‘Wenger in the shadows of Black Scarves……’

Written by Harry

{What if Wenger says  ‘Cela, Je Pars’, that’s it I am leaving}

It’s August 2015, 4 seasons since Wenger was hounded out of his beloved Arsenal, by the Black Scarf Brigade, after falling short of another trophy in a 6 year continual spell……

It was a bleak period in Arsenals History, empty stadia and trophy cabinets again left fans and club with little post season cheer, only staving off relegation on the last game of the 2014/15 season. But how did it get this bad?????

When the season had ended in 2010/11, Wenger had vowed to continue and show he could turn it around, but a section of dissenters had upstaged the final game of the season with a pre-match protest primarily aimed at the hike in season ticket prices, but in turn this was hijacked by the Arsène Must Go Boys, Arsenal fans turned on Arsenal fans……Arsenals standing was at rock bottom…..

At first, Arsène rose above it all, but after he returned from a 3week break on a sunny isolated beach somewhere in the Mediterranean, recommended by a close Canadian source, he called a press conference……Transfers in, everybody thought?

No good news, it was a shock announcement, he had come to a conclusion that he felt that the pressure to deliver a trophy would always hinder what he was trying to achieve and build and that the Black Scarf Brigade were  becoming too vocal…..They had been at the airport awaiting his return….Je Pars……!!  Wenger retired from Football altogether…..

With Arsène’s shock resignation and complete departure from the club, a replacement was sought, just before the start of the 2011/12 season the appointment of Louis Van Gaal who had been released from his contract by Bayern Munich was announced….

Renewed optimism, Black scarfs were thrown away, the red and white mighty Arsenal were back in their 125th Anniversary year………The dissenters who craved change had got their way……

LVG only had a few weeks to deal with transfers, Fabregas had gone to Barca, Nasri to Inter Milan, both citing Wenger’s departure as too much, although Cesc had already agreed terms before Wengers announcement……

Also on the bus out were Clichy to Juve, Arshavin to Zenit, Bendtner to Munich and Chamakh to Fenerbache……..

Short term solutions were needed, using his dutch connections, in came Van Bommel, Huntelaar and Seedorf, experience pros with a winning mentality……

He tried to get Thomas Mueller from Bayern but was quoted £40million, so he tried for Mario Gomez this needed £30million, LVG’s budget was £20million, so both were out, Huntelaar was best of the rest available……..He did seek to convince Klose, but he chose Man City instead…..they needed a 6th striker just in case……..

But Arsenal still had Wilshere, Ramsey, Walcott, Van Persie and TV5 amongst others….And also Denilson, who stayed buoyed by Fabregas leaving, Stating he would make the fans forget the Spanish Captain, who he felt was over rated and could himself surpass….

LVG’s team started well, 4 straight wins, but then United came to the Emirates, Van Bommel was sent off by Howard Webb, for a high foot in the chest of Rooney who missed the rest of the season whilst been nursed by Princess Fiona, 10man Arsenal were crushed 4-0…….

Showing little understanding and poor consistency, Arsenal crashed out of CC, FA Cup and CL in the early stages and limped to 6th in the league, missing the Champions league for the first time in over 10years………The only plus side was that Tottenham finished 7th, after their season fell apart when their Manager Harry Redknapp was arrested for fraud.

At the end of the 2011/12 season, LVG demanded money to sort out the problems, but again a minimal budget was put forward, he complained that this wasn’t enough and that he wasn’t Arsene Wenger, you need to spend money to stay at the top….Silent Stan sacked him and installed Sven Goran Eriksson as manager…….

His reign was blighted with problems on and off the pitch, Wilshere went to Eastlands and Ramsey back to Cardiff, worse still as off pitch rumours of an affair between Sven and Gunnersaurus were vehemently denied, Sven said he had more than enough dragons in his blackbook…….

Svens reign lasted 3years as Arsenal slipped further down the table, shining lights had left, journey men had come in, Arsenal’s captain, Denilson vowed he would restore Arsenal Pride after staving off relegation at the end of the 2014/15 with the winner from 3yds……that saw Spurs relegated……..

But he didn’t start the next season as Captain, Jack Wilshere returned with a few splinters in his backside after a miserable 2 year spell at the Eastlands Oil Refinery, and that wasn’t the only shock as Dennis Bergkamp was named as Arsenal Manager, after leading Ajax to successive titles and the Champions League final beating Barca 5-3 with total football……

In a statement  he said that he was lured by the chance to restore Arsenal pride and bring back the Wengerball style of football and show truly that it can work and that you must utilise the players from within……

In his first season in charge, Bergkamp took Arsenal to the title and the FA Cup double, followed the next season with the Quadruple………as Arsenal dominated the world of football once more………Bergkamp later revealed in his autobiography, that his inspiration was Wenger, and had indeed sought advice from Arsene throughout his managerial career………

Always remember, the grass is not always greener on the other side………………..

Be careful what you wish for ………..


243 Responses to ‘Wenger in the shadows of Black Scarves……’

  1. Wonderman says:

    Morning Harry,

    Top top top post, had me lmao

    ‘worse still as off pitch rumours of an affair between Sven and Gunnersaurus were vehemently denied, Sven said he had more than enough dragons in his blackbook…….’

    classic !

  2. Great stuff Harry, I love the “What if”-“It’s a wonderful life” type scenarios.
    Liked the “being nursed back to health by Princess Fiona” line the best.
    I’m going to be trying to get a few mug shots of the black/yellow scarf protest on Sunday for my match report – if I can slip out of the tavern between peronis.

  3. johnQ says:

    Top post!!

  4. RSD says:

    Nice post,

    And we all fear the wenger out lot gate crashing the walk.

    But i think you havent chatted to the Black scarf guys and found out what it really want, ie more involment in the club as the AST and ASIA have become yes men.

    Athough i dont support all the things in the press release they have actually done some good already and have met with club on number of issues.

  5. djrc says:

    Excellent Harry ! Hilarious ! Brought a smile to my face… And seriously make you think of what would happen !

    Made me also think of this one after last night clinch of the spanish title by Barcelona.

    Pedro, a young spanish boy asks his dad :
    “Papa, papa, will you buy me a Barca shirt”
    To which his dad replies :
    “Sure son, which one do you want ? You want the shirt from Messi ? You want the shirt from Xavi ? You want the one from Iniesta? You want the one from the referee ?

  6. Wonderman says:

    The one thing that screams loud and clear to me is how much of an absolute gamble it is to arrest the club’s development now.

    The post is hypothetical and you could probably produce a counter post, but therein lies the point. Changing Manager gaurantees you nothing. What we have on our hands at the moment is a manager who makes mistakes, is a bad loser, and has probably given some players too much time to prove themselves. But what we know is thus far he needs to find the key to winning that 1st trophy with this set of players

  7. eidiot says:

    Garbage post.

  8. LOL, eidiot by name, eidiot by nature.

  9. Rasp says:

    Thanks, eidiot, living up to the phonetic pronunciation of your name – don’t bother coming back.

  10. Angelos says:

    I understand [or at least hope] that you’re exagerrating so you can put your simplistic point across but this is still really poor. By painting this one dimensional ‘tragedy’ you are making yourself look like a total joke. Better managers than Wenger have left both bigger and smaller clubs and many have done just fine.

    It is a depressing and ignorant assumption that people think Wenger is the best a club of Arsenal’s calibre can get. A coach who prior to Arsenal had only managed in France and Japan and other than 3 Premiership titles hasn’t won any form of major silverware [i’m not counting FA Cups] or a European trophy.

    Let’s get a grip, we’re not doing as badly as people are crying out under Wenger but there are plenty of coaches out there who have a more expansive view of the game that could probably do a superior job.

  11. Wonderman says:

    Morning Angelos

    ‘there are plenty of coaches out there who have a more expansive view of the game’


    ‘that could probably do a superior job.’

    Please name who you think comes into this category, and their track record

    Furthermore the Arsenal that Wenger took over is not the Arsenal that we have today….therefore whilst I understand your point I dont agree that it is relevant . I believe the Mancs are in the same position as us if not worse

  12. Angelos says:

    Morning Wonderman

    It doesn’t particularly matter what Arsenal was like before Wenger’s arrival, but rather what it is now. Wenger did a fantastic job but has been unlucky that football, durin his time here, has changed with regards to the influx of money and the subsequrnt levels of expenditure.

    Wenger, within the current climate of the game, is worryingly unresponsive. He will never make the signings needed to make an impression or iplement any tactical and defensive solidarity.

    And what do you mean when you say the mancs are in a worse position? In what sense exactly???

  13. Marten da gooner says:

    You are wenger’s brother right… or why do you think he’s the only one that can bring glory to Arsenal? i love that man for what he has brought to the Arsenal, but he’s clearly living on borrowed times with the club’s fans if he continually opposes popular opinion by thinking he’s perfect. just a few things need to be changed, and he keeps ignoring them. How long are you supposed to do that…

  14. Hers says:


  15. chas says:

    Really funny, tongue-in-cheek stuff, Harry. 🙂

    RSD, is the A.S.T. Tim Payton’s lot? He doesn’t seem like a yes man.

    Chary, be careful of snapping the black scarf brigade. They’ll all have balaclavas on anyway.

  16. I’ll have to whip it(my camera) out quick Chas, but presumably they’d be ok about being photographed?
    Mind you if the peronis flow and the company is too hard to leave I may not bother.

  17. rob says:

    or you could say, the new manager comes in, brings some tactics, confidence and buys the players we need. therefore we could be saying in 2015, we’ve won the league 3 times in a row, the CL and whatever else we go for.
    rather simplistic post, yes the grass isnt always greener but it could be

  18. Larry1975 says:

    Good post Harry. Yes the grass is not always greener but AW has to act quickly before it to late to build a squad. We have a decent amount of players just need a bit more quality in certain areas. Losing Fabregas and Nasri only means more quality is required than before, so a much harder task but one that needs to be accomplished for our beloved Arsenal.

  19. chas says:

    Chary, I’m sure they’ll be happy with as much publicity as possible.

  20. Wonderman says:


    1. I note you haven’t named this managers you claim can do a better job….who are they
    2. You chose to mention where Wenger managed before therefore making the comparison valid
    3. It is easy to come on blogs and make broad brush statements like
    ‘ is worryingly unresponsive. He will never make the signings needed to make an impression or iplement any tactical and defensive solidarity’

    What do you mean unresponsive ???? one of my pet hates is that 99% of the time he only makes subs at around 70 mins when one or other player should blatantly have been taken off before

    I always thought signings were to improve your team/squad not to impress. In terms of defending in my opinion we do not know how to defend set pieces well enough for a team going for the title ….simple

    My Man U comment was based on the fact the Sir Alex has been so successful they woulkd find it even more difficult if not impossible to find a manager that could take his place without too much turbulence

  21. chas says:

    Sharkey, your 10.14 last night was top quality.

    I wish Arsene would add his own candle to the six tier wedding cake. 🙂

  22. London says:


    Why don’t you try and write a counter post: the utopian world we would be in with a new manager or something like that, you will notice a link above “Be our guest” send it there.

  23. rvp15 says:

    Great post and very funny.

    I sit firmly in the anti-wenger camp because i think the club is deterioting.

