Talksport – hitch all your anti-Arsenal bandwagons here

During last summer’s England World cup debacle, much to my chagrin, I found myself listening to the above radio station specifically for  an “exclusive” interview with everyone’s favourite wheeler dealer Henry James “Harry” Redknapp.

Aside from the usual sycophantic toadying one would expect from Ginger Durham towards a good honest Brit manager I heard an example of the blatant double standards the station employs when addressing our club and any other.

At that time England had just ignominiously exited the tournament and Defoe had been pictured, along with others in the squad, puffing a large cigar as if to celebrate his teams departure from the competition (around this time Cashley was making clear his feelings on playing for his country: “I hate England and all the f***ing people”) so obviously his club manager was going to be asked about it.

His answer?

“I haven’t see that picture”

Now can anyone think of a Premier League manager who is routinely ridiculed if he says he hasn’t seen “it”?


So what was the Ginger ones rejoinder? A cutting remark, repeat the question, insist he must have seen it?
Nothing, a swift move onto the next friendly question and the usual inordinate amount of questioning allowing as many anti Arsenal digs to come in.

For example Mertesacker, who we were rumoured to be interested in at the time, was pronounced ”meat stacker” (ho ho ho) and was labelled useless because “oh, Arsenal are interested”

It’s also strange to see how enraged the station were by Flamini’s tackle on Corluka in the first leg of the Spuds Champions league fixture, to which Harry said:

“That is a red card all day. How has he not got a red card for that? It’s an absolute disgrace, they should look at that, surely, and do something about it. It’s a dangerous, dangerous tackle. He was two or three feet off the floor with two feet. It was a leg-breaking tackle”

Now imagine if that had been our manager saying that about any tackle performed on one of our players, do you think they would refrain, as they did for Harry, from saying – it was a slightly mistimed fair but firm challenge and you can’t take tackling out of the game?

Harry’s stance on the Flamini tackle varies somewhat with what he said earlier this season when asked if Wenger is right to ask for the problem of reckless tackling to be addressed:

“What Arsene’s saying is they’ve had one or two injuries. But if people are going for the ball and it’s a fair tackle then there’s no problem if they’re aggressive.”

Again, would Talkspite allow that kind of self-contradiction from our manager to go unchallenged? Of course they wouldn’t, indeed they spend a good deal of their time peretuating and reinforcing myths about him, for example that he wants to take tackling out of the game.

I’ve heard the Ginger one say “I don’t care enough about Arsenal to hate them” yet for the next hour or so after he said that he spent a lot of time highlighting why our team is all that’s wrong with the foreign teams.

Just recalling how much time is spent on discussing what is wrong with Arsenal by him shows he cares too much and while I doubt it is his personal choice to jump on anything that even remotely resembles an anti-Arsenal bandwagon.

The stations policy is clearly built on antagonising the fans of the team who are the most articulate and have one of the largest internet presence in the blogosphere and thereby goading them into responding.

This is not an isolated case, one Stan Collymore, emboldened by the company policy of sticking into the Arsenal, let rip once and showed his Arsenal hating credentials by launching into a very unfunny impression of Wenger’s French accent which had it been in ,say, an African accent would have rightly been unacceptable on the grounds of racism.

One has to say Collymore is consistent as around that time Setanta were broadcasting a supporters talk forum where he was on the panel and when asked about Arsenal’s chances of staying in the top 4 said “No chance” and he expected Aston Villa to take their place in the top four.

That’s not to say S V Collymore is a good example of footballing punditry, I’d rather ask him for relationship counselling than expect a worthwhile insight into the game from him and I’d get more footballing sense out of Ulrika.

During the time of the Cesc-spitting slurs it was clear that the case hinged on one person’s word against another – that of (as Alan Brazil put it) an “Honest pro, a real Brit football man” like Horton and a non-English, Spaniard Cesc Fabregas, who was from the continent and – incidentally – foreign.

Guess who Brazil sided with?

Now of course experts have a right to support a team it’s just I wish Talk sport would allow them to say “I hate Arsenal and you will not get even handed discussion about things football here as we have an agenda to live up to” – that way listeners would know what to expect.

The fact they have hired the ex-Sky Sports pair comes as no surprise, no doubt we can look forward to the hirsute one exhorting Theo to “get up you stupid little boy” and “You’ve been s***e, son, in your daft pink boots – absolute rubbish.”

So what to do if you want to keep your blood pressure in check? Switch off and starve the station of listeners – you won’t miss the intrusive and persistent advertising nor the product placement references you are force fed during the non-commercial sections of the broadcasting.

I took part in a radio listening census and put, in the “Other comments” section, that I no longer listened to Talkspittle because of its lack of even handedness in its treatment of different clubs.

A small gesture but worth making, like when I cancelled my Vodafone contract once they became sponsors of Sir Alchopop’s team – and I wrote to them saying exactly why I’d cancelled.

If gooners have had enough of our team and us, as supporters, being routinely vilified (who was surprised that Talkshite’s response to our Barca first leg victory would be that of “Arsenal were lucky and didn’t deserve to win”?) then I suggest turning off in droves and maybe starting up a twitter campaign as has been mentioned by one of our contributors here (#BoycottTalkSport).

