Fight for your Life

It feels right and proper to take some time in the Interlull (arseblog TM) to slag off our rivals. Unbelievably we have to include the N17 bottom feeders this season as they prove themselves to be genuine contenders. How could this be? It is unnatural,  a twist of the correct order, an aberration and a perversion of all that is right and proper.

Managed by a man who should be wearing a red striped baggy pair of daks held up by enormous yellow braces and sporting a comedy relief nose, Spurs have become entertainers! Yes, you read that right, Entertainers. Not the usual Chas and Dave or Keystone Cops but proper engaging entertainers …. like a quality Dog act or a Chimp Party. Unnatural but engrossing.

THFC Squad Photo 2011/12

I know – you cannot believe that BR can compliment the miscreants but credit where credit is due. They are playing some lovely football and look to have a team and worse a squad that can compete to season’s end.

True, Spurs have been smacked by MC but have ground out lucky victories over us, the Scousers and most recently Fulham. I watched the Fulham game and was very impressed. Only 4 shots on target scoring 3 goals. 23 shots for Fulham resulting in just the one. This is Top 3 form, perhaps even Top 2.

Just kidding …. we all know they will collapse by New Year .

Arsenal news. ….. erm …….. Jack’s twittering. ….. Tony Adams has resigned as manager of Azerbaijani Gabala citing family reasons  …… AW insists all his signings are “top quality” (yawn) ……… Park says he is fit (yawn) ……. Berk Shea (21 yo American) has ended his AFC trial and gone home (asleep).

Today’s query. Who do you think would win in a fist fight at AFC?

Clearly the BFG would have a reach advantage and a good defence but so would Chezzer, I would expect Gervino to bob and weave; TV looks to have a solid chin, and Arshavin has a fine centre of gravity (?). Sagna looks a bit tasty as does Alex Song. Then we have the lightweights, Theo, Ramsey, Rosicky, Bennie – probably decent in an amateur 3 rounder but not for the pro fight.

Last man standing? My money is on Bacary.

p.s headline song by these fine upstanding gentlemen …….

Written by Big Raddy

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  1. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi CG, I appreciate you want to vent your views on Suarez being charged with racism, but tell me, do you know the facts i.e. did you see the investigation report? Best is not to jump to conclusion when you don’t know the facts.

    Re your interpretation calling somebody negrito – my little black one – is an endearing nickname and nothing else, you are on dodgy ground. It does not matter that much what his intentions were – and it all remains to be seen whether Suarez had genuine pleasant intentions with his opponent from the other side, which I think would be foolish to believe – what matters is what the other person i.e. Evra (would) make(s) of it, and whether Suarez should have known that calling him Negrito in that particular context would cause serious offense. I am sure, the FA will be looking at it from that angle.

  2. evonne says:

    Hi Raddy – thank you for the unusual post 🙂 Agree on two points – the interlull is boring (zzzz…) and number two – Scum will collapse around Christmas. The unnatural surge of energy is unsustainable

  3. Hey Radders – aboslutely top notch post and not just because of my all time metal heroes providing the title for the post.
    It’s a little known(by anyone outside of the Priesthood) fact that the song “Fight for your life” uses the riffs and chord structure of “Rock hard, ride free” from the Defenders of the Faith(1984)album minus the intro solo and the extended dual harmony section just after.

    When I saw the title I thought, ah I know a song called that but it probably means something else however lo and behold, it WAS the song I was thinking of.

    All hail the metal gods !

    Anyhoo, back to the spuds, we should bring up Twitchy’s upcoming tax evasion trial as well as the Olympic committe spying case and finally them shamelessly bringing out their begging bowl for public money to help them to replace their pikey hovel in the swamplands of N17.

  4. evonne says:

    One final point on previous day’s debate iro racism. We can discuss the subject till cows come home, but many of us here (white Christians) do not have a clue what racism is all about. The only people that can understand and feel it are those who experienced prejudice. That’s my humble opinion

  5. evonne says:

    Chary – who are those monkeys on bikes?

  6. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi BR, thanks for an entertaining post! 🙂

    It would have to be either Santos or Gervinho –> just look at their pictures on the right hand side: their shoulders are so big they don’t even fit into the frames! I reckon though Ox is the best boxer/figther of them all.

  7. Oi Evonne, don’t call my heroes of 30 years monkeys ! 😦

    They are Judas Priest, simply the supreme heavy metal gods, and no mistake.

  8. Oz gunner says:

    Great post raddy.finally fooball is back!

    In terms of a fight id go verm all the way,tough and durable.BFG has the reach but isnt scrapy enough and would be exposed if someone got on the inside. Santos would be flashy and would bobble around but wouldnt have the fitness or vemon behind his punches that verm dark horses id go with frimpong (already responsible for eating denilson),and robin is a fighter also

  9. evonne says:

    Right, the Judas Priest, ok. Sorry Chary!! Are you coming to the Fulham game?

  10. evonne says:

    I put all my money on little Jack.

  11. It’s ok Evonne, heavy metal is seriously ignored by the mainstream as nowadays it;s all dance/rap and X-factor “here today, gone in 5 minutes” type pop acts so few people will have heard of them.

    Sadly, I’m not due to go the Fulham game at the moment although I am going to the Everton one(I wonder what sort of response Arteta wil get from the Everton supporters?)

    Going back a few years Lauren would have won any fist fights as he was a regular sparrer and boxed quite seriously. I think his fisticuffs were what got him sent off against a Soviet side years ago.

  12. Pat7 says:

    Kozzer rarely loses a one on one 🙂 but Frimpong carries more weight! TV/Kozzer are the fighters that I’ve seen with VP just a little bit lightweight perhaps.

    Let’s hope they all show a mean (defensive) streak against Norwich!

  13. Big Raddy says:

    The raison d’etre for today’s lightweight post was to put up that pic of the Spurs squad.

