Another Week, Another Drubbing.

As we have come to expect, Arsenal made their customary bright start: decisive passing between Fabrégas and Arshavin, driving runs from Diaby and strong tackles from Song all of which sent a combination of pride and adrenalin rushing to my brain, finally giving me the confidence to venture out from behind the sofa where I had been hiding all afternoon and allow myself to imagine that today, just maybe, this could be our day. As you are aware, this false dawn lasted all of seven minutes before Arsenal managed to locate their foot, take aim and shoot themselves in it.

Chelsea sent in a corner, Terry headed it back across the area for Drogba to bundle it home. The commentators on Sky tried to blame Song; well, perhaps he could have done better but the real culprit, as I see it, was Clichy who had walked over, waving his arms in a mental hospital kind of way, to the other post which Nasri was protecting, why Clichy thought that that post needed two players to protect it is beyond me. If Chelsea had done the same thing we would have laughed but it wasn’t Chelsea, it was Arsenal, the club that I love and yet again we were undone by schoolboy defending.

Not happy with just shooting ourselves in the one foot we then, just ten minutes later, shot ourselves in the other and again it was Clichy who was culpable: one of our attacks broke down high up the pitch, the ball found its way to Drogba who charged down the right wing free from any interference from our left back who was busy getting muddled up around the centre circle with Vermaelen; Drogba cut in, easily going past the late arriving Clichy before hitting the ball as hard as he could past the helpless Almunia.

Two chances for Chelsea and two goals, by contrast, the two real chances that fell to us turned out to be “if only moments”, the first in the form of a twenty yard cross field pass from Fabrégas, so magnificent that the only thing that it lacked when it arrived to Arshavin was a silk cushion to gently land on, this was probably the most inviting opportunity to come the Russian’s way in ages and it deserved to be clinically dispatched past Chech; but; as I said; it turned out to be an “if only moment” and the shot was comfortably saved.

The second chance fell to Nasri who found himself one on one with the keeper, the first and only time that Wengerball worked, that’s to say we finally managed to pass our way around their defence to create a guilt edged opportunity but unfortunately the Frenchman hesitated and the chance evaporated along with our title hopes.

Wenger may continue to say that we are still in the title race and he is, of course, right to maintain that mantra in public; I mean, what would we think of him if he threw in the towel before it was a mathematical certainty? It has to be said that we tried to make a fist of the game and I suppose simply losing this week is a slight improvement on the humiliation we suffered last week……I know, I know, I’m desperate but there is surely only a hand full of die hard supporters who are still clinging to the idea that we were eleven points behind Chelsea when we lost to them at the Emirates and we managed to claw ourselves back into the title race.

Well what else am I going to do on a Saturday afternoon? Next up Liverpool and then it is easy fixtures all the way to the end of the season; every winning run has to start somewhere.

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  1. London says:

    Morning All

    It can only get better….can’t it?

  2. Rasputin says:

    Morning London,

    Congratulations on having the spirit and insight to produce such a well crafted post 😉

    The line “pass from Fabrégas, so magnificent that the only thing that it lacked when it arrived to Arshavin was a silk cushion to gently land on” is as good as anything quoted from the legendary John Arlott.

    I can’t add anything to your comments and sadly, I can’t find any cause for optimism at the moment.

  3. Alfa says:

    Morning London. I was wondering how you could possibly write a decent post about such a game and you did even better than that.

    Roll on the scousers.

  4. Rasputin says:

    Actually, I do have some observations on Wengerball. To us, Wengerball is magnificent slide rule passing. To the opposition it is a self indulgent ‘possession game’ that occupies the centre of the pitch but poses little threat in the final third and often exposes a rocky defence by committing too many players forward.
    The spine of our tree has a weak foundation with Almunia and no ‘head’ at the top.