    My question to you is “at what point would you say Wenger should go” i.e. what is your bottom line

  24. Wonderman says:

    London great idea

  25. TotalArsenal says:

    Harry, fantastic post: hilarious, witty, cheeky and just when it looks like we’re totally lost in the black abyss that you picture for us so vividly, you let the iconic DB10 return to us and all is well again. I love it that although you have us dropping like a stone, you still make sure the Spuds remain below us. Absolute class.

    I wish you had not chosen Van Gaal as Arsene’s replacement though. As a fellow Dutchman, I have a weak spot for superLouis and I feel that in terms of footballing philosophy (including prudence and youth policy – given time) as well as personality (they are both very bright visionaries) they are quite alike. But, that’s for another debate!

    Well done mate.

  26. 26may1989 says:

    Sometimes I find the blogosphere really irritating: someone (Harry) takes the time to write a tongue in cheek piece to amuse and make a point. And how do some react? Some, like eidiot, just post stupid, insulting comments without contributing to the discussion at all. What’s the point in that? Just bugger off somewhere else if you’ve got nothing to say.

    Others do have their own points to make, but still feel the need to insult. Angelos has some good points to make (eg, “we’re not doing as badly as people are crying out under Wenger but there are plenty of coaches out there who have a more expansive view of the game that could probably do a superior job”) but still feels the need to slag off Harry as a total joke. Angelos, all you do is undermine your own points and make yourself look, well, a bit of a joke.

    Does anyone know much about this supposed march on Sunday? I thought it was originally a complaint about commercialisation, ticket prices etc, all of which I think fans have a perfect right to complain about. But if it’s going to become a Wenger out march, I may well go down there with a box of eggs to chuck at them. Not because I don’t think we have the right to ask for the manager to be sacked, but because it is just so far from being justified as to be unreal. In my opinion.

    Nice post by the way Harry, thanks.

  27. Wonderman says:

    Hi Rvp 15

    That’s a good question, I’m of the opinion that our club is competitive, but needs to attend to some small details which I have said many times on various posts. We do not have a devine right to win anything and the table never lies. In recent seasons despite having injuries we always scored a high number of goals, but we have also conceded too many for my comfort….so do I really believe that a man of Wengers experience does not know that? ofcourse not …the problem with answering that question is that our model consists of improving young players and giving them a chance…maybe when he no longer feels he is improving them he will resign

  28. Evonne 2 says:

    Chas, Sharkey – agree, top top rant, I like it a lot

    Harry – you have some imagination! Great read, thank you!

    I want AW to stay, cannot imagine Arsenal without Wenger, but there are some benefits of bringing in a new manager – new brooms sweep clean, the motivation tactics of a new manager might work better, at least for a while, the fear factor of being sold can do wonders for some players, etc etc. However, all of those are hypothetical, there is a huge risk factor that the new man could turn out to be a complete flop.

    With Wenger we know what to expect, so I stick with the Devil you know mantra

  29. Angelos says:


    There is no broader or more sweeping statement than ‘the grass is not always greener on the other side’. In comparison, I think my reasoning is considerably more concise than that.

    It is not my job to name or pick managers for Arsenal, the board need to do that. I don’t see the point of ringing up a shortlist to you because we are arguing in hypotheticals.

    In the real world signings have a multitude of functions. Whether for football reasons, economic or political. I said ‘make an impression’ not to impress. You can make an impression on the field as well.

    The difference with Man U is that because of their continued success and propensity to spend they will be able to make a top quality managerial signing…us??? not so sure

  30. Wonderman says:

    Morning 26…totally agree re some bloggers , what kills me is the ‘ plenty of coaches coukd do a superior job..’

    er ok who ?

    erm, erm , erm lets sidestep that one and pretend I never wrote it.I call these bloggers repeaters…they just repeat whatever is the fashionable opinion with no substance. I have no issue with fans who think Wenger should leave, I dont agree with it …but lets debate

  31. arsenal fan says:

    I liked the post it was a good one!
    but feel even if this time wenger doesnt make these small changes this time around then what?
    We again bottle up this time next season!
    I think the opinions will be more different

  32. 26may1989 says:

    I agree, rvp15’s question is a good one, even though I’m at the other end of the spectrum in terms of his conclusions.

    The question is a simple one of self-interest: which manager do we think is the best we could have to give us the best chance of success on the pitch?

    Until last year, and the effective completion of the property sales and the worst of the debt required to fund the stadium, there was simply no-one around who could have done what Wenger did (keep us competitive and in CL football etc with no money, massive change etc). Mourinho couldn’t have done it, nor could Ferguson, nor Ancelotti, nor anyone else. And the fact Wenger stuck around to help us through that period, when he quite fairly could have gone to Chelsea or Madrid for more money and trophies over the past few years, underlines the debt of gratitude we all owe him.

    But that doesn’t necessarily mean we have to keep him in post now that the debt is effectively sorted out. We still need to know he is the best available.

    And I still think he is, but accept there are options.

    Harry’s point, that we should be careful what we wish for is very well made. We wouldn’t be the first club to make matters a lot worse by getting rid of an established manager. My big problem with the anti-Wenger brigade is their expectations are off beam: we haven’t won trophies for six years largely due to the stadium move and the desire to keep the club solvent. We (including Wenger) have failed this year, but what came before should be judged a success, not a failure. The trouble is journalists, pundits and many fans are financially illiterate and think Chelsea winning titles after Abramovich spends the best part of £1bn is somehow superior to Arsenal staying in the top four, getting to finals etc while having no money to spend at all.

    If more people saw the 2004-2010 period for what it was, and ignored the ridiculous views of journos and Sky TV pundits, they would have a far more measured view of the failure this season.

  33. Wonderman says:

    Hi Angelos,

    ‘It is not my job to name or pick managers for Arsenal, the board need to do that’

    You my friend have just exposed yourself as a blogger who believes he should have an unchallenged opinion…wrong site mate

    ‘but there are plenty of coaches out there who have a more expansive view of the game that could probably do a superior job.’

    Your words not mine…..so either that is your opinion, a statement of fact or both.

    I agreed with the first part , there are coaches with a more expansive view of the game ( but someone else may disagree). Hiddink, Rikhard, etc

    But under challenge all of a sudden you have gone jaffa on me

  34. Angelos says:

    Wonderman…what are you on about?

    I am not sidestepping anything. I stand by everything I have said and it is MY opinion. I just know how the blogosphere works…I give you names and then you start trying to pick any holes you can find in the names I give you. And even If I gave you the names you oddly crave so much Arsenal would probably be unable to get them anyway…so what’s the point

  35. Carlito11 says:

    Harry, A creative and well-thought out post. I shuddered at the idea of Louis Van Gaal being our manager. I laughed at the idea of Sven being our manager. I nearly welled up at the triumphant return of Wengerball under DB10! It’s inevitable that the club will suffer such outrageous fortunes at some point of the future- stability is key to this not happening soon- and I hope that point in the future is far away! A fun way of making the point and loved that LVG insists that he can’t keep the club in CL football on a limited budget- perhaps the most salient point of all.
    I think RSD’s point about giving the Blackscarf mob a fairer hearing is possibly correct. Nonetheless, they are merely forming part of a story-arc in this post and I felt Harry wasn’t purposefully laying into them or their ideas- merely worrying that the lunatics may take over the proceedings…
    I’d like to echo 26M’s comments about the blogosphere being an irritating place at times. Comment if you want to contribute or critique but insults and vacuous dismissals of the post-writer’s efforts merely bring us all down to YouTube comments levels- (surely the 7th circle of hell). Better to leave no comment at all in those circumstances.

  36. 26 – here’s a link from a local paper talking to the protest march organisers: http://www.hamhigh.co.uk/premier-league/arsenal/arsenal_supporters_group_to_make_protest_march_before_aston_villa_game_1_891638

    He’s at pains to say it is NOT a “Wenger out” demo or even a “Sack the board” demo.

  37. Carlito11 says:

    Angelos, you made an assertion which you have failed to back up with evidence. That’s what WM is “going on about”. This is schoolboy stuff.

  38. Danish Gooner says:

    It is like someone is trying to steal a childs pacifer.You people really have to work with this Wenger dependency it is actually crimpling you and the club.

  39. TotalArsenal says:

    RvP15, the bottom line is a subjective thing. Expectations are sky-high, so for many fans not winning a trophy next season will be their bottom line. Clearly, there are a lot of fans who believe the bottom line has been reached now.

    I believe that Wenger’s mission will eventually lead to a sustained period of dominance with both style and class and trophies at the end of it. This might take another year, maybe more. The bottom line for me is therefore the moment that Wenger himself does not believe in it anymore, but before you and I would be able to spot that, he would have resigned already.

  40. Carlito11 says:

    Or if you are going to insult- get Elizabethan about it- my fav for today “Thou yeasty, onion-eyed footlicker”!!!

  41. TotalArsenal says:

    1966 did you see the Anvill trailer (yesterday’s post)?

  42. rob says:

    you keep asking Angelos who he wants to replace Wenger, and quite rightly he says its the boards job to find this manager, however for £6.5m a year and no pressure to win anything then I think they could attract any manager in the world that they wanted

  43. Angelos says:


    You can call me whatever you like. I don’t particularly care.

    If you believe Arsene is the be all end all then that’s fine…I respect your right in believing that. If I think that Wenger is a good manager who under the weight of a monetary driven game is finding it difficult to compete; and that there are managers out there more atuned to the way football is heading then I should be able to think that too…right?

    If it’s names you want then fine…Ferguson, Ancelotti, Guardiola, Mourinho…off the top of my head.

  44. Yeah TotalA – I’ll look at it later as I can’t access Youtube from this pc.

    It looks like a sympathetic view rather than the lampooning attitude of Spinal Tap or the toilety humour of Bad News.

  45. TotalArsenal says:

    Hey, TH + DB + LD May1989,

    Well said. I love the £1bn Chelsea comparison!

  46. Wonderman says:

    26 spot on… dont get me wrong I dont think Wenger or anyone else should be immune from the sack asthe club is all important. From my appraisal based on what I have seen and heard we have had a season where we should be sitting here with at least 1 trophy for our efforts.

    I believe the burden of the stadium has lifted this season. As a Manager, Wenger now needs to be seen to be attending to our

    Set piece achilles heel
    Losing leads regularly
    End of season slump

    I have always found that bringing the right new players into a squad helps to keep others on their toes. but I think the biggest hindrance to us in recent times has been the poor way in which Vieira, Pires, Henry were allowed to leave the squad therefore breaking continuity, something which the Mancs have handeled better imo

  47. Carlito11 says:

    Fair enough Angelos- “anyone but Arsene from our major Champions League competitors” would do it. I will spare you the counterarguments as you don’t seem to want to have them- the only one of that brief list I’d take is Guardiola why would he leave his hometown club and greatest team in the world though?

  48. slimshady says:

    top top top post! and chilling too… love it!

