Wenger Should Go – And Here’s Where To…

Yes, that’s right: a quiet beach a million miles away from the hurly burly of Premiership football and the unforgiving scrutiny of the media.

A blue sky, a blazing sun and a long, golden beach as empty as Abou Diaby’s head.

Obviously Arsene shouldn’t go there right now – that would be rude. He should at least wait until we’ve played our remaining games.

But when his team has kicked the final ball in yet another season of flattering to deceive, he should give the players, the board and the media a cheery wave and head off with a small suitcase containing only his Speedos and that bottle of sun cream that Phil Brown left behind in the away dressing room at The Grove last year.

And while I know his many critics will hope he never comes back, I beg to differ.

What our manager needs is some time to get his head straight and take stock. I mean REALLY take stock.

And to do that he needs to detach himself from the day-to-day craziness of his job. There are so many immediate demands on him that there is no possibility of him ever getting perspective on the big picture.

He is known to make decisions over every aspect of how Arsenal is run, from the colour of the loo roll in the London Colney toilets (white, with a cock-and-ball logo in blue as it happens) to the aroma of the massage cream in the club morgue treatment room.

Plus, we’re always reading how even on his ‘days off’ Arsene is to be found glued to a TV, watching some game in the Azerbaijani Third Division. Well that’s got to stop too.

He needs to go to his deserted beach for three whole weeks – with no Blackberry or mobile phone, without a lap top and with no access to television.

There have to be no calls from agents; none from journalists; no texts from Emmanuel Eboue with links to funny videos involving chickens. It needs to be total media silence.

Yes, he might miss out on a transfer opportunity or two while he’s incommunicado. So what? There is no point doing transfer business until he has fundamentally decided what he needs to do to turn Arsenal into a trophy-winning club again.

He also needs a complete break for his health and sanity. Personally I think the media have been over-egging the ‘man on the edge’ stuff lately because it fits the narrative they’ve chosen for Arsene (when Ferguson rants on the touchline it’s passion; when Wenger does it it’s a mental breakdown). But even so, the pressure and scrutiny must take its toll and he has looked frustrated at times.

I’m not going to speculate on what conclusions he might reach while his hammock sways from side to side with the calming monotony of Denilson’s passing range.

Oh alright, I’ll speculate a little: maybe it will involve re-thinking the youth policy; maybe he’ll decide he needs a proper defence coach; perhaps he’ll conclude that certain players need weeding out (and I mean weeding – not the full-on napalm attack that some of the more excitable web sites are demanding).

Other areas he might ponder are whether 4-3-3 is worth persevering with; whether to go all out for the domestic cups again or revert to using them as a training slope for the up-and-comers; and, perhaps most difficult of all, whether he has the heart to carry on.

I hope he does all this, because I firmly believe that he can make us great again. And when he does, I want to be there to watch the media lickspittles shovel humble pie down their gullets until they burst.


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  1. Morning all

    Do you think he knows how much we think about him? He must be the only manager that has so many words written about him – Jose must get soooooo jealous 🙂

    Great article Rocky, unfortunately as with most of our well intentioned suggestions for Arsene I suspect this one won’t happen either 😦

  2. Gooner in Exile says:

    Rocky I beg to differ, Arsene wouldn’t possess a Blackberry clearly he has an iPhone as it also runs out of energy at the end of a shift…..baboomtish

    Great post as always, I fear we have a headline to bring in the masses a busy day for mods ahead 🙂

  3. Rasp says:

    Thanks for another witty yet punchy article Rocky. The way I feel at the moment, I’d do anything to be the one brain cell in Diaby’s head and sit alongside AW on that beach – not to talk football but just to indulge in the same escapist therapy you prescribe for the boss.

    You’ve summed up my thoughts on AW’s predicament. I am convinced he is too close to things to get a proper perspective.

    He could be accused of being too loyal or protective over his players – the recent “blame me” message is clearly engineered to take the pressure off of the players. Maybe instead of prioritising skill and technique when choosing players, he should consider their ability to perform under pressure?

    Phil Taylor needs an iron nerve when throwing the double to win a tournament. He is the best because he can perform under pressure. You cannot know how young players handle pressure, but you soon come to realise as you watch them mature, so however good they are in training is irrelevant if they can’t reproduce it in games.

  4. How can you say that Arsene should go.He ‘s a top top manager who has taken Arsenal to the very top. I know he’s look a bit jaded on the sidelines and has become kind of hopeless but if he’s really a great manager(which I think he is), then you can surely expect him to come stronger from this slump.
    Also, he’s admitted that he’ll strengthen the squad where it is required to. He also has openly criticized his defence which he never has done earlier. This shows he’s learnt from his mistakes and I do expect Arsenal to beat United next Sunday. I know the title is completely gone(by completely gone I mean no chance whatever might happen) but it’ll do the confidence of players a world of good.I think he needs some players but more importantly needs to ask his players to work harder like Barcelona. People say that our football is brilliant. But I’ll tell you what’s brilliant. Yes, possession football is brilliant but along with it is clinical finishing. So is a defender putting his body on the line. If all this is done, then we’ll become a title winning team. Not now.
    Check my new Arsenal blog:

  5. shubham – better from you 🙂 but did you actually read the post? Why not go back and read it all the way through.

  6. tommystout says:

    wonderful post Rocky, i think we are all a little punch drunk at the moment and need to take a step back to get perspective on whats required.

  7. Is there any way I can subscribe only to RockyLives articles???

  8. Rasp says:


    The first line of the article makes it clear that it is not a call for AW to go anywhere except on holiday. How can you have failed to understand – unless you are more interested in promoting your blog rather than reading the views of fellow supporters?

  9. aj says:

    All I want is for Arsene to say “Maybe we haven’t got this right and we need to look at how to change it, to make it work.” I would be soooo happy if he would admit that. What frightens me is when he says that there is nothing wrong with our philosophy – which means he is going to bury his head in the sand again and do nothing – and finish third again next year!

    A philosophy which ranks defending as unimportant cannot be all right.

    A philosophy which allows us to have so much possession and create so many chances, yet not have anybody to put the ball into the net cannot be all right.

    A philosophy that allows players to make schoolboy mistakes on a regular rota cannot be all right.

    It is not all down to bad luck or bad refereeing – Man Utd and Chelsea seem to be able to find their way past that and win trophies.

    Come on Arsene! A little humility please. Get some help where you need it -i.e. defensive coach. You can still do it but please don’t let you legacy be destroyed, so that we are all glad to see the back of you.

  10. Gooner786 says:


  11. Morning all, Shubham son – if you read to the end you can see that Rocky is NOT advocating Wenger goes, only that he goes ON HOLIDAY.
    Nicely put Rocky, I’ve just come back from a little time resting on sands and platying beach cricket with my two junior Chary’s.
    I’m in 2 minds about whether Wenger still has it in him –even if he doesn’t he deserves respect for what he has achieved in the past. As many have said in the past we’ll know if he was a victim of circumstances or his own failings(in the years post 2006) if he ever writes his memoirs.

  12. Rasp,
    I meant how can one ever think about letting Arsene go.This man breathes Arsenal and loves it more than any of the Arsenal fans. I know there’s no place of sentiments in football but who do you think will replace him. And do you think that no top club would want him.The thing is, Arsenal have a youth policy which cannot be forgotten. Someone like Mourinho would just not care about the Wilshere’s, the Ramsey’s and co. That means the whole of 5 years wasted. Wenger would surely figure out what’s wrong and if he cannot cope with the pressure, I think he’ll leave by himself.Yeah I know about him respecting his contract but I know that he’ll leave for Arsenal’s future. I again mention, Arsene loves Arsenal FC and given it more than anyone could ever do.
    Also if I had to just promote my blog, why would I even consider commenting about this blog???

  13. I seriously want fans such as Gooner786 OUT!!!

  14. tommystout says:

    Not many people who visit this site would call for Wengers head. If he was to leave then many a top club would be falling over themselves to hire him.
    i believe that just small changes in his phillosophy is all thats required.
    If he wants barcaball then he must decide if its possible or not with his resources. Will it even work in the premiership?

  15. chas says:

    Another cracker, Rocky.
    When playing golf, people say you need a big empty head…….Diaby should be a natural. 🙂

    It definitely seems as if AW needs a rest, but I imagine he’ll be off to Denmark following l’il Jack. I can’t see him ever switching off and I think you’re right, that is part of the problem.

    You’d imagine Arsene would be well versed in positive thinking, motivational speaking and any other techniques that could reap rewards from his players. Then again, perhaps he’s taught them to regard those twin impostors of triumph and disaster as the same. 🙂

    I didn’t know the score on Sunday until 8pm having spent a blissful, stress-free afternoon on a beach in Pembrokeshire.

    Thanks for the entertaining posts of the weekend harry, chary and peaches. Just finished catching up. Haha, the juxtaposition of harry and chary has made me think of another term AW would be familiar with that, yet again, describes our season. Why do our disappointing ends to recent seasons always seem to come from within?

  16. tommystout says:

    Have we got the personell or work ethic to play barca style week in week out and that is the only way to make 4.3.3 work.
    If we are to persevere with this system with our tiny wallets, then we need to make the 4.4.2 work, a system that is easily switched to mid match once its realised that 4.3.3 is not working.
    When Vela & Nik B looked so promising together yesteryear, was that not in a 4:4:2 system? Anyone?