    Chary. We need to do some Metal Missionary work! I agree re: Lauren – a fearsome man

  14. evonne says:

    Raddy – are Meat Loaf heavy metal? I like them

  15. I think just you and Total are the only metallurgists here Radders, so as this will be the only chance I’ll get to post relevant(although not their best) Priest lyrics:

    Get a grip on the action
    I’m moving heaven and earth
    Don’t let go of the action
    Push for all that you’re worth

    No denying
    It goes against the grain
    So Defying
    You’re screaming again

    Fight for your life
    Fight for your money
    Fight for your life
    Fight for your money

    Time for steel, stop at nothing
    Looking fate in the face
    We don’t take no for an answer
    Grab the lead in the race

    Rock hard with a purpose
    Got a mind that won’t bend
    A die hard resolution
    That is true to the end

  16. Radders, is it OK if I correct the typo in the title of the post ?

  17. Big Raddy says:

    Of course Chary. Shame to let it stay for posterity ….

  18. Looks like it will stay as it is as I can’t access the admin section of the word press.

    Going back to the Spuds, I can’t believe how easy a ride Twitchy is getting off the press for his tax evasion.

    Can you imagine the howls of outrage from the phone hacking press here if it was Wenger who was caught in a similar situation ?

    There’d be calls for his immediate deportation no doubt.

  19. oz gunner says:

    chary i also listen to a fair bit of the heavy stuff. Mostly lamb of god and slayer though. More of a post hardcore fan

  20. oz gunner says:

    killswitch engage also, but they couldn’t really be classified as metal anymore

  21. OzG – I think it’s because you are probably a lot younger than me; I’m a bit lazy when it comes to post 1990’s music.

    Possibly you like Meshhuggah(sp?) I’d guess but I think Slayer were awesome around the time of Seasons and South.

  22. pat says:

    Gervinho would win – he bitch slapped Barton….

    But then Diaby knocked out Terry? Might be a fight to the finish between those guys

  23. LB says:

    Please don’t accidentally interpret this as a racist comment but those spud players above; well, they all look alike don’t they?


  24. Pat, I think Paul Davis gave someone a pretty heft right hook back in the day.

  25. Gooner in Exile says:

    I reckon Jack would be last man standing, as he and Frimpong will work as a team to defeat all the others, until Jack deceives the Pong at the end as they raise hands in pint celebration and Jack gives him a jab to the kidneys and brings him down.

    As for the Spuds, we will all be laughing by February.

  26. Fatgingergooner says:

    According to a Southampton supporting colleague at work, Ox got KO’d by a teammate during a training ground bust up. So that rules him out!

    My money would have to be on Arshavin. Sounds crazy I know, but due to his Russian heritage he would have full use of his big brother Ivan Drago’s gym facilities. He would be ‘a wrecking machine’ within a month!

    But then again, yesterday I bet my house on Cahill not being at Arsenal in January!!!! Don’t take my advice!

  27. Fatgingergooner says:

    You could play Where’s Bale with that photo, just photoshop him in there somewhere and see who finds him first!

    He is without doubt the most ape like creature ever to play in the PL.

  28. Fatgingergooner says:

    Thinking about it, there are quite a few animalesque creatures in the PL at the moment

    Bale- king of the Apes
    Gervinho- Predator!? Where does that hairline start!!!???
    Crouch- obviously the Giraffe
    Walcott- is like Bambi. Quick, agile, but probe to falling on his arse and jumping back up in the blink of an eye to smash the ball past Cech…..YYYEEEESSSSS!!!!!………

    …..sorry, got excited again….

  29. FGG – Gerv is out of this world, like a Klingon with a comb over.

  30. evonne says:

    Bambi Walcott – I love it 🙂

    There was of course the horseface Ruud, but now fat greedy French troublemaker has the biggest protruding teeth

  31. harry says:

    Nice one Radster……..

    Cannot wait for Saturday, interlull? or do we mean Interdull?

    is that a picture of the tottenham squad or a Bale Family outing>?

    Anyway last man standing would be Ryo aka Ryu……..end of arguement…………He is a Ninja!!

    ***He is the leader of The Shirai Ryu who were a clan of Japanese ninjas in the Mortal Kombat universe credited with bringing ninjutsu and other secret martial arts to Japan from China***

    Chary, yeah he broke glenn Cockerill’s jaw who was playing for southampton at the time………

    All time hard nut at Arsenal goes to Lauren……simple dont mess,. he was hard, if the look didnt put you off first…….

  32. gunnern5 says:

    Folks, your suggestions for the Arsenal ‘hard nut” are simply laughable – but maybe only because you never saw the post war Arsenal sides. .

    My all time toughest Arsenal goes to Alex Forbes, he was as hard as nails. If he were to be playing today he would be sent off after his second tackle.

    Today’s players are pussy cats in comparison to those of the 40’s and 50’s.

  33. GN5 I’m sure most would agree but the question posed was about the current squad.

    I’m sure if we went back a bit in our supporting histories we’d be choosing others.

    For me it would be Keown and Winterburn. And Wrighty would have probably presented a tough proposition.

  34. goonermichael says:

    I think Robin would kick the shit out of all of them.

  35. chas says:

    Entertaining post, BR.

    I think Theo would win any fight. Deep down he’s as hard as nails and hides it brilliantly with his outward impersonation of a wuss.

    p.s. I think it’s Brek Shea.

  36. chas says:

    Here are the answers from yesterday’s picture quiz

    Here’s the link to the quiz if you want a go before looking at the answers.

  37. gunnern5 says:


    Well Alex is now 86 so I guess that counts him out – but in his day he was a real piece of work – his studs were used to good effect and slowed down many inside forwards.

  38. harry says:

    Gn5, I bow in part to your surpemely more experienced knowledge of yesteryear, but if I was laying wager, i’d back Lauren all the way, some of the stories I have heard about him, one was from Keown who had said, he was the last person he would want to provoke…….

    GIE, winterburn, you sure>? I always remember him cowering away from di canio, it was embarassing………..

  39. goonermichael says:

    There is a definite “lunch break” on Arsenal Arsenal.

  40. Cheer up guys, it’s just over 48 hours till we play the in breds of Norfolk. 🙂

    This goddamme interlull is nearly over.