  49. SPECTRUM says:

    A hypothetical blog based on fear. I could just as easily formulate a scenario that is much more positive.Wenger’s absence could very well be the catalyst for a bright new era, under a younger fresher manager, with new ideas, tactical approaches, and a willingness to actually spend the money that HAS been available for the last two seasons, IN ADDITION to an increased transfer budget under new owner Stan Kroenke.
    The team could be rejuvenated by having the weight of staleness, apathy and complacency lifted from the shoulders of the squad.With better discipline and tactical organisation, and an injection of belief from the new manager, the team storms to the Premier League title in his first year in charge.Former A.K.B.’s and neutrals exclaim; “Hey ! if only we’d done this years ago.Just think what might have been !”
    “Be careful what you wish for ? ” My reply ; “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  50. Wonderman says:


    All I was asking was for you to put clothes on your arguement. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and on quite a few sites you can go on there and say whatever you like….such and such player is sh*t, Wenger is this or that …no one will bat an eyelid as the individuals on those sites just vent their frustrations en masse . On here there is debate, with humour and intelligence but always respect. I did not call you any names , I described your action at the time . You have since named names which we could debate again ( but I have to go) . I have enjoyed jousting with you today and suggest you take up London’s invite to compile an anti-post to Harry’s
    as you have made some valid points

  51. Spectrum , I don’t believe the post’s purpose was frighten, more a humorous attempt at a what-if scenario with obvious exaggeration to stress a point.
    Of course if you want to formulate the antithesis to this in the form of a post I would venture you are welcome to.

  52. Absolutely thrilled.
    Best ever article on ArsenalArsenal. To those fans wanting Wenger OUT, in your faces!
    Brilliantly written one. The pressure from media is big enough and if fans multiply it by n times, it just might over-burden him. Just look at how much money he’s spent in ht last 6 years. The board would never EVER think of sacking him. Not even a thought.
    I know there are some things missing but there could be no man better than Arsene to do so.
    And will always do.

  53. 26may1989 says:

    Thanks for the link the Ham & High article, Chary. I find what is said by those organising the march quite reassuring – I just hope they keep it to being a protest about commercialisiation etc.

    That said, I don’t really agree with them, the position of the club is a million miles from Glazer’s leveraged buy-out of United, which effectively meant the fans were being fleeced into buying the club on Glazer’s behalf so that he could acquire a hugely valuable asset that he can sell at enormous personal gain in a few years’ time, without having really paid for it. And the Hicks and Gillett ownership of Liverpool was even worse.

    But Arsenal certainly need to do a lot more to listen to the fans, and show worrying degrees of complacency about the fans’ ability and appetite to pay high prices. If the march stays on message, I hope the Board and Gazidis listen carefully to what is said.

  54. Angelos says:


    You can give a counter-argument if that makes you happy. I just can’t be bothered really.
    Me, you, wonderman and everyone else can argue amongst ourselves for as long as we like but in all probability next season will be the same.
    He’ll crouch on the touchline and throw water-bottles and talk alot about mentality while subsequently losing massive leads. We’ll buckle in anything remotely close to a pressure situation and sign free transfers and players who are substitutes at best.I guess we’ll get our answers when Wenger eventually tires and leaves.

  55. gunnie says:

    Excellent post, had a good laugh, at last a bit of perspective.
    I’m also from Holland, but I would not wish Van Gaal as future coach, better wait for Bergkamp perhaps.
    And, btw, does appointing a new manager every year/few years gives you trophies every year? Look at Chelsea, Liverpool, etc.

  56. SPECTRUM says:

    charybdis1966 – By ‘fear’ I mean fear of change.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  57. SPECTRUM says:

    In football, a star player can start off young and fresh, with lots of enthusiasm. He can have a huge amount of skill and talent, be tactically astute, have a footballing brain, and lots of stamina. But as time passes, his talent begins to wane. He finds it harder to do the things he used to in previous years. Eventually he goes into decline, and if he continues on for too long his form suffers, and his achievements lose their gloss. Then he knows it’s time to quit, before he gets that inevitable tap on the shoulder.
    The saying “You’re only as good as your last game” then rings true.
    So if this applies to players, why shouldn’t it to managers, also ?
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  58. 26may1989 says:

    As you’ll have seen already, excellent comment from Paddy Vieira: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/arsenal/8509087/Arsenal-mentally-weak-and-have-forgotten-how-to-deal-with-pressure-says-Manchester-Citys-Patrick-Vieira.html.

    So true. I’d love Paddy to be hired as a coach, and save him from the gilded cage at the Wastelands! Or maybe he should be brought back as a back-up player, since he apparently did well the other night versus Spuds.

  59. Red Arse says:

    Harry, witty and to the point. Well done! 🙂

    The problem with putting well known adages in your post, such as ‘the grass is not always greener on the other side’ is that they go over the heads of some, unsurprisingly.

    I cannot believe Spectrum with his childish motto is back. It was not funny the first time he copied it from another blogger, and it has since become putrid with repetition.

    Perhaps someone should tell his mummy?

  60. TotalArsenal says:

    Angelos, there are no easy answers. Changing the manager is always an attractive option in itself, as it offers renewed hope. But after that more then often reality sinks in. Man City, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Liverpool, etc etc all have experienced heavily with the scenario: new manager in, large budget to spend on players and success will come our way.

    We Gooners are greedy, want more and more. Nothing wrong with that, but let’s not forget that Wenger has done a fantastic job with the opposite of the above scenario and we have remained in close reach of the trophies. He deserves more loyalty and patience, however hard this is for the greedy-guts.

  61. Red Arse says:

    You are right, 26, I was really impressed with Paddy against the Sp*ds.

    He certainly changed the game in Citeh’s favour, but I suspect he can only play for part of any game, and is perhaps on borrowed time.

    by all means it would be great if he came to us to coach the deeper meaning of defensive team work!

  62. HCAA says:

    Greetings all,

    amusing off-beat post Harry. Though I sincerely hope that under any circumstances, Sven would never be seriously considered.

  63. Rasp says:


    I thought we’d clarified our position over the use of your catchphrase – it only serves to irritate and is against the spirit of AA, not because it is anti-Arsène but because it is tedious and repetetive and not mildly amusing.

    I can only assume you have chosen to use it again because you can assume martyr status if we block you and claim that we are afraid of your viewpoint – well that’s not going to work. Your comments can convey your message regarding Arsene, the epithet is not necessary.

    I would politely ask you to leave off the last sentence in the future.

  64. Red Arse says:

    Spot on TA, 🙂

    Your English is so good, even the vernacular, that I would never guess you are Danish.

    Gennemstegt min ven! 🙂

    [That has exhausted my knowledge of Danish] 🙂

  65. Wonderman says:

    Total @ 12:32 spot on my friend couldn’t have put that better myself. The new manager answer has been proven not to work over the long term with only short term benefits as you have said , but I suppose the stay with your manager answer which Arsenal and Man U have adopted can leave fans in exactly the position we are in ( impatient, not appreciating what has been done) and also making it very difficult for the next manager

    ‘ he deserves more loyalty and patience, however hard this is for the greedy-guts’

    statement of the day for me !!!!

  66. Red Arse says:

    Hi HCAA, 🙂

    Sorry I missed your comment yesterday, I was obviously trying to remember a piece of poetry for TotalA who is a least bilingual and may be a polyglot! 🙂

  67. Rasp says:


    Sorry I’ve been so busy this morning that I haven’t had a chance to congratulate you on an excellent post – the level of response is testament. My apologies also for the lack of pictures which I know you supplied to accompany the article but unfortunately I have not been able to include.

  68. SPECTRUM says:

    Red Arse@12;29 – Seems the only thing you seize on is my catchphrase.And as I have pointed out before, I did not “copy it from another blogger”. It is adapted from one of your fellow A.K.B.’s. An ironic twist, I think.
    Oh, and abuse is always a good substitute for a lack of meaningful argument.

  69. Carlito11 says:

    Rasp @12.40 Well played that man!
    Angelos, you are right that nothing said here will alter the direction of the club. If we are in the same position next season of having signed bargain basement players, throwing away leads and having a mid/late season collapse then I am sure AW will walk himself. I feel sure he knows what needs to be done and I will judge him on his ability to rectify the groundhog day scenario we find ourselves in….

  70. Carlito11 says:

    SPECTRUM “Oh, and abuse is always a good substitute for a lack of meaningful argument.
    “In Arsene we rust.”” So is repeating a catchphrase ad infinitum… Are we going to have another day of trying to teach you how to converse with adults or will you just remember the lesson you learned last time?

  71. TotalArsenal says:

    Hey RA that is even double-dutch to me! I’m not Danish but Dutch (more of a DB than a NB!). Thanks for the compliment though, I have lived in the UK now for 13 years and try my best to improve on my language skills continuously.

  72. SPECTRUM says:

    Rasp – Alright, I won’t use my catchphrase.
    Here’s a quote from another blog with logic that’s hard to argue with ; ” For me, coming third or fourth is not much of an achievement for a club of Arsenal’s stature. As supporters, we should not demand trophies, but we should demand a place in the top four. That is an absolute bare minimum, and if a manager cannot serve up any more than the bare minimum over a seven-year period, then he’s been given long enough and should be seeking alternative employment. ”
    Makes good sense ( unless you’re a one eyed A.K.B.) And more than enough reason to start a protest, I would suggest.

  73. Carlito11 says:

    TA- Dutch! 💡 That explains the Total bit and your in depth knowledge of Rijkaard’s contribution to the Ajax CL victory team! Excellent!!

  74. HCAA says:

    Hi RA,

    we can’t always be glued to our screens, sometimes life gets in the way. It’s great that this site is so diverse and culturally relevant. I find it very educational, lively intelligent minds all with their own unique take on our club, the good and bad. It’s a pleasure to be included.

  75. Carlito11 says:

    Offski- Thai restaurant for lunch :p

  76. Harry says:

    Guys, thanks for the positives havent read all, busy at work, in middle of audit….Will read tonight, glad you enjoyed the tongue in cheek view…….

  77. WiganGooner says:

    Great job, fantastic article. Well thought out and very humourous.


  78. HCAA says:


    back in the early ’70’s when I was a nipper, I remember being incredibly excited on reading an article in either ‘The Sun’ or ‘Daily Mirror’ linking Arsenal with the great Johan Cruyff. Looking back, I realise it may have been a ruse to sell more papers. Did you get to watch Cruyff?

  79. Big Raddy says:

    Harry. Super post, I love entertaining fiction.

    HCAA. I and I guess a few on AA were lucky enough to see Cruyff inspired Ajax play at Highbury. I will never forget seeing the Cruyff turn (youtube it) on the wing in front of the West Stand. I and all my Goonermates went to the park and tried to perfect it for weeks afterwards.

    It was in 1972 ahead of their hatrick of CL wins. Happy days …..

  80. Big Raddy says:

    And here is the link to save you looking!

  81. HCAA says:

    Legendary BR. I don’t know how true the story was, would love to have seen it happen. I supported Holland during the ’74 WC in Germany.

  82. HCAA says:

    Nice one BR!

  83. Kipmonster says:

    Fear of the unknown by way of fairytale hypothesis is not a reason that fans should not vent justifiable frustation at both the Manager & the Club for unnecessary missed silverware opportunity due to repetitive weaknesses & failings that have resulted in several consecutive ‘groundhog day’ seasons. Investment in experience for the obvious positions was what was needed. Arsenal fans have never asked for crass Chelsea / Man City / Real Madrid crazy spending.
    Mr Wenger & the board who have cleaned up financially since the move to the Emirates whilst at the same time Arsenal fans have been bled dry. No other manager of top level club in World football would on the back of ZERO silverware throughout the duration of an already hugely lucrative contract, be given a 20% pay rise. That was obscene & rewarded him as a great Financial Accountant not as a Football manager whose primary aim should be onfield success. Others are there to look after Arsenal’s off field position.
    Any protest or majority of fan anger is not motivated to wish Mr wenger out of the exit door but for him to show common sense & less stubbornly pursuit of a personal project borne out of his vanity & ego needeing to prove media pundits & all other critics wrong.

