Arsenal Foyle United Charge …. Report and player ratings

Written by Harry

They arrived battered, bruised, down trodden and weary, yearning for the season to end and for the summer holidays to start so they can relax and think about how close we have come again to the title to see it ebb away at the death, to plan the changes required, and that’s just the fans……..

The players though, although desperately weary after suffering so much in the last few months, still had to show the fans, the boss and the watching public that we do have something about us, that we can battle and that we can win against United……4 games to ensure that we push Chelsea all the way and also don’t let City still get 3rd from us…..

I sat down in my seat just as the team came out and lined up to shake hands, then the announcer reminded us all what their names were again, hang on Cesc was missing, but Aaron was in the middle instead, an injury in training yesterday it transpired later?

Arsenal started very brightly and had all the early play, United on the other hand had come with their usual game play that Fergie has adopted for last 4 or 5 years against us….Sit, hold and contain and play at speed on the break, with an added secret ingredient of Ji Sung Park, who seems to be Old Red Nose’s, ace up his sleeve, well so he thinks…..

As Arsenal stroked the ball around in the afternoon sun, Walcott was having some joy down the right early doors, one cross came in and United’s defence struggled to clear, Vidic weakly poked the ball out, only as far as Jack, who lashed a wild shot wide of the RH post…..In the seasons to come that ball will nestle in the net nicely……..But it showed our intentions……

The game, as usual between us, had a nasty undertone to it, that threatened to boil over, especially with Shrek intent on moaning throughout at every decision that didn’t go Uniteds way and he continually asked the ref to book players, either that or he was asking Chris Foy, how old his mum was…….

Next moment of interest, saw Nasri trying to break free from Fabio, who was insisting that he fouled Nasri at every opportunity, but the ball broke and Clichy picked it up at pace, he strode forward and put the ball across low into the danger area, Walcott got in between Vidic and Evra, and managed to get a leg on it but could not keep it down…

Moments later, a delightful lob pass was taken through by Jack on his chest, ball down, across the area to the incoming Walcott only for Evra to get to it first…..

Then Nasri, jinks forward pushes the ball into Jacks path, who heads into the box only to be upended on the edge by Vidic, Foy looks over to Fergie and waves play on…..A 100% nailed on free kick…….

Uniteds first chance came about midway when Nani pushed down the right, Clichy held him up but he dinked a sweet ball through to Fabio, who ran into the box, he pulled it back across for Hernandez, but the Sagman, got infront and cleared the ball away for a corner, for me a key moment, as previously when we have had such possession, we have had the tendency to concede on United’s first real chance, Fabio really was given too much room and wasn’t tracked by anyone….

Next really key moment was after an interchange of passes from Ramsey and Van Persie, saw Ramsey put Theo away down the right, delightful cross as RVP rose to head home, Vidic had the urge for a toilet break and put his hand up, the ref said no and play on, it’s the only reasoning I can give for getting no decision, as the aggrieved RVP furiously blasted the assistant on the right.  Should have been a penalty and a red card………Both officials had a cleared view……..poor……

Just before half time, the president of the GILF club, pushed Wilshere to the ground wide out on the left touchline and picked up a yellow…..

The only other thing worth noting from the first half action was that Chris Foy managed to break up Arsenal attacking play 3times!!! By getting in the way…….Which really irked the crowd, who for once played their part in the game and maintained a reasonable atmosphere, I was sitting in North Bank Upper for a change, instead of the clock end.

A change at half time as Nasri was replaced by Arshavin due to Injury……..

Early doors 2nd half and United got a free kick, which had Sczszesny at full stretch to keep a Rooney curler out….

Sagna then had a dig from outside the area, just wide of the far post….

As United repelled another attack, Song intercepted, the ball fell to Ramsey’s feet, he turned and played Van Persie down the right, he continued down the right and into their box, for once we had 3 on the 6yard area, but Ramsey had continued his run, he held his arms aloft and shouted for the ball, RVP dragged it back and Ramsey stroked the ball through Carricks legs into the far LH corner of the goal with Van der Sar helplessly at full stretch…..1-0……..

United continued to push on, but our young pole in goal was having a great afternoon, his presence and confidence clear to see as he dominated his area…….

Then the game really threatened to boil over as Song got the ball off Evra, but he got the player as well, Foy gave a free kick and a yellow, a melee of players threw a few handbags as Nani spat his dummy out wanting the ball back……Took 4 of them to get it off our Cameroonian Warrior……

The next United chance fell to the plastic Ronaldo “Nani” who went for the near post, Sczezesny stood firm and big, blocking the ball away from danger…

The stand out observations in the 2nd half were the tenacity of Arshavin as he flew into tackles…….And Ramsey was orchestrating the play with able support from Wilshere…….

At one break in play Wilshere and Ramsey grabbed a drink from the bench, as they stood on the touchline the boss, gave directions. As I looked down, I remarked to my friend,  that there was the future of Arsenal, keep those 2 and we will win trophies that I am so sure of…..Its an image I want to be seeing in the coming years…..

As Ramsey started another move, he went for his return ball, but Walcott put the ball in, to RVP at the far post, who only managed to hit the side netting….The 2nd would not come, chances were not been taken…….Djourou was replaced by Squillaci due to injury…….which added to the nerves in many……

Another break saw Wilshere stride forward centrally, Arshavin just ahead was screaming for a pass ahead of him. But Wilshere left it too late and didn’t make the chance count, as United cleared the ball away…..

Owen had come on and his only contribution was to dive to try and win a penalty, Clichy tried his hardest to make it look a penalty, as his foot raked his calf, if that had been given, he would have been slaughtered and the Press would have had an absolute field day…

Personally for me it was a dive, but it could have been given and I would have appealed at the other end, similar to Lucas for Liverpool, Owen played for the penalty… For some strange reason Foy forgot he is Fergies rent boy and waved play on…

Arsenal had a few breaks but didn’t capitalise, nerves jangled, United had the last chance as Foy gave a free kick against Ramsey who quite rightly said he got the ball, Nani having just watched a video of Arsenal free kicks on the journey down, blasted into the wall…….

A momentary pause as the fans await the whistle, its blown, 1-0 to the Arsenal…….the crowd largely still there, minimal early leavers, cheered as United fans left with their tails between their legs…

Ratings: (My untrained view)

Szczesny:…7.5…Solid confident display and made some vital saves, his kicking was putting us back under pressure in the 2nd half final minutes…Needs to see this and deal appropriately.