  17. GunnerPete says:

    I think this article says it all. We have to believe that Arsene took on the crap end of the stick to get the stadium built. The vast money raised selling our top players must have reduced our debt by 30% at least unless the money has gone elsewhere? Now after yet another humiliating season of failure ie; Failure to produce a squad that has enough quality to cover for our traditional major injuries. Failure to buy top quality when needed for 5 years. Failure to accept that certain favourite players bottle it in big and small games home and away. Failure to employ a defensive coach to iron out the fatal flaws that twice has lost us titles when defending leads were needed. Finally failure to bring in UK spirit and pride to fight for ‘our’ club when all about us (especially the press) are hoping for our team to fail. Failure to buy UK players for the same prices who are better than the foreigners purchased ie: Johnson (brum) Smalling (Manure) Johnson (City) Baines(Everton) Cahill, Jagielka, All better than AFC squad players.

    Now a miracle turnabout is needed but not expected ie; Arsene has to have a clear our first week after season end….Almunia, Denilson, Diaby, Rosicky, Eboue, Clichy, Squillaci, Vela, plus at least 6 loanies who everyone accepts will not even make our bench. This will take guts..has AW got it?

    Buys should include players know to be Gunners…Tarrabt…Richards…(Smalling if they can buy from us why not the other way around?) add Cahill and Jagielka and pay for them all by selling Cesc.

    The team for next year could look like this:


    Sagna..Cahill…Vermaelen.. Gibbs

    Djourou Wilshire Koscielny

    Walcott RVP

    Yes I know our present CB’s are listed as MDF but both are quick, both big, both skillful and both can attack. What would you rather have ? another 4 tip tappers who pass 20 times without a shot and a defence that CANNOT defend or a fast skillful team that no forward line would like to face. Another big advantage would be that IF we have major injuries we have a squad that can cover all areas.


  18. Mike gunner 1898 says:

    I disagree with Tommy stout that clubs will come a calling if Wenger were available.My belief is he was in demand maybe around 2002-05.You see a manager’s stock is like the stock exchange.He was then at the top of his game.
    Now for the past six years his stock has fallen. If he were to go another club,it would be on his terms.I am afraid his market value has plummeted. Maybe Mourino and and the Barca boss are the hot stocks now.

  19. Rasp says:

    Thanks for a more reasoned comment shub. When you first came on here you merely posted a link to your site and so were patently only interested in promoting your site.

    You are welcome to join in the debates on here and hopefully will realise that a friendly understanding of the views of other bloggers is central to the way we conduct ourselves on AA.

    Bloggers who seek to lecture us or keep banging on about the same old chestnut are not appreciated in the same way as the ludicrous one-liner blog snipers like Gooner786.

  20. I know what I initially did was wrong. Sorry for that.
    I simply cannot tolerate Gooners like Gooner786. I mean he wants Wenger out.Surely he’d want the players out.Then what does he/she love about Arsenal. The Logo perhaps???

  21. I know what I initially did was wrong. Sorry for that.
    I simply cannot tolerate Gooners like Gooner786. I mean he wants Wenger out.Surely he’d want the players out.Then what does he/she loves about Arsenal. The Logo perhaps???

  22. barumgooner says:

    Nice post Rocky. AW does need to look at himself and accept that he is to blame and he must change his attitude. Let me make it clear that I dont want him to GO just change a bit. He has just kept giving chances to players who aren’t of the quality needed, he has refused to pay the over-inflated prices for players (which although prudent and admirable has ultimately seen us end up with the ones nobody else really wanted), and most of all he continues to play this system which clearly doesn’t work. He MUST imo revert back to the 4-4-2 that was good to watch but also successful and stop trying to hang on Barcas coat-tails. The Arsenal are better than that.

  23. Rasp says:

    No problem shub.

    Most of us share your view, but it is important we allow others to express their opinions whether in agreement or not. I have on occassion, been convinced to change my mind and attitudes on matters by the wise words of fellow bloggers – I hope AW possesses the same flexibility.

  24. Gooner in Exile says:

    Mike Gunner I would be interested to know who is judging the stock value, I think many chairmen and owners would view what he has done as nothing short of remarkable. They would look at his spend look at the attendances then look at their own managers and ask why they haven’t achieved as much.

    Admittedly the fans are not judging him well at the moment bit that is purely because of the standards he set.

    Chas “When playing golf, people say you need a big empty head…….Diaby should be a natural”


  25. 26may1989 says:

    I love Rocky’s posts, so well written, funny and so often I end up thinking “I hadn’t realised it but that’s exactly what I was thinking”. But this is a superb post, I think my favourite on this site so far (and there have been plenty of good ones). Great stuff Rocky.

    I want Wenger to stay, I just want him to be utterly unsentimental in changing this squad over the summer. There are virtually no untouchables in my opinion; perhaps Fabregas, Wilshere, Vermaelen and Szczesny. But there are arguments about all the others, and their position in the squad should be open for consideration. I’m not saying they should all go, or even many of them, but sticking with the status quo is no longer an option.

    Anyway, thanks again Rocky, really liked this one, especially “as empty as Abou Diaby’s head” and the toilet paper line.

  26. Red Arse says:

    WENGER IN!!!!!! ——– OK?

    Chas, I find golf is much easier with a nice new golf ball, but don’t let me stop you using a big empty head —- you beast you! 🙂

  27. barumgooner says:

    If I were Mr Wenger for a season I would……..
    Sell Diaby, Den, Eboue, Arshavin, Rosicky and Almunia.
    Bring in Frimpong, Lansbury, Bartley and Jet
    buy Cahill at any price. Move TV to central midfield and make him club captain. Revert back to 4-4-2.

  28. Red Arse says:

    Wonderful stuff, Rocky. 🙂

    That picture looks great, just needs a few beautiful bronze maidens and a pile of beers! Yeahhhhhh! 🙂

  29. Harry says:

    Rocky, cracking slant on the needs of wenger, your right he probably does need a break, although it would be hell for 3 weeks with himn away, and barca ala the rest sneaking around trying to pilfer our players….

    But he does need a breather, leave a list of players behind for Ivan to go and get, leave a list of players who can go with required prices……..

    Loved the line about the “calming monotony of Denilson’s passing range”

    @Rasp, many thanks for your praise this morning, appreciated……..:)

    @Mike Gunner: I understand your thought that his stock will have fallen in the last few years with the lack of trophies, but I think his stock would actually strengthen its branding……

    @Chary, I think all of us, have had those thoughts, I am with CArlito, its all in this summer for me, if he does what is required and we have a proper tilt next season, and dont fade away, he can stay till he wants to step down…No one can guarantee trophies….

  30. Red Arse says:

    Hi Barum, 🙂

    Agree with much of what you say, except the youth guys you name seem like a bit of wishful thinking, for inclusion in the team?

    Lansbury and Jet hardly get regular games for their loan clubs, PingPong has been out injured for a year and is unproven, while Bartley is still a work in progress.

    Don’t misunderstand me, I think they all have potential and perhaps should come back to play in the CC team; but potential is not what we need just now, and that is all it is at the mo’. Sorry.

  31. Just got a text from my young gooner friend that Arsenes email says he’s not going to buy, that the team lacks maturity ………. prepare for more of the same.

    Is it the time for me to dress seductively and pitch up at London Colney or do you suggest full warrior princess battle gear – actually I think they’re both the same 😳

  32. chas says:

    RA, it’s so damn hard to hit those tiny little white spericals. 🙂

  33. barumgooner says:

    RA. Fair point about the loanees but I’d still like to see them in the squad,I agree that they wouldnt be starting many games but they would be better options imo to the bench-warmers we have at the moment. My point really is that I dont think we have to buy many players because the talent is there already given the opportunity.

  34. barumgooner says:

    I may be being swayed by my dream of seeing a predominently British team again one day though.

  35. chas says:


    these letter keys are small, too.

  36. Harry says:

    Full battle gear…….Go Peaches……..

  37. Peachy, I’d suggest both you and Evonne go for the seductive gear and coax Wenger into buying. 😉

  38. chas says:

    peaches, with a sign saying “PLEASE BUY SOME”?

  39. Peter says:

    Can everyone stop f@#king telling wenger to f@#king go you f@#king c@#$*s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Harry says:

    Its not about whether we stick with 4-3-3 or go back to 4-4-2, its about been able to alternate depending on the situation, opposition, players available……

    As Tommy pointed out, if 4-3-3 isnt working then switch……

    I coach u18’s who can change from 4-4-2 to 4-3-3 depending on what players I have on the pitch and then to 3-5-2 when we really are chasing the game, it aint difficult………

  41. chas says:

    Peter, did you realise the post is suggesting Wenger goes on holiday? No, thought not. You didn’t even read it, did you?

  42. SamsonGulu - Uganda says:

    “And while I know his many critics will hope he never comes back, I beg to differ”. TRUE
    What our manager, Board, FANS, SUPPORTERS AND SYMPATHISERS

    needs is some time to get our head straight and take stock. I mean REALLY take stock.

    And to do that we need to detach hourself from the day-to-day craziness of arsenal philosophy and demands. There are so many immediate demands on him that there is no possibility of him ever getting perspective on the big picture.

  43. Peter says:

    No I didn’t read it but there are still to many anti wenger fans.