It may not amount to anything but you just don’t know who may be monitoring its effect, the ripples in ponds effect.

Either way, why not try alternative stations or perhaps re acquainting yourselves with music of your youth?
In any case don’t get angry at Talkhate and do not bother phoning in(they’ll keep you hanging on for ages at a minimum of 10 pence a minute) because ultimately there is no reasoning with stupidity, and plenty of that abounds from that radio station.

Written by charybdis1966

127 Responses to Talksport – hitch all your anti-Arsenal bandwagons here

  1. jasm says:

    yes it is blatantly biased. Its anti-arsenal no doubt about it and I think there are two reasons for it. One is that they are full of spuds. Secondly, how many foriegners do you see work on there? Most of the people they employ are “honest english” people.

    They hate Wenger and because of that they despise Arsenal. They probably hold him responsible for the influx of foriegners. They totally miss the point that this has resulted in the EPL becoming the best league in the world.

    They love spurs, and you will notice whether spurs are manager by an english manager or a foriegner they will love them. I agree we should boycott that station. The problem are the arsenal fans that call into the station to vent their anger at something those idiots say which is completely illogical and wrong. Those arsenal fans are keeping this station alive by calling in.

  2. Wonderman says:

    Hi Chary, great post. I dont listen to talksh*te and have grown very thick skin when it comes to listening to presenters’s opinions on our beloved arsenal.

    Everytime we get a red card ….the cumulative counter comes out.
    Everytime we suffer an injury… we dont like it up us
    The 1 nil against Stoke was’nt heralded at all in the media as a battling performance by champions elect !
    We are on the verge of supplying virtually half of the national team….but no one gives us credit for it

    I agree we should boycott any blatanly biased companies/radio stations etc. If people power can unseat Mubarak and soon Gadaffi….who knows ????

    Dont worry, it is not long before we will dominate…starting with sunday

  3. Andy says:

    Great stuff, I thought I was just becoming paranoid; the whole lot of them hate us. They (Wanker Danter) were even dragging up Ramsey’s broken leg and saying that there was nothing wrong with the Shawcross tackle
    and then demonising the Flamini challenge….the link is one was on an Arsenal player and the other was by an ex Arsenal player.
    Switch off Talkshite and you will soon feel the benefit. Tension will disappear and your blood pressure will drop. Let them bicker all they like in their mire of jealousy and just enjoy the game the way it should be played.

  4. Gooner In Exile says:

    Superb chary, well said that man!

    The most worrying thing is 606 since Savage take over has gone much the same way, I much preferred when Spoony hosted as he was a fan who appeared to have no agenda and no journalism career to pursue.

    And the thing that crazes me the most is that so called Arsenal fans phone in to agree that Wenger should go, or that our defence is weak, or players are fragile etc.

    The fact we are not top of the fair play league is current criticism despite telling us we should man up and be tougher last season.

    Like you say I shouldn’t listen but like a dry scab I can’t stop picking at it!

  5. GunnerPete says:

    Well said Chary, I for one stopped listening to those right wing nutters because of their racist, one party, opinions. As a Gunner of 61 years I could not believe that any radio program would get away with such bias against any British team. Worst still, when you saw the sort of people they used as ‘experts’ ie; second rate ex players, and overweight drunks, and worse still ignorant of the effect they have on our youth.My advice is, dont listen to them and they lose payments. Dont buy right wing rags that they also promote ie; Sun,Star,Mail,Express and Torygraph. If we win the Cup Sunday without Cesc & Theo etc I expect Talksh**e to blame those officials who are NOT Phil Dowd another Talksh*te addict!

  6. Big Raddy says:

    I love a Chary rant……

    Following the last discussion we had about Talkshite, I followed an online link and listened for a morning. Never again. Apart form the content of the shows, the hosts are illiterate to a man. Whenever anyone came on who had a point to make that was in anyway contrary to the opinions of the presenters, they were greeted with a volley of abuse and then ridiculed.

    To some this is entertainment. To me it is another nail in the coffin of intelligent journalism. Thankfully there remain journalists who love their profession and use it to inform and to speculate. Talksport has clearly another agenda which is profit.

    As has been said , stop listening.

  7. chas says:

    Brilliant chary.

    I don’t listen to that garbage and urge all fellow gooners to boycott it.

    I’ve found that Collymore’s voice is enough to make me turn off the radio/TV immediately. Robbie feckin Savage too. Dumbing down must have increased the BBC’s ratings.

  8. chas says:

    Love the “Talkshite” photo, too. Nice work.

  9. johnny hoy says:

    I began listening to it for a laugh. It was initially funny to hear such a load of bollocks but it became habitual. I broke that one as a new year’s resolution some time back. Never missed it for a second. I used to contemplate waiting outside the station and chinning that ginger one… not healthy.

  10. goonermichael says:

    I’d love to be as eloquant as some of you but I’m not so I’d just like to say that evryone who presents on talkshite are absolute f***ing c**ts. I’d glass that wanker durham sooner than look at him. f***ing knobs.