  84. London says:

    Extremely well argued comment Kipmonster

    Could you just make clear what the “obvious positions” are?

  85. London says:

    Come to think about it Kipmonster what is this “personal project” you refer to?

  86. SPECTRUM says:

    Red Arse and Carlito 11 – Now that you can no longer use my catchphrase to avoid debate, perhaps you would like to refute my posts at 12;19 and 12;51 ?

  87. jjgsol says:

    This is the first time I have visited this blog and am pleased to see the healthy discussions, without so much of the insults.

    When AW arrived, he very successfully tweaked what was an already reasonably good side, to turn them into, eventually, the Invincibles.

    However, like all of us, they grew old and he had 2 alternatives. The first is the Chelsea/Manure route, of buying in all the available talent and putting them together to make a winning combination.

    The second was to start from scratch and develope and nurture good quality youngsters into Invincibles mark 2.

    The first way was out of our reach, as we did not have the money and needed a new stadium.

    He had no choice but to take the second.

    It was, in any event the correct way to go, but is taking longer than he invisaged and many fans wanted.

    This season he thought that he had arrived, and we thought so as well, as, indeed, should have happened. We approached the end of the season with almost a full compliment of players, but they failed, for whatever reason.

    The experiment must, therefore, take longer, but, in truth, there is no real alternative now, as there never was one to start off with.

    I think we all feel that we are close, but must understand that there is still work do be done, which undoubtedly, will be done.

    In a society where everything has to be quick and cheap, we, the loyal Arsenal fans, must have patience, because nothing worth having will be obtained quickly or cheaply.

    The new stadium was expensive and has to be paid for. The players we have have not been cheap, in respect of those we have bought and have not been developed on a shoe string for those who we have developed.

    It upsets us and annoys us and frustrates us, but we have to have patience.

    In Arsenal we trust.

  88. SPECTRUM says:

    Kipmonster – Liked your post. However having read my post at 12;51, and given what you already have said, I can’t understand how you can justify Wenger staying on. Aren’t you contradicting yourself somewhat ?
    Wenger himself said near the end of LAST season, “Judge me in May.” That was LAST May. Well here we are ANOTHER season on, and another ( predictable ) failure to deliver.
    By the standard Wenger has set himself,he is already over his (own ) time limit, wouldn’t you say ?

  89. SPECTRUM says:

    Rasp – I find jjgsol’s post saying “In Arsene we trust” offensive.
    Well, I don’t really, as I’m not so oversensitive as some of the delicate flowers on here.But if you’re going to insist on me not using my catchphrase,then you should be consistent with your principles, and demand the same from him, and others of similar mind.

  90. Big Raddy says:

    jjsol. Fine comment.

    Has the throwing of huge sums of money at a project ever worked? I am not sure. All the great teams have a large element of players who have grown up playing together, from the Liverpool of the 70’s and 80’s to the Barca of today.

    Look at Real, hundreds of millions wasted on players (their reserve team must cost as much as our entire first team squad). Supposedly the best manager ever in the history of the world (according to JM) and what have they won? A Spanish Cup that no-one cares about.

    Arsenal have financial constraints and AW and has done wonderfully well to work within them, Whether he can bring his project to fruition remains to be seen, but I believe he has earned the right to try.

  91. Big Raddy says:

    Spectrum. I know you are desperate to find fault, but try reading what jjsol wrote not what you ASSUME he wrote

  92. SPECTRUM says:

    Correction – In “Arsenal” we trust. It’s still a catchphrase, though.
    Trivial I know, but it’s the others who want to make an issue out of it.

  93. 26may1989 says:

    Spectrum: Red Arse and Carlito can deal with your invitation themselves, but looking at your 12.19pm and 12.51pm posts (which you seem to be fond of), I’d respond:

    1. Obviously it is true of anyone, that they can be good and then deteriorate. (I dare say some of my colleagues look at me and say I’m not as good now as I was a few years ago……) So, yes, of course Wenger could be sackable despite his achievements of the past – but then I don’t think anyone has said otherwise, so in the end it’s a bit of a non-point.

    2. As for the suggestion that Wenger has failed for six years, I couldn’t disagree more – and for that I refer back to my 11.46am post (sorry for all the cross-referencing) and previous discussions on this blog. I (and plenty of others) make the point repeatedly, but the idea that the last six years have been a filaure is based on a fallacy born of journalistic laziness and myopia. This season has been a failure, but not what came before.

    A few questions for you: do you agree that the current group of players is capable of beating Blackburn, Sunderland, WBA, Bolton and Stoke? Do therefore you agree that, at the end of February, Arsenal were in a position to win the title? If the players had beaten those teams and won the title, would you still be calling for Wenger to be sacked?

  94. Kipmonster says:

    Centre Back – Forgetting the obvious Wenger comment ……… ‘ Vermaelen will be like a new signing ‘ ! We need to sign a powerhouse defender who will control & organise the back four. Djourou & Kosceilny should be back up CB’s.
    Defensive Midfielder – This season with Frimpong injured all season who would have had playing time, we had just 1 Player in that position.
    Striker – We are still a forward short as Adebayor was replaced by Chamakh but no replacement for Eduardo. A prolific goalscorer to finish chances we so frivolously waste. RVP is a No.10 NOT a No.9 & playing behind a goalscorer would still naturally score a lot of goals.
    Goalkeeper – The 2 clowns should go & an experienced 30/35 year old Keeper should be signed with Szecezeny as No.2 for now as despite great promise & him looking light years better than the clowns, he’s not the finished article.
    Quality buys in those ‘4’ positions should be part financed by the sales of Fabregas ( He is definitely leaving & I suspect he is not injured but being protected before inevitable move. As great a player as he is I wont be too upset as he now has similar demeanour that Henry had in his final Arsenal season of doing us a favour by still being at the club ), The 2 Clown Keepers, Denilson, Bendtner, Rosicky, Squillaci, Eboue & maybe Diaby ( A most frustrating player for many reasons who I don’t want to give up on but will we ever see consistent fitness & performance ? ).
    There are youngsteras to join the squad in Myaichi ( Work Permit allowing ) , JET, Afobe & Coquelin etc.

  95. dandan says:

    Nicely done Harry:

    You took a real leap of faith, expecting the likes of Specrum and Angelos to appreciate irony.

    At least you tried and gave them the benefit of the doubt,more than that you cannot do.

    I doubt they have it in them realise, the recipe for perpetual ignorance is: to be satisfied with your opinions and content with your knowledge.”

    No one to my mind on here believes Wenger to be the fount of all knowledge, but he sure as hell has kept our club afloat through stormy times with little help and scant appreciation in some parts.

    The 20/20 hindsight boys are alas Myopic as far as the future is concerned.

    Ticket prices to high, Not enough money spent on transfers, not acting like a big club in the market, Wenger is a miserly cheapskate.
    Leeds utd did all that. Charlton removed a manager that had given them stability for years

    The result for both clubs was the same. I wonder how much those fans would pay right now, for a ticket back to where they were.

    Spectrum as I have said before you should change your avatar to a can of WD40 that would surely cure your repetitious problem

  96. Red Arse says:

    Hi jjgsol, 🙂

    Now that is a concise, intelligent and mature comment.

    You sir are very welcome. 🙂

    I am going back to see if I can find something to disagree with, but I know I will fail! 🙂

  97. 26may1989 says:

    Like your post jjgsol – just one pont of detail though: you say Wenger “very successfully tweaked what was an already reasonably good side, to turn them into, eventually, the Invincibles”, but I would say it was much more than tweaking. Signing Petit, Overmars, Vieira, Anelka and various squad players constituted a revolution at the time. Of course, he inherited the greatest defence of all time, and he extended their careers, and he also inherited DB, David Platt and Ray Parlour, but there was still a lot of activity when Le Prof turned up.

  98. SPECTRUM says:

    Big Raddy – We HAD financial constraints. We haven’t had for the last two seasons, so don’t rehash that as an excuse.
    Yes he’s “earned the right to try”, and he’s had six seasons to prove that his way is right.It hasn’t worked.Now it’s become an obsession with him,to the point where he can’t/won’t accept any contrary views and advice.
    You are prepared to gamble that he will be proven right, given time.But hasn’t his obstinacy and deep managerial flaws, demonstrated that he isn’t capable of turning things around ?
    As far as time goes; “how long is a piece of string ?” is what you’re implying.We shouldn’t trade potential trophies, in order to give him that luxury.

  99. GoonerForLife says:


    Yeah a healthy discussion between those with the same views.

    I’ve been reading the comments here and what i get from it is if u challenge Wenger and this pessimistic post then you are gonna get screwed by everyone.

    I don’t understand why you have to explain your views to extreme depth when against wenger but if you simply scream “Wenger for life” or something of the sort it goes by without the batting of an eyelid.

  100. angelicbeardy says:

    I would personally like to see a change of manager at Arsenal if only to change the emphasis of the team. I would like to see Martin O’Neill given a chance with us, he has a more direct approach tactically but can also sort out the defensive side of the game. It’s been 3 seasons now and we keep continually letting in silly goals and this season has been worst then ever. Wenger keeps ignoring the fact that strong teams are built on a solid foundation and that is a proper defense.

  101. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks BR for the link: always makes me happy to see it!

    Yes HACC, I was 7 springs old when watching the ’74 worldcup and this was my first encounter with the genius of JC. By the way, it is said in Holland that it’s current ‘way of life’ is fully influenced by 3 famous JC’s: Jezus Christ(us), Johannes Calvi(j)n, and Johan Cruijff.

    I can still vividly remember me standing in our garden, just after Holland lost the WC final to the (I will be polite in case we have German Gooners on here) Mannschaft of our neighbours, feeling utterly depressed. My dad said to me, ‘oh boy don’t worry we’ll have another chance in 4 years time’ (how right he was!), but I thought: four years, FOUR YEARS, that’s more than half my life!

    I guess you can love football, like you can love driving, say, a VW Passat: save, comfortable, reliable, no surprises. However, once you have tasted totalfootball at a very young age, it is like you just had a test-drive in a Ferrari. Sorry, a bit tacky..but can’t help it. It never leaves you. Yes, and Johan Cruijff is the embodiment of the TF philosophy (although he was not on his own but clearly surrounded by great players at the time).

    After 1978, Dutch football had it’s dark, dark days, missing out on two world cups altogether. Then came a new generation with the likes of Gullit, Rijkaard, Van Basten, Koeman, Overmars etc etc, and ofcourse, our demi-god Dennis Bergkamp. The rest is history.

    Holland only won the EC in 1988, despite its great footballing philosophy and all the talents it produced. I was very very disappointed when we lost again in a final last summer. I felt sorry for my Dad especially, as he might not have another chance to see Holland lift the World Cup. Yet, I would not want to swap with say Germany or Italy: they might have won a lot more, but seldom put football hearts on fire.

