Arsenal v Vitoria pre-match

I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this, not because you, the reader, doesn’t deserve an in depth pre-analysis of the game tonight but because I wrote the pre-match on Monday and we all know how that went.

However tonight I do expect that there’ll be a bit more entertainment from the team that Emery puts out. He loves this competition and maybe that’s why Monday was so stale because he was saving his super dooper team selection for tonight ………. one can dream.

Tonight we should see Bellerin, Holding and Tierney with possibly Mustafi tucked in to make up the CB numbers. If Emery wanted to be bold he could sit Chambers in front of the back four to give protection when Bellerin and Tierney go bombing forward. But as Chambers played on Monday night we’ll probably see Torreira (or Luiz) dropped in there ….. which is also fine with me.

Mid-field is where we have mostly decided there’s a problem with no-one really carrying the ball forward to our front three/two. Maybe we’ll see Ozil 🙂 with Ceballos and Willock. I expect Lacazette to start with Pepe.

Do you want to know anything about the opposition? Really tonight is about getting the supporters back on side so for me, it’s all about The Arsenal and winning and scoring lots of goals.

Here’s my team …………


Bellerin   Mustafi   Holding   Tierney


Ceballos   Ozil    Willock

Lacazette    Pepe

Come on Unai, we want to be entertained.




38 Responses to Arsenal v Vitoria pre-match

  1. LB says:

    Thanks for the read Peaches.

    The reason that I don’t think that we will see Ozil tonight is because should he play he will then be unable to play for another team in this competition which I imagine, in the eyes of those who want rid, will make the slim chance of selling him in January even harder.

    I do expect Torreira to play and play well.


    Bellerin, Mustafi, Holding, Tierney




  2. LBG says:

    Thanks for all your efforts recently with the site, Peaches. Must admit performances have reduced my desire to comment as I find the negative cloud hard to shake off and dont believe anyone wants to hear the thoughts that come from that.
    Dick was angry at the negative comments from everywhere on Monday, and says we need to remember when he arrived the team under Wenger needed to be made ” more competitive”, “more creative and more intensive”!! Well sir, you think you have improved those aspects, those of us who watch carefully are less sure!!
    So make the changes tonight. Give the youngsters a platform to perform, tell them this is their chance to impress you and us…….and then play them again on Sunday!!

    My team :

    Bellerin Holding Mustafi Tierney
    Willock Ceballos Smith-Rowe
    Martinelli Lacazette

    Ouzi, Chambers (at CB) and Aubang in for Sunday.
    COYG, time to make us smile again, please!

  3. JM says:

    My team shall be:

    Emiliano; Bellerin(C), Mustafi, Holding, Tierney; Torreira, Maitland-Niles, Ceballos; Lacazette, Smith Rowe, Martinelli

  4. Ooooops forgot about Martinelli ……. how bad is that? Sorry Martinelli

  5. Rasp says:

    Thanks peaches …. valiant effort.

    Like many, Monday’s performance and the bells it rang sucked the enthusiasm out of me.

    I expect our young and energetic side to be everything that Monday’s wasn’t … but that in itself will be depressing because we know UE will probably play the same conservative team in the next EPL game.

  6. RA says:

    Hi Peaches, 😁

    I hope you realise that I was only pulling your leg when I arbitrarily, and unilaterally ‘banned’ you from pre-match Posts after the disgrace of the game against Stoke Bolton umm no that’s not right — I think it was Sheffield Something.

    It was such an appalling spectacle, and rather humiliating too, that it quite blew a gasket in my mind.

    Anyway, I always enjoy reading your posts, and today’s is no exception, thank you. 😁

    [If we lose or draw tonight — I will just blame Rocky — it clearly would be his fault — or maybe the Rasper might be deemed culpable — but certainly not you!! ] 🤪

  7. RA says:

    I am long past the disappointment of the MNF game, and am feeling quite chipper, again — really looking forward to tonight’s game.

    For me, living in the past, or worrying about the future is futile, as I cannot change the first, and cannot predict the latter — so tonight’s the night — COYG 😎

  8. Aaron says:


    Yes, thank you for all your efforts, which are many, to keep this place going-along with some other super prolific writers on board.