    No team can hope to beat the likes of manure or chavski without a recognised striker, with full backs who are woefully off form and a goalkeeper who shuts his eyes and falls backwards when a shot comes in (observation from peaches yesterday, verified by the TV pics of Drogba’s second goal)

    The pattern is there for all to see….. 60% possession, hit on the break and from set pieces, silly defensive mistakes. A lot of people have been saying the same thing for a few years now, we are 2 or 3 players short of a trophy winning team …. I have to agree.

  5. London says:

    Thanks for the kind words guys.

  6. charybdis1966 says:

    Morning all,
    I was looking at the stats after 40 minutes and I saw we had 4 shots on target and they had 2, the score being 2-0. What does that say? The Chavs have a clinical strike force and we don’t(this makes a mockery of Wenger’s transfer “activity” during January) and they have a proper goal keeper and not a clown between the sticks.
    I agree the lads tried harder and played up to their potential, but still got beaten. That says al ot about the quality of the squad – or lack thereof.

  7. Rasputin says:

    Hi chary,

    We’re all saying the same thing (on all the sites) …and not for the first time. Most are reaching the conclusion that there is only one way things will change 😦

  8. Alfa says:

    If we had had a new striker and a new GK then we would have won 2-1. My logic? A decent GK would have got the defence organised; Clichy wouldn’t have dared move. A striker would have taken the 2 chances or maybe created some others.

    OK a bit optimistic but not far off the mark.

  9. Morning all

    London I knew you’d be able to find something eloquent to write – it doesn’t make me feel any better but it was a good read.

    Hi Chary – the commentators kept referring to the stats during the game at one point saying if you’d popped to the loo for the first goal and went to get a beer for the second you’d think Arsenal were going to have this game wrapped up.

  10. kelsey says:

    Excellent post London, and I would like to add what I see as the broader picture.Having played both Chelsea and United twice this season we have been comprehensibly beaten in three of those games though the encounter at OT was a tad harsh.Ferguson and now Ancellotti have outwitted Wenger by the tactics used,even allowing for the fact that we have a smaller squad and key areas that have already been outlined remain our achilles heel.We are unique as a club that based on previous glories the board puts no pressure on Wenger,and he has carte blanche as to the day to day running of the club.He had a vision that because we couldn’t compete with Chelsea,united and City he had to buy prudently over the last 4 years.However there are too many squad players of average ability,together with the fact that we have had several long term injuries and provisions that should have been made 4 seasons ago haven’t materialised.We are sometimes the Harlem Globetrotters on the field but without the end result.Even the chairman has said if we finished out of the top 4 this season it wouldn’t be a disaster.So where is the ambition to compete at this time. I believe the principle of running our club is correct but the way football is going it may be a long time until we can compete again properly.This is purely a fan’s point of view,and a careful balance has to be obtained if we really are to challenge again.

    I have watched our team for many years and I THINK THE WORD FRUSTRATION IS ON ALL OUR LIPS.Players Wenger genuinly thought would progress to a higher level haven’t as yet done so and I doubt 3 or 4 will(I think you know who I mean).

  11. Whats happened to Clichy? Hes gone back to being a dim-wit. Do you remember at the start of last season when things were bad between Gallas and Toure, Clichy was all over the place trying to do too many things and getting nothing right. It seems something has spooked him and hes not doing his job……

  12. Well said kelsey and good morning to you.

    The fact that two or three players are not good enough to play for Arsenal seems to have passed Arsene by – why? Why would he choose to procede with average players and not seek to improve the squad?

  13. charybdis1966 says:

    Hello Raspers, it does seem that for the first time ever the consensus in blog world is that Wenger has botched up this transfer window(and possibly the one before too) and we are being given a glimpse of its long term consequences. I mean 2 shots, 2 goals for the Chavs – 4 shots, no goals for us. This, in a nutshell, encapsulates our fundamental problem.
    Hello Peaches, oh dear – I sense the Chavs let us have possession as it was not meaningful or threatening possession. I know I should be annoyed at Song for fouling Lumpus Maximus to give away that free kick(that led to the shot off the cross bar) but the only bit of joy I got from the game was seeing Lumpus wince as Song raked the back of his legs. Yes, I was desperate for anything to smile about yesterday.