  44. tommystout says:

    Peaches – Arsenes Letter

    “Dear Arsenal Supporter,
    Sunday’s defeat at Bolton was as frustrating for me as it was for the fans.
    In games like that it is important not to be 1-0 down. We came back to 1-1 and had chances to make it 2-1 and 3-1. We had given so much, physically, that in the end we did not have the concentration to stop the corner.
    It is very frustrating because we should have nine points from this week’s games against Liverpool, Tottenham and Bolton but we have two. That’s to some degree the story of our season.
    Our chances of winning the title are very minimal now, that is for sure. But we have to continue to fight. It is true that we have dropped too many points but we must give our best until the end of the season.
    I feel the players have shown an outstanding attitude during the whole season and they are not to blame for what has happened. If there is someone to blame, it is me. I pick the team and I choose the players.
    A very promising season has become very unsatisfactory because that is one of the easiest run-ins we have had for a long time. We didn’t take our chances many times during the season and that is frustrating because you feel that the potential is there.
    But we live in a job where you have to take your chances and be realistic. We still lack something and that is maturity, experience and calmness in important situations.
    I have been asked if I will change my principles and if you can convince me that my principles are wrong, then I am ready to change. But I feel we try to play football the proper way. When you don’t win, your principles are questioned.
    You always have to take the right distance to see what is right and wrong in what you do. I think if something is wrong in our team, it is not the principle of playing our football the way we do.
    I am convinced we are a very good footballing side. We have not been stable enough defensively. The numbers show that. We have conceded six goals this week at a moment where you cannot afford to conceded six goals in three games and still win the championship.
    Thanks for your support.”

  45. chas says:

    Is that an apology?

  46. chas says:

    My comment was directed at Peter.

  47. tommystout says:

    LOL i thought you were referring to arsenes email chas!

  48. tommystout says:

    i cant understand people commenting on a blog having not read it in the first place – weird.

  49. 26may1989 says:

    So Wenger’s email doesn’t say we’re not going to buy.

  50. DeiseGooner says:

    We ARE a good footballing side and WE HAVE been unstable defensively! The reason…..footballing principles of course. Defending is a part of football that have been marginalised in your philosophy. The answer…..a better standard of defensive player and coaching. Its not abandoning your principles its expanding them to include an obviously neglected element.

  51. tommystout says:

    not that i could tell 🙂
    i think secretly he knows he has to buy now!
    thats one thing that will come out of this season!

  52. 26may1989 says:

    To be fair to Peter, he probably saw our headline in Newsnow in amongst the hystrionics of other Arsenal websites and assumed that it was just one more in that vein. That’s the trouble with our more nuanced and ironic approach to headlines sometimes. But then it would help to read what you’re about to slag off before clicking “Post comment”.

  53. Harry says:

    Pete, your right there is too many anti wenger fans out there, unfortunately……

    On here we are a reasoned bunch who might crictise but ultimately support Arsene…..

    Arsenal Till I die…..

  54. Peter says:

    THANK YOU HARRY!!!!!!!!!!! Also Arsenal till I die!

  55. Gooner in Exile says:

    When people say Wenger does not drill his team to defend well enough I have to ask myself “how the hell could you possibly know?”

    I cannot believe that he doesn’t, I think his email sums up the weekend match quite rightly in terms of the tiredness, if I had got my view from the away end in in time you would have read that I thought we ran out of steam and Bolton conserved energy by defending deep in the second half.

    Now the question is this, why are we not fit enough? If their was one thing drummed in to me by coaches over the years it was “make the ball work for you it never gets tired”. So if we play the passing game coupled with small movement why do we look so unfit at the end of a game? We don’t seem to have moved around enough recently to use that as an excuse so why are we unfit, when the years of Wenger’s success was based around superfit individuals.

  56. Peter says:

    Sell squillaci, denilson, diaby, alumunia and rosicky. Buy Milito, Cahill and Baines and be more diverse with our formations.

  57. DeiseGooner says:

    Gooner in Exile – i dont doubt defending is coached – but theres something missing / being missed by the coaching staff if the same mistakes keep being made – No? Similarly our set piece attacking play. Both seem linked to me. We are as poor when defending aerial set pieces as when attacking from set pieces. This tells me that they are neglected somewhat in the pursuit of more technical goal scoring chance creation. Theres also a beauty to be had with a great ball into the box to be nodded in – just as there is merit it putting your head where it hurts to get the ball away defensively.

  58. Peter says:

    What everyone seems to forget is that we have gone the whole season without our best defender

  59. Gooner in Exile says:

    Twitterland update

    Cesc : ishtatilik

    Jack : You get Respect when you show others Respect……..

    Is Cesc’s an anagram joke aimed at a radio station? What’s bugging Jack?

    I’m guessing they’re hurting

  60. Gooner in Exile says:

    Deise I posted an article earlier in the season around our defending, I think you’re right about setpieces. But I think that’s down to asking our attack minded players to do a job they fall short at.

    Peter it’s often said that players can improve without playing ie our perception of their qualities rise when they are absent. Owen Hargreaves is one who springs to mind within the England setup. The frailties existed with him and Gallas at the back last year so he is not the sole answer.

  61. barumgooner says:

    True Peter, we have most definately missed TV, unlike many I dont actually think our defenders are all that bad but the system exposes them too easily. We attack as a unit but dont do the same when it comes to defending. Its a bit like schoolboy football where the kids who think they are great just stay forward and allow the others to do the work. For AWs system to work you need massive work ethic and stamina which is sadly lacking in too many of our guys.

  62. Red Arse says:


    There is, perhaps, a mid road to the perennial ‘coached – not coached viewpoints.

    I hate to use them as an example, but, when Manure are defending, by freeze framing the action (Sky+), you can almost always see two banks of four with Rooney and/or Big Pea chasing back. Whole team defense!

    If you do the same with Arsenal, quite the opposite seems to happen, all too often. There is frequently no discernible, positional pattern to the defensive play, when freeze framing, with Clichy, in particular though not exclusively, all over the place, and the ‘forwards’ standing up field waiting to be given the ball back.

    On other occasions Arsenal do have the 2*4 setup and clearly this is part of the accepted coaching tactic.

    So, what is the problem? Unlike you, Wonderman and Harry, I have no experience of coaching and can only surmise from observation and using my limited grey matter.

    Clichy and Eboue, for example, can be very effective going forward, but neither are disciplined enough to choose the right moment to attack and often leave themselves out of position. Panic ensues and it is all hands to the pump, with everyone leaving their own positions and diving in to try and rectify errors. Result? Frequent defensive cock-ups!

    OK, a non coach making sweeping generalisations, but it does square the views of yourself and DG, and it is a view that I hold because the flaw is not with the coaching, per se, but the players. 😦

  63. breezy says:

    Have to agree with DeiseGooner I don’t think that enough is being done on the defensive side, our defending at times is absolutely woeful or a better word would be amateurish, as a team we look valurable when we don’t have the ball.

    For me it’s not about buying players, its about getting a defensive system in place and working on that continueosly. As a start I for one would like to see the ridiculously high line our defense holds to go.

  64. Red Arse says:


    We have used different phraseology but seem to have come to the same conclusion! 🙂

  65. Gooner in Exile says:

    Totally agree RA, what makes Barca able to play their football and also so hard to beat is the fact that as soon as they lose it they are hunting the ball back in packs, there is no time for the opponents to pick a long ball out of danger, or a five yard pas to a teammate.

    That said they also tire around the 70-80 minute mark.

  66. barumgooner says:

    Gr8 minds RA..haha

  67. goonermichael says:

    Sel Cesc and use the money to strengthen. His heart’s not in it. He’s not a captain either. This is the most dissapinted I’ve been in the last 6 years. A very average manc team will probably win the league becauase we can’t put a decent challenge together. We are going to finish with less points than last season. I’m not bothered if Wenger stays or goes but I want him to go back to his old style. We’ve made it so easy for oppo fans. pundits and general anti Arsenal knobs to say “Arsenal will fade at the end of the season” We have some fantastic players that would walk in to almost any team, Our defence statistically, isn’t even that bad and we haven’d had such bad injuries this season but there is something very wrong in the attitude of the playing staff which ultimately is the responsibilty of the management. I’m cancelling my sky subscription after the manc game.

  68. Gooner in Exile says:

    Breezy the high line is to condense the play, but I agree it leaves us all too vulnerable to swift counter attacks, as it becomes a race between our defence and their forwards to the long ball.

    Damn AW for making the rest of the league buy quick counter attacking players to copy the likes of Henry et al….

  69. London says:

    I see that calls for Cahill are getting louder but is he actually better than Djourou?

  70. Red Arse says:

    Hi London,

    Well, if it helps, I am not a big Cahill fan! 🙂

  71. DeiseGooner says:

    better than Djourou at different things, things we currently lack is how i look at it

  72. Red Arse says:

    I was not sure whether to laugh or hurl the papers in the bin on Monday. Not because of the result, but because of the flawed logic of so many pundits.

    Stupidity can be so offensive!

    “Wenger is a broken man”, “Wenger realises his youth project is a failure”, “Wenger admits he needs to buy”, trumpeted these self deluded sports journos.

    So, this is the same ‘obstinate’ Wenger, with a firm, if not rigid, philosophy of entertaining total football based on a blend of skillfull and youthful footballers.

    Which is it? Grrrr!

  73. breezy says:

    I agree Gooner in Exile. Unfortunately to condense play effectively the whole team has to apply pressure, ala Barcelona, this slows down play and which makes swift counter attacks less frequent. in our case our player just don’t close down from teh front often enough and that leaves us vulnerable.

  74. Mickeyk says:

    I’ll tell you what will happen next season.there will be a lot of excuses pre season . Arsenal will start good and then get worse again and be lucky to finish in the top four behind liver-totts-man c-. Arsene and arsenal are just are hanging on for the rule change in 2013 when we will have load of money and be one of the best postioned clubs in the world to go forward.arsene has done a good job stringing us a long and can’t come out and say he’s waiting untill 2013 the bigest diaster for arsene and arsenal from now untill 2013 will not be winning the league know matter how much the fans moans it will be not getting into Europe .but arsene should know manu and Chelsea will not stand still .