Sagna: …8…Strong defensively and handled all United threw at us. Some good attacking moments and had a long distance shot…For me best RB about at the moment, stopped us conceding in the first half…..

Djourou:…7….Better than last week, strong in the air, clears well, but as the pressure increased in the 2nd, he showed signs of pressure, still has a career ahead of him here, just needs to add a nasty streak for me…..

Koscienly:…7.5…Think it was a good performance, broke play up and pushed forward to give impetus to our play…..He really reads the game so well and cuts out so much, certainly could play the DM role when needed next season.

Clichy:…6…Some good attacking play, but woeful defending, with many silly balls lost, poor headers straight to United players and his usual moments of panic when he got the ball to feet…..His mind always seems to be elsewhere…..

Song…9…Immense, played Rooney off the park totally, in my mind wasn’t necessarily man marking the green eyed monster, but he was everywhere, certainly more defensive minded all round and played a key role, for me really pushed for man of the match, which I know many will go for.

Wilshere:…8…Outstanding play and very influential, much better in the 1st half, offered many outlets and complimented Ramsey……Goals will come next season…

Ramsey:…9…Absolute star, kept probing, never hid, when he did make a mistake  he helped win the ball back…Started and finished the move that ended with him beautifully caressing the ball into the net….That was his first start at home since that break…For me he gets the MotM, just ahead of Song for the goal,. But also his constant harassment of United and forcing mistakes, then initiating forays into their territory…..

Walcott:…8…Had an excellent game, some great crosses into the box, notably the one Vidic handled…Personally would have left him on, just feel he makes the other team nervous….

Nasri:…7…Excellent first half against a dogged opponent in Fabio. Went off injured.

Van Persie:…8… Great game, interlinked play and unlucky not to score. Held his nerve well and great assist for Ramsey. Led the team well, closed down well and worked the line well……Still prefer it when he drops deeper to control play…..


Arshavin:…8… Excellent half and really defended like his life was on the line, was throwing tackles into United players with the more venom than Fergie chews his gum…..

Eboue:…6…Not enough time to judge….

Squillaci:…6…Not enough time to judge….


Wenger:…8…Got his team up for it and showed that without Fabregas we do have a team that can win…Only made 1 tactical substitution, with Eboue for Walcott…Others forced on by injuries. Made a great decision to start Ramsey, people say how much we have missed Vermaelen this season, but so too young Aaron at times would have given us much more in attacking play….


There’s an argument that with the pressure off we played better, I am in the middle, for me there was still the pressure of City breathing down our necks and also keeping in behind Chelsea.  I would agree that the pressure was different to previous weeks.

The team did us proud, they worked hard as a unit and press United, some said United were poor, for me it was due to our work ethic, so praise where praise is due, the score line flattered them really, although as some alluded to yesterday, it was a bittersweet victory which made the recent dropped points even more annoying…….

It has also handed the Chavs down the road a chance, but who do we really want to win out of the twins of ‘equal dislike’ ?

To be honest I don’t really care, just lets win our final 3 games, and see where we sit at the end, 66-1 for the title, which really needs a dramatic collapse from both teams, very unlikely, but then did Kate Middleton really believe as a kid she’d marry a Prince…………?


139 Responses to Arsenal Foyle United Charge …. Report and player ratings

  1. Rasp says:

    My comment from the end of yesterday’s post….

    Morning again London,

    If you divide the goals scored by those conceded, you get a figure that represents how many we score for every one conceded.

    At this point, you get the following result:

    Manu: F71; A33 = 2.15
    Chavs: F66; A28 = 2.35
    Ars: F68; A36 = 1.88
    City: F55; A31 = 1.77

    We would have had to have let in 6 fewer goals to beat manu’s score of 2.15

    Right, I’m off to read Harry’s words of wisdom…

  2. goonermichael says:

    Good morning everyone

  3. Rasp says:

    Great post Harry,

    We bossed the midfield and Shrek didn’t like it. We looked like Barca – not going forward, but in the way we swarmed around them when they had possession.

    We often had 2 or 3 players closing down one of theirs. Jack and Ramsey worked very hard, tackled hard and we defended as a team. I’m sorry to say that one or two of the peripheral midfielders who did not play would not have put in such a shift.

  4. Harry says:

    Thanks Rasp, the boys done well, we defended from the front and closed down, like we did against Chelsea and Barca…

    I agree partly with our discussion about pressure that I included in the report to answer your question from yesterday, I didnt answer the post last night as I wanted to include this within the post……

    It was a great performance and result, so glad I managed to get there, thanks to Peaches and Ian….

  5. kelsey says:

    Nice on Harry.

    I agree with most of your ratings except Arahavin.Yes for the first time he did a shift and tackled hard but didn’t offer anything going forward.
    No cesc, no Samir for half a game and yet we bossed the game, and for once I never thought we would concede once we were one up even when Eboue came on 😉

    Kos had a great game and next season will be awesome.Huge jump for him in his first PL season.

    I love Cesc (not literally) but yesterday proved there could be life after him.

  6. Morning all

    I think Arshavin was definitely told to be on defensive duties yesterday, he hovvered on the edge of a couple of attacks and didn’t join in which is not like him and sprung into action when needed to tackle a mank out of the game.

  7. Harry says:

    Kelsey, Understand about Arshavin, but I watched it all back again last night, initially was going to give a 7, but the amount of attacks he foiled was alot, he prevented alot of pressure, agreed he did little in the last third of real note, but at times was in good positions but wasnt passed to.
    His effort in throwing in the tackles got an extra mark from me, i like effort as much as star quality….

  8. goonermichael says:

    Great post Harry. Although the season has been disappointing we have beaten the mancs, the chavs abd the catalans at the Emirates. I think the wancs were quite poor but that is exactly what they’ve been all season.

  9. Big Raddy says:

    Excellent post Harry. The best match report I have read, and that includes the professionals.

    GILF ….. took some time but I got there 😀

  10. Harry says:

    Agree also Kelsey about Kozzer, thought he did rreally well and has i mentioned above, really feel when needed he could cover for Song, reads the game so well…..

    And there is life after every player when they move on, Cesc, Thierry, Dennis, Ian and even Liam, the clubs stands the test of time, heros come and heros go, I hope he stays, but if he does go, then we will survive…

  11. Harry says:

    Many thanks Raddy, appreciated…High praise welcomed…

    Lol at the GILF, had to keep it short!!