    I think Arsenal puts football hearts on fire, more than any other club in the PL, and only Barcelona can do it like we can in Europe. Arsenal, under Wenger, is the british embodiment of totalfootball, maybe not in its purest form but a pretty impressive variant nevertheless. And that’s why I love the Arsenal.

    Let’s give Wenger a chance to complete the project, and give the man some space.

  102. Big Raddy says:


    Can I address you comment.

    CB. I do not agree that we need extra personnel at CB. What we need and need desperately is defensive co-ordination. If one takes out the goals conceded at set plays, we have the tightest defence in the PL for goals conceded in open play. This points to lack of nous from all our players. We need a proper Defensive Coach and much more time on the training ground.

    DM. We do have other DM’s. Denilson and Ramsey. However I agree that Denilson over the season has shown himself unequal to the task. An experienced backup for Song would be great, though which quality DM will come in to sit on the bench and wait for games?.

    Striker. Who was to know that Vela and Nik B wouldn’t or couldn’t step up? Or that Chamakh would fall away after Xmas? However, in light of this season, I agree that another striker, preferably left sided is an important purchase.

    GK. Completely disagree with you. We have the 2 GK’s we need and Szczesny will only get better. Did Casillas or Shilton need to have an experienced 35 y.o. to be no.1? Shilton was 17 when Leicester sold the then England GK, Gordon Banks!

  103. angelicbeardy says:

    I do think he is a good manager but needs someone to tell him what needs to be sorted out no more yes men please.

  104. Tazz says:

    Brilliant write-up. Hopefully after reading this cynics will finally put to rest the argument of sacking le prof. In him we’ll forever trust!

  105. davoliciouz says:

    OMG! Dis is reaally interesting, bt can’t imaagine ARSENAL battling relegation, dat would be d worst thin to ever happen to our darling club,but its funnier when you readeer further and Ơ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴͡ this “Fabregas had gone to Barca, Nasri to Inter Milan, both citing Wenger’s departure as too much, although Cesc had already agreed terms before Wengers announcement……

    Also on the bus out were Clichy to Juve, Arshavin to Zenit, Bendtner to Munich and Chamakh to Fenerbache”….it really made me go emotional, it finally done on me dat dis guys will definitely move on sometime, in all, ARSENAL will be great again..

  106. ‘beardy – bang on there, Wenger has been screaming out for an effective sounding board number 2 to bounce ideas off of.

    Maybe with Pat Rice’s impending departure we’ll get someone like that- the latest I heard is that it could be Phil Parkinson, the ex-addick.

  107. Big Raddy says:

    Spectrum. That is your opinion. I respect it but mine happens to be different.

    GunnerforLife (BTW we all are). Why make that comment? As far as I can see no-one has been bullied or harangued for making a contrary comment one way or the other. There just happen to be far more pro-AW than anti on this site.

  108. SPECTRUM says:

    26May1989 – You’re basing that on a hypothetical supposition. “IF” this, and “if” that. The fact is that we DIDN’T. That’s the cold hard reality.
    Why didn’t we beat those teams ? Because of a number of factors, some being out of our control.But the ones that WERE under our control, are what could and should, have made the difference.
    Mental factors,lack of motivation,players habitually played out of position,lack of, or insufficient, defensive training, poor tactics – not responding to changes in the game situation, no plan B,playing no hopers like Denilson, Diaby, Almunia, e.t.c. Failure to address the weaknesses in the team that were and still ARE, so glaringly obvious.The list goes on. Not learning from mistakes,and not being flexible enough to change things around.
    All these can be put down to the manager’s negligence.The buck stops with HIM.Even Cesc implied that Wenger needs to decide whether he wants to develop youth, or win trophies.Reading between the lines, that means he sees the current situation as not viable.

  109. dandan says:

    Totalarse:2;34 Superb, well done sir, encapsulates all I have learnt over a lifetime of Arsenal that stretches from the likes of Alan Skirton to Today.

    How sad that it has to be a convert from a foreign land who uses our language better than we do, who should make so succinct an assessment of our great club.

    Thanks again TA

  110. 26may1989 says:

    Thanks Spectrum. But you don’t actually answer any of my questions. I understand that, because doing so would mean undermining your own arguments. But it is telling that you don’t want to answer those questions, and instead want to continue to slag off the manager. Your right of course, just not very effective or convincing.

    And I also see you don’t want to respond to my response on your earlier posts.

    Bottom line: you don’t like Wenger. That’s fine, I just wish you had better arguments than the simplistic assertion that everything that goes wrong at Arsenal is Wenger’s fault.

  111. Red Arse says:


    I humbly apologise for mixing up Denmark and Holland! 🙂

    I saw your comment during my speed read and had also seen Raddy’s comment, and my only excuse is that he lives in Denmark, and I crossed you both over, so to speak.

    Your English is still brilliant! 🙂

    ‘Goed gedaan mijn vriend’! Now that is probably gibberish too!! 🙂 [the first, third and fourth words are quite ‘Englishy’]

  112. Eddie says:

    Hahaa put a smile to my face in a hectic day! lol!
    The mention of HW…..

    Van Bommel was sent off by Howard Webb, for a high foot in the chest of Rooney who missed the rest of the season whilst been nursed by Princess Fiona, 10man Arsenal were crushed 4-0…….


  113. Gooner in Exile says:

    Ahhh finally to the end of comments!

    Harry nice article, one point which is actually very relevant is about the lack of understanding and cohesion you mention with the few out and few in.

    Some fans are asking Wenger spend big this year and if he does (unlikely I know) the very possibility of on field misunderstandings could become a reality.

    As for some of the other negative comments about the post……I’m sure Harry is big enough to handle himself, water of a ducks arse is a phrase that springs to mind.

    I love that the suggestions as to the managers who are better than Wenger came in at Maureen, SAF, Ancelotti & Guardiola, doesn’t that prove in itself how futile it would be to sack Wenger? At present only one of those would maybe take the job, one is at the best club in the world, one would never, and one if he joined I’d be leaving. I’ll leave you to guess which ones which.

    If he is 5th to those four I think I can live with that…altho I think he is probably 4th in fairness.

    The accusation that he is stale annoys me…he revolutionised football in this country once, he is trying to do it again both in playing style and recruitment policy whether enforced or otherwise.

  114. TotalArsenal says:

    DanDan, thanks, very much appreciated.

  115. TotalArsenal says:

    Hey Red Arse (Rode Kont), your Dutch is a lot better than your Danish haha.

  116. Kipmonster says:

    Big Raddy ……….

    I agree we need a Defensive coach but also need to sign a CB in mould previously stated to play alongside Vermaelen with Djour & Kos as back up. Squillaci is a disaster similar to Silvestre & Stepanovs. Arsenal should not be buying cheap options like that.
    Denilson & Ramsey are NOT DM’s. It’s hard to positively say what Denilson is, a player who hasn’t improved a jot since arrival. Ramsey is a quality passer of the ball in the Fabregas mould. Truly a waste to use him primarily defensively.
    Evidence against Bendtner hasn’t just started this season. As stated before have 1 less striker & an Hernandez type whose main asset is to score is what we lack.
    Fabianski & Almunia are mistake ridden clowns. I don’t believe Szeczny is ready to be No.1 yet. 35 is the max age of Keeper I’d like to see. Quality experience is needed to be the No.1 now.

  117. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi GiE, well said!

    Say Wenger was indeed replaced by one of those ‘big names’, would the club that just lost that manager not be desperate to sign Wenger. I bet you.

  118. Red Arse says:


    My Dutch is straight out of a Dutch/English dictionary (from a holiday many years ago) and you know how dangerous that can be … the dictionary, not the holiday! 🙂

    By the way, who are you calling a Kont? (only works if you know the meaning of the ‘anglo-saxon’ English word!) 🙂

  119. RockyLives says:

    Outstanding post Harry – beautifully written and with some great lines, but also making an important point.
    Am half way through the comments – will check back in later.

  120. 26may1989 says:

    Excellent post Ross, well done. Please do come back.

  121. Red Arse says:

    Careful (12+11+3), he may not realise the sardonic tenor of your invite! 🙂

  122. Good one (3^5+117-334); but he may have upset Spectrum by calling him an “AKB sycophant”

  123. SPECTRUM says:

    26May1989 – I take it you mean these questions ? “A few questions for you: do you agree that the current group of players is capable of beating Blackburn, Sunderland, WBA, Bolton and Stoke? Do therefore you agree that, at the end of February, Arsenal were in a position to win the title? If the players had beaten those teams and won the title, would you still be calling for Wenger to be sacked?”
    Answers; yes, of course they ARE CAPABLE of beating those teams. But as I said, they DIDN’T.I then went on to explain why.
    And yes, of course we were in a position to win the title in February.In fact, we were in a position to win more than just that four competitions. All of which we bombed out of.That makes our collapse all the more shameful. But this was predicted by me and others last season,because of the deficiencies of the players AND more importantly, Wenger.
    He chose the players, he chose the tactics, it’s his responsibility to motivate them, his poor judgement resulted in us having the clown in goal, and no experienced quality players coming in. Yet all this seems fine by you. All because of what he did for us six years ago ? When are you going to break from the past, and concern yourself with the present and future ?
    Lastly, to your hypothetical question. If we had have gone on to win the league ( which we should have – given the poor quality of the league this year ), then I would naturally be happy.But that wouldn’t alter my opinion on Wenger’s CURRENT abilities. He’s a deeply flawed manager,who’s best is past him, and that’s becoming more evident as time goes on.I think we could have won even more if we had dumped him at least two years ago.If we had won it, I would then be cautious, and place him on a year by year contract, to prove that it wasn’t just a fluke.I’d also place Key performance indicators ( K.P.I.’s) in his contract for future years, to ensure he is held to minimum standards of achievement and accountability. Not give him four more years given that he has not won anything, as the board have crazily done.
    I have great respect for Wenger for what he HAS done for us. But we can’t stay mired in the past. No-one stays on top of their game forever. Including Wenger.

  124. Red Arse says:

    CharyB, 🙂

  125. Red Arse says:

    (3^5+117-334), Duh!! 🙂

  126. Guess who’s got a spreadsheet open right now RedA?

    Anyone seen Wenger’s thursday adfternoon pre-match presser ? Wonder if we’ll see the Verminator or, more significantly, Cesc.

  127. HCAA says:

    Bitter-sweet memories TA. The Dutch revolutionised football during the halcyon days of the 1970’s. Krol, Neeskens, Johnny Rep, all names that conjour up wonderful football.

  128. 26may1989 says:

    Christ Red Arse, you can’t do numbers can you? 😉

    Spectrum, thanks for answering the questions. I disagree with you because I think your expectations about the last six years were unrealistic, for the reasons I’ve set out in this blog numerous times before (apols to everyone for being repetitive, I just can’t accept the “six years of failure thesis”, it’s just so wrong-headed).

    I would also point out that you are wrong to say the debt was cleared two seasons ago. In fact, that only happened in May 2010, so one season ago. Which is why I say this is the first season of failure (not because we didn’t win the title, but because we got to a winning position and then threw it away in lame fashion).

    But I do accept that (a) the team failed to win the league this year when they should have won it (and guttingly, finished in lame fashion), and (b) Wenger is in part at fault for the failure (but having recruited the players, etc, the primary responsibility for the failure to win those matches and therefore the title rests with the players themselves).