  75. barumgooner says:

    About Wengers ‘youth policy’. Does he really give youngsters that much of a chance or is it that he just dislikes older players ? The club definately has a system of buying kids and training them but rarely do they get first team chances and more often than not will be loaned out for a couple of seasons before being moved on. Chesney only got a chance because there was nobody else. Fab and Jack were special cases and many of the others were more out of neccessity than desire during our financially tight years. To more its more of a prejudice against the over 30s than a belief in the teens.

  76. Mickeyk says:

    Sorry I forgot to say .good post rockylives.

  77. barumgooner says:

    oops. Should be to me, not to more. Doh

  78. breezy says:

    @ Barumgooner I think to an extent your right Wenger is a sucker for stats and its well known that he believes after 30 you have already peaked physically. I recall Bergkamp saying something to that effect a few years back. On the other hand he did buy Squillaci, and we all know how thats going!!!

  79. RockyLives says:

    Thanks for some great comments today. This has been a really sophisticated discussion with good points well made. I know there are some who still believe that AW has reached a wall and therefore should go. Those people might be right.

    I prefer to believe that he should be given a chance to try again but (and this is the point I was trying to make in the post) he needs to do a lot of soul searching about where he has gone wrong.

    I don’t expect him to make any public pronouncements about changing his philosophy, but the proof of the pudding will be in the recruiting…

  80. dandan says:

    Afternoon all. Deise you are right we do miss something and that is height, Look at the size of Bolton team and we look like Pygmies, but if our small nippy players were taking the chances they make that goal would not have mattered.
    Sure Arsene has some thinking to do, as do many fans. but as Rasp and many others have said we support our team and manager. To many fans talk about the team having no bottle, but don’t have the bottle to hang in there when it hurts.
    This says it better than I.

    When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,
    When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill,
    When the funds are low and the debts are high,
    And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
    When care is pressing you down a bit,
    Rest, if you must, but don’t you quit.

    Life is queer with its twists and turns,
    As every one of us sometimes learns,
    And many a failure turns about,
    When he might have won had he stuck it out;
    Don’t give up though the pace seems slow–
    You may succeed with another blow.

    Often the goal is nearer than,
    It seems to a faint and faltering man,
    Often the struggler has given up,
    When he might have captured the victor’s cup,
    And he learned too late when the night slipped down,
    How close he was to the golden crown.

    Success is failure turned inside out–
    The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,
    And you never can tell how close you are,
    It may be near when it seems so far,
    So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit–
    It’s when things seem worst that you must not quit.

    – Author unknown

    We are lucky Arsene wont quit

  81. KeepTheFaith says:


    To all you BLEETING so called- Arsenal fans. read this article. Its from a FROM A SPURS FAN.

    From one Arsenal fan to another

  82. Rasp says:


    First off, we’ve already posted that link on this site a couple of days ago; secondly, no-one’s bleeting, and thirdly, read the article and subsequent comments and you will see that the broad theme is supportive of our manager.

  83. RockyLives says:

    Let’s make a deal: I’ll read your link if you read this post, as opposed to just the headline.

    I don’t expect you to reply because you’re probably a hit-and-run merchant. But you are welcome to come back and enter the intelligent debate on here…

  84. dandan says:

    Sorry Rocky I didn’t say well done, nice article.
    We will have to endure much flack over the coming weeks,its kick the Arse time, but imagine being a Spud or a Hammer what disasters will the last four games bring them. I wonder.

    I bet they would love it in our shoes.

    Keep writing those super articles Rocky, our manager is going to need some moral support.

  85. Peter says:

    Has any one noticed that rosicky has seemed to be suffering with illness alot this season

  86. Red Arse says:

    Just doing a hit and run myself this p.m. guys! 🙂

    Dandan, loved the poem, and to think that little feller Anony Mouse churns them out just for fun! 🙂


  87. Wonderman says:

    Rocky great bit of advice some really valuable contributions so far,

    @Rasp 9:44 I used to think Wenger was too protective of his players, but then I thought of it another way. Maybe the fact that he is so protective of them to a fault in my opinion publicly, makes it difficult for them to say anything bad about him….when was the last time you heard a player slag off Wenger

    @Gunner Pete 10:17 is a Carling cup final, Champions league quarter final, FA cup quarter final a top four finish again and in the title race up to the last week in April REALLY a ‘ Humiliating season of failure ‘ ?????

    @Harry 11:35 Spot on mate, I tire of the ‘formation ‘ debate Principles of play are what dictate success or failure. In recent times we seem to have neglected quick devastating attacks for the slow build up therefore playing into opponents’ hands if you take ages to attack it doesnt matter if you have 4 strikers , they will have 10 behind the ball
    @gie 12:03 that always makes me laugh…exactly how do they know. I would agree we defend as if we had’nt practised defending at all, but I cant believe that we dont
    @RA 12:45 interesting observation. From what I observe at the emirates we currently play a fluid 4-2-3-1, so you would see 2 banks of 4. I do believe though that we have a disgraceful attitude to defending as a team and individually. My pet hates are as follows

    1.Theo Walcott allowing players to just run past him ( with the exception of the Chelsea game)
    2.Sagna and Clichy allowing numerous crosses into our area
    3. Eboue, Denilson and Diaby not recovering to help defensively quick enough

    individually we dont seem to appreciate that if the man nearest the ball closes down forward passing options then the rest of our team get to recover into defensively safe positions.

    I think Arsene needs a breather and when he comes back I would like to see

    Rosicky, Denilson, Almunia and Bendtner moved on. Walcott moved centrally and a right sided winger purchased. I would like to see Lansbury and frimpong promoted to the first team and health permitting, Bartley replace Squillacci. With Vermy back I dont see the call for Gary Cahill at all. I would bring in Scott Parker for his grit and pay top money for a proven goal scorer

  88. Harry says:

    Keepthe faith, I read that link the other day and posted it on here…

    Question to you, wheres the bleeting?, reasoned debate might be a novelty in world of the blogosphere, but on here, there is more than just a spluttering of quite decent chaps and even a princess…..who support all wenger and arsenal stand for, we might be constructively critical but ultimately I can speak on behalf of all the AA cre, we are all Arsenal till we die…..

  89. Harry says:

    @Wonderman: “I would bring in Scott Parker for his grit and pay top money for a proven goal scorer” Amen, without the most important two things wenger must do…….

  90. HCAA says:

    We are far too Corporate, and the club is far too distant from its supporters. The Emirates needs to be our home in the way that Highbury was, instead of pimping it out for meaningless internationals such as Brazil v Scotland. Old Trafford holds 76,000 and they don’t do it.

  91. Gooner in Exile says:

    HCAA maybe because international teams don’t want to play at Old Toilet with its shite pitch and in the middle of nowhere in Macnhester.

    Wonder why Brazil choose to play these games at the Emirates over Wembley/White Hart Lane/Stamford Bridge etc.

    Perhaps because its pure class and is something to be proud of not seen as pimping out, perhaps it’ll help pay the debt off a little quicker too.

    I think the club doesn’t understand how to create an atmosphere in ground, but I also think most of the people who attend the Emirates have forgotten how to create one.

  92. goonermichael says:

    Pimping the stadium for Brazil matches doesn’t affect the way the club plays in any way. I couldn’t really give ashit wat the mancs do tbh. The Emirates is our home. The difference is mainly that we haven’t won anything there. We had boxing matches at Highbury but that didn’t stop it beaing our home. In fact the mancs are probably the biggest whores around. What other team would remove the words “football club” from thier badge because it alienates non football fans. They want to be like Louis Vuitton or Chanel.

  93. kelsey says:

    A fantastic post today on Arseblog and it highlights I think that if we are going to ship out the usual suspects we may well have to take a big cut in valuation on any given transfer fee,therefore effecting what our overallkitty actually is.

    That is something Wenger will be thinking about alot.it’s a catch 22 situation when you are paying top dollar in wages to many players,who have never won anything,hoping thay will develop into stars for the club and at the same time fending off other clubs.it is an extremely difficult balancing act .

    if only I could think of a poem 😉

  94. RockyLives says:

    Kelsey 🙂
    I’ll start you off…

    A saucy young maid from St Kitts…

  95. Rocky, how about: “There was a young lady from Nantucket…” ?

  96. HCAA says:

    And for those of you defending Mr Wenger, I put forward Mikael Silvestre. If he’s not good enough for Man Utd, whose ambitions we’re supposed to aspire to, why would he be good enough for Arsenal?

  97. Rasp says:

    … or even…

    There was a young man from Australia…..

    … bet none of you can finish that one off 😉

  98. goonermichael says:

    There was a young lady from aberistwiyth

  99. Rasp says:

    Hi HCAA,

    I think you may be missing the point some of us repeatedly try to make.

    I consider Silvestre to be the single worst signing we have ever made and could only comprehend it if it were a last minute panic measure (which it may have been?) but I still support AW because he has done amazing things for our club and I want to give him the chance to rectify the problems we have at the moment.

  100. kelsey says:

    Shakespeare was a man of wit

    and on his shirt he had some ….. (buttons)

    one day while walking through the halls

    someone grabbed him by the …..(shoulder)

  101. RockyLives says:

    There was a young man from Australia….
    Whose lovemaking was always a failure…
    He didn’t know why
    ‘Til someone said, “Guy,
    You don’t have the right genitalia.”

    Thankyou goodnight.

  102. RockyLives says:

    Where’s Red Arse when we need him?

  103. Rasp says:

    haha Rocky … I was thinking of this one..