  41. gunnern5 says:

    It’s a tad quiet on here today so here is a nice long read about a local tough nut.


    Charlie George: Highbury hero

    November 17, 2011

    By Jon Carter

    Tall, strong, powerful in the air and a good passer, Arsenal legend Charlie George was an entertainer on and off the pitch who became an instant hero and the darling of Highbury in the early 1970s.

    GettyImagesCharlie George won the Double in 1971, but that was peak of his powers.

    Described as ”A bona fide Cockney rebel” by journalist Jon Wilde, George, like many footballers of the 1970s, was a rough diamond and someone who courted controversy wherever he went. His many bust-ups with managers, players and fans saw him loved and hated in equal measure, but ultimately his combative personality would see him only ever play one game for England.

    Born and brought up in Islington, deep in Arsenal territory, George was only five when he made his first trip to Highbury to see the Gunners play. An immediate convert to football, he would stand on the terraces cheering on his side for 11 years, although an early insight into his explosive, fiery and sometimes violent temperament came as he was expelled from his local Holloway Comprehensive School where Arsenal goalkeeper Bob Wilson was a master.

    As his emerging talent for the game saw him consider football as a career path, there was nowhere else he wanted to play and, in May 1966, he realised the dream of many by signing for his boyhood club as an apprentice, turning professional within eighteen months. “Three-and-a-half years later I had gone from standing there shouting out the players’ names to actually playing with those guys,” he told the BBC.

    George began in the reserves, but struggled to follow orders and once called in sick to miss a match only to travel to Bristol to watch the first-team in an FA Cup tie. A rebel at heart, he would not have to wait long to make his debut though and ran out in the opening fixture of the 1969-70 season, notching his first goal against West Bromwich Albion two games later.

    Under autocratic manager Bertie Mee, George struggled to curb his rebellious behaviour and his ill-discipline was something of a hindrance to his development. Mee picked George’s games, claiming that he wanted to ”bring him on carefully” and that he had seen ”too many young players destroyed by over-exposure in the Press and on television.” Determined that this would not happen with his latest star, Mee dropped him to the reserves for three months.

    Still, amid his frequent clashes with officials and opposing fans, George’s potential was there for all to see and he could not be kept from the spotlight for long. ”This boy could be the King of Highbury in five years,” proclaimed team-mate Wilson, while The Guardian’s Albert Barham wrote of a ”calculated gamble” on the teenager taken because Arsenal ”had seen in him a ready-made player with flair and potential.” By the end of that campaign he had bagged 15 goals and picked up his first trophy – the European Fairs Cup – breaking the club’s 17-year wait for silverware.

    His swagger had brought a renewed sense of optimism to Highbury, but a broken ankle at the start of the 1970-71 season kept him out until the New Year and when he returned he found his position up front taken by Ray Kennedy. Forced to drop back to an attacking midfield role, his creativity blossomed and he finished the season with 15 goals and an historic Double of league and FA Cup wins. Indeed, the Wembley final would be his defining moment in an Arsenal shirt.

    Having wrapped up the league title at north London rivals Tottenham on the Monday with a Kennedy goal, Arsenal faced Bill Shankley’s Liverpool in the final five days later. Unable to break the deadlock in normal time – although George came close with a long-range effort in the first-half and George Graham hit the bar late on – the game went to extra-time.

    Within a minute, Liverpool’s Larry Lloyd began a move deep in his own half which eventually found Steve Heighway on the edge of the area. Heighway found the net with a low drive and seconds later Wilson had to react well to stop John Toshack doubling the Reds’ lead. However, Arsenal found a way back as an overhead kick from John Radford into the Liverpool penalty area caused problems and Eddie Kelly became the first substitute to score in an FA Cup final as he tapped home the equaliser from close range.

    GettyImagesGeorge celebrates his famous goal in the FA Cup final

    George would later say that ”not being too blasé, we should have won the game three or four-one” and he took centre stage to bring the trophy to Highbury with a wonderful solo effort nine minutes before the final whistle. Radford again was the provider, but the plaudits went to George as his powerful shot from outside the box beat goalkeeper Ray Clemence with ease. The celebration – in which he fell to the ground with his arms outstretched above his head – is one of the most memorable images in the history of the club, and the FA Cup, although George did take some of the romanticism out of it.

    ”Fans will ask me about flicking the V-sign to supporters or telling some linesman to stick his flag up his arse. Most of the time though it’s that cup final goal against Liverpool,” he told Wilde. ”They’ll ask me why I collapsed on the ground after I scored it. My answer is always the same. I fell down because I didn’t have another drop of energy left in me. I wasn’t thinking that I ought to do something that people will remember. I was just f***ing knackered. As for that rumour about me having an erection while I was laying there, that’s b******s. I never got an erection after scoring a goal.”

    That moment would be as good as it would get for George. The following season saw ill-discipline continue to haunt him and he was disciplined twice by Mee, first after headbutting Liverpool’s Kevin Keegan, and then for flicking a V-sign at Derby supporters after he’d scored at the Baseball Ground. Nick Hornby described the latter incident in his book Fever Pitch, saying: “He got booed off the pitch and fined by the FA. We got chased all the way on to our train, bottles and cans cascading around our ears. Cheers, Charlie.”

    George often made unwanted headlines, whether it was for disrespecting officials, fans, or others players, but as he revealed in a later interview to Wilde: ”I gave as good as I got. He [Chelsea’s Ron ‘Chopper’ Harris] whacked me really hard one time at Highbury so I jumped up and down on his chest. He was coughing up blood according to the papers. All the other Chelsea players piled in and it was a mass brawl. Didn’t bother me. I liked a fight. And I always stood up for myself. That’s how I was brought up. Coming from Holloway you learn from the pram to nut people who pick on you.”

    With such incidents causing his relationship with disciplinarian Mee to worsen, George’s impact for the Gunners waned over the next few years. He was dramatically placed on the transfer list on the eve of the 1972-73 season after a dispute over a new contract and made to play in the reserves again and, although the pay issue was resolved in September, he never regained his best form and made it clear in a bylined article in the Daily Mirror at the end of the season that ”you’d hear no bleats from me if Arsenal decided to let me go.”