  12. Gooner in Exile says:

    Rasp good point regarding our swarming I have a theory after watching a few highlights of Barca, it seems when they know they are going to lose the ball they effectively give it up so they can stay on their feet and are mobile to start closing down when the opposition has it, too often when we lose the ball we are on the deck and then one man short to start closing down….yesterday I felt we were not going down as easy (maybe we knew we were not going to get FKs with Foy) and so were on feet to tackle back.

    Great write up Harry highlighted all the key points….to me our reluctance to clear our lines properly towards the end of the game is the key thing we need to change for next season and has caused us problems many times this year, either stick it in stands or get it over the opposition defence and squeeze play away from our box.

    This is where some more pacy subs will help in the future as they could chase these down.

    Arshavin for me showed all the defensive quality that he has, determination to win the ball, not frightened to give away free kicks in their half…professional…perhaps that’s the other thing we should add to our game.

  13. kelsey says:

    Harry/peaches take the point about Arshavin, hadn’t looked at it like that which shows you get a different perspective when you are actually there.

  14. London says:

    Superb report Harry

    I am glad you highlighted incident when the united players tried to get the ball off of the “Camaroonian Warrior” did you notice how Rooney went piling in? Alex went for him and Rooney backed off like a scared a little sheep, very funny.

  15. London says:


    Using stats? I have never and will never lower myself.

  16. Harry says:

    Scared sheep, quality London, should have had that one in my report!! Yeah he is a beast…

  17. Harry says:

    GIE, agreed we do have a reluctance to do what is required at times, Chez was pumping the ball back to united too much as well, but in all honesty they little clear cut chances, so we did the job……

  18. chas says:

    Nailed it again, Harry, well done.

    I couldn’t believe how many times we won the ball cleanly only for a free kick to be given simply because someone hits the deck.

    Speaking of which, Barca know how to stay on their feet, GIE?! 🙂

  19. Gooner in Exile says:

    “GILF ….. took some time but I got there”

    I’m sure you got to see some interesting websites when you googled it Raddy 🙂

    We have often been accused of not being big game players….but as others have highlighted our win and approach to games against Chels, Barca and yesterday maybe suggest we are big game players but we need to lose the arrogance against the “lesser” teams and apply the same methods/desire in those games.

  20. Rasp says:

    😆 London

    I agree re stats, but you have to admit that singing ‘one nil to the Arsenal’ again was a joy yesterday for all those at the game. It would be interesting to know (and we never will) if we’d be in a better positon if we’d scored 6 more goals or conceded 6 fewer.

  21. Gooner in Exile says:

    Chas said : “Speaking of which, Barca know how to stay on their feet, GIE?! ”

    Fair point, but I think you know what I mean just watch some highlights of Messi.

  22. goonermichael says:

    who is that piece of shit in the purple shirt on sky? I’d like to chin the t***

  23. Evonne says:

    Harry – great read, thanks a million. I love the opening paragraph best – bruised and battered, and that’s just the fans, brill 🙂

  24. Evonne says:

    Peaches – are you for real?? You would not stay for dinner after the game yesterday saying you were in a great hurry. And then I saw you blogging the night away!!! You were in a hurry to blog….unbelievable

  25. Big Raddy says:

    GIE. Didn’t think to Google it – just sat for a few minutes working it out …. duuuuhh!

  26. Evonne says:

    GM – who?

  27. Harry says:

    Well Rasp taking that question and looking at the games where we dropped points, if you soley look at score draws it makes the same difference..

    If you take games we have lost / drawn, the extra 6 goals give you 12points, 6 fewer gives you 11points, so either way, would have made a difference…..I wont go through all the games…..More goals will always give you the more points, which ever games you take…..

    A score draw, can become a win either way, 0-0 can only be better if we score, a defeat will invariably become a draw……

    For me since the CC final and including that game, if we had taken our chances, our season would have been far better…..

    We create more than any other team I am sure, chance conversion ratio would be very telling..

  28. Harry says:

    Thanks Evonne….Its how we all feel…..

  29. Wonderman says:

    Quality post Harry, it is games like yesterday that we begin to see the payback for patience. Djourou, Song, Ramsey, Walcott,Clichy and Szczesny all brought into the club in their early teens and developed Wilshere academy and Nasri and Van P signed in early twenties as so called ‘no bodies’ . We really have built something special. For me yesterday had tinges of the Chelsea win in terms of the work rate

  30. chas says:

    GIE, I did know what you meant. 🙂

    I heard someone say on the radio yesterday that 3rd place only guaranteed a place in the qualifying round. Can’t seem to find out definitively either way. Wiki says 3rd gets group stage qualification, doesn’t seem to mention 2011/12 qualification. Can anyone help?

  31. chas says:

    Loved the chanting at Evra, Foy and that fat, granny-loving scouser yesterday. Great to be at the Grove and the whingers who sit to my left didn’t turn up, too.
    Happy days. 🙂

  32. Harry says:

    Chas, Call me cynical, dont UEFA make the rules up when they know which clubs are affected?

    As far as I remember we still have the greater coeffcient as a Country and the top 3 qualify, with the 4th having to go through the qualifying stages….

    It has been muted that it is getting close though…

  33. mickydidit89 says:

    Terrific write up. Very very good.
    By the way, I also really enjoyed your report on your saturday day out, so thanks for that also.

  34. Harry says:

    Micky, cheers 🙂

  35. chas says:

    Thanks Harry. We definitely have the coefficient required, it’s just if they’ve changed the rules or not.

    Nice photo plus tweets

  36. Wonderman says:

    It was also not lost on me that Ramsey should get his first start 14 months after that horror tackle against Manu U, play so well and score the winner with you know who up next !!! Football really does throw up some sequences of events

  37. 26may1989 says:

    Great write-up Harry, well done that man. Little bit harsh on Clichy I thought, but that’s just a tiny quibble.

    Seeing Fergie complain about a referee not giving him a penalty after that Vidic save (which should have meant playing most of the game with 10 men and losing a key player for their game against Chelsea), and also complaining about not enough injury time, has been priceless. The man has no sense of irony. Much as I hate Chelsea, the thought of Fergie having to cede the title to Ancelotti is appealing.

    I’m pretty sure the third place team in England will go straight into the CL group stages next season, but change is on its way for later seasons.

    If Liverpool hold onto 5th spot, does that leave Spurs praying for City to win the FA Cup as their last route to European football? So much for their arrival at the top table.

    Completely agree with Wonderman about the beauty of Ramsey coming back to the fore in time to play (potentially) against the scum of Stoke. I’m thinking of going to that match (tickets were still available last night).

  38. goonermichael says:

    If liverpool hang on to 5th the spuds can pray as much as they like. Stoke are already in Europe unless City come 6th.