    Anyway rant over. If Cesc sits on the bench and we win on Sunday can he get a medal?

  11. gnarleygeorge9 says:


    If what you are saying is true, then it is a sad state of affairs for the listening Arsenal public.

    But can I say this to all the British people, & I hope that every British scribe & media person sees this.

    Each 4 years English, Scottish, Welsh & Northern Irish folk contemplate their respective chances making the World Cup Finals &/or Euro Finals.

    None have a chance of winning either 😆 You know why? Well don’t expect me to give you the answer. All 4 are my enemy when it come to sport 😆

    But I’ll give you a clue. Gee a lot of Tottenham Hotshit players make the England team 😆

  12. Rasp says:


    Great stuff chary. I share your feelings but still listen at times in full knowledge of their blatant agendas.

    Collymore is top of my hate list because he really seems to believe the macho cobblers he spouts – I feel sorry for Saggers when he attempts to get a word in with that mysogenist bully. Durham plays good cop/bad cop and is obviously just trying to get callers/texts to earn revenue when he adopts a ridiculous stance – he just prostitutes himself for the sake of the advertisiers.

    I used to enjoy Mike Parry because he was bonkers and I have to say that Andy Townshend is a decent presenter.

    I’ve had to edit your comment for the sake of the ladies – but we get your drift!

  13. Big Raddy says:

    The more I think about this the more angry I am becoming ….. Thanks Chary.

    When did it become the media’s job to dumb down the populace? The only way to allow people to make balanced evaluations is through education. God forbid any associate of mine made opinions and judgements based upon the views of stupid people like Collymore and the other Talkshite goons. Add to this the muck churned out by the gutter press.

    What the majority of “journalists” are doing is the same as Simon Cowell has done for music. Shame on them.

    yours faithfully

    Angry of Copenhagen

  14. danhighamsparkgunner says:

    About 3 weeks ago i was listening to so-called Arsenal fans on there saying they had had enough and wenger should go if arsenal were to win anything.It started on Mick’rascist b5stard’Quinn’s show and carried on all day.i rang up 4 times ,when they asked what i wanted to speak about (they knew i was an Arsenal fan from before’ I said that I wanted to speak up for arsene wenger and say what a great manger he is .Funnily enough every time they never rang back.I can’t stand Talkshite it’s just full of cocks

  15. Skid says:

    Great blog must admit I do listen to it but have noticed how anti Arsenal they are and it does wind me up. On Wednesday evening there was a couple of Gooners who really fought our corner one of them was so good they couldn’t even come back at him ! Don’t know why I bother really as Brazil/Irani are poor, Keys/Gray early days but not great, H & J for a Spud and a Chelsea fan I do like listening to them. Durham/Gough wind up merchants especially Durham, Danny Kelly (for a Spud) excellent ! Beaky, Saggers and Dants I used to like but recently have shown their true colours ! Maybe it’s time to move on !

  16. dandan says:

    Great article Chary, I refuse to listen to that nauseating station, even the presenters fail to turn up I hear, having slept in their car in a layby. I wonder why?
    I was last week also moved to text the BBC Re. the arrival from “talk-no-sense”, of the ginger fool on 606, was anyone ever more worthy of the title motormouth, their is no doubt whatsoever that he runs on Duracell batteries. He claims he was a former red top journo, says it all really

  17. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    Tottenham Hotspurs are much ado about nothing. They fancy themselves as some sort of revalation in football, but achieve nothing. They have a burning hate of everything Arsenal, driven by a jealousy.

    You know what? That performance against AC Milan was probably their finest time, but in 24 hours the world forgot them coz their neighbours, like always, went one better.

    Ofcourse, there is the White Hart Lane fixture to come. Make no mistake about it. There will be a good many Tottenham supporters frothing at the mouth as I write, hoping they can stick it up Arsenal, rather than think about how valuable 3 points would be. Sad Neolithic fukwits! And they expected a free ride with the Olympic ground, as if it was their right. Fuck you, you bludgers!

  18. Alex Song's Hair says:

    I think Stan’s just retarded, one of my friend’s told me that he seems to think Lucas or N’gog could be a top level player…

  19. Micky The Gooner says:

    Why do you lot listen to these mugs? Who gives a f**k about that fat c**t Alan Brazil who incidentally a mate of mine battered the f**k out of in some wine bar near St Pauls the other year, why we all were pissing ourselves (Brazil went for my mate so thats why he got ironed out). Funny as anything and that probably put the nail in the coffin when it come’s to any positive thoughts on The Arsenal. Oh and is that a rare ginger chineseman in the picture? Have a laugh they only doing it for a wind up, just dont listen. My blood pressure is fine! COYG

  20. alzation says:

    I don’t see Talksport as having an anti-Arsenal agenda at all, not directly anyway.

    They know from experience that if they take an anti-Arsenal stand, they get a much greater response from listeners phoning in both for and against than they would with any other topic. They’re just provoking debate.