    In the end, we’re all asking what is good for Aresnal right now. And despite his errors, Arsene Wenger still knows more than all of us put together about the game and about players. I therefore trust in him more than any alternative candidate, but I want to see some serious action this summer to deal with the personnel that have failed all of us, and rejuvenate a squad that I consider to be the most talented in the country but which has shown itself to be psychologically flawed.

    As I’ve said before, none of this guarantees that I, a lone Arsenal fan, will continue to consider Wenger to be our best assurance of future success. But right now, I think that is what he is. We’ve had more than our share of disappointments this season, but I hold onto beating Spurs 4-1 at the Lane, beating Chelsea and Man U for the first time in a long time and beating Barca for the first time ever as indicators of the quality we have. The challenge is to get that level of performance consistently.

  129. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi RA, I can only call you, what you call yourself, and you started talking dutch to me haha.

  130. goonermichael says:

    My Italian friend ( who is usually wrong) Says Sky Italia are reporting Ancelotti as having talks about replacing Wenger. He may just be winding me up though.

  131. I have to raise a concern of mine with this focussing on Wenger – as it seems clear so many players joined us because of Wenger then does that mean we, as a club, can’t attract players on the basis of our history and stature?

    What builds a club’s profile? Achievement in the form of trophies for example.

    I always get slightly uncomfortable when a player says ”I joined Arsenal because of Wenger” – I’d rather they said “I’ve joined Arsenal because they are a big club.”

  132. angelicbeardy says:

    26may1989- i agree with you to some extent but Chelsea, Manu and Barcelona all play a similar grouded game to us and our defenders can defend against that better as they are quick. We come unstuck against teams who rely on set pieces to create goals. Anytime we comcede a corner of freekick we always look like conceding.

  133. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks HCAA, I noticed before that you like to make references to Johan Cruijff, Totalfootball, Ajax etc. It’s nice to have this in common.

  134. HCAA says:

    I think that is a core part of Wenger’s footballing philosophy, TA. Barcelona got the perfect advocate of that in Cruyff. It surprises me that in attempting to replicate such artistry he doesn’t employ a couple of Dutch coaches.

  135. 26may1989 says:

    GM, that rumour must have 0.1% chance of bring accurate but if we did lose Wenger now, Ancelotti would only be behind Pep Guardiola as my replacement of choice.

    Or what about Ancelotti as Wenger’s number two??! Think Brian Clough and Peter Taylor!

  136. goonermichael says:

    I’m not sure about Guardiola. I think he’s unproven (laugh as much as you like)

  137. TotalArsenal says:

    Good point HCAA, why did Wenger not do this? He also recruited relatively few dutch players over the years.

  138. 26may1989 says:

    What, have you already forgotten the great Glen Helder??

  139. Big Raddy says:

    TA. You mean like Martin Jol 😉

    It is an interesting point about how much the attraction of AW affects a sale. I would guess that for anyone over the age of 21 it is negligible. Wages are what counts, plus CL football which gives the opportunity to earn more wages.

    Players are never honest about their reasoning, who says “they offered the best package” or “no-one else wanted me”?

  140. TotalArsenal says:

    Yeah, 26may, how can we forget….

  141. Red Arse says:

    26, you are right, I cannot do numbers. The last set i pinched from CharyB! 🙂

    TA, I was only teasing you. If I explained what the phonetic pronunciation of Kont sounds like, I would be thrown off the site!! 🙂

    GM, if, when AW leaves, and he will do in the not too distant future, (of his own volition, and when he is ready), I would be tempted to encourage the Arsenal Board to appoint Guardiola.

    He has only managed Barca so far (I think), and to that extent he is unproven, because how hard can it be to mange the best team in the world. So, I partially agree with your reservations.

  142. Big Raddy says:

    Heavy video. A wasted talent and an object lesson that being blessed with wonderful natural ability isn’t enough. Helder’s first game when he obliterated his full back in front of the East Stand was breath-taking, we all thought, “this guy is the real deal”, but that was his career highlight.

    Better to be Perry Groves. Little talent but enormous application and tenacity.

  143. Red Arse says:

    Raddy, — Perry G really loved playing for Arsenal and still counts himself a passionate fan.

    Sometimes, as with him, that commitment makes up for a multitude of sins, skill wise.

  144. Big Raddy says:

    RA. I like Perry, enjoyed his book and love that he remains a Gooner, BUT he was at best an average player.

    Having watched most of his games I can say without expectation of rebuttal that Perry was a fast runner with hardly any end product. I would go further and say he was one of the least intelligent footballers I have ever seen in the shirt (football intelligence not IQ!)

    I agree commitment makes up for a multitude of sins, but these days we need commitment allied to talent and intelligence, which equals Jack Wilshire.

  145. London says:


    If you or I inherited the players Guardiola did, I am absolutely convinced we would have won silver ware by now. No need to be cautious about it, Guardiola is unproven in the real world.

  146. Evonne 2 says:

    BR – I bought Perry Groves’ book just to pee off Cashley, whose book came out at the same time. Stats proved at the time that Perry sold more copies than Cashley, up the Gooners!!

  147. Gooner In Exile says:

    Red A you hit on something that Chary said earlier about players joining because of Wenger or the club.

    Groves was a gooner as a kid, most of the rest of GG’s signings were from what he knew of players in the lower leagues (Dixon, Bould, Winterburn). His key motivator in buying those players (as he mentioned on a interview recently) was their hunger, they all had a hunger for better things.

    He knew he could get those youngsters with some ability and drill them and shape them to become great, he also by making them legends at our club also made them lifelong fans too.

    Now as for the current crop how many are Arsenal fans? I’d suggest Wilshere, Szczesny, RvP and possibly Eboue and thats it. Thats why I am keen for so many of the youngsters who grew up with Little Jack to come through too, following Frimpong on twitter shows what he thinks fo the club, he gives stick to Spuds and others, and is definitely a fan, the video interview on Arsenal.com at the moment confirms that Lansbury is a fan (then again watching his celebration against Spuds would confirm that). Then you have a myriad of others who have been at the club from a very young age.

    Look how Barca players feel about straying away, the same will be true of this crop of youngsters. The current squad is a stopgap, when these youngsters arrive on the scene having played together for 8-10 years they will be an awesome proposition, and they will most definitely all be fans first.

  148. Gooner In Exile says:

    London watch it…….you may be beginning to sound like Sam Allardyre!

  149. London says:

    Wenger isn’t going anywhere, a few in blog world might not understand but the majority on here are more than capable of grasping the financial pecking order that exists in the EPL and furthermore the restrictions it puts on Arsenal and that is just us. Now imagine just how much more well informed the board are of these restrictions and just how understanding and appreciative they are of Wenger?
    Hahahah I have just thought of something funny: that may be a bit of humour from Harry above but I bet many a board member has woken up in a cold sweat thinking about that very same scenario, probably not the Sven bit, although I think that is one of the most likely consequences. No, no, the board are well aware of the good job Wenger does for the club and they aren’t going to let him go no where any time soon.
    On the black scarf nonsense: so long as it doesn’t turn into an anti Wenger thing I can’t see it doing too much harm.

  150. London says:


    Is that what Allardyce says about Guardiola? I have no idea.

  151. Gooner In Exile says:

    Having read the article Chary I can’t help but shake my head.

    They want to let the club know how they and others feel, the club have met them….is their any need to continue the protest?

    I wonder how many who are supporting their protest on twitter/facebook have actually been to games. 500 supporters is the expected turnout, which is less than 1% of the matchday attendance and what less than 0.1% of supporters worldwide.

    What its going to do is cause more questions to be asked by the media in a time when I’ve frankly had enough of them already, and a time when if anything the supporters should be united in their support for the players and manager.

    We have seen how negative support can inspire negative performances, how about we try and turn that round for the last game of the season rather than turn it up.

    Has anyone actually noticed these prevalent badges and balck and yellow scarfs at games? To be fair if i had seen one I would have assumed it was a Barnet or Wolves fan on a day out to watch a good team play.

  152. London says:


    I see the march as having all the staying power of Saturday’s papers, that’s to say by Sunday it will all be forgotten.

  153. Gooner In Exile says:

    Okay so i’ve just seen this on the where has our arseanl gone website……i nearly spat my coffee over my computer the irony!

    “I attended the 2nd leg of the Super Cup at the San Siro in 1995, and apart from our mysteriously disallowed goal with the scores at 0-0, the thing I always remember was the silence from the Milan fans for the entire 1st half apart from polite appluase at moments of excitement. We did not think anything of it until the 2nd half started and they were as loud and vociferous as Italian support could be back in those days. We found out after the match that the fans did this in protest at comments, apparently insulting the Milan supporters, made by their chairman. Sound familiar???? Maybe we could try a silent first half on Sunday”

    A silent first half, the question i would ask is would anyone notice the difference?

    The latest comment is from someone complaining that his £3,200 per year club level seats are now £3,600….sorry I am not sure why he is marching? Thats hardly pricing out is it, I mean if you’re foolish enough to part with that kind of cash for a club level season ticket I’m not sure your Arsenal has gone anywhere!

  154. Gooner In Exile says:


    Unfortunately I have heard Sam Allardyce say many times that if he could manage Barca, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Man Utd etc with that investment at his disposal he would win everything…….shame none of those clubs agree with him….wonder why

  155. Gooner In Exile says:

    Right after being absent all day i’ve replied to myself too many times. I’m off to find some decent dinner away from the shocking hotel I am staying in.

    See you later (after i’ve done some post fleshing that I promised peaches)

  156. chas says:

    I wonder what they’ll be chanting on the march. “my ridiculously priced ticket is even more ridiculously priced”. I think 30-4’s eggs idea was a good one. Make them rotten ones too.

  157. Hi all

    One-eyed peaches checking in, haven’t had a chance to read the comments yet but I did have a good chuckle at Harry’s post when it came through last night – I imagined lots of coffee being spat out at the thought of Sven at the healm of our fabulous club 😆

    Who’s meeting up on Sunday? Rasp and I expect to be at the Tavern from about 2.30 – chary should be on his fourth Peroni by then 😀

    I saw that chas said he was off somewhere else but everyone is welcome to come and say hello if you’re passing.

  158. Well done GiE – thanks.

    Has kelsey been on at all, North West London is worried about it’s sea-side …………….

  159. Mike in Atlanta says:

    I shake my head in wonderment that some of the commentators on this blog can cross a street unscathed. I am sure the one trick ponies are grateful to have played in the champions league this year and aren’t calling for ‘arry’s head for not buying a fifth striker.

    You guys are shamefully ungrateful. Perhaps you’d rather pay to watch the Manchester bus parkers’ style of football. I’m sure if they win the league next year their fans will be bored but happy. I’d prefer watching paint dry than watching boring football. Those of you who would rather have trophies should go play darts or bowling.

    I know where your problems lie. Some of you can’t count pass thirteen so the teams’ passing game annoys you. Tough!

  160. Red Arse says:

    Just got back GIE, 🙂

    I enjoy reading your stuff, it’s always rationale and honest.