    There was a young man from Australia
    Who painted his arse like a dahlia
    A penny a smell
    Was all very well
    But tuppence a lick was a failure 😳

  104. chas says:

    From the depths of the crypt at St Giles,
    Came a scream that resounded for miles.
    Said the Vicar,’Good gracious!
    Has Father Ignatius
    Forgotten the Bishop has piles?

  105. Danish Gooner says:

    If you think he is gonna change you are in for a rude awakening.Some rubbish next season,guarenteed.

  106. Rasp says:

    😆 chas

    …There was a young man from Nape

  107. HCAA says:


    Worse than Stepanovs? You’re right he has done amazing things for our club, unquestionably. But his team has faltered at the same stage almost every year for the last six years. He allowed 4 centre-halves to leave last summer and only bought in two. And on the evidence of the Bolton game, Djourou isn’t good enough either. Wenger admitted last year 41 goals is far too many to concede if you want to be champions. Almost a year on, we’ve had FOUR different goalkeepers, including bringing a 41 year-old out of retirement, and have conceded 36 with four games left. We’ve conceded a penalty in each of our last three games. Is that progression?

  108. kelsey says:

    Oh Father. Oh, Father. I have come to confess.
    I have just left a girl in a terrible mess.
    Her blouse is al tattered, her t*ts are all bare,
    There’s a lump in her belly that shouldn’t be there.

    Oh, son. Oh, son. With u I invex.
    When I was your age, I used a Durex.
    Oh, Father, Oh, Father. Don’t be unjust.
    I used one too, but the f–king thing bust! 😉

  109. Rasp says:

    I understand completely where you’re coming from HCAA. Harry is as staunch as they come but even he wrote some time ago that he’d decided to give AW the benefit of the doubt a few years ago as long as he reinforced the squad where needed in the summer – well I’ve been there too. Once again I am telling myself, he’s a genius, I’ll see where we are at the start of next season before I start calling for Arsene to go.

  110. HCAA says:

    I think everyone has been saying exactly the same thing for the past two or three summer’s Rasp. However little the amount, Wenger has had money to spend, and he has spent poorly. I believe that Gallas walked away last summer because he knew the rot had set-in, which is why Arshavin will go back to Zenit. And it will take monumental powers of reasoning to persuade Fabregas and Nasri to continue with this under-achieving project.

  111. chas says:

    I really don’t understand why anyone would think the spuds have had a better season than us.

    Did Gallas make the right decision? After all the spuds have conceded 41 goals to our 36 in one less game, whilst scoring 49 to our 67.

    The rot really has set in at WHL since everyone’s favourite mercenary sold his soul to the dark side.

  112. HCAA says:


    The spuds haven’t had a better season than us, but Wenger under-mined Gallas’ passion and will to win by stripping him of the captaincy. He might have sold-out, but would you want to be part of a recurring nightmare collapse season after season?

  113. dandan says:

    There were some young men from Australia,
    Declared our Arsene was doomed to Failure.
    But to confound those poor souls,
    Wenger bought a man who scores goals,
    And this simple about face plus our passing at pace
    Caused Fergie to say, we dont wanna play yer .

  114. RockyLives says:

    I know you hold a harsher view of AW than many of us on here, but I respect your views. On Gallas though, I have to say he was a terrible captain. Far from bringing the team together he seemed to cause tension and division. And let’s not forget his antics at Brum after Eduardo’s leg was broken.
    You say AW undermined his passion and will to win by stripping him of the captaincy, but I thought he had his best spell in an Arsenal shirt when he ceased to be skipper.
    Is he a quality player? Most definitely.
    Should he have been moved on last year? Most probably.

  115. Afternoon all

    What a fabulous days comments, some really reasoned comments and debates.

    I do feel really sorry for Arsene as I’m sure that he expected a much better end to this season. I can’t see him giving up on his principles of choosing a certain type of man to play for Arsenal. Gallas aside, and he’s french so probably gets extra brownie points for that, AW does choose players that are pretty malable.

    I worry about the positive spin that comes out of the players mouths when they have been disappointing. Why would you want to go in front of a camera for Arsenal.com and give an interview when you or your team-mates have messed up and try to give the impression that everything is fine? Yet week after week the players are rolled out with smiling faces. Can you imagine Fergie telling Vidic to go spin for the cameras when the manks have lost.

    Stepford Wives ………

  116. mickydidit89 says:

    Such a superb post. Yet again. Some great lines have already been highlighted, but for me “the colour of the loo roll in the London Colney toilets (white, with a cock-and-ball logo in blue as it happens)” takes the biscuit, which brings me to a point I made last night concerning the amount Arsene is expected to do. I think I made a comment that DD used to take an awful lot of pressure off AW, and I really hope Stan addresses this issue.
    My hopes for next season rest squarely on the shoulders of SK. He has been around the club long enough, and does understand sporting institutions.

  117. London says:

    Was anyone else a bit disappointed by Suarez at the Ems? There was me thinking before that game that he would have surely been the answer to our goal scoring prayers…..but he was poor, his passing was so off he made Diaby look as consistent as Denilson.
    Spend big money on a proven goal scorer! It’s a nice idea but who? There is probably only one serious candidate and that is Benzema but is he really a proven goal scorer? Is he actually better than what we already have?

  118. mickydidit89 says:

    We only have the one goal scorer, RvP, who is injured half the time and then played out of position. He is a DB10 type, not a lone striker in a 4-3-3. Now I cannot answer your question about who precisely, but someone surely.

  119. goonermichael says:

    Gallas is a knob. I was glad to see the back of him. Sittibg in the centre circle crying. what a great leader.

  120. HCAA says:


    I’d rather have Gallas in my defence than either Squillaci or Djourou. What has Wenger done in the last five years for you and others to give him such blind faith? Was it re-signing a centre-half past his sell-by date last January, or persuading Lehmann to come back at 41 because he wouldn’t recognise a good GK if one walked up to him in big flashing lights? Yes we qualify for CL every season, but to what end? We haven’t seriously looked like winning it since 2006. Are we there to make the numbers up? Mourinho has qualified for the semi-finals with four different clubs. Wenger has given us two semi-finals & a losing final in 15 years. And if Ferguson, Mourinho, or Guardiola used the excuses that Wenger trots out, they’d be sacked. These clubs and managers are supposed to be our peers NOT our superiors.

  121. London says:

    Hi Micky

    I suppose the view of — how on earth could the arrival of Benzema possibly hurt — must surely win.

  122. kelsey says:

    Agreed micky, RVP is best suited to the DB10 role.

    Can I ask a question(don’t hit me) If we collapse completely in our remaining 4 games and the unbelievable happens and we were to finish fifth,how much revenue would the club lose by not being in the CL.

    I only ask this as CL money would be calculated into the pool for possible players coming in.

  123. London says:


    Do you think Szcezney is a good goal keeper?

  124. London says:

    And another thing HCAA

    It is a sad but true fact that Manu, Barça and Real Madrid are our financial superiors

  125. HCAA says:


    Szcezney is a GK with the potential to be great, but was given too much responsibility too soon. Wenger should have bought Joe Hart when Hughes was at City.

  126. HCAA says:

    We’re forever being told that we’re one of the richest clubs in the world. So are people making that up?

  127. chas says:

    HCAA, blind faith? Do you even read the comments on here?

  128. London says:

    Joe Hart when Hughs was at city? Why on earth do you think that mancity would have sold him?

  129. mickydidit89 says:

    Count yourself hit!
    By the way, I have done the sums (ouch, that hurt), and the good news is that The Cretins from down the road have a nightmare run in. Something like Pool, City and Chelsea all away, so while I think we are going to collapse, hopefully all will be well. The money is one issue, attracting players becomes another.

  130. kelsey says:

    micky, i am not wishing it 😉 but ….it was a reasonable question.

  131. mickydidit89 says:

    Totally reasonable. As I said, I have been having the same dirty thoughts. Were it not for the spuds run in, I would be seriously worried.

  132. London says:

    If Arsene isn’t lying in that incredibly inviting hammock the next time I refresh the page I am going to jump in it myself.

  133. HCAA says:

    Hughes sent him out on loan to Birmingham and bought Shay Given, his preferred choice, and having bought Toure & Adebayor for big money from us, I think he would have negotiated a deal.

  134. mickydidit89 says:

    Don’t jump. Its a trap. The palms are full of venomous reptiles, and the water nasty sharks.

  135. mickydidit89 says:

    Here’s the coolest thing I have ever heard. A friend of my sister received an inviation to the gig in London on friday, and turned it down ‘cos he’s busy!

  136. London says:


    Everyone knew that Hart was going to be a success most of all the owners of City and I think if we agree on just one thing it would be that those very same people did not, and still do not, need to sell players in order to finance future purchases. Hughs never controlled who came in and who went out of that club the owners did. In short Hart coming to Arsenal was never going to happen, nice dream but totally impractical.

  137. chas says:

    haha micky. I was thinking, ‘which gig is that?’ Doh.
    Would you go if invited?

  138. HCAA says:

    Even if we discount the Hart idea, Stekelenburg has expressed his desire to play at the Emirates, and after the WC he had, Wenger should have been 1st in the queue!

  139. chas says:

    Speaking of Friday, did anyone see the Arsenal Gent’s twitter idea of your very own royal wedding name?
    Choose a pre-war Arsenal player’s first name, then your first pet’s name followed by the name of the road you grew up in to gives you a double barrelled surname. Add Lord or Lady to the front and bingo.