    If it bothers you, don’t listen. If nobody responds, they’ll have to stop taking that stance and will move on to someone else. I stopped listening years ago, as they have nothing interesting to say and nobody worthwhile to listen to.

    If no Arsenal fan tunes into that garbage I reckon they’d soon go bust.

  21. goonermichael says:

    I’ll keep the swearing down rasp. I was listening to talkshite at the gym this morning. They so want us to lose on Sunday. Collymore is a knob when ben arfer had his leg broken by de jong (a foreigner) he started br= y saying “I apologise to gooners, I apologise to Arsene Wenger” But it was ok when it was good, honest Ebglish players breaking Arsenal players legs. They had a show completely dedicated to whether a player jaied for hitting a woman should ever play again. Oh the irony.
    I once did a newsreader from talkshite’s hair and the first thing I said to her was “tell adrian durham he’s a wanker”

  22. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    You should listen 2 what MTG says. Just don’t listen to’em.

  23. Big Raddy says:

    GM. Not “Shampoo, Madam?” 😀

  24. goonermichael says:

    It was very unprofessional but she saw the funny side.

  25. Rasp says:

    Thanks gm.

    I find 5 live pretty insipid so I listen to TS because once in a while you do get some gems.

    I actually don’t mind hearing Andy Gray’s views on football (not women) but Richard Keys is just plain thick. He’s a very lucky boy to have got where he is with such limited talent.

  26. goonermichael says:

    Funny story about brazil getting bashed up.

  27. goonermichael says:

    I have some amazing gossip about keys. He’s going to be in big trouble if his super injunction gets lifted.

  28. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    Look its simple really 😉 The best way to shut them up is to win on Sunday.

    We copped abit of hoooray henry from the English about cricket, so what did we do? We turned it around & belted the crap out of them. Now you can’t get booo out of a pom when it comes to cricket.

    If Arsenal wins 1,2,3 or even 4 Cups, that should shut the anti arsenal brigade up 4 a while 😆 Maybe even the anti Arsene Arsenal people as well 😉

  29. Big Raddy says:

    GM You must get a lot of gossip …..

  30. gnarleygeorge9 says:


    Do you think the mullet will ever make a come back?

  31. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    Where is the master post writer Chary?

  32. Big Raddy says:

    GG. I have been thinking that you got away light after the Ashes. ALmost everyone on here played with a straight bat and didn’t gloat, whereas I for one, wanted to give it out in spades.

    To think that beating a tired team of guys who just wanted to go home in the total non-event that was the one-dayers as revenge for the humbling your “champions” got on home turf in the biggest competition in the sport is nonsense.

    We Came We Saw We Conquered.

  33. goonermichael says:

    I was told by someone who knows firsthand. But I do get a lot of gossip. The premier league player with a super injunction is crouch but that may be common knowledge

  34. goonermichael says:

    If you keep it long enough you’ll be “on trend” again 🙂

  35. Carlito11 says:

    Oh Chary- good lad! If anyone’s on twitter- try and get #BoycottTalkSport trending- Had it going well 2/3 weeks ago! Can’t stop- be back later 🙂

  36. gnarleygeorge9 says:


    I got enough stick that anyone person should get from many on pommy blogs. Its just that you only see it your way. The fact is, your lot signed on months in advance to play the one dayers, so you can have no excuses. Just be honourable and admit you got a belting from a better side, like I had to admit to earlier in the tests.


    I’m beyond letting it all grow, well on top anyway 😦

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  38. thundertinygooner says:

    TalkSport is rubbish ,but compelling rubbish nevertheless.They take thick people with no journalistic talent,Quinn,Cascarino,Durham,(formerly Parry) and use them to wind the audience up by simulating an argument or making preposterous claims.This enrages the audience who ring in in droves–result —very cheap radio.

  39. Rasp says:

    Welcome thundertiny,

    That’s a fair assessment – but for some reason its compelling. Maybe its just because there isn’t another station that provides all day coverage of sport for us addicts.

  40. gnarleygeorge9 says:


    You just reminded me of a song about, sort of the same thing 😆 “Cheap entertainment, & you buy it”

  41. chas says:

    superb gg9….hadn’t heard that for years.

  42. Amos says:

    I notice that Talkshite are invading newsnow with pointless articles designed just to attract hits. Boycott these as well. They are just a revenue generating machine not interested in talking about sport in any serious manner whatsoever which is a shame really because as the numerous quality blogs out there show, there are a lot of people interested in mature and sensible discussion on football. Would Talkshite be more successful if they tried to harness this end of the market? Probably not – thank goodness for the internet for giving us a platform to voice our opinions.

  43. Gooner In Exile says:

    Like others have said there has been some good stuff on TS, H&J I can listen too, and they were a much more lighter side to Drive Time (yes I’m going back a fair bit) when they did it. They talk like fans and they appreciate a lot of other teams, probably from years spent at FourFourTwo and WorldFootball, writing for Skinner&Baddiel on FantasyFootball etc.