  14. Rasputin says:

    Morning kelsey,

    The ‘Arsene Globe Trotters’ is right. I wouldn’t mind if the ‘belief and spirit’ actually existed and compensated for the obvious shortcomings of the squad. But actually we appear totally lacking in belief. The players don’t have confidence in one another – or certainly in several individuals in the side.

  15. I think it comes down to either money or his belief.

    Its like telling your children that they are brilliant singers – having them privately tutored – letting them perform only at family gatherings – filling them with hope and belief that they are the next big thing and then sending them to the X Factor auditions where they get ridiculed live on tv in front of millions.

    Whatever these players do at training it doesn’t prepare them for playing against a team that wants to undo them. Someone must be clever enough to realise that.

  16. charybdis1966 says:

    That’s the problem Peaches. – Arsene believes you play football in isolation and that it doesn’t matter who the other team are or what their tactics are as sticking to “your way” will ultimately prevail. In the real world you play on a pitch against 11 OTHER people who are not isolated from you, so of course you have to adapt to counter their tactics.

  17. Its not about motivation – I don’t doubt that the players are motivated – its about preparation and tactics and I don’t think they get that help from AW or his team.

  18. Exactly chary – I’ve said for a while that I’m certain they don’t actually play against each other in training – they always look so surprised when a pass gets cut out by the opposition as if in training it would find its man because they don’t compete against each other.

  19. Why does he think that this team can win the Champions Lge – if we can’t beat the chavs and the mancs in the premiership why would we be able to beat them in Europe – it makes no sense to gamble on winning a domestic cup just for the chance of winning the dream. Hes an idiot 😦

  20. charybdis1966 says:

    I’d suggest Peaches, that Wenger is hoping we don’t meet the Manks or the Chavs in the CL – because as soon as we do we’ll cave in as we have done against English opposition in the last 3 seasons. I’m so depressed at our team I’m not even going to bother logging on for Burnley tickets at Wenger’s transfer strategy and tactics plus a hardcore of sub-standard/underperforming players sucking the life out of me.

  21. I know how you feel Chary I was so disheartened last week I didn’t even look at until friday where I found that AW declared loosing to man u was his fault – it took him until friday to realise that!!!! Our PR machine is rubbish – Arshavins PR machine is rubbish – I know there has to be respect for the manager but surely someone has the balls to ask him some questions.

    He probably still thinks that the mancs and the chavs are going to drop enough points for us to creep up behind them, anything is possible but apart from Bolton x2 we’ve been really pants since the start of the year – its fine to expect the others to take points of each other but won’t we drop points too 😕

  22. irishgunner says:

    “Arsenal managed to locate their foot, take aim and shoot themselves in it.”

    Don’t think I’ve seen it put any better London.

  23. Rasputin says:

    Interesting that clichy should be the one to have the headline response to yesterday on…

    “Clichy – We must dig in to revive title bid”

    Is it because he feels guilty following his own poor performance or have the words been put in his mouth by the PR machines?

  24. irishgunner says:

    I believe Walcott had something similar to say Rasp.

  25. Morning/Evening Irish – its the PR machine and we know what we think of them……..

  26. Rasputin says:

    That leaves Almunia to make up the triad then……

    Nobody had a great game yesterday. We’re trying to effect a repair when we are short of some essential items in the toolbox!

  27. irishgunner says:

    Morning Peaches – feel any better?

  28. Rasputin says:

    No, I’m sure Clichy will have gone home, got out his crayons and sat down with his cat on the sofa and jotted down his feelings to share with us all through the official website 🙄

    Obviously it was reported in the form of an interview, I just find it a bit insulting to our intelligence that they pretend to claim that they are Clichy’s thoughts.

  29. Rasputin says:

    I reckon Clichy’s thinking something more like …… OMG, I buggered it up again yesterday. I love the club and I want to get it right but for some reason in a game situation, I keep making the same mistakes and I don’t know how to put it right.

    He is a much better player than his performances this season would suggest. He has lost a lot of pace so I’m wondering how fit he is, or if he’s carrying an injury?