    Having scotched rumours that he would be quitting the game to try life as a pop singer, George stayed on for another two years and netted five times in 28 matches in 1973-74 but was dropped from the first-team again the following year after another bust-up with Mee. His role in 1971’s success should have propelled him to further greatness, but injury and inconsistency followed and, as the Double-winning side disbanded, Arsenal slipped down the table and George eventually moved to Derby County in the summer of 1975 for £90,000 after deciding against defecting to Spurs.

    GettyImagesThe striker played only an hour of international football.

    As he later pointed out to Wilde, his relationship with the fans was always better than with his manager. ”I always got on fine with the Arsenal supporters because they saw me as one of their own,” he revealed. ”I liked a drink and a bet and they could either find me down the local or down the bookies. I was on first-name terms with half of them. I’d see them down the pub after a game and they knew they could come over and have a chat.

    ”I wasn’t one of them footballers that hid behind the velvet rope. I didn’t ponce it up like some superstar. There was no chance of me getting an ego because the supporters would keep me in check. If they thought I was talking b******s they’d tell me so. If I’d had a bad game they’d say, ‘F*** me, Charlie, you were useless today. You couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo.’ And I’d say, ‘Fair point. Now get the beers in.'”

    At Derby, George enjoyed life under the wing of Dave Mackay and his career took a sharp upturn in his first season. He netted a hat-trick in Derby’s ultimately ill-fated European Cup tie against the great Real Madrid – losing 6-5 on aggregate – and, most incredibly of all, did not pick up a single caution. However, it could not last.

    The first game of 1976-77 saw George return to his old ways as he was sent off against Newcastle and was booked against Leeds for chasing and haranguing the referee. Just as the dissenters began to gain a voice once more, he was called up to the England squad to face the Republic of Ireland at Wembley and The Guardian’s David Lacey wrote: ”Once upon a time, the idea of George playing for England was about as plausible as the prospect that [Rolling Stones singer] Mick Jagger might one day appear at La Scala Milan.”

    England manager Don Revie (who held similar views to Mee) said that he would be discussing George’s disciplinary problems with him before the game. However, as journalist Matthew Rudd revealed, it was a tactical dispute that put paid to his international career after just one game.

    ”George played well for an hour in a three-pronged attack with Stuart Pearson and Kevin Keegan but started a heated dispute with Revie at the break after the England coach told George to play on the left wing,” Rudd wrote. ”George disagreed with the tactic but soldiered on until the hour mark when Manchester United’s natural winger Gordon Hill began warming up.

    ”Inevitably, it was George who was substituted, and infamously, he told Revie in somewhat colourful language that he thought little of him as he exited the Wembley pitch, and never came back, even though Revie himself was packing his bags nine months later.” George conceded later that “it wasn’t the brightest thing I’ve done or said in my life,” but that “I am not sad or apologetic about it”.

    By 1978, George’s career at Derby was winding down and he also snubbed the chance to play for Ron Greenwood’s re-established England’s B team against West Germany in February. Having spent so long being banished to the Arsenal reserves, the forward took the invitation as a snub and his international career did not develop any further.

    GettyImagesArsenal offered George a job at their new stadium.

    After playing for the Minnesota Kicks in the North American Soccer League, where he made 18 appearances and scored nine goals in the 1978 season, he then had spells with Southampton, Nottingham Forest, Bournemouth and Brighton, while he also spent a season playing for Bulova in Hong Kong in the early 1980s.

    It was not the end many would have wished for a career that promised so much and, after retiring in 1983, George undertook two unsuccessful business ventures as a pub owner and garage manager. Never far from negative headlines, he was plastered on the front page of the Daily Mail in January 1990 when he was questioned by police in a probe over a shooting at an Islington club, though he was later eliminated from their enquiries.

    Ultimately, he found peace at his beloved Arsenal (for whom he scored 49 goals in 157 starts) as a tour guide at the Emirates stadium.

  42. evonne says:

    GM – ha ha ha, RvP probably would, he has some history

  43. Chary you’re lucky I’m only exiled here!!

    Quite the buzz around the City for the visit of the Mighty Arse. People phoning radio complaining that they can’t get tickets etc. it’s a 25000 seater stadium, there are 2500 away seats and the population is 135000 (city dwellers) 350000 if you include those living within commutable distance. Clearly the casual fan is not going to get a ticket!

    As we’re quite isolated up here it is a very well supported team and most of the local kids support them rather than switch allegiance for glory.

  44. evonne says:

    GiE – fair play to them. If half of North London supported the Arsenal, we wouldn’t be able to get the tickets to any game either. Sadly, many residents are glory hunting chavs or mancs.

  45. Oh yeah, I forgot about that GiE, I suppose you are at least lucky you are not surrounded by London Reds as I seem to be – wherever I go I’m surrounded by glory hunting ManUre plastics who have no right to have anything to do with bacon faces mob.

    If things go badly for the home side on Saturday I’m kinda hoping we’ll get a half time on pitch appeal from Delia for the 12th man, lol.

  46. evonne says:

    I had some paella for lunch. Every time I had paella I remember Reyes and how fat he was every time he returned from hols in Spain. Maybe I shouldn’t eat paella

  47. evonne says:

    Chary – have you got a new job??

  48. No, are you offering me one? 🙂 I’m good at being an all round layabout, untalented guitarist and would be medium paced bowler.

    What’s happened is the I.T. gestapo at work seemed to have lowered their guard at the moment; either that or the I.T. person in charge of website blocking is no longer the Spud supporter that has been in charge up till recently.

  49. LB says:

    Best story I have about CG was a few years ago at Stamford Bridge I was taking a pee before the game in their big echoy concrete toilets when someone over the other side started singing at the top of his voice:

    We lover you Arsenal we do

    Still facing the wall, I automatically joined in, then turning around I saw who it was and realised I had been singing with no other than Charlie George.

    Damn, that is a good memory.