    But maybe the station has just kept up with tabloids in the need to be sensationalist. I heard Irani yesterday morning saying the best defence won the league, and in face of people asking why Chavs and ManCity were not top two he kept saying they haven’t got the best defence, as they lose games. He couldn’t seem to grasp that outscoring opponents means you win games and titles not having best defence,it was mind numbing utter carp, but I still listen to it.

    Going back to podcasts I think, I’ve spent too long listening to them today already!

  44. charybdis1966 says:

    Afternoon all, sorry I wasn’t around earlier (I was trying to blog via my phone, waste of time that was !) and thanks for all the perceptive and appreciative comments guys.

    It does seem that in order to attract listeners in a shock jock way new depths of partiality and bias are frequently being plumbed. I hope my gooner brethren will use their qualities of discernment(which they have in bundles as they chose the right club to support)and open their eyes to what Talkshite are all about.

    I wouldn’t mind if they used this approach for every club, but they don’t – hence the rant.

  45. charybdis1966 says:

    I’ve added Carlito’s Twitter link to the headline post.

    Right, must fly, catch up with you guys later.

  46. Red Arse says:

    Afternoon All.

    Interesting read CharyB, and well said!

    I have made my views on this subject known before and could not agree more.

    What I find unforgiveable is the cosy little merry-go-round that permeates the TV and Radio “in crowd”.

    It has been said that if an infinite number of monkeys were given an infinite number of typewriters they would eventually produce Shakespeare’s works.

    That brings me to Mike Parry, an amazingly stupid man, who having been given the boot by Talkspite to make way for Gray and Keys, walked into the BBC’s 606 within days.

    His style is to mouth as many idiotic words as possible, in no particular order, in the certainty that no one can argue with him because no one knows what he is talking about. Or of managing to contradict himself more than once in the same sentence when he is being “rational”.

    What are the BBC doing with our Licence money?

  47. Carlito11 says:

    Had a proper read now I’m on lunch- loved this one Chary “I’d rather ask him for relationship counselling than expect a worthwhile insight into the game from him and I’d get more footballing sense out of Ulrika.”
    I think you are right- there IS no reasoning with stupidity and they get people listening by putting forward very stupid provocative opinions that appeal to the “White Van Man” supporting WHam and Spuds. They also seem to give Chelsea a really easy ride. When they really dug up all the old “Cesc Gate” stuff recently and used the Denilson interview to question his management was the final straw for me and I haven’t listened since!

  48. Carlito11 says:

    Top marks Chas for using #BoycottTalkSport on twitter today! Nice one 🙂

  49. Red Arse says:

    Hi Carlito,

    I sometimes listen when I’m stuck in traffic.

    What gets me is this type of ‘chat’.

    Durham: We have X the Gooner on. What have you got to say X?

    X: Hi Adrian, Hi Goughy (–another dickhead–), great show, great show, totally agree with you, Wenger has lost the plot.

    Now THAT is what makes me want to throw up. An Arsenal fan? Leave off!!

  50. 26may1989 says:

    Gnarley, I thought it was very decent of the England team to give your guys a consolation prize in the ODIs – I know it’s just predictable, pointless, colourful pyjama cricket, not the real thing, and not even fun like 20:20, but it was good to see yesteryear’s best team in the world still able to win something.

    Being ranked the fifth best test playing side in the world must hurt almost as much as losing the Ashes at home but at least being top dogs in the lesser version of the game makes up for it…a bit!

  51. Carlito11 says:

    RA- quite!

  52. goonermichael says:

    The worse one for me on talkshit was that whingey manc terry christian. I hate him so much.

  53. Big Raddy says:

    “6. That is what I was trying to say to GG!

  54. Smith14 says:

    Sorry, I haven;t had time to read all the comments so I assume this has already been said, but still…

    It’s not confined to Talksport, the media in general don’t really like Wenger and therefore don’t like Arsenal. Wenger doesn’t get involved in the cosy, bottle of wine in the office, post match chats. He doesn’t butter up other managers or court journalists. He spends his time on Arsenal and nothing else. Other managers and journalists assume that he thinks he’s better than them because he doesn’t want to play their games. The fact is, he is better than them but that’s a different issue.

    As someone above said, I can live with it, I couldn’t care less who likes us. What does wind me up is when our own fans take these small minded opinions to be true.

    Anyway, balls to the lot of them. Up the Gunners!

  55. dandan says:

    Red A….. Am beginning to panic here, see your 1.37 and my 10.55 we are agreeing to often, who is losing it mate me or you 🙂

  56. 26may1989 says:

    BR, it’s fun debating cricket, but it still feels a bit wrong to be doing it to/with a fellow Gooner! But that’s just me being a weed.

    I probably think less of the league cup than many others here, but even I’m getting pretty excited about going to Wembley on Sunday. I’m pleased no gambles are being taken with Cesc though, there are much bigger fish for him to fry between now and the end of May.

  57. 26may1989 says:

    Is Terry Christian still alive? Surely someone killed him years ago. If not, there are loads of people who would volunteer.

  58. Carlito11 says:

    Quality Gooner!

  59. Carlito11 says:

    Does embedding not work anymore?