  30. irishgunner says:

    Clichy has been off form a good while Rasp – I wonder is it this back injury he got last season and resurfaced this season?

  31. Irish – I’m feeling crushed and you? How did you spend your day – nice sunny beach I hope – its freezing here again and trying to snow.

  32. Rasputin says:

    This is a bit sickening … a transcript from part of the ‘Official Newsletter’ sent out after yesterday’s game….

    “I believe the first goal contributed highly to our defeat and that is where we were guilty. Apart from that we had a great spirit and a great attitude. We had mountains of possession but couldn’t transform it into goals – we couldn’t come back to 2-1 and couldn’t get them wobbling. Chelsea defended very well and on one or two occasions I believe we were a little bit unlucky with one or two decisions from the referee.

    We had 70 per cent of possession of the ball so we were not in a position where we were dominated. We were always in an attacking position and then you have to risk everything going forward and of course they are good on counter attacks. I believe that our spirit was great, our performance was great but in a big game like that when you are 2-0 down you demand too much”

    So we had spirit, great attitude, 70% possession, a great performance and duurrrr …..we lost 2 nil …..

    I just pray we can play like a bunch of hopeless non-believing retards in the future and win 2 nil 👿

  33. Clichy has lost pace and is making ridiculous decisions again – what on earth would make him decide to leave his post??????

    If hes carrying an injury thats affecting his pace thats one thing but its like hes had a lobotomy too. So much for intelligent players 😦

  34. irishgunner says:

    Same as last week Peaches – too disappointed and numb. I think distraught is the word. Didn’t and couldn’t get angry – just exasperated!

    Went for two walks today along the bay but no actual beach today. The nice beach is a 15min drive away.

  35. Rasputin says:


    If we can see it, the coaches and physios must be able to. We didn’t start with Nik because he isn’t match fit. If Clichy’s injured then don’t play him. Over and above any physical problems he may have, his decision making and tactical awareness have also been poor.

  36. Where does he get off – does he not see that the chavs were 2 up and cruising, they could give us all the possession in the world ………..

  37. Rasputin says:

    Snap peaches 😉

  38. irishgunner says:

    Peaches – I haven’t the stomach to re-watch the goal but on the article I wrote on Bleacher I got this as part of a reply:

    “It’s harsh to blame Clichy for that one though. Fabregas had to run out and cover Carvalho because Arshavin was dawdling. So Clichy had to cover Fabregas and that left the post exposed.”

  39. I shall be so disappointed if Almunia is in goal on Wednesday – AW can’t possibly allow him to play – did you see the replay he had his eyes closed!!!!!!!!!

  40. irishgunner says:

    I don’t think Vermaelen is 100% either Rasp.

    Sadly some Arsenal fans are swallowing Wenger’s crap again. My article was apparently that of a “fickle fan” so I asked the guy who wrote the comment:

    ” So its wrong of me to question why two full backs who both get paid in excess of £50k a week can’t cross a ball?

    Its wrong of me to ask why a goalkeeper for a team supposedly chasing the titles comes out to block a shot with his eyes closed?

    Its wrong of me to ask why a manager getting paid £5million a year can’t get his team to play football at its most basic level?

    Well I do apologise.”

  41. irishgunner says:

    Prepare to be disappointed Peaches.

  42. Rasputin says:


    I have a little treat to cheer you up coming soon 🙂

  43. Some are as blind as AW thats the problem. I’ve seen authors of realistic posts on other blogs getting slated for being negative – I’m not sure when delusion will kick in and I’ll feel better – maybe sometime on Wednesday night, who knows………..

  44. irishgunner says:

    OOOOOOOOOh I look forward to it… What is it? What is it?

  45. Rasputin says:

    TV must be tired, and there had to be some ‘knock-on effect’ from the broken leg incident. I attach no blame to TV, Gallas, Song or Cesc – the others all have something to prove in my book.

  46. Rasputin says:

    Not telling …. wait and see 😆

  47. irishgunner says:

    I think delusion has already kicked in here.