    About time we had another Post from you even if it is fleshy. We are AA and we don’t care! 🙂

    London, I am tuning into your oblique and ostensibly tongue in cheek humour. Speaking of Posts, I think you must have one quietly simmering in the background, don’t you? 🙂

  161. Red Arse says:


    (30-4) 🙂

  162. Hi RA – shall I put you in charge of the web? You’re doing a great job 😆

  163. Red Arse says:


    Kelsey was on earlier mentioning the earthquake, and saying he was going off line today.

    Hope he is OK!

  164. Rasp says:

    Mike in A,

    Have you misunderstood the article and/or failed to read the comments – either way, you will find that the majority on here hold a similar view to you

  165. Red Arse says:


    We would have no bloggers left if I was in charge! 🙂

    I really look forward to and enjoy the disparate approach to Arsenal footie and want to read more and more from the growing pool of talent, and I notice when an author has been quiet for a time! 🙂

  166. We call that a cattle prod RA – it sometimes works 😛

  167. London says:


    I don’t have the faintest idea what you are talking about.

  168. Red Arse says:

    Mike in Atlanta,

    It is always a surprise when we regular bloggers on AA get castigated for our even handed and fair debating style, which, wrongly, gets us labelled as ‘AKB’s’ by the frankly rabid and insulting Arsene haters.

    Then you pop up and label us as ‘shamefully ungrateful’. Strewth!

    If you are referring to the article, it was written with tongue firmly in cheek, and although I, and many others, resent being called AKB’s we are broadly pro AW and argue that he has done a superb job in difficult circumstances and without much in the way of funds.

    Take a deep breath and read the comments, where we have fought off some of the Arsene hating fanatics!

  169. London says:

    Wow, Mike in Atlanta

    I am guessing this is the first time you have been on this blog, come back a few more times and you will see that the, let’s say, more grateful view of supporting Arsenal usually prevails.

  170. …… oh dear and no smiley RA, you’ve done it now, you’ll not be getting an invite to watch the scary games from behind London’s couch.

    London – it all went wrong after we sat and watched that game together 😦 Was it our fault do you think, we did sing ……..

  171. Red Arse says:


    You are not alone! 🙂

  172. Evonne 2 says:

    London – yes, you do!! And so do I, who was told about your writing. So the question remains – when 🙂

  173. I presumed Mike from Atlanta was referring to some of the Arsene haters that had commented on here today – not actually us.

  174. Gooner in Exile says:

    Sorry just had to come on to demonstrate the press/media idiocy.

    Adrian Durham on TalkShite (I know!!!!) just said he thinks Arsenal fans must be hurt because Robin van Persie tweeted a pic of his cat and was being amusing with it. We should apparently all be angry because RvP is happy in his personal life.

  175. Red Arse says:


    london is never going to like me, even when I compliment him, it is a heavy burden, but I will just have to read about, and envy, the delights of L’s couch! 🙂

  176. Oh dear, that’ll me in the dog-house then 😦

    Evonne – how are you honey? Nice weather in Poland.

  177. London says:

    That’s very true Peaches, it wasn’t the singing, I jest like you; no, my theory was that prior to that game there had been no pressure on the team and so they won and won most notably against Barcelona and then came that game, the pressure seems to have got to them and continued until Man U when if you think about it there was no pressure and hey presto we win. Then up to Stoke pressure back on and wallop.

  178. London says:


    It is not a case of liking you or disliking you, I simply did not have the faintest idea what you were talking about.

  179. What’s the barometer going to read for Sunday then? Last home game, a bit of a party – well except for the demonstrators – can we expect a comfortable win?

  180. Big Raddy says:

    Just been reading about David Hillier.

    I can recall that Morrow, Hillier, Selley midfield. Anyone who was unfortunate to witness those awful years at the end of GG’s tenure is well aware of how fantastic it is to be an Arsenal fan through the Wenger Years.

    Perhaps there should be an introductory course in AFC history with an obligatory 10 hours of watching the GG team – starting with the 3 Finals against Sheffield Weds. Let them see that supporting a team laden with silverware is not as wonderful as they imagine!!

  181. Red Arse says:


    I have really warmed to TotalA, altho’ with reservations, because I mistakenly thought he was Danish.

    My long forgotten ancestors were stiffed for Dane Geld (ranson/protection money) in the 15th Century (?) when we did not have two cows to rub together! 🙂

    So I am not keen on cattle prods, (ancient kin memories), but it turns out TA is Dutch and our friendship is back on! 🙂

  182. Ha ha ha Raddy, unfortunately there’s too much of the good stuff around ………. you know, Cashly to Bobby, Bobby to Thierry, in the back of the net 🙂

  183. Red Arse says:


    Let it go, we both know where we are, and frankly it is not important.

  184. Red Arse says:

    Very true, Raddy! 🙂

  185. Geoff Strong says:

    Did anybody watch Arsenes’ post ManU press conference on Arsenal TV online ?

    I watched it soon after the game and there was a question from the floor, which I could not hear clearly, but seemed to suggest that Arsene may be sacked. Arsene looked totally shocked and stunned and looked to his right to someone else out of picture. That person just said “next question please ?”

    I have gone back to try to ascertain what the exact question was but the whole incident has been edited out.

  186. jjgsol says:

    Mr. Spectrum,

    Can I suggest you look at my post again.

    What I said was “In Arsenal we trust”.; I am sure you would not disagree with that surely?

  187. 26may1989 says:

    I have to share this before disappearing onto a tube train: I have just spent ten minutes chatting with the one, the only, the magnificent Tony Adams! Excellent bloke, a real gent. And I can now tick off one thing on my “Before I die wish list”.

  188. Mike in Atlanta says:

    come on guys! I’m referring to “some of the commentators on this blog” namely the ones who don’t have a clue as to the rigors of managing anything, let alone one of the world’s major sporting entities. The article was beautifully written but some of the comments from the rag and file irritated me no end. They are the ones who would go suddenly silent were we to bring in a new manager who lost us our hard-earned place in the champions league.

    When all is said and done, you can coach your heart out but someone has to put the ball in the net. many teams have dumped perfectly good managers when they should have been demanding more from the players.

    Sometimes too, the supporters must realize that encouraging the team can go a long way. Don’t forget that many of these players are young men barely growing a stubble. They may have all the talent in the world but may falter for a lack of self-belief.

    Lastly, it’s a pleasure to note this is a blog for grown-ups. Long may you succeed.

  189. Red Arse says:

    Well said, Mike in Atlanta, and thanks for the clarification! 🙂

    Make sure you visit us again!

  190. Red Arse says:

    (12+12=2), Anything interesting from TAdams following your inside track? 🙂

  191. Red Arse says:


    His error has already been pointed out to him! 🙂

  192. Gooner in Exile says:

    Some get a bit sensitive occasionally Mark, especially if they think they are being tarred with a broad brush (although I heard RA enjoys that when it’s not metaphorical).

    Glad you enjoyed the post and the sentiments you express about managing this team is very true.

    If Arsene was truly as bad as many say surely we would’ve started the season as well as Liverpool did, as Sharkey pointed out last night for all the detractors who talk about bottling it at this stage of the season we should be thankful we’re still in it.

    With Dalglish confirmed as dippers manager, ManCity set to spend and a new manager and money for Chelsea next year just staying in the top 4 will be a challenge in itself, even moreso than this year.

    I am actually looking forward to football where not the usual suspects are going to be in there to win it.

    The overall standard of the PL is getting stronger, more losses for the big teams, more chance of relegation for the traditional mid tablers

  193. Gooner in Exile says:

    TA in the UK? Isn’t he supposed to be in Dubai or Oman or something?

    Okay ive put 2 2 together to make 14 (30/15) (65/6.5) is representing TA6 in his contract negotiations to succeed Pat Rice.

  194. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi RA, I am missing your daily poetic contribution! Let me get you in the mood:

    A couplet out of ‘Bird’ by Emily Dickenson

    A bird came down the walk:
    He did not know I saw;
    He bit an angle-worm in halves
    And ate the fellow, raw.

  195. Gooner in Exile says:

    Hmmm none of my plus signs showed up. The accountants will guess where they go

  196. Red Arse says:

    I was becoming worried GIE. 🙂

    Altho’ 26 would never have known!

    TA, I like that. But when I was a youngster I would have stupidly treated it with disdain!

    My humour started out with nonsense like the following, but then blossomed into more mature work! 🙂

    Sometimes when the comments on here become a tad tetchy, I feel like bashing this one out!

    Everyone grumbled. The sky was grey.
    We had nothing to do and nothing to say.
    We were nearing the end of a dismal day,
    And then there seemed to be nothing beyond,
    Dad fell into the pond!

    And everyone’s face grew merry and bright,
    And Timothy danced for sheer delight.
    “Give me the camera, quick, oh quick!
    He’s crawling out of the duckweed!” Click!

    Then the gardener suddenly slapped his knee,
    And doubled up, shaking silently,
    And the ducks all quacked as if they were daft,
    And it sounded as if the old drake laughed.
    Oh, there wasn’t a thing that didn’t respond
    Daddy Fell into the pond!

    But the grumblers probably would not have appreciated it. 🙂

  197. 26may1989 says:

    RA, seriously, you did register that I said I met Tony Adams didn’t you?! Do you really think I’m going to remember what was actually discussed?

    Ok, no inside track, just chatting about his life and work in Azerbaijan (more obscure than Dubai, Exile!), where he’s coaching a side called Gabala. That’s out of the way even in Azerbaijan, being a few hours (so Tone says) from the capital city. (I was at an event to promote business in Azerbaijan, which my firm was sponsoring.) He said he’s really enjoying recovering his anonymity and developing his coaching skills. Beyond that, it was me being starry eyed about the 80s and 90s and him chatting about his drink problem. As I say, a real gent.

    But Exile, maybe I’ll get to represent TA yet, I can only hope….

  198. Red Arse says:


    Doesn’t Tony manage Takjikistan or something?

    Is (24+6-4) telling porkies? Lawyers, huh! 🙂

  199. Red Arse says:

    Azerbaijan, that’s part of Takjikistan, isn’t it? 🙂

    OK, so I am jealous. 😦

  200. Red Arse says:

    Before I go.

    How doth the little crocodile…

    How doth the little crocodile
    Improve his shining tail,
    And pour the waters of the Nile
    On every golden scale!

    How cheerfully he seems to grin
    How neatly spreads his claws,
    And welcomes little fishes in,
    With gently smiling jaws!

    Night guys! 🙂

  201. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks BR, I enjoyed reading both your poems today.

  202. TotalArsenal says:

    I mean Red Arse of course with his gently smiling jaws!

  203. TotalArsenal says:

    26 May, am very jealous. It’s a brave choice by the TA to go all the way to Azerbaijan to restart his management career.

  204. HCAA says:

    Wow 26May, nice one! Arsenal through and through, and a club legend as well. Doesn’t get much better than that.

  205. London says:


    “Let it go” Yet again I haven’t got the faintest idea what you are talking about.

  206. Harry says:

    Evening All, well I am exhausted, working all day, footy coaching, then coming into read the comments…..

    So many to return thought on that its impossible to comment on all…..

    Firstly thanks for the praise et all….

    GIE….Silent first half, who would notice, classic…..

    26M thanks for the stirling support and others too who defended the article and understood the slightly satirical and dark article that was to lighten the mood but have a subtle undercurrent….

    For those new to site, have a read back on previous articles of my views on wenger…..