  50. gunnern5 says:

    Talking about Lauren………………..


    Ex-Arsenal defender reunited with Rolex

    by Tom Marshall Thursday, November 17, 2011
    8:57 AM

    »Former Arsenal star Lauren was reunited with a Rolex watch stolen six years ago with the help of his former employers this week – as police officers turned to the web to help other victims of theft.
    The former right-back, a key member of the “Invincibles” side that went through the 2003-2004 season unbeaten, jetted into the capital to pick up his Rolex Daytona – thought worth about £6,000 – on Monday.

    It was recovered in a police raid after being stolen in a burlary at his home in 2005, during the Cameroonian’s six-year stint with the Gunners. The club helped track down the retired footballer, real name Laureano Bisan-Etame Mayer.

    The watch was seized in raids in Essex and east London which turned up high-value and collectable goods worth more than £500,000 in all, including jewellery, antiques and silverware, along with several air rifles and a pump action rifle.

    Officers say many of the items were stolen in armed robberies on jewellers, household burglaries and thefts between 1994 and 2010 across south-east England.

    They have set up an online gallery on the website Flickr with more than 200 photos of the stolen goods, so people can try to identify anything that might belong to them. The gallery is Tower Hamlets – Operation Avitus.

    A 73-year-old man has been arrested for handling stolen goods and has been bailed to return to an east London police station in December pending further inquiries.

  51. harry says:

    Yeah I saw that as well Gn5, just as well he didnt catch them himself!! quite impressed that 6 years later the police have recovered it………..

    I thought Lauren was awesome and under rated by many, he didnt want to leave arsenal and would have stayed on, always remember his goal against the chavs at their place when we beat them 3-1 in the cup……..

  52. Harry, I heard from someone in the know that throughout his time with us he carried an ankle(I think) injury and Ledley King like, did minimal trainnig so as not to use up his “fit time” – I’m guessing Wenger lost patience with not having a conventionally completely fit player and it was enough for him to accept Pompey’s offer when it came.

    Just hope the cheque they paid us with didn’t bounce !

  53. goonermichael says:

    Blatter is such an idiot. He may be clever to get where he is but he’s like PHW and prince phillip when it comes to opening his mouth .

  54. fatgingergooner says:

    does anyone else get annoyed with the way that modern footballers talk about possible moves? This is Amauri talking about leaving Juve in January:-

    “Where to? I’m reading a lot of things about myself in the newspapers, but I don’t know what is happening in reality.

    “There are people who are working on a move for me and it’ll be their job to find me a new club.”

    when did finding a new club become all about the money? what happened to looking for a club with ambition and a good feeling? it raelly pisses me off that modern footballers dont do anything for themselves and just leave their agents to find the best financial packages.

    rant over

  55. RockyLives says:

    Cheeky post BR – and very entertaining.
    I’ve been travelling for the last couple of days and haven’t had time to comment, but really enjoyed the posts yesterday (well done FGG) and, especially, the day before. Looking through those vids of great goals was pure, unadulterated pleasure.

  56. kelsey says:

    Excuse me interupting chary, but that is not quite correct re Lauren. He has a house in he same street as myself and he bought through the same agent and i met him twice.
    He had absolutely no intention of leaving Arsenal and was not carrying an injury.He reported for training and AW just called him into his office without any prior warning and told him that Portsmouth had made a bid for him and he wasn’t wanted by Arsenal anymore and he was off.That shows the ruthless side of AW.

    and good afternoon to one and all

  57. Afternoon Kelsey, it was something I heard from one of the sprint coaches at Hale End – obviously he was directly involved with the academy trainees but an amount of info about the first team would have filtered down to the other coaching staff such as my acquaintance.

    My guess that an injury may have been the reason for his departure was just that – a guess(as I said at the time).

  58. Erm I have seen rumours on Twitter that Jenkinson is out of the Norwich game with a bad back….anyone have any good sources for this one.

  59. LB says:

    Well that was polite, I must try this method myself someday lol

  60. 😀 LB

    Thanks Chas for putting me out of my misery, can’t believe I mistook Wrighty for Anelka, all I can say is the stride looked too athletic for Wrighty.

    Eddie McGoldrick….anyone else remember his warm up routine where he wouldn’t wear any boots and would just smash the ball around in socks?

  61. Big Raddy says:

    chas. I thought I had 85% whereas in reality probably 60 % at most. Perry Groves ! That is serious anorak stuff ……

  62. BR

    I lived in a Perry Groves World!!

    Number One is Perry Groves
    Number Two is Perry Groves
    Number Three is Perry Groves
    Number Four is Perry Groves…………

    Going for my anorak…. 😀

  63. Just realised that song could work for our new (potential) super sub.

    “We all live in a Chu Young Park World, a Chu Young Park World”

  64. Park Chu Young works just as well 😀

  65. Big Raddy says:

    GIE 🙂

    Having lived through the Perry times and groaned every time I saw his name on the team sheet or came on as sub I was perplexed when he suddenly became an “Arsenal Legend”. Nice enough fella. I guess for the older folk it was irony

  66. LB says:

    I agree, that really is one of the most perplexing pieces of Arsenal history.

    Perry Groves…………….Arsenal legend………………who would have thought?

  67. Big Raddy says:

    LB Perhaps it is the TinTin connection

  68. gunnern5 says:

    Talking of legends……..


    Arsène Wenger has revealed that Thierry Henry is training with Arsenal.

    The Club’s record goalscorer recently ended his second season with New York Red Bull in the MLS and he is now maintaining his fitness levels at London Colney.

    “Thierry was back training with us today [Thursday],” Wenger told Arsenal Player.

    “He just wants to stay fit, enjoy himself and come back to Arsenal Football Club. He is at home here so it’s always good to have him back.

    “We kept in touch anyway, even in the States. He just turns up and practices. When it’s possible of course he can practice with the first team.

    “He always [gives us] a lift and shows just what a good player he is. He doesn’t like to lose – that doesn’t change

  69. Big Raddy says:

    chas. Your video work is outstanding.