    Off topic – What is it with American football. Stand around, throw the ball, catch the ball, fall down, take a five minute break for commercial and repeat!!! And the yanks think football is boring???

    However, good to see New Orleans win.

  48. irishgunner says:

    Aggggggggggggggggggh how long? I’ll look forward to being cheered up 🙂

    On Arshavin – he looks pissed. The guy is a second striker not a target man … unless your Arsene Wenger.

  49. Rasputin says:

    I don’t understand the criticism that is coming in for Lofty. Like you say, he is a second striker being asked to do CF’s job.

    At ‘5ft whatever’ he really is a square peg in a round hole. He, more than nay other player can produce a moment of individual brilliance and is worthy of his place in the side for that alone. Unfortunatley the brilliance doesn’t come to order – much in the same way as DB could be anonymous at times.

  50. irishgunner says:

    I think at times we expect too much of Arshavin.

    He’s not a central striker, a target man or a 30 goals a season man – but that what Wenger is trying to get him to do.

    Arshavin is there to create chances and if not chances, create space for others.

    He hasn’t got the players up there with him to do that. He’s frustrated over it and so is Cesc.

    Arshavin is a gem of a player and because he has the ability to create from nothing, the opposition will always be wary of him. Do you think Reina and co. are delighted at the thought of facing him again?

    Arshavin can seem a bit lazy at times but maybe if he was allowed to play the role he was made for, we’d get more from him.

  51. Nah, hes rubbish 🙂

    I’m cheering up – can’t imagine why 😳

  52. irishgunner says:

    Having wine with your breakfast? 😆

  53. irishgunner says:

    Just reading around some other places and came across a few comments like this: “I too thought Eboue was very good today. In fact we looked a better formation when all 3 subs came on.”

    Who said we should have started with Eboue, Rosicky and Bendtner?? Oh that’d be me. That’s it give me the manager’s job, I’ll only charge £4.9mil a year.

    I’m off to ITYS 8)

  54. 🙂 😀 😆

    Actually I’m looking at pictures of Hleb 🙂

    My gooner friend that called me this morning told me that its all gone downhill since he let Hleb and Flamini go – I thought I’d get that in while rasp is knowhere to be seen. A Hleb rant might be just the solution – watch this space 🙂

  55. How can you be the manager you’re too far away……

  56. irishgunner says:

    Peaches – I could Skype?

  57. Thats the answer then…… 🙂

  58. Rasputin says:

    I think Hleb coming back could be a good thing 😕 Nasri needs to learn from an expert how to get in a perfect goalscoring position and not shoot – although he did a pretty good job yesterday 👿

  59. irishgunner says:

    Fantastic then. My first job as manager is to go to bed 😆

    Hope something good happens today to cheer ye up somewhat. I got a (very) belated birthday present today so it cheered me up an ickle bit.

    Night all.

  60. kelsey says:

    I found these stats as so many are talking about our keepers.

    Since Seaman was sold four more keepers have been and gone – Lehmann, Shabaan, Warmuz and Poom. Four remain – Almunia, Fabianski, Mannone and Szczesny. The last of these is mooted as being a future great…….the others? Lehmann had the biggest pedigree but in his last season between the sticks he was costing us a goal a game.
    Almunia – an acquisition from the Spanish second division could not believe his luck when he joined a club of Arsenal’s stature. I bet most of them couldn’t! If you think I’m being harsh – look it up. Check their careers. Manuel currently sits 19th in the table of stats on current Premiership keepers. I thought Arsene was a fiend for stats despite the fact that with outfield players stats only tell part of the picture. With goalkeeprs they tell you prtty much the whole story. Arsene might like to consider why – when most great managers consider a goalkeeper one foundation around which to build a great footballing side – he sees them, as he always has, as some kind of afterthought. It is said a great goalkeeper will save you fifteen+ points a season. Why has Arsene, season after season after season, NEVER asked himself how many points his have cost us.
    He said that Fabianski couldn’t play against Chelsea because he has a problem with them. So why renew the guy’s contract?
    I have mentioned ten Wenger goalkeepers. One came in on loan – Warmuz. The others (read their names agin) Manninger, Wright, Lehmann, Shabaan, Almunia, Poom, Fabianski, Mannone, Szczesny. In Szczesny we may one day trust……the others? They were assemled for UNDER £10 MILLION. That UNDER £10 spent on a vital position over some thirteen and a half years. It’s not mere myopia. It’s absolutely inexcusable.