  60. dandan says:

    26 Wasn’T that Mr Christian fellow hung from the yard arm or am I getting confused. 😉

  61. Gooner In Exile says:

    😀 26……not that I condone violence against fellow humans

    Then again human is not an adjective used for Terry Christian ……. carry on as you were

  62. Carlito11 says:

    Chary- I often link AA articles to twitter and usually get a handful of clicks per link. Over 30 have clicked on the link so far today- must be a subject close to people’s hearts I reckon 🙂

  63. Gooner In Exile says:

    Carlito think you have to use old code from You Tube

  64. Carlito11 says:

    GiE- the embed code right? That’s what I tried anyway and it worked last week but not yesterday or today…

  65. Red Arse says:

    Hi Dandan,

    Got on a bit late today and only whizzed thru’ the earlier comments.

    Sorry, I appear to have repeated your point. But agreeing with you is no bad thing, your not often wrong! 🙂

  66. chas says:

    Carlito, I think the link has to be the last thing in the comment.

  67. Red Arse says:


    I am easily confused but whose picture is that in your avatar? 🙂

  68. Carlito11 says:

    Nice one Chas! 🙂

  69. chas says:

    RA, it’s Nigella.
    Micky was saying that a 1st class ticket from Devon was £249 and I suggested that perhaps Nigella on your lap was part of the reason for the extortionate price.

    Talking of Micky, I wonder how he’s getting on in his bid to persuade his hosts to subscribe to Fox and watch the final?

  70. emma says:

    I don’t give a damn what talkshit and so called TV pundits say because they are all anti-arsenal. It’s like arsenal never does anything good. Despite the fact arsenal played very well and won squarely against barca they still said we were lucky. Look at Manure against Marseille, they were heaping praises that Man utd should have won that boring match. They would rather see arsenal slump and capitalize on that. Am glad that arsenal have come of age. None of them critise the officiating against Newcastle which arsenal was robbed. absoulute disgrace. The broken of ramsey’s and eduardo’s leg was deemed as robust. Looking at the logging tackle by Shawcross on arshavin on wednesday. If arhavin hadn’t manouvre his way who knows what could have happened. And the criticise flamini tackle on Corluka, which was a fair challenge. And never criticise that tug(Barton) challenge on diaby which they deem was fair and robust but viewing that incident was even worst than that of flamini/corluka. They were all saying how aresenl will get beat at emirates but we surprise them. We will surprise them all by picking the lots this season starting with the carling cup, then the fa cup, premire league and champions league. I want them to eat their words cause they have castigated us for so long. They tell us we don’t have a goal keeper, central defenders etc but thank God for Djorou, Sceszny etc that are coming through. Arsenal is now strong than ever

  71. Red Arse says:


    Did you mean that Fletcher Christian bloke from the Bounty who either committed suicide, was murdered, went bananas, or died of old age, depending on which hollywood film you watched?

    He’s not still around on Talkcrap is he? 🙂

  72. goonermichael says:

    I don’t think flamini’s tackle was fair. If he’d done that to one of our players we’d be slating him. I think he should have been sent off.

  73. Red Arse says:


    I recognise her now. I have only seen her getting fresh with an egg whisk before! 🙂

    Micky will manage somehow, I suspect, altho’ NY does have a habit of making you forget everything else. 🙂

  74. 26may1989 says:

    Agree with everything you say Emma, absolutely right, except I thought that Flamini challenge was outrageous, every bit as bad as anything done to us by Stoke, Birmingham etc. If Flamini had done that to an Arsenal player, I’d want to see him severely punished for it.

  75. emma says:


    i was just making a comparison between both incidents. the barton/diaby incident was worst than the flamini/corluka incident. What annoyed me actually was Barton was never carded or caution by dowd. On talkshit they said the tackle was fair and robust but were quick to critize flamini tackle on corluka

  76. chas says:

    I’m getting excited about Sunday already…

  77. chas says:

    Egg whisk. 🙂

    This made me laugh when I was looking for a picture of her.

  78. 26may1989 says:

    Emma, I agree re Barton’s challenge – the Laws of the Game say it is an offence to tackle an opposing player carelessly, recklessly or using excessive force, but how often do referees in this country actually aply that standard? Very rarely. They seem to believe, as pundits do, that getting the ball is everything. It isn’t.

    In fact, there was probably not a lot of difference between Shawcross’s challenge on Ramsey and Barton’s on Diaby, except that the referee in the Stoke game felt he had to send Shawcross off, with Ramsey’s leg having been smashed in half. Diaby was lucky to escape serious injury (as he was earlier in the season when we played Bolton), but his little push was deemed to be a more serious matter than Barton’s reckless challenge.

    English referees, and the pundits, have got their priorities and understanding of the rules of the game all wrong.

  79. Carlito11 says:

    That video is great Chas- spinetingling (even though that’s for scary things- but you get my drift)! ♫Wembeeeerly, Wembeeeeeerly, we’re the famous Arsenal and we are going to Wembeeeerly!!!♫

  80. Brigham says:

    Durnham, you are ginger and stink of a gents toilets!