    Top work from Perry. As I said nice fella and a proper Gooner

  70. evonne says:

    Chas – fantastic!!
    I bought his book only to make sure that it sold more copies than Cashley’s autobiography

  71. Irishgunner says:

    Evening all,

    Back to the good stuff on Friday, international football is only interesting when the tourneys are on, and Ireland are finally back in one, HURRAH 🙂

    Chary, I see you mentioned Meshuggah above – my younger sister is a massive fan of theirs. She is planning some form of complex tattoo down her ribcage based on one of their lyrics. Something about a flower that turns into skulls….

  72. Gooner in Exile says:

    Perry was no doubt an Arsenal fan and was the luckiest boy alive when GG decided to sign him, but lest we forget he did provide us this moment.

    Watch from about 2:36 to realise one of the reasons he became legend. I do agree though the rest of the time it was head down and run down blind alleys…..remind you of anyone?

  73. Big Raddy says:

    GIE. I was at that Final. Charlie was one of my faves – shame he put more time into socialising than football. HIs first seasons at Celtic were amazing and it was a huge coup to sign him..

  74. Hi Maire, sounds like it could be quite a complex tattoo by the sound of it !

    Meshuggah seem like a young persons band, old gits like me will be “perplexed” by them, to use the mot de jour.

  75. Irishgunner says:

    Chary – She’s into the old and new stuff. She’s 20 and she’s mainly into the likes of Lamb of God, Machine Head, Devin Townsend, but she also likes Judas Priest, the real Guns ‘N Roses. She actually saw Kiss a few years back and said they are so great live, Slash too. She went to Hellfest in France. She needs to tick Meshuggah off her list.

    She has seen a lot of these bands, that is her love … oh, and has one more .. she also loves Lady Gaga. She even “came out” about loving her before I did ha ha

  76. Machine Head must be Deep Purple fans Maire, a band I never got into strangely.

    Kiss are supposed to put on great shows, as little ‘sis seems to confirm, but just listening to them on record seemed to show them as weak song writers IMVHO.

    I reckon she was pushed into the LadyG by a certain someone.

    She should have caught the Priest on their Epitaph tour, I can guarantee she would not have been disappointed.

  77. Irishgunner says:

    Ha ha actually Chary, we were on different sides of the world when we bought grew to love Gaga. I always liked Gaga’s music even though I’m not much into the “new pop” but never had much time for her, until I saw her on some interview and thought “damn, she is it. She knows so much what she is doing.” I love her for far more than her music. In fact, I once made the mistake of saying a Gaga song was a “bit meh” to which my sister retorted “It can’t be meh, IT IS LADY GAGA” – that told me ha ha

    Eemh, my sister has to pick and choose who she goes to seen as she is in college. As for me, I’m off to the ballet tomorrow night – Giselle if you must 🙂

  78. evonne says:

    Irish – because of YOU I watched Lady Gaga tonight, first time in my life. Yes, I think she is good, very good.

  79. Irishgunner says:

    Evonne – ha ha ha ha brilliant 🙂 I’ll have ye all converted.

    Decent performance tonight, I really like her new song Marry the Night, I do hope she releases Scheisse or Government Hooker off the album – they are amazeballs.

  80. goonermichael says:

    I just went on Lady Gaga’s facebook page 45 million people “like” her. I’m stunned

  81. goonermichael says:

    I’d do a much better job on her hair 🙂

  82. evonne says:

    Irish, not sure if I am convert, but she is VERY entertaining. And so young! Good girl. Is she very short?

  83. Irishgunner says:

    Oh, and I know she’s know for her dance stuff, but these two are my absolute most favourite things Gaga has ever done:

  84. Irishgunner says:

    Short is one way of putting it, she’s about 5ft 1 1/2″

    Click on the link here:

    She needs help reaching the microphone ha ha

  85. Irishgunner says:

    GM – ha ha her weave wasn’t the best tonight to be fair.

    Some of her fans are crazy .. its on, Arsenal dominate the football scene on the internet and Gaga fans are all over the www – and I love both… I spend too much time on the internet 😆

  86. kelsey says:

    Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

    that’s what I call a name change.

  87. goonermichael says:

    If you’re interested. You can add me if you both like

  88. goonermichael says:

    I’m off home see you al later

  89. SharkeySure says:

    I absolutely love the squad photo…hilarious

    Cheers Mr Radders

  90. evonne says:

    Irish – I definitely like her, I wear my grandfather’s ring all the time too

  91. Irishgunner says:

    Kelsey – her first album was released under Stefani Germanotta and she went for the girl next door look, when that didn’t work she changed it up a bit 🙂

    GM – Just sent you a request, the Irish name should give it away 🙂

  92. Irishgunner says:

    Cool Evonne 🙂

    She has said her new video will release secrets about her past .. it seems she once attempted suicide, if this is to be believed

    Anyway, I have a forum for the Gaga and this is for the Arsenal. I reckon Koscielny will be in the French squad for the Euros, turned into a nice little buy by AW.

  93. evonne says:

    GM – I have just had a look at your creations – fecking hell, I thought you were just a hairdresser!!! I am completely and utterly gob smacked. Speachless.

  94. SharkeySure says:

    Perry Grovers – I’ll double it ..Lol !!! Top man.

    Loved his book.

  95. SharkeySure says:

    ETL – it was the price list that left me gobsmacked !!!

    Fair do’s – he travels all over the world (and still blogs on AA) so he must be doing something right.

  96. SharkeySure says:

    About 18mths ago I asked a work colleague about Lady G cos she was always in the papers dressed like aright loon.

    He explained that beyond the wacky outfits and crazy antics there was a really talented artist and that slowly more and more people were starting to realise that.

    Someone like her wouldn’t normally be my cup of tea…but I take London’s hat off to her…some of her stuff is pretty amazing.

    She’s writing and arranging this stuff herself , unlike so many of the fly by nights who currently haunt the charts. All credit to her…

    Edge of Glory to replace the Wonder of You..??