  39. GunnerPete says:

    Yes like all other Gunners, I am chuffed with the result and the performance. Sad to say that we still had a couple of poor performers ,Nasri & Clichy. When Nasri was replaced we had the sight of Arsharvin actually doing what he is paid for and should have done in every game. I also not that as soon as Djourou was off we did not look the same as his contribution is never really appreciated especially in the air.

    I feel that Kossy is a big player for us in the future because he would make a fantasic DMF and would release him to surge forward.

    My hope now is the Arsene takes the great opportunity he has now to sell the poor performers of the past 4 years and replace them with class. I think the money we would get for ..Bentner, Denilson, Almunia, Clichy,Sqillaci, Diaby, plus about 5 loanies who will never make it at AFC would pay for 2/3 class players to come in and make the difference.

    I also think we do not need a goalie as what we have now is only going to get better.

    We do need a fighter like Jones of Blackburn in defence. We also need another winger (Miyachi ??) add to them Oxlade Chamberlain and a great goal poacher ?? The and only then will we change back into a team who can hold a lead, and win without having 65% possession every game.

  40. 26may1989 says:

    Thanks GM. Stoke and Birmingham in European football next season, quite a thought.

    And I wonder what van der Vaart, Modric and Bale would make of there being no European football for them at all.

  41. Morning all, a bitter sweet victory as this should have been a result more relevant to our title chances than the Bus stop in Fulham.

    As per usual the purple-scabs-on-red-nosed jocko refused to talk to Match of the day to keep his 5 year long hissy fit going.

    Why on earth doesn’t this detestable human being(?) just grow a pair and let this vendetta against the BBC go ?

    The ManUre plastics will no doubt say he has got a pair – yeah, a pair of panties, the big girls blouse.

    Well done to Harry for the report, he deserves a great result to write up after having to report on the painful defeats/draws we’ve suffered lately.

    Lastly , and most importantly, well done to the lads, I had us down to get beaten 2 or 3-1.

    I’ll willingly eat humble pie on this occasion – now go on and aim for 2nd.

    Have it you mank scum !

  42. goonermichael says:

    Amen to that chary

  43. harry says:

    26m, i was at the start a big fan of clichy and for one season, a few back, thought he was at least equal to him who shall not be named at chavs…
    But for me he has regressed alarmingly, perhaps i am harsh, but he is so much better…

    He dwells on the ball in defence and gets caught in two minds causing panic….

    Yesterday he must have gave the ball away at least 6 or 7 times which is too much….attacking he was good….

  44. Mickeyk says:

    Wilshere & Ramsey will be the midfield for us next season and will be great .we will let cesc go and both move on al the rumours are um healthy for the club .sell him as asap or let him come out at the end of the season and say he’s staying. Let’s win the champions league next season.

  45. If anyone wants to check out ITV4 right now the Arsenal of the IPL(see my Bolton preview) are playing the ManUre of the IPL.

    I wonder if the red top and white sleeves with the Fly Em***tes logo will give them a boost.

  46. London says:

    Wow, just goes to prove how two people can watch the same game and see two totally differnt things: I didn’t see Clichy give the ball 5 or 6 times that’s not to say he didn’t I will have to watch the game again, all I remember about Clichy is the sterling ninety miuntes of defending he put in.

  47. goonermichael says:

    Clichy was ok for me up to the time we scored after that he kept giving the ball away or putting it out.

  48. goonermichael says:

    Isn’t it nice talking about a win again. Especially as it was against those scumbags

  49. Any win against the ManUre is a reason to feel great GM.
    the tantrums and rants against the ref coming from the alcoholic sweaty are not only fun to watch but good evidence of him getting nervous.

    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if the Old Toilet mob finished potless after the all the press creaming themselves off about how great they are ?

  50. goonermichael says:

    Wouldn’t it just chary. I’m off out see you all later.

  51. Wonderman says:

    Harry I have to agree with London, I didn’t see him give the ball away that many times either, what I did see was some thundering headers usually reserved for Sagna, his usual speedy interceptions and the usual dithering when static. I wouldnt agree he has regressed , I think what he needs is serious competition which Gibbs isn’t yet

  52. Big Raddy says:

    I am with Harry on this. Clichy has regressed. His tendency to go central into the space where the covering MF plays has given us problems all season.

    He looks as though he is lacking a deep seated confidence in his own excellent ability, insomuch as when he gets under pressure he flaps, which is not the Clichy of old.

  53. stats4u says:

    Excellent half and really defended like his life was on the line, was throwing tackles into United players with the more venom than Fergie chews his gum…..

    I love it))))

  54. Harry says:

    Wonderman / London, dont get me wrong, I rate Clichy highly when on his game and he does attack well, but he has regressed and I probably have a keen eye on him as i feel he lets the opposition in more than others, I was speaking with a guy near me during the game, near the end we were speaking and mentioned how many times he gave away needlessly, he said “not sure how many it was, but I counted 4 times at least…”

    I have a feeling I might watch it all again and count the exact number of times he gave it away……

    He did some good things, and I still hope he gets back to his true level, but have a nagging doubt about him at the moment, he has cost us so many points over the last few seasons in big moments….

  55. dandan says:

    Funny how the mood of a blog can change so drastically on just one result.
    I watched the game this morning, was surprised at the defensive enterprise and commitment of AA when he came on, his committed tackling back and blocking was a revelation to me. Clichy does have I believe a tendency to turn his back, when in possession and get caught on the ball, when row Z should really beckon. But his attacking play is a bonus.

    I still think he will leave and an older head will be purchased, who together with the return of TV will add solidity to that back line

    Song.s master class made Rooney sing to a different tune, maybe it was the fact that he found himself neutered that caused Fergies delinquent granny humper to whine so loudly to the ref.

    Our midfield was superb but could be even better should Cesc. get over his disappointment and agree to bring his sublime skills to the party for another year, should he not do so, it will not be the end of the world.

    Theo continues to improve as he is allowed to run through the middle, which is where I hope he plays next year.

    So a new full back and striker plus the return to full fitness of TV will IMHO together with the mixing and matching of fringe players and Loanee’s and the selling off of the not quite made it elements of our squad. Set us all up for a mega anniversary year.

    I was pleased with the way we played yesterday given that it was forty years to the day, that I and many of you stood at the Lane and watched Frank and the boys beat the Spuds for the first leg of our first double. Made even more poignant for me by the fact that yesterday I rode on a steam train also probably for the first time in 40 plus years as that was how I would get to games in the early years.