  81. dandan says:

    Now you have lost it RA how the hell can you hang someone from a chocolate bar 🙂

  82. goonermichael says:

    Is that durham in the picture? Who is the other c.. person

  83. Red Arse says:

    Dandan, 🙂

    I must have been thinking of a Milky Bar, or was that Marianne Faithful’s treat for Mick Jagger? 🙂

    I think I need help!!

  84. goonermichael says:

    Mars bar Red Arse

  85. Rasp says:


    Durham on the right, Micky Quinn on the left – one brain cell between the two of them

  86. Red Arse says:

    Thanks GM,

    Don’t mind if I do. 🙂

  87. goonermichael says:

    Marianne faithfull was hot. Raddy probably knows her. Or was that rasputin? Can’t remember

  88. dandan says:

    RA you keep doing this, BR might know this guys name. years ago I went to a murder mystery weekend in the Cotswold’s, one of the locations was the house of the manager of Kinks, as part of his talk he said everyone thinks it was a mars bar in fact it was a Crunchy.

    BR was that Andrew Oldham.

  89. 26may1989 says:

    Am off to a gig, a too rare occurence, but the delights of Mogwai await. I may not be able to join discussions pre-final on Sunday, so just wanted to wish everyone an enjoyable weekend, a very enjoyable weekend!

  90. FrothingInarticulateLoon says:

    I’ve had to edit your comment for the sake of the ladies – but we get your drift!”

    Wow, that was the edited version I just read ??!!

  91. FrothingInarticulateLoon says:

    He could share a room with me that GM.

  92. kelsey says:

    I scored 42 😉

  93. SharkeySure says:

    Took two f my little Sharks to the Emirates for the stadium tour today. £15 for me, £8 for my ten year old, and 3 yr old was free, which was pretty decent considering I’ve been led to believe that everything Arsenal did was a rip off and extorting money from honest fans was their sole raison d’etre !!

    The tours approx 90mins long, and well worth it !!

  94. SharkeySure says:

    I have NEVER listened to TalkSport, even though I did work there for about six weeks some ten years or so ago. I do sympathise a little with those of you who struggle to keep away from it though, as I suffered the same problem with the ‘other site’ for quite a while.

  95. Someone has a spare ticket for the Cup Final, its Upper Tier Row 12 – £150 email

  96. dandan says:

    Jesus £150 the worlds gone absolutely bloody mad, unless that includes hospitality it is immoral.

    Sorry Peaches am not trying to shoot the messenger

  97. Thats OK dandan I’m made of sterner stuff than that 😉

    Tickets have been changing hands for ridiculous amounts of money 🙄

  98. London says:


    Andrew Loog Oldam was the Rolling Stones’ original manager.
    A maveric and a hero to many in that business.

  99. London says:


    I want the ticket

  100. London says:


    I can’t open the link, please save it for me.

  101. London says:

    Happy, happy, happy.

  102. Big Raddy says:

    You lucky man London. Had I been in the UK I would have taken it!!

    DD. Larry Page was the original Kinks manager. The Davies’s lived close to me in East Finchley, and Fairport came from just up the road in Muswell Hill.

    Rod Stewart was born in Highgate a couple of doors down from where my parents lived at the time.

    It couldn’t have been Larry Page because according t Wiki he now lives in Australia

  103. dandan says:

    I knew Oldham managed the stones London, but cant remember this guys name he had a huge house and had obviously made a few bob and was introduced as the Kinks manager. It was also interesting because he had a bloke hanging by the neck half way up an oak tree, then the police arrived and we were ushered away LOL.
    Was a superb weekend we had meal as a private party in a manor house with an elderly titled couple. But the thing that stuck in my mind was the lady of the house, talking about standing on the lawn during the war on the night that Coventry was so badly bombed, drinking champagne and watching the glow in the sky as the city burned.
    Shows you how the other half lived, although she did lose her brother flying a fighter.

  104. London – I’ve emailed you

  105. dandan says:

    This was 20 yrs ago BR.

  106. Gooner In Exile says:

    Lucky bugger just asked the wife she said not for that money!!

    I have a friends kids birthday party on Sinday prematch, they tried to convince me to watch it there but kids running round not good for my need to explete!

    Also as I’m driving to Birmingham on Monday morning I can’t hit the beer too hard, so I’ll do the match report if you want one still?

  107. Harry says:

    Chary, know where your coming from, but I do listen to it, as when I am driving home / to work it is the best source of footy news.

    As someone said just about every media oulet has an anti arsenal bias, so I wouldn’t be able to read or listen to anything……

    jealousy is a very unlikeable trait…Gotta to feel sorry for those who cannot see the good in others….

    Sometimes there is some good discussions on talksport, I actually like the H&J show even for a chav and spud.

    Goldstein and Kundy isnt too bad, and Danny kelly can hold a discussion for a spud.

    Cannot stand Boring Brazil, Irrelevant Irani, Dippy Durham, Gormless Gough, Motormouth Micky Quinn amongst others ….As for Gray I think he is uneducated fool and Keys a walking waxwork dummy…..

    But as26m pointed out its the officials are just as bad and bias, the one the other night for the stoke match, Wally walton was outrageous…..