  97. evonne says:

    SS – price list…honestly. He is an artist, not a hairdresser. Marvellous creations, including the Bank of Arsenal note 🙂

  98. SharkeySure says:

    Irish 9.08…not exactly cheery stuff that.

    At least you waited til the 9pm watershed, so I’ll thank you for that if nothing else.

    Night all, I’m of to the previoous days post to watch some cracking Arsenal goals. Looking forward to seeing Limpar’s.

    Oh and Chas…I’ll never tire of saying it…sterling work on the video front. I’ll do your quiz tomorrow with a bit of luck

  99. evonne says:

    SS – I knew you’d like Lady Gaga, she’s got big arse..nal?

  100. Irishgunner says:

    SS – yeah, it took me a few months to see past the gimmicks, so glad I did. That video will be too close to home for some, we’ve another 10mins of it to come, that’s only the prelude of the prelude, hopefully it’ll be happier at the end where she reclaims control.

  101. SharkeySure says:

    Ok back from the Heaven that was Raddys post and all the video clips of cracking goals.


    It almost seems silly to pick two stand outs…but Bergkamp at Newcastle, and Eduardo’s heel are the two moments where you don;t really know whats happened until the 3rd or 4th replay. You just won’t ever see goals like those again.

    Beyond those two were many many moments of sheer unaldulterated joy.

    I absolutely love being an Arsenal fan !

  102. SharkeySure says:

    Yeah ETl…Gaga looks OK fro the front and from the back !!

    Right, I’m really offski now…

    Night all

  103. Irishgunner says:

    Terry is in trouble according to tomorrow’s papers, Police want him charged.

  104. Irishgunner says:

    O_O GM you’re not a hairdresser, the woman I went to when I was a teenager was a hairdresser, you’re a fucking artist O_O

    That stuff is right up my alley, I love different styles.

  105. oz gunner says:

    all this talk of lady gaga is making me nauseous.
    Hides behind shock value, just because she dresses out there does not make her an artist/visionary (her stupid team of artists that she has). Madonna called she wants her career path back!

    I’ll tip my hat off to her because she is clever. Saying stuff about suicide is a great way to get more followers, those who can ‘relate’ to her lyrics. Bands have been doing that for years (why do you think emo bands have so many followers). It’s media 101. Shock value=media attention, and as they say there is no such thing as bad publicity for artists/actors.

    She came to oz when she first became Lady gaga and appeared on a popular show. She was a breathe of fresh air, smart, good sense of humour, and down to earth. Then a year and a half later she returns as a complete b*tch, with her stupid bee-hive hair do, snappy (popous-like) attitude. A piece of work that one.

  106. oz gunner says:

    If she is an artist than what are bands like muse (best live band EVER!), radiohead, brand new, arctic monkeys? Lady gaga is one step off of beyonce, britney, and avril

    I mean come on look at this! a piece of music brilliance! and live at that.

    and this just WOW! (2.00 onwards best part)

  107. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Peaches,

    You probably already have a post for tomorrow, but I have emailed you and Rasp a draft post, just in case. Exactly 36 hours till kick-off!

  108. fatgingergooner says:

    how do you add YouTube vids?


    she may be French, but so was Henry!!!

    what a voice

  109. fatgingergooner says:

    oooo it worked!!!!

  110. fatgingergooner says:

    oh n by the way, this song is pure FILTH!!!! Enjoy….

  111. RockyLives says:

    Bit late to chime in I know, but I was gavin a drink in the Algonquin hotel on Tuesday night and Lady Gaga came in…

  112. Fatgingergooner says:

    Was she surrounded by bare chested men RL?

    For some reason that is how I imagine her all the time……..oh, and with a cock!!!!

  113. oz gunner says:

    good call FGG, she does have a very good voice, but you want french singers, look no further than Edith Piaf.

    This bloke sings with so much passion and fire, its easily the best song to appear on jools. Lived out in a cabin in the forest so he could focus on song writing and producing this album. Master class

  114. Fatgingergooner says:

    Love it OZ,

    Starts all David Gray but ends up so much more epic. Love it.

  115. oz gunner says:

    glad you love it FGG.

    I had the pleasure of seeing them in a small intimate gig, and i was blown away. And the end of the set everyone stood up and clapped for what seemed like an eternity. Such fire, passion, and heart break in every song. I spoke to him afterwards and he is a top bloke, very humble

  116. Fatgingergooner says:

    Very jealous OG.

    As a 26 year old, Edith Piaf is a bit out of my time range! But loving the introduction to Bon Iver.

    What are your thoughts for Saturday? I never thought I would say this but 3 points against Norwich would have to be regarded as an outstanding result. They have given both Zmsn U and Liverpool a game this season.

  117. Fatgingergooner says:

    I think Zsmn U are Man U!

  118. oz gunner says:

    As a 24yr old male so found her way there somehow haha. I’ll have to check out some more camille stuff.

    I can’t wait for the game tbh, feels like forever ago that they last played. I think norwich are your typical newly promoted team that are very enthusiastic (just like hull were when they first came into it). I think our pace and ball movement will be too much for them. Look forward to seeing the verm and kozza partnership again. Last years team would of taken them lightly, i don’t think this team will

  119. Morning all, glad we’re not all musically in love with Gaga. I’m still peeved that my wife wanted to see her rather than let me see Neil Young at Glastonbury, thankfully we caught the end of his set which was awesome.

    Oz you’re in to my kind of stuff, do you get Later with Jools in Australia? Artic Monkeys have disappointed as they don’t seem able to make their music big enough to do arenas, still sound like they should be playing a spit and sawdust back room, still love their stuff.

    Me and the wife are off to see Kasabian on 2 December in Nottingham, that should be one great gig with four great albums for th to play from.

  120. Bollox:

    On Kieran Gibbs
    He has a hernia and had surgery on Thursday. He looks like he will be out for between four and five weeks. At first he had an abdominal strain, certainly caused by the fact that he had a hernia already. When the strain was healed we discovered that he had a hernia. We had a fear that could be behind it so we decided to do the surgery.

    on Carl Jenkinson…
    Carl has a stress fracture in his back. That’s just about rest now. We discovered that because he had a pain in his back. First you monitor it, then play a little bit and then you check again because you are cautious.
    We found a small stress fracture that we noticed at an early stage. If he continued to play it could have got worse and then he could be out for a long time. So at the moment the specialist has decided to rest him.

