Let’s Forget What Arsene Didn’t Do And Concentrate On What He Can Do

Okay, so we didn’t sign anyone.

Some people wanted a new keeper, others wanted a defensive midfielder while a hell of a lot wanted a striker.

Actually I got that first line wrong, we did sign somebody, Sol came back!

Yep, it mightn’t exactly be as exiting as AA23 last January but Sol looks as tough as ever. Not too bad a guy to have on the bench if you ask me.

Just for a day lets forget about the lack of activity in the transfer window and have a look at what changes Wenger can make to the squad and starting XI.

Most would agree that Almunia has had a shocking season.

He doesn’t know whether to come off his line, if he does he flaps at it. He’s not commanding and couldn’t organise a nun-shoot in a nunnery never mind his defence.

I’m still at a loss as to how Mannone went from having a more than decent spell in goals to not even been on the bench anymore.

Wenger knows more than any of us about their state of mind and how they train but I saw nothing so bad from Mannone that warranted him going from playing every week to not been on the bench.

Fabianski has become Flappy No2 to Almunia’s Flappy No1. Whatever happened to Arsene giving players a chance and if they do well keeping them in the side?

At the back I think we are okay – despite the silly goals.

Vermaelen and Gallas have been awesome all season. Sagna has been decent at the back but average going forward.

Left-back seems to be a problem but I feel it comes more from midfield than anything else.

On the right, Sagna gets cover from Rosicky, Eboue or Bendtner when they are in front of him. Clichy doesn’t get the same from Arshavin, Diaby or lately Nasri – this has to be looked at.

Another problem is Denilson.

I actually quite like him as a squad player. He is often quietly effective but lately he has just been quiet. It has gotten to the point where we are often playing with ten men on the pitch because he is so….well, useless.

I’ve made my suggestion well known that I think Super Tom could play that role. In fact I’d suggest Wenger should try a different midfield against the Chavs, one which mixes defending with attack.

Song would take up his usual role in front of the back four and be under orders to stay there. Ventures up field would be kept to a minimum.

Denilson would be dropped to the bench and Rosicky would become the link player.

The Czech is aggressive in the tackle, disciplined and has one hell of an eye for the pass – so why not?

Cesc would be there doing his thing while on the right of the front three I’d go with the African Pele.

Eboue has come on a lot from last season. Tries his heart out and can defend and attack, so why not put him out on the right wing?

Give Cashley some defending to do while also making it difficult for him going forward as he’ll be playing against two full backs.

Lets face it, Eboue is a better option at the moment than Walcott.

If Bendtner is fit, he should start as CF.

Chelsea suffer from the same flapperitis as our goalkeepers. Cech is really not the same keeper as a few seasons back. The way to get at the Chavs is to get in crosses – at least Bendtner is tall and can head a ball.

Trying to play through Chelsea is difficult cos they will crowd the midfield but spread it wide, cross it in and make Nikki put Flappy Chav under pressure and see what happens.

Its also time to move Arshavin back to the wing.

He’s not a main striker and I wonder whether his greed against Manchester United came about from him being under pressure to score as opposed to him being a gloryseeker?

In short my team for Chelsea would be:












I’d rather see Mannone or a scarecrow with extra big gloves in goals but he’ll stick with Almunia.

I’ll stop rambling now!

Just to fill you in: Eduardo is out of the Chelsea game. So too is Vela but its not like he’d play. Diaby is a “maybe” and Wenger has decided not to sign Stefan Savic after all.

Your thoughts….

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  1. Big Raddy says:

    Excellent work Alfa

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