    Strange to think the spuds had not played in the CL for ten years before that and not since till this year.

    Pity they wont qualify this year AGAIN. 🙂

    So a fine performance by the lads and a happy day. Roll on next season

  56. goonermichael says:

    You went to games on steam trains dandan? You’re older than me!

  57. dandan says:

    68 soon Mike

  58. kelsey says:

    69 😉 those were the days my friend….reminds me of a song

  59. Red Arse says:

    Excellent Post, Harry, written clearly with a note of poetry in the phraseology. Really liked it! 🙂

    It would be churlish to find fault with our players yesterday, and really I did not see much wrong, anyway.

    There was a certain amount of apprehension in the final 20 minutes after Djourou went off, because he was superb in the air and his physicality was missed when Squidger came on.

    Still chuffed, today, with the memory of Red Nose’s face as the match petered out for him! 🙂

  60. goonermichael says:

    Older than me then dandan. You’ve seen some good and bad times.

  61. dandan says:

    Which is why I don’t chuck my toys out of the pram at our present local difficulty’s Mike. You like I and Kelsey, no doubt know how lucky we are to have this great club to support.

    Imagine never out of the top division in my life time and never likely to be, unless we do a Charlton of course. 🙂

  62. dandan says:

    Sorry Harry have just realised I hadn’t complimented you on another excellent post, cheers mate

  63. Harry says:

    Thanks Redders, 🙂 glad you liked it….

    Good innings Dandan, bet you really have some stories about the old days…….

    Its the consistency of the club as you mention not out of the top flight in your lifetime, no club even comes close to that including United and Liverpool…….

    Dandan, a question to you with so much arsenal history in your locker, what is your single most favourite Arsenal match and why…….??

  64. Harry says:

    thats ok Dandan, cheers 🙂

  65. Harry says:

    And I know that is a stinker of a question……

  66. RockyLives says:

    Excellent and comprehensive report Harry.
    The phrase “twins of equal dislike” to refer to the Chavs and Mancs is one of the finest phrases I have ever read on AA – and believe me, that’s high praise!

    Naturally I would like both disliked twins to win nothing, but given that one of them has to win it I would go for the Chavs, even though they have despicable excuses for human beings like Cashley and Terry in their team.

    My reasoning is this: at the start of the season they were playing fantastic footy and were clearly the best team, bettering everyone in their wake. Then they had a monumental drop in form and looked to be out of the title race. Now they’ve got back to decent form (although not the swagger of early season). But at least they had a period when they were absolutely top class.

    Contrast that with United – they have looked like an average team all year long. And although we can admire their capacity to win ugly and grind out results, their quality of play does not deserve a league title.

  67. RockyLives says:

    *’bettering everyone in their wake’ should have been ‘battering everyone in their way’ 🙂

  68. Harry says:

    Thanks rocky, appreciated……

    Your reasoning for the Chavs is spot on, they probably deserve to win more than anyone else, they did have an awesome start and if they beat united and win their two games that will be an astonishing recovery, united are bland and sterile…

  69. dandan says:

    Not really Harry as a lone Gooner in a household full of Spuds the aforementioned Spuds Championship game stands supreme. Although my youngest son a Liverpool fan would have it that I cant ever let go of a certain night in May 89, he says we should get over it.
    By the way I am waiting to send my Spud brother his annual St.Tots day card, he loves me really 🙂

  70. RockyLives says:

    It gives me no pleasure Harry, but on balance I think they would deserve it more (notwithstanding the ‘whoever finishes first deserves it’ argument).

    Andrei’s performance was a revelation. Obviously he was under strict orders to keep it tight, but I wonder what made him put in that performance? Do you think he wants to stay?

  71. RockyLives says:

    Harry, dandan
    I haven’t been supporting as long as DD (my first game was in 1969, aged 10). But the most memorable game for me has to be May 26th 1989 – even though I was only watching on the TV in Hull, of all places.

    I was actually present for the 1-0 win at OT when he won the double in 2002. I was at Wembley in 1979 when we beat ManUre in the most dramatic finish ever to an FA Cup final. I was at Highbury when TA6 scored in the 4-0 end-of-season win over Everton to clinch Wenger’s first title. But it still has to be May 26th.

    I also remember watching the ’71 Cup Final (on the box) and listening to the WHL game on the radio, but to be honest I was too young to really appreciate the full significance.

    (Sorry for answering a Q directed at dandan, but it’s a good Q for every Gooner).

  72. kelsey says:


    I have to agree with dandan about winning the league at WHL, I think Raddy was there as well, but the the 3-0 win against Anderlecht turning round a 3-1 defecit the year before in the then called Fairs Cup was nearly as good as the home fans went mental aftr 17 years in the wilderness.

  73. dandan says:

    Rocky all that and more, just underlines how lucky us Gooners have been and why the talk of protests by some this season, has as much relevance as a budget to Arry down the Lane.

  74. California Gooner says:

    Great write-up. The thing about Vidic’s handball: the ref didn’t wave play on. He gave us a corner! So how he saw a touch… but somehow missed it was with the hand??? I was watching on an ESPN feed and even they brought up the fact that ManU had not lost in 19 matches overseen by Chris Foy. It was an absurd call..

  75. dandan says:

    Kelsey got me shoes full of filthy water as I sunk in the mud and got a boot-full, That night, God bless Jon Sammells another Highbury hero consistently given the Denilson treatment even though his goal made the team believe and and saw the end of a real trophy less run.
    Had a car by then Mike didn’t need any trains 🙂

  76. RockyLives says:

    You can just about understand Foy not spotting the Vidic handball from behind – but the lino? Strewth! He had a perfect sideways on view of it.

    But as has been said, the sheer hypocrisy of The Claret Conked Caledonian with regard to the Owen dive is hilarious.

  77. RockyLives says:

    I just felt moved to post a comment on a hilarious ManUre blog which has the headline: “Manchester United Are Being Robbed” and begins with these two paragraphs: “How many more hits can any club endure before you begin to question the very fabric of our footballing establishment?
    “Sunday’s game at the Emirates was yet another example of why it’s become increasingly obvious the FA are determined United will not beat the lovable, media friendly scousers to that 19th title.”


  78. Harry says:

    Dandan, I had a feeling you might go for that one and Kelsey mentioned the other night of true significance when we beat Anderlect 3-0 at Highbury…..Truly historic games, but having just been born, I cannot say I remember much of the win at the lane….

    Rocky, it was just that DD had so much history just wanted to see what match he came upwith…..