  61. charybdis1966 says:

    Kelsey, I’ve often said that Wenger is only interested in attacking midfielders and what they do. He’s bored by defence and therefore puts the minimum effort into addressing that side of the game as it simply is not excited by it. Wegner always loves getting in technically proficient and agile midfielders so he can watch them play endless triangles in midfield.
    It’s a common failing by a lot of people in any job/vocation to only look at things that they are interested in, but if you’re paid £5,9m pa to make a successful side this sustained negligence would result in your employers asking questions of you.
    A friend of mine was she thought saying that she sensed an “end of an era” type of feeling around Wenger after 4-5 years of no trophies and the unrest coming from the fans – and she is a not a football fan. Many think he will go when his contract runs out next year – I think he should either change his strategy this summer(back to fielding a team with power, presence AND skill) or be man enough to admit he can’t change and do the honourable thing – i.e. leave.

  62. Rasputin says:

    That’s fantastic research kelsey and proves emphatically what we all know … oddly, the quality of our keepers appears to be the reverse of the pecking order. It should go Chesney, Vito, Fab2 and Almunia last!

    I know this kind of conjecture is pointless, but if we’d bought Given (way before citeh had their millions) the difference in points this season would probably be in the region of plus 9 = top of the league. The word is that Given thought we’d signed him and was very disappointed when the deal fell through.

    That’s in the past … will Arsene drop Al for wednesday … not a hope 😦

  63. Big Raddy says:

    Oh happy day!

    Nice to see an old face Chary !

    The GK situation is peculiar. I cannot understand why in light of Almunia’s poor form, that we haven’t given Fabianski a decent run- if it is OK to play Denilson after he has a poor game, then why not Fabianski? Admittedly he had a shocker at Stoke, but let’s be honest, he wouldn’t have let in more than 2 goals either.

  64. Big Raddy says:

    London. That is a super post. Really well written and highly entertaining.

  65. Big Raddy says:

    Kelsey. 10 keepers signed and only one any good (so far). That is highly damning.

  66. charybdis1966 says:

    Yeah hi there Radders – and it’s an old AND depressed face at the moment !

    We just have to wait and hope for better things – and for the top 2 to self implode if we are to better 3rd place, which is what I think we’ll end up with.

  67. Rasputin says:

    Hi Raddy,

    Fabianski has worried me a bit lately, he flaps almost as much as Almunia.

  68. kelsey says:

    Hi guys.

    I find it strange that Gazidis is keeping incredibly quiet.Sometimes one has to remind oneself that Arsene is employed by the club, not the other way round. I mentioned it last week, the loss of David Dein(though I acknowledge not everyone’s best friend) has co incided with Wenger not being so desive,playing players in all different positions and what annoys me most is the”we could have bought so and so”.
    Rasp, G

    iven was available for 2 million months before City bought him.

  69. Big Raddy says:

    I have t say that I would be more worried if we heard from Gazidis. There is too much talk of the finance men – they are there just to get the job done. Gazidis has little experience in football but that will come. He is an excellent negotiator (or so we are told), and I expect to see some big money transfers in summer. AW knows we cannot stay still, though should we finish 3rd, it is a step in the right direction!

  70. Rasputin says:

    Call me spolit/impatient/undeserving, but finishing third will not feel any different to the last four years.

    I am far from convinced that AW will make any big signings in the summer and wouldn’t be at all surprised if Chamakh on a free and a couple of ‘exceptional youngsters with potential’ is all the business we do.