    But to be honest, I give up with refs, linos, press, pundits, all can go and take a running jump off the nearest cliff……..Their lifes aren’t as complete as ours, been an Arsenal Fan makes us better people and so lucky……….Just hope I say that monday morning……..

  108. Gooner In Exile says:

    Finally watched highlights from Stoke game on Sky, they didn’t show Delaps lunge on Sagna, but showed Clichy’s booking which looked like he made the ball, pundit disagreed!

    Also could see me turn and give it to Stoke fans when Squilli scored and later when Prnnants free kick went wide….

  109. Harry says:

    DO we expect anything else? The challenge on Sags by Delap was a red card offence in my book…..So no one will highlight it…….

  110. Harry says:

    When you drive to Birmingham, you going to wear your Arsenal Top GIE…..

  111. SharkeySure says:

    Chary, apologies, cracking post. I’m a little bit with Harry on this one, in that all the media are anti Arsenal. Where I ‘disagree’ with Harry is that it is possible to read and listen to none of them… well almost.

    I couldn’t tell you the last match report I read in a paper, or the last article about an Arsenal player. I NEVER listen to any radio phone ins or talkshows. The funny thing is that I don’t deliberately avoid them, but I just gravitated away from them.

    Too many times I’d want a match report and instead get some article all about one incident in a game, with the actual match facts relegated almost to a footnote.

    If there are any good articles out there, then some kindly soul usually highlights it here on AA for me.

    Get this, the only match report I have read re our Barca win is Wonderman’s one on here, although I intend to also catch up with Calif G’s report as well. So I’ve been immune to any shite being talked about how we were were lucky or otherwise.

  112. emma says:

    what about the miss logged from shawncross on arshavin when arsenal almost scored the second goal from walcot miscued kick.

  113. SharkeySure says:

    Good point GiE re the Delap ‘ttackle’. Likewise Robinson’s tackle on Diaby back in ????

    Absolute tossers the lot of ’em !!!!

    I should be happy winning stuff this season for all the right reasons, but the chance to say a big royal ‘f**k you’ to all our detractors (some of whom masquerade as Arsenal fans!!) is starting to become a little bit all consuming for me lately.

    I could end up sharing a ‘padded room’ with Frothing at this rate.

    On that note….nite all !!

  114. gnarleygeorge9 says:


    Yes no worries, what ever you say.

  115. GiE – yes please, if you could do the match report that would be fantastic. Thank you

  116. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    Its all relative really you know.

    There are people in Libya, as I write, being killed, etc because they dare to speak out coz they want a better life. They have been supressed for 40 odd years by a total loony.

    Then there are people in England who are throwing a tantrum coz a bunch of radio bozos won’t ever say nice things about their footy team. Thisstory is old, but it goes on.

    Then there are people in New Zealand who have just had their lives either ruined or taken away. People in parts of Australia who have lost everything except the shirts on their back from either cyclone, flood or fire.

    I will assume that you are all adults. Go and have a look in the mirror @ yourselves, then grow up 😉

    You lot need a dose of reality me thinks.

  117. chas says:


  118. gnarley – you are of course quite right that in the scheme of things worrying about Talksport and even what happens to our beloved team pales into insignificance against the tragedies that are going on in other parts of the world.

    You know us well enough to know that we don’t ignore what’s happening in the rest of the world but this is an Arsenal blog and it gives people the opportunity to talk Arsenal if they want to.

  119. Gooner in Exile says:

    Gnarley doesn’t that logic apply to all our day to day petty upsets, doesn’t stop us getting annoyed tho. Micro (personal)….Macro (Arsenal)….Mega Macro (world). They all have a concerning element it just effects our feelings more when it’s closer to you…sad fact of the human condition.

    Harry my cars pretty filthy so I thought I’d write the score in the dust on my bonnet and boot 😀

  120. Big Raddy says:

    Poor Cesc. All that work and a minor hamstring injury will stop him leading his team up the steps. Same for Theo – the man has come of age this season, he deserves a medal.

    I guess we will just have to win the League

  121. Morning all

    We have a New Post to start this exciting weekend off 🙂

  122. Radio says:


    […]Talksport – hitch all your anti-Arsenal bandwagons here « Arsenal Arsenal[…]…

  123. Richard NGWA says:

    What an article. There’s something else. As a naturalised British Citizen of 25 years, who has worked all his live and never claimed a penny, never been in troble with the law, it is scary listening to these guys. They unfairly select and riducule foreign players and managers meanwhile either avoiding or finding excuses for home players and managers over identical issues.
    Every Arsenal brethren needs to read this.
    Can we do something to force the staion to do something about these two? Their attacks on some groups of fans verges on encitement of violence.

  124. Have you heard their daily spot callec “The Daily Arsenal” ? Basically just an excuse to have another pop at the club. What I want to know is if he thinks Arsenal are so insignificant why is it the only club he decides to set attention aside for on a daily basis in this way ?

    He’s just a shock jock who knows that Gooners will rise to the bait. It’s best to try and laugh at him and his perverted way of showing his admiration for our fine club.

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