    And as DD says we are lucky to support a club with true very long history….

    Yeah I heard that Calforinian Gooner, its a bizarre stat that was the 1st game in 20 United had lost with Foyle in charge…….

  79. kelsey says:


    as you know we went on to complete the double after beating Spurs with our extra time winner from Charlie George (forever etched in my memory)at Wembley against Liverpool.

    That night was a private party at what was then known as the Portman Hotel in Portman Square for the players staff and their wives and I and a fortunate few were invited and I still have to this day the menu with all the players signatures,something I treasure dearly.

  80. goonermichael says:

    Can we post on that blog? Do you have a link? Dandan you’ve seen it all. Some gooners are so spoilt they have no idea really.

  81. RockyLives says:

    Hi GM

    You’ll see my comment. I think it’s important to have a moral high ground and avoid abuse when guesting on other clubs’ sites!

  82. harry says:

    absolute quality kelsey, i am sure you do treasure it……i am sure you can vividly remember that night……….i can only be jealous……

  83. Red Arse says:

    I do not have any intention of regaling you with more wisdom as expressed by the good Polish doctor who diagnosed ‘Human Bias Syndrome’, but it has certainly been in evidence again this weekend.

    The ‘bias’ mentioned in the syndrome is not the same as ‘prejudice’ which is the usual synonym by which we understand it.

    Let me explain. Rocky was convinced, quite genuinely, that Michael Owen ‘dived’ to try and get a penalty yesterday. This view may have been informed by the fact that Owen has got ‘form’ in this regard.

    Many others shared his view with ‘cheating b*stard Owen’ being mentioned here and there.

    For myself I thought it was a penalty, and thought Clichy had stupidly ‘done an Eboue’. Again, there were many who also thought it was a pen.

    All of us are being subjectively influenced by our biological Human Bias Syndrome which subconsciously drives us to ‘see’ what we expect to see.

    This may also explain why refs and linos often, and entirely innocently, fail to see what seems obvious to many other observers.

    Conspiracy? Nahh! Human fallibility! 🙂

  84. RockyLives says:

    Well, you’re half right Redders.
    Bias undoubtedly informed my immediate reaction to Owen’s dive. But I then watched it about 15 times on and came to the conclusion that Owen was already half way to the ground when Clichy made contact. Which is not to say that Clichy wasn’t daft for dangling his leg out.

    Of course, I could be just seeing what I want to see because of human bias! 🙂

  85. Red Arse says:

    Rocky, 🙂

    I would have been mad at Clichy if the ref had awarded a late pen, so maybe my ‘human bias’ reflected that view.

    Having watched it over and over too, oddly I have not changed my opinion either.

    Given the camera does not lie, (well, at least we are looking at the same material), it just shows the contradiction lays with us humans, so the good doctor was clearly on to something. 🙂

  86. RockyLives says:

    Fair enough Redders.
    I’m sure we can both agree that “we’ve seen ’em given” – especially in favour of ManU.

  87. Red Arse says:

    As I said earlier, Rocky, the ‘bias’ referred to here is not ‘prejudice’. You know the old unreasonable “all men are biased (prejudiced) against women drivers”. 🙂

    It is something in our brains, over which we do not have conscious control, that ‘biases us to ‘see or believe’ that a given event occurred in a particular way.

    This human syndrome explains the honestly held but, conflicting, opinions as to what actually happened in instantaneous, emotive circumstances.

    NB: Any resemblance to human intellectual discourse, at least on my part, is totally without foundation!! 🙂

  88. Red Arse says:

    I’m shutting up now! 🙂

  89. RockyLives says:

    Sounds to me like we should get a ‘human psychology’ post out of you as a follow up to the quantum physics one!

  90. Red Arse says:

    If only I knew what I am talking about, Rocky. 🙂

    Have you noticed only you and I are still chatting, there are distinct ‘blog snores’ coming thru’ my keyboard, as a result of my intervention? 🙂

  91. Gooner in Exile says:

    Thanks for the link to that Man U blog Rocky hilarious, i added a little comment of my own, it must have been a surprise to them to lose with Foy refereeing, have a look at Untold Arsenal Ref Watch.

    Regarding Owen:

    1) Yes he was turning and already going down.
    2) Clichy lifts his leg to clear the ball is not looking where Owen is.
    3) The above two don’t matter as as we are always told football evens itself up 😀

  92. SharkeySure says:

    Cracking report Harry.

    I was as mystified as most about Arshavins reluctance to join some attacks, but hey I also complain when we are too gung ho.

    If it was to instruction then thats great news in terms of our tactical awareness improving.

    Fair play to Arshavin, he really did put in a shift

  93. Carlito11 says:

    Harry, thanks for the excellent match report. Some quality lines there. Liked the GILF reference and really enjoyed the fully voiced song aimed at Rooney for the same proclivities…
    I’ve just got over my hangover! It was a great day to regain some pride and feel happy to be a Gooner again and there was plenty of good humour from the crowd. Outside the ground, after the match, the MU supporters by the coaches were trying to wind us up but all they got was some excellent humour for their efforts, with songs including “you only live round the corner” and “what’s it like to see the sun?” sung back at their fake hooligan posturing!
    I had an interesting meet up pre-match with a couple of youngish foreign lads who were both qualified UEFA coaches (B badge) and more interestingly, mates of one of our first teamers. They divulged (but were keen not to be leaking) that our captain is not particularly well liked in the dressing room and is seen as thinking himself better than the others. Interesting to hear this and then find Fabregas “injured’ and not playing the match. Our team spirit looked pretty good and it was a feature that we looked to have multiple outlets rather than channeling it all through the middle.
    It was also revealed that many of the players wish the manager would shout at them more and that they feel they need a dressing down from time to time, especially after some of the recent poor performances. That established players can be so frank about this was a bit surprising to me, but shows the need for whoever takes the first team coach role next season to instill a touch of fear as I can’t see AW changing his ways so significantly.

  94. SharkeySure says:

    From Untold Arsenal:

    May 2nd, 2011 at 8:35 am
    A much needed and deserved victory against the old enemy.
    SAF very nearly outfoxed Wenger by relying on his tried and tested 4-5-2 system, deploying Chris Foy as a deep lying midfielder. Foy proved very effective in the first half as he intercepted more passes than both Anderson and Carrick put together.”

    4-5-2…Lol !!!

  95. Gooner in Exile says:

    Where were these two lads from?