    Mine is Lord Archie Sylvester-Woodpecker. 🙂

  140. chas says:

    * give

  141. Gooner in Exile says:

    HCAA I agreed in part with some of your early comments but continuing to support a fallacy is causing me to disagree now:

    Wenger has never signed a good keeper:

    Exhibit A – Jens Lehman

    Wenger has never signed a good defender:

    Exhibit A – Vermaelen
    Exhibit B – Campbell
    Exhibit C – Lauren
    Exhibit D – Silvinho
    Exhibit E – Toure
    Exhibit F – Sagna
    Exhibit G – your much loved Gallas

    Remember when Fergie signed Taibi, have you seen Bebe or Obertan play or Veron or Owen?

    I’m just saying for every “bad” signings there are always a lot of good signings, and for most of our recent signings we have had to take gambles on young developing players or take freebies who might be able to instil winning mentality (surely that’s what Silvestre and Gallas had).

    To say he hasn’t bought in quality over the last few years is rubbish….you’re worried about Nasri jumping ship….who signed him….who developed Wilshere……who spotted Cesc….who signed RvP or Arshavin.

    What many forget is AW changed the approach to scouting in England, he was the one who unearthed talents in South America, Africa and the continent, now every PL club has a scouting network in those areas and we are in competition to sign the emerging talent whereas in the past we had the pick of the crop.

    London I agree re Cahill and Suarez. For me Cahill is not at the required level or a better level, people should watch the Stoke semi and see how he coped. It’s not like Boltons goal against record is fantastic. Suarez looked great in his opening few games but now teams have seen him we will soon find out how good he is.

    If Carrol is worth £35mil we have a real difficult job to find that goalscorer, Carrol has a heavier touch than Bendtner and is nowhere near the finished article, let’s hope the goalscorer we need is already at the club and will come through like Wilshere this year.

  142. RockyLives says:

    Damn it HCAA.
    Just when I tell you I respect your views, you go and accuse the rest of us of having ‘blind faith’.
    As Chas said, have you been reading the comments on here? Even if there is a broadly pro-Wenger (at least for now) view among most AA regulars, none of us believes he is beyond criticism – and the comments are full of suggestions for what might be done to improve things.
    The real divide is between those who have ‘blind faith’ in the fact that he can never again produce success for us and those who want to at least give him another year.
    Whatever you say about our end of season collapse, we have a team that is only a few ingredients short of winning things. AW has made that team – now he needs to add the missing ingredients.

  143. Gooner in Exile says:

    Chas I saw it,

    I adapted it slightly to be Lord (fav player), and lady (pet name)-(street name)

    Lord Caesar and Lady Tabitha-Windsor

  144. RockyLives says:

    A valid concern, but don’t fret.
    Now that the pressure of actually winning something has gone, I fully expect us to beat ManUre this weekend. Seriously.

  145. Gooner in Exile says:

    And if we’re talking Cahill I would ask how busy and outstanding Jussi Jaskailenen is every game before we think how good Cahill is.

  146. goonermichael says:

    Saying I think gallas is a knob doesn’t mean I have blind faith. How did you arrive at that? Read my comments earlier. I’m not bothered if Wenger goes. I’d worry about who replaces him though as it could easily go tits up.

  147. mickydidit89 says:

    Would I go? You know something, I can’t decide. I do have pretty good plans for friday, but then, as a once in a lifetime experience, yes I would, so long as I did not have to sit next to Elton John! Will Nigella be there? That would definately swing it.

  148. HCAA says:


    Seven decent defenders in 15 years? I’m not a particular fan of Gallas, & I don’t think we got the same Gallas that Chelsea had. The incident at Birmingham was a mixture of seeing Eduardo have his leg broken, and us conceding a penalty that never was, and drawing 2-2 after leading 2-1. Fabregas is not a natural captain, and has been poor this season (especially that back-heel at Camp Nou!), van Persie has given us only 22 games a season since 2003, and Arshavin is so disillusioned at constantly being played out of position he wants to go back to Zenit. On Suarez, if it wasn’t for him, Kuyt wouldn’t have got his hat-trick acainst Man Utd, and just had an off-day against us.

  149. goonermichael says:

    He re-signed Lehman because he was out of contract and he didn’t need to get special permission to sign him (out of the window). But don’t let that stop you from using as a way of slagging Wewnger off. Who else could he have signed?

  150. RockyLives says:

    Chas, GiE
    I give you: Lord Percy Tigger-Tallis…

  151. Wonderman says:

    GIE ‘let’s hope the goalscorer we need is already at the club and will come through like Wilshere this year.’ Amen to that my friend

  152. mickydidit89 says:

    Lady Tabitha-Windsor and Lord Percy Tigger-Tallis 🙂

  153. RockyLives says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re both on the guest list for the ‘gig’ this weekend…

  154. mickydidit89 says:

    If Nigella is a cert. I’ll get me sleeping bag. I’m off to hit the streets of Westminster.
    Nite all.

  155. Lady Elliot (known as Ella) Tufty-Riversdale

  156. RockyLives says:

    I’m sure I went out with her once. Seemed stuck-up, but after a few Babychams…

  157. dandan says:

    GIE and Rocky….I wouldn’t waste your time fellows, your trying to push a car uphill with a rope.

  158. I’d love to be going to the bash, I hear J-Z and Beyonce are going to be performing – love a boogie, me 😀

  159. Anyway, I’ve had an idea for the summer, haven’t told Rasp yet but ………….. could we choose a county cricket team to support? Maybe even 2 or 3?

  160. RockyLives says:


  161. Gooner in Exile says:

    HCAA – “Seven decent defenders in 15 years?”

    I think the youngsters do a #facepalm on twitter at this sort of thing.

    One every two years on average how many have Chelsea or United signed in that time?

    But as DanDan says I am attempting an impossible task.

    I will say as a closing gambit that I only mentioned those I thought were the best it’s not to say I think Koscielny or Djourou are not great signings too, Barca at home those two were magnificent particularly Kozzer and away they put up one hell of a fight.

  162. dandan says:

    Peaches thats as bad as football, I am an Essex boy and given where Rasp plays he probably is to,

  163. HCAA says:

    Ok, I’ll re-phrase the question. What has Arsene Wenger done in the last five years to deserve our continued support in the belief that his footballing philosophy is a winning one?

  164. chas says:

    Love the names. 🙂
    What’s your royal wedding name HCAA?

    micky, Elton John would be breast-feeding most of the time anyway.

  165. dandan says:

    Played a brand of football, that whether you like it or not is the envy of just about every neutral in the country and rescued us long term fans from the awful drudgery of the one nil to the arsenal days. built us a stadium and made our club financially stable.
    Ready to take advantage in the years to come. Apart from that “sod all”

  166. Gooner in Exile says:

    Peaches isn’t the Women’s football becoming a summer league this year? Can’t we just have regular updates on our girls?

    As for cricket I’ve never followed County level, surely we can find out which team has the biggest amount of Gooners.

  167. RockyLives says:

    Your framing of the question betrays your presumptions.
    Another way of phrasing the same question might be: “What has Wenger done to deserve being dumped now after five years of keeping us in the top flight of English and European football with a budget only a fraction of his competitors?”

  168. mickydidit89 says:

    “What did the Romans ever do for us?”
    I’m not here, I’m working.

  169. HCAA says:


    Lord Herbert Rufus Clarendon.

  170. Gooner in Exile says:

    I have just read some other blogs (I try not too normally)

    I understand there is talk of a demo pre the match against Villa.

    A demo rumoured to be 200 fans no less, who are dissatisfied at what exactly? If we were being relegated with a team full of no hopers then maybe I would have some sympathy. Right now I am just upset we didn’t win some silverware, thats it.

    If this happens and the press is there to lap it up just how much will opposition fans be laughing? These people think the club is a laughing stock, well they will at least have something in common with the club (in their view) if the protest goes ahead.

    But ffs these people have to be joking right?

  171. goonermichael says:

    God there’s not much in the world I hate as much as those mancs

  172. goonermichael says:

    I believe the demo is mainly about the ticket price increase. They also have some ideas about moving the away fans to let gooners get some cheaper seats omong other ideas. Others want to turn it into a demo about other stuff.

  173. goonermichael says:

    I’ve been sent an invitation for a charity dinner at the Emirates. $10k a table or £800 for dinner. Anyone up for it? 🙂

  174. Gooner in Exile says:

    Haha Chas, I assume thats the ironic viewpoint! Only skimread but seems all a bit silly to me….ho hum

    Although the bit about unreserved seating , which as you all know I’m up for in Clock End and North Bank so maybe I’ll make it.

    Is there an end of season party planned for AA’ers at Villa game, currently i’m in process of negotiating by day release, hopefully I will get earlier train if we are on for a bit of a sesh.

  175. goonermichael says:

    I think he’s really just taking the piss chas. Fair enough if he disagrees but I think he’s being very derogatory.

  176. HCAA says:

    Dandan, yes he’s moved us to a shiny new corporate soul-less stadium, but our brand of football isn’t the envy of neutrals. We have no back-bone, no desire or urgency, we pass from side to side looking to pass through the eye of a needle, or crossing balls into the box when no-one’s there. We continually play a high-line even though it’s been proved to death that we will concede goals using this flawed philosophy. Nor do we have a proven clinical 25-goal a season striker. Winning football is the envy of the masses. It is a competitive sport seperating winners from losers. Same point to you RL, football exists principally as a competition. It’s been a while since Arsenal can honestly say they deserve to carry off the spoils of war and wear the accolade of winners.

  177. goonermichael says:

    Join Arsenè Wenger and the Arsenal first team and legends for an evening of live music and entertainment at the Emirates stadium on May 19th 2011.

    This event is in support of a great cause, Centrepoint, which helps homeless young people stay off the streets permanently.