    Tidy pregame, as I am sure it will that type of enjoyable game to watch due to the circumstances.

    LB’s lineup looks probable.

    I, too have not wanted to come hear and just blast out negativity, and these last games have been anything but positive.

    Looks like Tierney, Holding and Bel will not play in league until Leicester or Southhampton. Which is a wise choice if he wants those kids to last, but these next 3-4 games will heavily influence our Dec, which will determine Emery’s fate.

    Looking forward to the game today!

  9. I wonder if the team feel as apathetic about themselves as we do? 😦

  10. RA – I was thinking of posting under an alias but I reckoned you’d suss me out 🙂

  11. RC78 says:

    Martinez – AMN, Mustafi, Sok, Tierney – Willock, Torreira, Ceba – Pepe, Martinelli, Saka

  12. Sue says:

    Omg where the hell is Mesut???? Getting beyond a joke now… sigh…..

  13. RA says:

    I was feeling positive earlier today — but 0 : 1 down and playing the same old, same old and my positivity is under pressure.

    Are you in Lanzarote, Sue?

    I’d give this a miss if you are, and get out to the clubs instead.

  14. Rasp says:

    Smith Rowe our best player so far. I’m beginning to wonder if M-Nyles is a midfielder

  15. VP of Oz says:

    what a great signing is Martinelli

  16. Rasp says:

    Oops … another misplaced pass by MN

  17. fred1266 says:

    What happened to saka

  18. seedeee says:

    Wow I haven’t been this frustrated in a long time watching this

  19. RC78 says:

    What a rubbish match but thank God for Pepe, Douzi and Martinelli. The rest of the team especially AMN, Willock, Bellerin and even Holding was just horrendous

  20. fatgingergooner says:

    Hello Pepe, I’ve heard a lot about you but it’s really nice to finally meet you. Welcome to the club.

  21. Aaron says:

    The Arsenal just got lucky- down on shots again, rudderless open play, no cohesive D, and no Mesut..

    This weekend could get ugly.

  22. ozgunner says:

  23. ozgunner says:

  24. Sue says:

    Was a poor performance. Pepe saved Unai’s bacon!
    Guendouzi, I love this guy.. his determination helped win us the game. He should be captain.
    Martinelli is a Duracell bunny.. and that header 👌 superb!
    Pepe… omg I’m absolutely speechless! 2 beautiful free kicks, well done & please keep it up! Been such a long wait…..

  25. LB says:

    As Slim brilliantly pointed out a couple of weeks ago: as we are paying for Pepe in instalments can we expect him to get better the more of the fee is paid? Well the answer has got to be yes because after his performance tonight I would say it is a fair guess that a large tranche has just cleared Lille’s bank account.

    Well done that man.

  26. LB says:

    Guendouzi is so much better when Xhaka is nowhere to be seen.

  27. LB says:

    Martinelli’s close control in the box is so much better than Lacazette’s.

  28. LB says:

    Willock, Maitland-Niles?

    It’s not that Xhaka is a favourite it’s just that the alternatives are not that good.

  29. Rasp says:

    Yep, Pepe arrived tonight, but we won because once again Guendouzi got fed up with the negative passing and took control to win that last free kick.

    The guy who assaulted Laca right in front of us can only have received a straight red … it couldn’t be a yellow.

  30. LB says:

    Smith-Rowe (lab) was a lot better than I was expecting; he was expecting to be subbed but he really deserved to stay on.

  31. Rasp says:

    The bad news is that the best players tonight won’t be playing on Sunday …. with the exception of Guendouzi

  32. RC78 says:

    Martinez 5
    Bello 4
    Mustafi 5
    Holding 4
    Tierney 5
    AMN 4
    Torreira 5
    Willock 3
    Martinelli 7
    Laca 5
    SR 6

    Douzi 8
    Pepe 8
    Ceba 6

  33. Gööner In Exile says:

    Good to see those two free kicks fly in from Pepe,

    Rest of the performance meh.

  34. RA says:

    RC @ 11:38 pm

    Totally agree with your ratings.

    No Pepe magic kicks — no win.

  35. Morning all, there’s a match report from LBG incoming …… I’ll get it sorted

  36. RC78 says:

    Peaches is the best

  37. We have a New Post ……………

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