  121. There is some good news:

    on Abou Diaby and Marouane Chamakh…
    They are both back in full training again. Diaby has been out for four or five months so he will need some adaptation. Chamakh is available for the weekend.

  122. evonne says:

    fuck, here we go again

  123. evonne says:

    GiE – when is Sagna back? Not till Feb, i think

  124. Last one from me Spurs in the dock over OlympicStadium spying:

    They used their accountants (my old firm PKF) who have copies of Karen Bradys phone records.

  125. Evonne I think you’re right Jan/Feb.

    Be interesting to see how we go…promote from reserves, use the Pong or LeCoq. Go with JD or Kozzer.

    BR has a task and a half tomorrow 🙂

  126. LB says:

    The laft hand side we have got covered, did anyone see Verm play there against France.


    That is on hell of a back line

    But, Jenks out is a blow


    This is not bad I suppose.

  127. evonne says:

    Koz, BFG, Verm and Santos is good, but as usual our defence is getting thin. Is Verm fully fit? He hasn’t played a full game for us yet, has he?

  128. Big Raddy says:

    Morning. Thank you for putting up such diverse music vids last night. It is always good to hear new stuff.

    Lady Gaga. I can’t believe it but I am becoming a convert.

    Muse. That vid sends shiver down the back. His guitar work is superb.

    Bon Iver. New to me and someone I will put some time into.

    Camille. Lovely. Can anyone tell me what she is singing about?

    As to musician’s personality – It is said that Beethoven was one of the most unpleasant men to walk the planet, doesn’t affect his musical genius.

  129. Big Raddy says:

    LB. Could be JD and not Kos.

  130. oz gunner says:

    Maybe yennaris? he played well there against Bolton

  131. California Gooner says:

    TotalArsenal, I have been busy working and not had a chance to reply to your comment yesterday. As for my interpretation of how people us “negrito” and what it means, I think I’m not on dodgy ground at all. It is a term often used in endearment and does not carry any animus or even the suggestion of trying to degrade someone. In it’s context (Spanish), it is not a word that offends or degrades or leads to violence or suggests that one group should dominate another in any way. In other words, it is not a hate word, even if it’s cousin in English most definitely is.

    Now, where I am on shaky ground is that I don’t actually know what Suarez said, I only read that the word at issue was negrito of course, that made me think “Oh, this is a garden-variety translation problem” . As for your claim that what matters is how Evra felt about it, that is really tricky. Evra seems like a fiery guy who is ready to take offense and do battle with just about everyone. The FA, I suppose, is charged with deciding whether he had legitimate reason to take offense, and if the offending words really are “negrito”, I hope they can just sit everyone down, explain the misunderstanding, say their apologies and kick on. Racism is very real, but my sense is that this controversy might not be.

  132. oz gunner says:

    @ GiE

    Kasabian are definently a band i would like to see, keep getting better and better as they develop as a band. Artic monkeys have evolved, but personally i like their early rawness. The sort of music that would light up a gig and get the blood flowing. haha spewing, gaga over young, i would have cried!

    spewing about jenks and gibbs, juist when things are looking rosey

    @ BR

    don’t do it, don’t drift over to the dark side. A good person will always win out for me, they can be the best football player ever, but i won’t cheer for them as loudly as i would young jenks. Same goes for music, women, most aspects.

  133. Big Raddy says:

    CG. I have to say that your second paragraph is superb and is another example of why you are such a smart man.

  134. Morning all
    Someone told me that evra has accused 2 other players of racially abusing him in the past but neither were proven. I haven’t found any sources to back it up. evra is a c**t though. His colour doesn’t change that.

  135. oz gunner says:

    @ BR

    the lead singer from muse (bellamy) is a one of a kind musician, singer, guitarist, drummer, he does it all, and very well!

  136. Rasp says:

    Morning all, I have 2 quality posts in the bank from TA and 26m.

    I shall publish TA’s today as it is time sensitive and 26m’s next week as I would like to find some appropriate pics (hope that’s OK with you 26m?)

  137. Big Raddy says:

    Oz. I have met many of the greatest living musicians (and some dead ones). What I have learned from the experience is to listen to their work and not concern myself as to whether I liked them as people.

    Of course you are right that a great footballer who is a top bloke (TH14) is more attractive than a great footballer who is “difficult” (Maradona) but they are entertainers, no more.

    Anyone in the public eye has times when they can be unpleasant- it can be after a long flight, after a day of interviewers asking the same stupid questions over and over again, perhaps they are “coming down” or “high” etc etc. It seems churlish to judge them on that basis. Lady Gaga in all the interviews I have seen comes across as a lively, self confident, engaging young woman but that doesn’t mean she isn’t a cow in real life. How can we tell? Better to enjoy or detest her music.

    As for women …..

    Anyway. Back to football.

  138. evonne says:

    Oz – that guy from Muse screeches, horrible. Cannot stand men with high pitched voices.

  139. Rasp says:

    Gibbs out for a month is tolerable as long as Santos stays fit, but the stress fracture to Jenkinson is potentially much more serious to the player and the team. Why is it our injuries always seem to stack up on players in the same position? 😦

  140. oz gunner says:

    @ BR

    well said, i can’t fault your logic.
    I’ll choose to detest

    Your right back to the mighty gunners. This interlull has taken it’s toll

  141. MickyDidIt89 says:

    You forgot Pianist for Bellamy.

  142. Rasp says:

    Morning again, please continue the chat on the

    ….. New post……

  143. miss france says:

    miss france…

    […]Fight for your Life « Arsenal Arsenal[…]…

  144. yerel says:


    […]Fight for your Life « Arsenal Arsenal[…]…

  145. upcoming games…

    […]Fight for your Life « Arsenal Arsenal[…]…

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