    Hosted by comedian Dara O’Briain with live music from Bryan Ferry and Eliza Doolittle, the evening promises to bring the best of football and entertainment together for a fantastic cause. There will also be opportunities to bid on a number of money-can’t-buy prizes in the Club’s famous annual grand auction. The after-show party in the WM Club provides an opportunity to wind down to the music of DJ Gilles Peterson.

    In case you’ve got a spare £800

  178. SharkeySure says:

    Just caught upi with these two beauties from the end of yesterdays posts:

    Its all very surreal if we actually sit there and think deeply about it, Wenger against pretty much all odds has kept us in the top 4, whilst completely rebuilding from the bottom up and all whilst remaining financially viable, argumentively he might have been better off saying right, for next 5 years we will sit mid table, it will take time but we’ll get there….But that is not the man he is, he took the challenge on of keeping in there, the more I think about it the more I feel he deserves more from our fans…….

    Gnarley it’s so good for you that you can turn off like that. I can’t, the team and manager will have my full support while they’re in their jobs. The day I think I have the right to expect my team to win trophies is the day I might as well stop following football. I made my choice a long time ago, I’ll take what I get, I’ll always live them win lose draw or relegated. Unlike others I don’t need trophies to justify my support, I just need to see a red and white shirt and I’ll be smiling, I am the club the club is me…..Arsenal til I die.

  179. goonermichael says:

    I agree with most of your last post HCAA. I would like a proven 25 goal striker. Do you mean league goals or total?

  180. SharkeySure says:

    And as for Gnarley talking about wifebeaters…..oh the irony. Its too soon to do my ‘call on line one for Mr Kettle’ gag again isn’t it..??

    Gnarley, you’ve been bashing the Gunners of late, but you’ll be be back proclaiming your undying love for Arsenal again, with talk of booking trips to London for the victory parade.

    Hmmm…?? Bash them, love them, bash them, love them. Who does that sound like.?? Think ‘Stella Artois’ and vest/singlet if you need a couple of clues.

  181. SharkeySure says:

    “no texts from Emmanuel Eboue with links to funny videos involving chickens.”

    Note to self: Read these bloody posts earlier. Lines like that can’t really make my day when read at 10pm can they..??!!

    Struggling to get back to read the rest of the post

  182. HCAA says:


    It has to be at least 25 league goals.

  183. RockyLives says:

    We’ll have to agree to differ.
    You don’t seem to make any accommodation for the difficulties AW had in keeping us in the top four during the stadium build (which also happened to coincide with the biggest financial crash for 80 years).
    Never mind spending only a fraction of what MauUre, Chavs, Citeh, ‘Pool and Spuds have spent. His net spending has been less than the likes of Blackburn, Everton, Villa and Birmingham – yet here we are again in the top four, with a cup final appearance and having beaten the best team in the world along the way.

    Is everything in the garden rosy? Of course not.

    But because of financial constraints AW has essentially had to invent a team out of nothing, and his achievement in keeping us where we’ve been for the last five years will one day be appreciated for the miracle that it is.

    So it hasn’t quite succeeded in bringing the glory yet. So what? I firmly believe that, given time, AW will find the missing pieces of the puzzle and bring smiles back to all our faces.

  184. RockyLives says:

    Don’t know what’s gotten into Gnarley. A dodgy shrimp off the barbie or something.

  185. goonermichael says:

    Fair enough but when this season is finished there will be possibly 1 of those. There aren’t many around. I’d love to have someone like Henry again.

  186. RockyLives says:

    Evening Sharkey, how are you?

    I take it you won’t be joining the black scarf demo…

  187. goonermichael says:

    Only 2 players have scored more than RVP amd one has the same number. RVP isn’t even a striker really.

  188. RockyLives says:

    Robin has 19 goals in 22 starts (in all comps). Pretty amazing stats (although it includes some goals from his seven appearances as a sub I think).

  189. SharkeySure says:

    HCAA – “We continually play a high-line even though it’s been proved to death that we will concede goals using this flawed philosophy.”

    I disagree.

    I’d like to know how many of say the last twenty goals that we have conceded are in your opinion, mainly due to the ‘high line’.

    I think you’ll find that individual errors are a much more significant factor.

    Clearly (imho) our problem of late has been mainly at the other end of the pitch. If we were more clinical then yeah my uncle Bob might just be auntie. Ceteris paribus..??

    On that cryptic (or poor) note..

    Nite all

  190. chas says:

    Apologies if you found the article derogatory, gm.

    I can understand a protest against ticket price rises or even a full-on Wenger out protest if people feel strongly enough.
    I can’t, however understand a general ‘we haven’t won a trophy in 6 years’ protest. 🙂

  191. Wonderman says:

    Hi HCAA, are you for real ???

    ‘We continually play a high-line even though it’s been proved to death that we will concede goals using this flawed philosophy’ what do you suggest that our four defenders stay at the edge of our 18 yard line like you often see at 9 yr old mini soccer games. You play a high line inorder to condense the play and squeeze the other team’s space and believe it or not to bring the offside line to it’s furthest point from your own goal.

    ‘Nor do we have a proven clinical 25-goal a season striker’ no shit Sherlock neither does anyone else in the league this season . I agree we need to be more clinical with the numerous chances we create, I challenge you to name me a proven 25 goals a season player that would be available, nevermind affordable

    ‘Winning football is the envy of the masses. It is a competitive sport seperating winners from losers.’ so lets just conveniently ignore that we have moved stadium, our rivals have been taken over by freespending oligarchs. I ask you this if it is only about winners and losers why do the other 16 teams take part in the league, as since it’s inception the prem has only been won by Man U , Chelski, Blackburn and us ??

  192. SharkeySure says:

    Alright Rocky, let me take a wild guess at which rabid bunch of fools have tried to get that started..??

    Lunatics seek asylum..?? Lunatics also set up a stall selling black ‘cashmur(sic) scarves’.

    I’m generally immune to all of that nonsense, as I get 99.95% of my Arsenal news/info/debate from here, and the other 0.05% from the BBC.

    Haven’t read a sports reportn he press in god knows how long. Just catching some of their sensationalist headlines makes me shake my head.

    Look at what Harry has spent in the last 3 years to get one CL season..?? Not a single malicious word in the press about ‘failure’ or an exodus of their better players.

    Cracking post today, AGAIN. Next game you come over for, I’m coming to the Tavern to shake your hand, ticket or no ticket. I should offer to buy you a beer really, but I’m a strict methodist.

  193. SharkeySure says:

    “I can’t, however understand a general ‘we haven’t won a trophy in 6 years’ protest”

    Quality Chas.

    I think GiE summed it up the same way with:
    “unlike others I don’t need trophies to justify my support”

    For me it really is that simple.

  194. goonermichael says:

    the bbc are manc loving …..s I’d give them a miss if I were you

  195. goonermichael says:

    I don’t need trophies to justify my support either Sharkey. In fact I’ve just had a rather large Arsenal tattoo on my arm. I’m getting used to losing though and that’s not healthy.

  196. Just a quickie here, if anyone hasn’t seen what the protest group’s “manifesto” is it’s here: http://www.onlinearsenal.com/forums/showthread.php?p=709705
    There are quite a few things there and perhaps that is part of the problem, too many issues being attempted to be addressed.

  197. RockyLives says:

    Nice one Sharkey. Next time I’m over it will be lovely to finally put some faces to all my AA friends’ names.

  198. Harry says:

    Evening all, just reading through, I agree Sharkey, next time RL is in town, we all need to meet up for a beer…….

    HCAA, we are all frustrated, but i agree with RL, you arent allowing flexibility in your thought process….Who would you replace Wenger with and how long would you give him before he was under immense pressure….?

  199. Harry says:

    lol, nice one RL, I was gutted that I missed you at the Tavern at Leyton O’s match…..

  200. Harry says:

    We have had some good get togethers at the Tavern, when do you think you’ll get over again?

  201. RockyLives says:

    If we were in with any kind of shout at the title I would move hell and high water to get back before the end of the season, but as it is it’s probably going to have to be at the beginning of next season… you know, when we’ll all be full of hope and anticipation and desperate to see our £75m of new signings 🙂

  202. HCAA says:


    History records winners, it doesn’t account for the footballing philosophy of losing clubs. I think Wenger’s philosophy is partly based on the 1970’s Dutch ‘total football’ fused with a modern-day Barcelona, but has lacked the quality neccessary to execute it. Holland had Cruyff and Barcelona Eto’o and Messi. We had Thierry Henry, but played the 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1 back then. That’s why Wenger’s tactics look clumsy, spineless and impotent. He plays players out of position because of his ideology, but if those players aren’t good enough in their natural positions, they’re not going to cut it playing out of position. Holland and Barcelona play football that is of their culture, for Wenger it is a constant work in progress, in a country where for decades football belonged to the working-classes and was built on the bed-rock of grit, determination and hard work. Look how well the North-West has done in England and Europe. Champagne football is great when you have Cruyff’s and Messi’s, but in the Premier League and Europe, if you don’t have those qualities at your disposal, you have to tweak your tactics to the strengths you have instead of asking players to fit into a philosophy they are incapable of fulfilling.

  203. RockyLives says:

    You may be right HCAA. So might I.
    We’ll have a better idea this time next year…

  204. Harry says:

    Rocky, fair enough, new season it is then my friend, look forward to it…..

  205. Harry says:

    HCAA, your last comment is spot on mate, pretty much cannot disagree with any of it….

  206. HCAA says:


    Rationally speaking, with what Wenger has put into the club, I think he probably deserves one more summer to prove that he can re-discover a winning formula with the right buys. If we find ourselves in this situation this time next year, then he should go.