  96. London says:

    tried and tested 4.5.2 lol

  97. dandan says:

    It looks as though football has had enough of Maureen the critics are starting to be heard. Some like this one high profile and quoted in the times

    “Ottmar Hitzfeld, the two-time Champions League-winning coach, has accused Jose Mourinho of damaging Real Madrid’s name.

    The Portuguese faces punishment from Uefa for his bizarre rant following Real’s defeat to Barcelona in last week’s Champions League semi-final, first leg in which he claimed that the Catalans had so much political power in football “that no one else has any chance”. His hysterical attack included slanderous conspiracy theories against European football’s governing body, Unicef and a number of senior referees.

    Hitzfeld, the current Switzerland coach, was appalled at the outburst and also the manner in which Mourinho set up his side to deal with Barcelona’s flair.

    “That does not relate to the expectations of the kings from Madrid,” Hitzfeld, who won the Champions League with Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich, said. “The good name and the image of the legendary club was damaged by that.

    “To raise suspicions about Barca’s commitment to Unicef, that is not right, he has overstepped the mark.

    “At Uefa coaching days I have experienced Mourinho to be just as his seems; arrogant, unapproachable, chewing gum, somewhat loutish.”

    After the 2-0 defeat at the Bernabéu, Mourinho said: “I have won two Champions League with hard work, with sweat, with pride. I won them on the pitch. I would have been embarrassed, I would have been ashamed to win the title [as Barcelona did in 2009] because it was won with the scandal of Stamford Bridge. This will be won with the scandal of the Bernabéu.

    “Where does all this power come from? If Barcelona are honest, they know this is happening. Sometimes I feel disgusted living in this world and earning my living in this world.

    “I don’t know if it’s the advertising for Unicef. I don’t know if it’s because they are nice guys. I don’t know if it’s Uefa.”

    He is already facing a heavy fine and possible six-match touchline ban for the comments and today Uefa rejected Real’s request to open new investigations into the Barcelona players’ behaviour during the ill-tempered match.

    Uefa’s disciplinary committee will examine six charges against both clubs on Friday, including two against Mourinho.

    The teams meet at Nou Camp tomorrow for the second leg with Real trailing to two Lional Messi goals.”


  98. kelsey says:

    Carlito:re Cesc, perhaps a tad arrogant.

  99. SharkeySure says:

    Re Rice’s replacement, fingers crossed it will be someone who displayed a lot of bite and aggression as a player.

    Grimandi and Bould seem to be the names most mentioned, with Keown as an outside bet

  100. dandan says:

    What if DB10 wanted the job Sharkey

  101. London says:


    Impossible…….won’t fly…….no CL away games.

  102. London says:

    HI Sharkey

    My punt is that it won’t be any of the names that we expect……someone totally out of left field to appear.

  103. kelsey says:

    from republik of mancunia.

    As has been the problem in every away game, our midfield didn’t get enough of a say. Whilst Michael Carrick has been great in our recent European games against Schalke and Chelsea, he did little to impose himself on the game. Despite his new deeper role, he only made one tackle all game and was guilty of the sideways/backwards passing which has started to limit before yesterday. If Carrick was bad, Anderson was horrendous. At least Carrick was receiving the ball and passing it on, which is more than can be said of Anderson, who was on the pitch for almost an hour and attempted just 17 passes. Compare that with Ramsey (62 passes), Song (58 passes) and Wilshere (53 passes) and you see just how atrocious that is. He shits on Fabregas? Well, Arsenal’s captain wasn’t on the park and Ando didn’t even come a close 2nd to the younger replacement.

  104. kelsey says:

    maybe maureen 😉

  105. London says:

    Whats the difference between Mourinho and Fat Sam Allardyce?

    Maureen has been lucky enough to have had a bit a money to spend but tactically there is none what so ever.

  106. Gooner in Exile says:

    London 8:03… on mate.

  107. SharkeySure says:

    DanDan – no to DB10, as London says, the non flying is a very big problem.

    Also, I worry about someone as gifted as DB10 understanding and motivating the less technical players. I think we need someone who extols the virtues of sheer hard work and bit of bloody-mindedness.

    I’d give up all summer transfers for an injection of a greater will to win, and a change in mentality approach to turning things around when the chips are down.

    We saw it at home to Everton and we thought/hoped that we’d turned the corner on that one. We continued to see signs on occasions, but not when it really mattered. Alas.

  108. Harry says:

    Cheers Sharkey, CArlito and anyone else I havent thank for the praised received, it is appreciated and makes me spend longer each time on my reports to maintain the standards for you all…….

    Carlito, sorry didnt get a chance to meet up, but had to leave to get my son home for 5 aside, which was cancelled!”!

    Interesting words from your the two blokes you spoke to in the pub…..

    Certainly I have heard before that the players actually do want the hairdryer treatment when required, ie Anfield when Liverpool played us off the park in the first half for us to take them apart in the 2nd half, last season if I remember right.

    The other issue does seem possible, he has become angry in his apprearance and seems to flash scornful looks continually…..He doesnt look happy, perhaps it was a step too far for him to stay when his heart was elsewhere…..

    For me, I want this issue sorted by him one way or the other asp……

  109. SharkeySure says:

    *mentality AND approach*

  110. Harry says:

    Sharkey, put a tenner on Bould………nailed on…

  111. SharkeySure says:

    London, you might well be right. I figure Rice was kept on when Arsene arrived as he really knew the club inside out and Arsene would have wanted/needed that.

    15yrs on, and perhaps Arsene is now thinking that he actually needs an outsider.

  112. SharkeySure says:

    Harry, if he’s nailed on and I’m only offered 2-1 (or even worse) its hardly worth it. I might as well give another tenner to Carlito’s charitable sky-dive which happens early in June (shameless plug there!) 😉

  113. Harry says:

    Agreed about the worthability of the bet, just a statement more than a recommeded bet…….. if the odds are more attractive, then bet on him……

  114. Popping in again – can’t resist – to say well done and a big ‘thank you’ for that richly deserved win against The Rags (even if it means we can’t catch you – not that I particularly mind that, you’ve been demonstrably better than us in the two games, even if the first one was spoiled by The Boy Otter’s sending off. We (City) are in about our just and rightful place but still have some way to go until we are better than you and the King’s Road chavs. I think we are about on par with The Rags.
    Van Persie for me was the nailed on MOM, at the heart of anything good that you were doing. Special mention for Song, only DMF equal to or better than our beloved DJ, IMO and the often-rubbished Arshavin certainly put in a good shift. Walcott, Ramsey too and Chesney improves every game.
    Kind regards to all my former adversaries! See you next season. BV

