Sell Ozil … Send Emile Smith-Rowe Out On Loan …

The title of this post sums up the consensus of opinion from yesterday’s post that asked the question of what we should be doing with the aforementioned players. The results of the polls embedded in the post showed that more than 60% of those who lodged an opinion were in favour of selling Mesut Ozil, and sending Smith-Rowe out on loan.

AA contributor Gooner4life summed it up as follows:

Having waited and hoped that Ozil would adapt to the Premier League’s athletic standards of fitness and commitment to enable a team structure that would benefit his skill set and enhance the teams resilience, I have seen that hope disappear much like Ozil himself in games. He is not strong enough or fast enough to impose himself on games or assist in stifling the opposition pressing our defenses.

The time for pastures new has arrived with a subsidised loan or even free transfer to allow his particular talents to be showcased in a less abrasive league. Ceballos Ghendouzi Willock Torreira are the go to options for a dynamic midfield (which can be supplemented by Luiz or Chambers – but NOT Xhaka).

ESR is one of a number of shining academy stars (many of whom shone through in the pre season fixtures) who have potential to become regular starters. Injuries have stifled his progression and others are presently seizing their opportunities so a loan to a competing league would be beneficial and he is already highly regarded in Germany without hardly playing.

ESR needs to be placed with a club who will develop his strength and resilience to complement his talent by starting him consistently (not bringing him off the bench when the game needs rescuing). We need to look within the club more often to nurture the wealth of talent that could have been in our team rather than looking at what £50+million stars they have become and could be saving those sums in the transfer market.

The first team squad is becoming a stronger and deeper and will provide an opportunity for bringing the youngsters into the premier league environment. This is already happening and needs to be continued.

As a clever German recently said North London is still red!



9 Responses to Sell Ozil … Send Emile Smith-Rowe Out On Loan …

  1. Rasp says:

    This comment is from GoonerB at the end of yesterday’s discussion …

    “Morning all

    RC, I would say we are at least the equal in squad quality and depth with all of Utd, Spurs and Chelsea. We are arguably superior to some or all of them.

    Despite lying 3rd I feeling is somewhat by default due to the problems at other teams rather than a tangible improvement on our own level from last season.

    It seems wrong when we are 3rd but I worry that we will not sustain a winning run with our current performances. We have become a tad one player reliant and if Auba had not been available for the last few games we would be down with Utd.

    There is a big opportunity this season for us and still time to get this team more firing on all cylinders. At present we are playing, in the EPL, below the level we could be with the squad we have.

    Utd have problems that I am not sure they will turn around this season and probably require a couple more departures and a few more key players arriving to get back up there.

    Chelsea I said a few games ago I feel will do well come seasons end because, despite a couple of results against them, Lampard is creating a good style of football with good energy and attacking intent. On current performances they will go past us in the near future.

    Spurs are a strange one. As you say RC their squad quality should see a revival. However, part of me wonders whether they have gone past a peak in the cycle of this team. We have seen it at it’s best and now it is in decline in need of a complete refresh.

    Many key players are not performing with rumours of some not wanting to be there and with many key players in the last year of contract. Rumours of serious player disharmony behind the scenes abound.

    Poccetino sometimes looks like a manager that has lost that bond with his players and also a manager that potentially realises it is going downhill and he cannot do more than he has done with this club and is also just waiting for a decent offer elsewhere.

    I would love all this to be true obviously, but we will have to wait and see. However I would rather not he taking solace from other clubs current misfortunes and would far rather see our team starting to perform to its potential. That would be far more satisfying and would render what happens elsewhere irrelevant.”

  2. allezkev says:

    RC, like you I was also disappointed when Mislintat left, but for whatever reason, ego probably, he departed and Edu has kind of taken that spot in the management team alongside Raul and his contacts.
    Since the exit of Sven we’ve brought in Saliba, Martinelli, Tierney and Ceballos, all young and moderately priced acquisitions who fit the modern model our club seems to be heading towards post Wenger.
    I’m hopeful, positive even, that with Raul’s contacts and Edu’s knowledge of the South American market that recruitment is in safe hands.

    I agree GB, Chelsea are looking a dangerous outfit after a sticky start, the transfer ban has really done them a favour and allowed Lampard an easy ride up till now.

  3. RC78 says:

    I think Minslat’s approach was more sustainable though as it relied more on our knowledge of players and less on network with agents. We now have a state of the art talent scouting unit that is very advanced in terms of data collection and data analysis but we won’t rely on it as much now, which is a shame…

    I am hoping Chelsea falters and I am also hoping that Tottenham and Utd don’t recover BUT as mentioned by GoonerB, I am hoping that we play better and we are harder to beat. This would be progress. At this stage, there is still a question mark on that front…

    As for Ozil, I am really hoping for football fans and for himself that he leaves and gets to play more where he goes. As for ESR, I agree that loaning him out would be good – he is a versatile player that could in time make a mark on our team.

    Which brings me to another point…It seems we are producing some decent midfielders (AMN, Willock, ESR), some decent wingers (Saka, Nelson) and decent forwards (Nketiah, Jules) but what about GKs and defenders?

  4. allezkev says:

    Stat DNA is who you’re thinking about RC, but a combination of both methods is probably the best way to go.

  5. RC78 says:

    Allezkev – I think so and I agree that we need both and I hope that AFC will.

  6. Saheed says:

    Emery must go

  7. fatgingergooner says:


    Lack of defenders isn’t just an Arsenal problem, but an issue within the whole game. How many sides are crying out for a top CB? All of them! It’s probably got something to do with the way football is seen as an attacking game and it might also have to do with the fact that defenders need to be able to play football these days and being big, strong and good in the air isn’t seen as good enough anymore by the top clubs. Even full backs these days tend to be converted wingers or even forwards in some cases (wasn’t Ashley Cole a striker!?). Looking at our youth system, the last defender I can remember is Ignasi Miquel….no idea where he is now.

  8. Morning all

    We have a New Post ……………….

  9. RC78 says:

    Miquel plays in secunda division in Spain for Girona.

    I think the English clubs are producing fantastic full backs but it s true that in terms of CBs, there is less development. Feels like the last 10 years, the English clubs and national set up focused on producing wing players whether full backs or wingers. Some focus on strikers too but a lot less on CBs and DMs. It could have been a strategy and it is paying off to some extent.

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