  71. Alfa says:

    OK, we all feel the same way about lack of signings. Who would we sign? Let’s say he has £40m to spend, what would the team sheet look like.

    I’ll start with Hugo Lloris for GK – French, young but experienced, I reckon we could get him for less than £10m and still leave Lyon with a healthy profit. He’s turned down manu and the spuds before, and AC Milan apparently.

    Striker – Torres, £30m. The scousers need the money, he likes playing with Cesc, OK he isn’t 6’4″ but he doesn’t need to be with his finishing.

    I’m no expert on European football but signing those two would make me feel a lot better.

  72. Rasputin says:

    I’b be bouncing off the wallls if we made those 2 signings alfa. I mentioned Loris weeks back, but everyone reckoned he’d be £15m. Torres would have to want to come play for us as we’d certainly be outbid for his services …. perchance to dream tho’ eh? 😛

  73. Alfa says:

    Rasp, let’s start a petition :lol:.

    OK, £15m. Why not? That’s what we all want to know.

    Put another way, why would AW turn down the chance to manage Real Madrid last summer if he doesn’t want to bring players like Lloris and Torres to Arsenal?

  74. Ok Mr IT Genius – I have a question for you – not football related. When I opened the site in Firefox this morning it didn’t open Londons new post it was stuck on the post from saturday – it did show the new posts in the sidebar ……. why?

  75. In fact its still doing it now……. 😦

  76. Alfa says:

    Peaches, your copy of Firefox is probably looking at an old copy of the page that it holds on your computer. All browsers keep copies of pages, that they should update if they sense that the page has changed next time you visit. Sometimes it goes wrong.

    You might need to clear the cache. I can’t remember how to do this in Firefox and I don’t have a copy but I’ll check and see. If you look under the options or settings there might be a place you can do it.

  77. Big Raddy says:

    Cache !! I am so impressed .

    I use a Mac. No problems with it, and it looks so sexy. But I have a normal laptop for streams as the Mac doesn’t like them.

    Top temp here today was Minus 6. It is way beyond amusing now – it has not gone above zero since before Xmas.

    Torres would be a brilliant signing, so would Messi, Rooney and Kaka. David Villa is a possible if we can find the money. LLoris would be great as well

  78. Raddy – thats a great subject for discussion do you want to expand it a bit and use it as a post tomorrow? Rasp is researching something but he might not get a chance to finish it tonight?

  79. Big Raddy says:

    OK peaches…..

    Will get it up in an hour or so (oo errr missus!)

  80. Ooo errrrr – how decisive 🙂 – you’re one step ahead I was gonna say take it off – no need, twas done xx

  81. Rasputin says:


    You are obviously the site techy 😉 … why do you think the pics on the right hand side here are up top on Firefox at home and at work, but down the bottom in explorer at home yet up top on explorer at work (windows 7)?

  82. Big Raddy says:

    Ready to go Peaches.

    What do tags do? Would it help if we used them? Should we try for NN & if so how do we do it?

    Answers on a postcard……..

  83. What do tags do? Good question, I think you can tag elements of your post that lead people to other articles. I’ll have read about it.

    I’ve emailed NN two ways – firstly by filling in their form and secondly by completing an enquiry in which I gave them more information. The first may not get any response but the second does get an email within 5 days.

  84. Raddy – heres what I’m reading about tags – you can read it too if you like

  85. I found this answer in the forum for “Why tag?”

    When you tag it will come up on the Tag Surfer page of other people who use the same tag and also when people search the tag at Basically it’s a way to boost views, and show people what you’re talking about

  86. In a couple of weeks we’re all going to sit an exam to determine how much useless information about WordPress we have absorbed……….. 😆

  87. I cleared the cache as instructed but it seems Firefox just loves Raddys post from Saturday – all the other posts from the other blogs have updated.

    Dunno 😦

  88. As its ‘Can Can’ hour I’m going to watch Hustle 🙂

  89. peachesgooner says:

    Hiya I like the nostalgia box 🙂

  90. Morning all

    Raddy has put up a NEW POST

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