  207. RockyLives says:

    If we find ourselves in this situation this time next year, you’ll find a lot more people in agreement with you.
    It’s good to hear you say you think he deserves another year (although I know you have many reservations).

  208. Harry says:

    Looking at history of football as a whole, we have to remember its cyclic, no one team has ever dominated continously.

    I take things by the decades, we have won a trophy all but one decade since we first won the FA Cup in 1930, trophies in 30,40,50,70,80,90,00, now we are in the first year of 2010-2020, so we have time…..

    Everyone bangs on about 6years without a trophy, but there truly isnt any guarantees in football>>>> others have waited longer………

    In order of league titles most won (X):

    Last trophy for

    1. (40)Liverpool was 2006 FA cup…
    2. (39)United was 2010 League Cup…
    3. (27)Arsenal was 2005 FA Cup
    4. (20)Villa was 1996 League Cup
    5. (17)Spuds was 2008 League Cup
    6. (16)Chelsea was 2010 Double
    7. (15)Everton was 1995 FA Cup
    8. (10)Newcastle was 1969 Fairs Cup
    9. (10)Blackburn was 2002 League Cup
    10. (9)Forest was 1990 League Cup
    10. (9)Wolves was 1980 League Cup
    10. (9)Man City was 1976 League Cup…..

  209. Harry says:

    HCAA, Rationally speaking mate, I will be at the front of the queue with you, demanding changes if we have another season like this, I will caveat that it doesnt mean we have to win a trophy, but genuinely challenge……

  210. HCAA says:


    I do, but I am mindful and grateful of all that he has put into the club. I have said I want him to go, but with sober thought, when you weigh up what he’s done for us, that’s worth another year.

  211. Harry says:


    I think this summer will tell us so much….we have to see changes that we can believe in to get the crowd behind the team……

  212. RockyLives says:

    Harry, HCAA
    Amen to that.
    Catch you tomorrow.

  213. HCAA says:


    if only to justify the hike in ticket prices.

  214. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    GiE (re previous post)

    “Gnarley it’s so good for you that you can turn off like that. I can’t, the team and manager will have my full support while they’re in their jobs. The day I think I have the right to expect my team to win trophies is the day I might as well stop following football.”

    In the last 6 years, Arsenal has been in a realistic position to win the PL Title @ least 3 times, but choked. Like anything, when opportunity presents itself you’ve got to take it. Arsenal hasn’t and Manchester utd & chavski have.

    I’m sick of the excuses that are made in the defence of Arsene Wenger. The buck stops with him. He has been paid handsomely per annum. He has been free to leave but he refuses to leave.

    3 times Arsene Wenger has blown it in 6 years. Real chances to win The Title. For a Club like Arsenal with its high expectations, the last 6 years has been disgraceful.

    I see the latest news on Arsene is that he will sell Cesc. Well something has gotta give & this may be Arsene’s saving grace. I’ve had enough of Cesc more than Arsene, I must admit. Its time to take the money, BUT will it be spent on player upgrades?

    GiE I can turn off coz I have my other footy passion. My other club has done sod all for 32 years, but are on the up. Thats how I turn off. I tried to turn my back on Arsenal, but I just turned off until commonsense prevailled.

    My love of RFC & its lack of success mirrors your love of Arsenal GiE. I’m with you there, but Arsenal champions 16 times sounds better than Arsenal haven’t won a Cup for 6 years.

  215. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    shubhamgoel27 says:
    April 26, 2011 at 9:56 am
    How can you say that Arsene should go.He‘s a top top manager who has taken Arsenal to the very top.

    To put it in another way. There were obviously some people in GB who still believed that the Labor party should stay in power. I’m sure your labor lot did some good once, but they became jaded and policies outdated. Hence Arsene Wenger. Unfortunately, Arsene can’t get voted out.

  216. Gooner in Exile says:

    Saw this comment on another blog and couldn’t help but agree:

    “Compared to other clubs in the Premieship how do you rate these elements of our great football club? Board, Manager, Players/Team, Fans? Of all those I’d say the first 3 compare more than favourably. The one that doesn’t and the only one that we should be really ashamed of are our fans! A real disgrace and embarrassment. Before we slag off our manager and players have a good look (and listen) to ourselves!”

  217. mickydidit89 says:

    Morning GiE,
    Our Fans: I don’t know. Firstly, we have always been a quiet (I like thoughtful) lot, and this goes back a long way. Secondly, skip through the fans of each Prem Team and you can think of the vile chants from many, the booing from many, and the totally intolerable wearing of man made fibres from others.

  218. Gooner in Exile says:

    Haha Micky.

    There is something fervent about other teams support. Looking at our home/away league record it is the home form that has done for us (when compared to the records of other teams in top 4).

    Arsenal 30pts
    Chelsea 26pts
    ManC 25pts
    ManU 24pts
    Spurs 23pts
    Everton 19pts
    Liverpool 15pts
    Bolton 11pts

    ManU 49pts
    Chlesea 41pts
    Liverpool 37pts
    Bolton 35pts
    Arsenal 34pts
    ManC 34pts
    Spurs 32pts
    Everton 28pts

  219. harry says:

    Morning all,

    Dont start onthe fans issue, my BP cannot take it today:……..

    It was a great debate on here yesterday, feel like, some doubters to wenger came round in the end………

    Just another few thousand to convince, that victory through harmony involves the supporters as well:……….

  220. Gooner in Exile says:

    Sorry Harry 🙂

  221. dandan says:

    GIE I am with you 100% on that, spot on comment , enough said.
    Gnarley. How do you know the club has high expectations? some fans live in the reflected glory of the teams success and therefore have to have a pot, real fans love the Arsenal pots or not, but enjoy them when they come

  222. mickydidit89 says:

    Oh no, your stats have given me an awful thought. Maybe Arsene got in a bogus “Wise Woman” and the the Emirates is Feng Chooyeed all wrong and is on rotten Ley Lines. Only one solution, time to move.

  223. mickydidit89 says:

    Sorry to say this, but I think your idea of us filling in the summer by following cricket is horrible. How about we find one of those South American Arsenal Teams (don’t know about the timing of their seasons) and follow them.

  224. mickydidit89 says:

    Just googled: Arsenal Fútbol Club, Argentina.

  225. mickydidit89 says:


  226. Gooner in Exile says:

    DanDan says:
    “some fans live in the reflected glory of the teams success and therefore have to have a pot, real fans love the Arsenal pots or not, but enjoy them when they come”

    That is so eloquent and true….well played sir

  227. kelsey says:

    Good morning all.

    I have to tell you that cesc is off and I would like to thank him for the last 7 seasons.It was inevitable though some thought it may be delayed for another season.

    This will possibly change our game plan as so much goes through him,but we will wait and see.

    I have a meeting with the friends of Sir francis drake this morning. 🙂

  228. MDi89 – I mentioned a cricket team(in the IPL) we could follow, due to it’s Arsenal connections, in my pre match piece on Sunday, King’s XI Punjab, plus the format is Twenty 20 so for non cricket enthusiasts it’s not such a taxing introduction to the game..

  229. Gooner in Exile says:

    Chary are they any good?

  230. kelsey says:

    I am a bit ten CC about cricket, so count me out,and none of you have an interest in my game…bowls .

    There is a twist in the tale in cesc’s departure to be revealed soon.

  231. Harry says:

    Bowls, N1 Kelsey……lol…..

    GIE your forgiven my friend, I just get so frustrated by the support….

    DanDan: Probably one of my all time favourite statements:

    “some fans live in the reflected glory of the teams success and therefore have to have a pot, real fans love the Arsenal pots or not, but enjoy them when they come”…..Pure Quality…..

    I’ll repost something I posted last night….In light if DanDans statement….

    Everyone bangs on about 6years without a trophy, but there truly isnt any guarantees in football>>>> others have waited longer………

    In order of league titles most won (X):

    Last trophy for

    1. (40)Liverpool was 2006 FA cup…
    2. (39)United was 2010 League Cup…
    3. (27)Arsenal was 2005 FA Cup
    4. (20)Villa was 1996 League Cup
    5. (17)Spuds was 2008 League Cup
    6. (16)Chelsea was 2010 Double
    7. (15)Everton was 1995 FA Cup
    8. (10)Newcastle was 1969 Fairs Cup
    9. (10)Blackburn was 2002 League Cup
    10. (9)Forest was 1990 League Cup
    10. (9)Wolves was 1980 League Cup
    10. (9)Man City was 1976 League Cup…..

    I take things by the decades, we have won a trophy all but one decade since we first won the FA Cup in 1930, trophies in 30,40,50,70,80,90,00, now we are in the first year of 2010-2020, so we have time…..

    So as DanDan says, enjoy Arsenal and then when the trophies come, savour them…..

  232. Harry says:

    Thats in order of Trophies won in total not league titles……

  233. kelsey – you could have a bowls team, we could become a multi-sport blog for a few weeks.

  234. Wonderman says:

    @ gie 7:37 Spot on mate, the arrogance of some of our ‘supporters’ this season has been unbelievable. Having said that the fans cannot be faulted for losing a two goal lead against the spuds last year as the support was electric, as it is in most of the ‘big’ games. It is the other games that we have to treat the same

  235. GiE – they’re average to be honest, and they did get expelled from the competition few years back for financial problems.
    They do play in white/grey tops with red sleeves and have the same sponsor.

  236. Super Bowl XLVI Live Stream…

    […]Wenger Should Go – And Here’s Where To… « Arsenal Arsenal[…]…

  237. always i used to read smaller articles that also clear their motive, and that is also happening with this piece of writing which
    I am reading now.

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