  115. Carlito11 says:

    Hi BV- good to see you again 🙂 RvP actually looked like he couldn’t be arsed to chase, harry and jump in the last 20 which meant we had to soak up more pressure than the crowd were comfy with at the end! Love the lad tho- and he’s been great for us since he came back…
    GiE, I can’t reveal the nationality as it would give them away. Suffice to say they’re mates with a calm and steady player, not someone with any sort of reputation for bust ups. Kelsey- arrogant/ big time charlie were the phrases that came up in the pub to describe him 😦 It could be a question of interpretation- I asked if he’s just a bit too aloof but couldn’t get the meaning of “aloof” across to these two lads so we’ll never know…

  116. Carlito11 says:

    Sharkey- thanks for the plug fella 🙂

  117. RockyLives says:

    haha – welcome back BV
    I’ve got a sneaky feeling you might get your wish and see your noisy neighbours pipped at the post by the Chavskis.
    Make sure you keep ahead of those Spuds too!
    ‘Til next season… 🙂

  118. SharkeySure says:

    Hey BV, good to see you from me too.

    No worries Harry, I only ever bet on certs with long odds!! 😉

    Carlito stick the link up again for me please. Shamefully I can’t remember even a key word to Google it.

    If you like, I can keep losing the link and ask you to repost it twice a week til you plummet to earth at 80mph hoping and praying that the parachute opens.

    Ooops…I mean til you jump out and float gently to earth enjoying both the serenity of it all, and the awesome views of Norfolk countryside.

    Yep that’s how I meant to put it, I’m not (Sharkey?)sure what went wrong there.

  119. RockyLives says:

    Have sent you an email.

  120. SharkeySure says:

    “RvP actually looked like he couldn’t be arsed to chase, harry and jump in the last 20 which meant we had to soak up more pressure”

    I saw exactly that too Carlito. I mentioned it to a friend on Sun nite but he wasn’t so sure. I found it pretty disappointing, and thats why I talk about the whole teams defensive responsibilities. For me, that showed a real lack of desire and application.

    Maybe RVP off, Theo thru the middle to chase and harry (and score a 2nd?), and Eboue to RM was an option..??

  121. SharkeySure says:

    No3. is a mate of mine. no.7 is weird/funny/odd, and No.8 is clearly an LG man, probably a GILF as well.

    Nite all

  122. dandan says:

    GIE have to say a big well done to Norwich, be some partying around your way tonight I guess. Henry Lansbury, will he stay there or come home? I wonder

  123. Gooner in Exile says:

    RvP puts in a good deal of work running and moving the opposition defence around, he visibly tires towards the end of games regularly and I guess conserves energy in closing stages.

  124. Gooner in Exile says:

    Yeah chuffed for Norwich, mainly because its an away game I won’t have to travel miles too….I expect one of my Gold blessed members on here to make sure I get a ticket for that one 🙂

    Carlito it was worth a try 🙂

  125. Carlito11 says:

    Sharkey- the sponsorship link is:
    The video link is:
    I think RvP does tire at the end of games, maybe because this is the longest consecutive run of games he’s had for many years? I don’t quite understand why we look “leggy” when we’re playing fewer games a week than Utd?

  126. kelsey says:

    Morning all.

    I kkeep thinking why Cesc didn’t play in what amounted to a crucial game in the season.There are only two that he had a slight knock or Wenger thought that Cesc shouldn’t have come out publically with what he said(regardless if it was true) and he dropped him.

    he has played non stop for nearly two years with the Confederation Cup and then a cameo in the World Cup but at the same time he has had several hamstring problems,but I am in the camp where I believe he was given the armband to pacify him to make him stay for another season.However he hasn’t had a great seaon by his standards yet he is troubled in his head, it’s plain to see.
    He will eventually leave and one can’t base our future on one game with a quartet of Song,Wilshere,Nasri and Ramsey but having read the comments above about his general persona maybe it would be better if he left this season(providing the money is right) than next season.

  127. Gooner in Exile says:

    One thing that I failed to mention yesterday was the courage Ramsey showed when scoring.

    Last season we witnessed Eduardo half commit to opportunities like that as there seemed to be something in the back of his mind.

    Whereas Rambo fully committed to the shot despite the incoming lunge of Carrick and the probable impact.

    My Dad also said he felt most of our other forwards would have feigned to shoot in that situation and try to give themselves more space.

  128. dandan says:

    GIE Your dad is correct, us old uns recognise these things, I have personally tried to shoot the wife three times, but never found a clear shot. She now says I am a waste of space, has confiscated the gun, sold it on Ebay and brought herself a new hat with the money.

  129. London says:

    Hahahahahah Dandan that is so funny.

  130. Big Raddy says:

    LOL DD.

    You mentioned the Gay Hussar the other day which brought back powerful memories. My late father used to have a regular table there, and once or twice a month he would invite me to lunch. As I was just a lad, it seemed such a treat. I always ate the Goulash which to my simple palate was very exotic.In later years I dined there because it was so close to EMI and CBS/Sony head office. Does it still exist?

    In the words of Bob Hope …. Thanks for the Memories.

  131. Gooner in Exile says:

    Dandan 😀

    Distinguished Age (pc for Old) Man Wisdom

  132. dandan says:

    Morning London Have a nice day my friend.

  133. dandan says:

    BR my route to management was through selling, my patch was Soho, so I became a member of the village community and was given much help by the residents. Do you remember Fiona Richmond/Paul Raymond and her car with the FU2 number plate, perhaps we will get a chance to swap stories with Kelsey some day. would be interesting I bet.

  134. Evonne says:

    GIE – I agree about Aaron; to me his comeback was the highlight of the season. Eduardo never recovered, Diaby – well, he has an excuse, but Aaron is back with vengence. Fantastic lad.

    Dandan – so you are another misfiring gunner, good on your wife 🙂

  135. Big Raddy says:

    Of course I do and one of them had the number plate PEN 15 !

  136. kelsey says:

    My patch as well initially in Poland street then D’Arbley Street and there was a house off ill repute next door but one to us and Clement Freud always seemed to be popping in.
    Then one guy had the number plate ELVIS (5)

  137. goonermichael says:

    oof to work to see my manc colleagues with a spring in my step. See you later.

    Do you remeber louisa’s the lesbian club in Poland street Kelsey? I had my first stag night there.

  138. kelsey says:

    stag night in a lesbian club….must have been interesting 😉

    Can’t say I remember that one,but Raddy would know as he swings both ways 😉

  139. Morning all

    New Post

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