    @RSD: I understand the Black scarf crew, but the article did state they were taken over by the tight wing of Wenger must go……

    Spectrum, 100% correct you could write an antithesis of my article and I am sure it would be just as humourous….And your also right about the financial constraints in the last two seasons, they were not as stringent, but he and the board decided to follow the youth through and help slice the debt further, none of us really know the truth, I am frustrated but I honestly believe he will make the necessary changes this summer……

    @Angelos you said””I understand [or at least hope] that you’re exagerrating so you can put your simplistic point across but this is still really poor. By painting this one dimensional ‘tragedy’ you are making yourself look like a total joke.””

    Mate, dont know you, havent met you, so wont judge you harshly, but total joke? ummm simplistic view? What I like about the blogosphere is the ability to chat and voice opinion, what i cant stand is faceless insults, dont you find them so simplistic and one dimensional and to be honest you end up mugging yourself off? But welcome……..I enjoy a joust!!

    Mike IA: Welcome……

    @Total Arsenal: Thanks glad you enjoyed it, sorry I used LVG, I did so, due to a conversation I had on here a few weeks ago…There was lots of undercurrents to the article, that would be noticed by regulars maybe….

    @Rocky: did you not see the passing comment related to you from the other week……

    Anyway to all those newbies and regulars, RA,MDI89, Radders, etc thanks again…..

    Finally, Carlito , I too as I wrote it, swelled with emotion as the prospect of truly the greatest ever player to wear an Arsenal top returned to help us…..

    Believe in Bergkamp……..that has a ring…..

  207. Harry says:

    Seen as poetry is the in thing at the moment on here, slightly topical attempt by me……

    Wenger came from the shores of Japan.
    Very soon, all went to plan…

    Powerful, strong and fast to the double,
    Throughout big pat was always in trouble……

    The Football was sweet, the crowds roared,
    However the ticket prices soared…..

    Fans were still well happy, unbeaten was the team,
    Wengers wonder boys reigned supreme……

    The skies went grey, experienced players didn’t stay,
    The ones that stayed never seemed fit to play…..

    The trophy cabinet was bare, the fans all quiet, only stared……
    Wenger stood firm, his beliefs and passion inside did burn……

    The summer, changes have to be made, before we fade,
    Wenger knows now, that he has to add, or all things will be bad…….

  208. 26may1989 says:

    Just wanted to say hear, hear to Raddy’s 6.33pm.

    The post-91 GG side was the worst thing I have ever experienced in football, and I say that despite the trophies. Selling Rocky and Micky Thomas really worried me, but the final straw (so to speak) was going to the Sheff Weds finals in 1993. What should have been moments of glory, especially going to my first FA Cup Final, was just crap. As I walked away from Wembley in the first FA Cup Final game, I couldn’t recall anything from the match. Just the most depressing thing.

    I want silverware but not at any cost. Whatever his failings and imperfections, I am so grateful to Wenger for creating a new tradition at Arsenal, one based on ingenuity and creativity. However long he stays, long may that tradition continue, hopefully allied to a stronger defensive game than we currently have. And here’s hoping it brings trophies too.

  209. TotalArsenal says:

    Hey Harry, I like your poem/rap(?), very funny. Well done today: great post which led to good discussions and new insights.

  210. desigunner says:

    You know these days I end up with a headache after reading some Arsenal blogs. Posts like this one help me maintain my sanity. Thanks again.

    This is a topic that’s been in my mind for a while. I am strongly pro-Arsene but am open to a change if there is fairly conclusive evidence that a better option is available. So far I haven’t found any. And this post has the perfect message for those who wish change with just the hope of improvement.

    Sorry for this self-promotion but I’d done an article on this a while back,


    It is an attempt to be objective about the topic. Somebody in the comments said for a club like Arsenal top 4 is a bare minimum. I’d like to ask why is that so when many other clubs have spent a lot more than Arsenal and have bigger budgets.

    Would love the feedback of the regulars here.

  211. SharkeySure the Accidental Post Writer says:

    Harry, I’m really glad I stepped aside for your post ..well sort of. Top top quality.

    Arsenal Arsenal ..going from strength to strength. Congrats.

    New authors, new commenters, and the underlying dose of humour and whimsy.

    I’m with DesiG on this one…who needs a headache after reading a blog..??!!

    Night all

  212. dandan says:

    26 may: Well said. The argument by those that demand that we spend spend is that there is a need for change Wengerball has failed.
    Whereas post like yours @9:01 superbly emphasise that there is no substitute for experience.
    Arsenal is rightly envied for its history, however there are periods of that history such as the time you highlight, that I am sure,would force many long time fans to give up, should another manager with those beliefs be employed.

    The wonder of the Cruyf years have at times been reflected in our teams under Wenger, who would have thought that possible, certainly not those of us who like you, cringed and squirmed whilst winning the Sheffield non events.

    Pots, yes of course I would like some more, but at the price of abandoning our style of play, no thank you. No chance, No way.

  213. mickydidit89 says:

    Great stuff, well apart from the mind boggling thought of Sven and Gunnersarus. One is simply a sex crazed Swedener, the other a nasty fat green.

  214. mickydidit89 says:

    The way I see things is this. I met you at The Tavern and you are an AA blogger. Therefore you are a mate. You are mates with Tony Adams, and I always work on the principle that a friend of yours is a friend of mine.
    So the top news from yesterday is that I am now mates with Tone.

  215. Big Raddy says:

    DD. I agree wholeheartedly.

    Last night I dreamt about whom we need to sign to take this team to silverware and this was the result ……

    We need a young man identical to one we signed from Crystal Palace. A player who is lightning quick, ice cold in front of goal, has trickery and skill, is egocentric and is the ultimate fox-in-the-box. Who can flourish on his own upfront allowing the rest of the team to defend in depth and hardly ever suffers an injury. Is great with the media, always signs autographs, has a winning smile and an effervescent character.

    What we need is Ian Wright Mk 2. Are you out there?

  216. Big Raddy says:

    And now I have sat next to a mate of Tony Adams. Heady stuff for a bright Friday morning.

  217. mickydidit89 says:

    All the talk of the Hilliers, Morrows and Sheffied Wednesdays really is a sobering thought.
    I am so greatful for the Wenger Years.

  218. mickydidit89 says:

    My son is so excited going to school today knowing he is also best mates with Tone. Infectious.

  219. mickydidit89 says:

    What I liked more than anything about Wrighty was that he knew exactly how lucky and priviledged he was and that he made the most of every working day. His enthusiasm rubbed off not only on the players around him but also the fans.

  220. Big Raddy says:

    Absolutely Micky. I loved they guy. I can never understand why he isn’t spoken of with reverence by AFC fans. I know he is a buffoon outside of football but he is still an Arsenal Legend.

  221. mickydidit89 says:

    I think it has something to do with the apparent advice he gave to Shaun about joining Chelsea, and that on occasion he has crticised the club. I, on the other hand, am completely with you on this one. There is no player I have enjoyed watching more in an Arsenal shirt. Not saying he is the best, just that his enthusiasm was so infectious.

  222. This article is so cool tbh.
    Here’s a look at the conversation that might take place b/w Fabregas and Wenger this summer(humour):
    Your comments will be appreciated.

  223. mickydidit89 says:

    I have only taken my wife to one game, and that was the against Bolton, when Wrighty broke the record (twice according to his t-shirt revelations!).

  224. Big Raddy says:

    A fine choice of game Micky. I was there in my seat on the Clock End on that fine sunny day.

    What is surprising however is why your wife didn’t insist upon going to more games? The weather was great, the fans in good voice, Highbury looked brilliant, Wrighty was amusing and there were goals aplenty. What did you do to put her off?

  225. mickydidit89 says:

    Told her how lucky she was and that it does not get much better than this.

  226. Big Raddy says:

    Desi. Re your 10.18

    It is once again down to Wenger. Look at his record, it is astonishing, during his tenure we have never finished outside the Top 4. Therefore fans who know nothing of AFC during the barren years expect far more than those of us who have experienced mid-table mediocrity.

    The change of attitude from “it is the taking part and givings one’s best” to “winning is everything, second is for losers” is one of the worst aspects of modern life.

    I blame Margaret Thatcher.

  227. mickydidit89 says:

    Let me be clear on this. If I were playing, she would stroll along out of support. If she is sitting on the back of a horse running around a ring in excited little circles, I will stroll along out of support. However, no amount of sunshine would persuade me to go and watch her mates performing!

  228. Big Raddy says:

    “On 11 January 2011, it was announced that Wenger was named “World Coach of the Decade” by International Federation of Football History & Statistics. The organization aggregated the results from each year of the decade, and he narrowly beat Sir Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho for the honor”

    See Micky’s comment 9.09!

  229. Big Raddy says:

    Micky. Liar 😀

  230. mickydidit89 says:

    Ha Ha 🙂

  231. Rasp says:

    Morning…… New post…..

  232. Yash Todi says:


  233. […] in the last week. This one is about St. Totteringham’s day (some comments are brilliant) while this one makes an excellent point in a tongue-in-cheek manner.  Do check them out if you haven’t already done […]

  234. Domhuaille MacMathghamhna says:

    Its all fine and dandy to accuse AW of stubbornness, losing the plot, being unresponsive ad nauseam but these are vague generalizations at best and rarely supported by actual facts.
    I neither support him blindly nor denigrate him incessantly, he makes mistakes that he willingly admits (taking a risk on Vermaelen’s early return, being too forgiving of his baggage players, using some players too much..etc.)and he has a vision which we are not necessarily fully aware of, plus he has done very well with his team’s financial and injury limitations over 5 years plus.
    It seems that Kroenke wants him to invest in new signings that will bring in a trophy or two and AW knows that he has to offload some of the deadwood at AFC. He is struggling to convince Nasri and Fabregas to stay and trying to balance his current team’s transfer needs with the prospect of 3-4 Arsenal youth players out on loan (who will, undoubtedly expect to be competing for first team Football next season)wanting in as well.
    AW critics and the Gloomers and Doomers have one thing in common. They don’t know anything more than we do about what really goes on behind AFC’s closed doors.

  235. Dan says:






  236. critic says:

    read such articles before, but still a top notch article….

  237. […] those gooners that want AW’s head on a frigging plate, click on this link. There’s a note there for […]

  238. Harry says:

    Dan, grow up…….You dont know anything about me, so the thing that is pathetic is you mate….

    Critic, thank you…..

  239. Harry says:

    Nice link Gooner daily, read your article, nice one..

  240. Dan says:

    Apologies Harry for the aggressive tone to my message earlier, but Arsenal’s situation is just getting to me at the moment.

    However, it is my firm belief that Arsene Wenger is no longer fit to stay in his job. His tactics and lack of bottle in the transfer market will not make us Champions again. We’ll be lucky to finish in the Top Four next season if he stays. Mark my words.

  241. Harry says:

    Dan, Fair enough apology accepted….

    I understand your frustration and believe me I aint far behind, but I want to see what he does in this summer TW, then judge him…..

    Believe me I am no apologist for him, but I think he has done so much against so many restrictions and limitations that perhaps we dont even know about, we all but guess whats happened behind the scenes…

    So for that I will give him this next 6months and see how things pan out, you might be right, but just look how close we have come again, so just maybe a couple of tweaks and he gets it right again…..?

  242. Thank you…

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