstly. Congrats London,as you say, these things don’t happen by chance.

    Second. You will be delighted to know that it has finally stopped snowing, and we can venture out for supplies.

    Third. Congrats to the English lady who won Gold at the Olympics. British amateurism, fortitude and ingenuity ! Great to see that it still exists.

  97. Big Raddy says:

    Another post purely to hit 3 figures !

    London. Any idea how to get the accents & cedilla on a Mac?

  98. Rasputin says:

    Morning Raddy,

    It’s best to wait till just after 9 to put a new post up – probably later on a saturday because a lot of folks will be recovering from the ‘night before’

    101 now 😉

  99. Big Raddy says:

    Morning RAs.

    May I suggest that we all email our Gooner friends telling them of the site and recommending they pass us onto their friends in turn? Probably you have all done it a week ago but I have been remiss!!

  100. Alfa says:

    Nice one London. That’s Chaf’s birthday present sorted. Can you work on getting Wonder of You replaced with something more appropriate from Sade’s back catalogue? Nothing Can Come Between Us would fit pretty well. 😎

  101. Morning all

    Who’s gonna press the button this morning?

  102. Big Raddy says:

    Ras. That is a brilliant pic. You really are getting good at this….. Perhaps a new career?

  103. I was just gonna ask you if you’d seen it – must be a witch!

  104. Rasputin says:

    Thanks Raddy,

    peaches – you do the honours, I reckon now is good as we’re all about.

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