Sixty Thousand Voices Singing “Manuel Almunia”

Imagine this:

It’s our next home game. The interlull is over at last and we’re playing Blackburn Rovers in the latest ‘must win’ game.

As the players emerge onto the pitch, the crowd at The Grove gives voice as one. It’s a visceral, emotional outpouring of passion, enough to make the hairs on the back of even Gladstone Small’s neck stand up.

And what are these 60,000 people (alright nitpickers, 57,000 people) chanting? It’s this:

“Manuel Almunia, Manuel Almunia, Manuel Almunia etc.”

Just contemplate the impact on our goalkeeper.

A week ago he was a broken man, shaking his head in disbelief and, one must assume, self loathing for his latest clanger (the goalkeeping equivalent of trying to execute a 180 on the M25 in rush hour).

But he will almost certainly be turning out between the sticks for the Blackburn game – and he must be dreading the reception he’s likely to get. The image comes to mind of a baby seal being asked to waddle into 60,000 Canadians armed with clubs.

But what if his reception was a massive outpouring of support? What if the whole home crowd really was singing his name (with fervour, mind; not with irony)?

The more I have thought about this, the more I feel it’s exactly what we, the supporters, should do.

You don’t have to love the man. You don’t have to want him in our squad next season. But when he steps out for us against Rovers you have to support him. You have no choice.

You’re an Arsenal supporter, right? You want us to win the league this year, right? Well you have to support the man in goal because he is playing for us and we need him to be the best he can be.

There’s no guarantee that a vociferous round of support for Manuel will make him less likely to make blunders – but it’s sure as hell got to be more helpful than booing him or cheering ironically, which will only dent his confidence even further with possibly disastrous consequences.

He doesn’t pick himself. If he’s not good enough that’s Arsene Wenger’s fault, not his. So when he steps out for us let’s show him that we are behind him.

It will also show the rest of the footballing world that we are the classiest set of fans in the country.

If you think otherwise, if you think that you would prefer to boo him then, and I do not use this phrase lightly, you are not a true Arsenal fan. If you want to try and damage further an already damaged member of the team I have supported all my life, with the likely outcome of making him even more error-prone with a consequent impact on our chances of silverware, then I can only conclude that, deep down, you don’t want us to win.

The nearly six years without a trophy seems to have produced a masochistic minority among our fan base, people who seem to get off more on the disappointments than the successes.

When we lose, they are the first to get online with an outpouring of rage against the players, the manager and the board. When we win, their silence is deafening – The Silence of the Shams, you might say.

If you really support The Arsenal and you’re going to the Blackburn game, then give your full support to Cesc and Song and Theo and Samir and all the rest of them. And above all, give it to Manuel.

Let’s lift the (nonexistent) roof off for our goalie.

He needs it and, who knows, it might just turn him into the ‘keeper who wins us the league title.


171 Responses to Sixty Thousand Voices Singing “Manuel Almunia”

  1. Morning all

    Our Rocky is a bit of a sage isn’t he he wrote this post

    just over a month ago about Almunia being back in the 1st team.

    I will happily cheer Manuel’s name on Saturday, I’d rather someone else was in goal but we have no choice and there’s little point in making him feel worse than he already does.

    I have to say, though, that I do feel having Lehmann on the bench could be the catalyst to further disasters. Hope not …………

  2. Jimbo says:

    Two words – dream on.

  3. Rasp says:

    Timely post Rocky, we supporters have to erase from our memories what has gone before with Manuel and give him our unconditional support as long as he’s Arsenal’s goalkeeper.

    I heard that Lehmann is playing in a reserve game this week. I would imagine that if Al makes another mistake as he did against W Brom and reacts in the same way, Lehmann will get his chance but fully expect AW to continue with Almunia as long as he can put in adequate performances.

  4. Gareth P says:

    A – he’d probably think we were taking the piss and B – it’d probably put even more pressure on his shoulders and he’d be more likely to muck up.
    You’d be lucky to get 57 people singing his name let alone 57,000.

  5. Aziz, KL=Malaysia says:

    In padt gaes there was nobody NOT supporting him. There have been NO chnats, rants whatsoever. Still, he has fumbled, worse, his cality goalkeeping did cost us dearly.
    I bit my tongue before supporting this nut.
    Fans should demand responsibility from the coach.
    We should shout for Lehmann to be in the goal.
    I have it sick and tired for another frustrating result because of one .. err .. spare me the insult.

  6. Rasp says:


    Well said, brilliant, ‘dream on’ … yes, that’s exactly what supporters are supposed to do – or do you think that Arsenal fans are more likely to help the side get 3 points by undermining their keeper?

  7. Rasp says:


    I totally disagree, I was one of thousands singing Bendtner’s name last season when he was getting a battering from the Press and some ‘supporters’. The cheering was warm and genuine and Nik scored some important goals for us. There must be a lot of masochists out there if they think that damaging our chances of winning any game by failing to support the players on the pitch is a productive course of action.

  8. Beardy says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Great idea – I hope it takes off. He strikes me as a nervous bloke and a show of support is probably just what he needs, especially with Lehman on the bench as I’m sure that’s not doing his confidence much good given their history.

  9. Big Raddy says:

    RL. Another fine post – thank you.

    Silence of the Shams! Like you I find this player bashing odd, and the attacks upon AW from our own fans even odder.

    To be a supporter of a club requires at it’s very minimum “support”

  10. London says:

    As I read the post I thought to myself what a great sentiment and then to find out it was written two months ago I think the appropriate word is profetic, although, I am not certain, hopefully RA can point me in the right direction on this matter.

  11. dial square says:

    I’ll support anyone who wears the Arsenal jersey because he is one of 11 chosen to be on the field to represent me, the humble fan. Jeering cannot change the fact that on the day AW has chosen these players for good reasons, because we may not fully appreciate the many different factors that go into the decision. I have yet to see a club boo their own as some people on the terraces did poor Eboue. Sadly I think MA will be next in line.

  12. London – Rocky wrote this one this weekend but the other one in Feb

  13. Morning all, brave post Rocky given the way Almunia is viewed by a significant portion of our support. I never countenance booing or ironic cheering of our players but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear a half hearted cheer only go up when Almunia’s name is read out by the announcer on Saturday.

    London – I believe the word should be “prophetic.”

  14. London says:

    Morning Rasp

    Good point about Bendtner last season.

    I find it most bizarre that people like Jimbo pride themselves on such anti-support. I mean I am no angel and playing Eboue on the left wing will not bring out the best in me but to not wish Almunia, Eboue or whoever has to be called upon due to injury of a first choice player anything other than to do well, is very bizarre.

  15. London says:

    Thanks Chary

  16. Rasp says:

    Morning London,

    Its very simple; as it stands, we can win the league. As Rocky says, anyone who would do anything that could damage our chances is not an Arsenal supporter.

    AW tried to make Reine our record signing last summer. He wasn’t to know that Sz, Fab2 and Vito would all get injured. As far as I can see, AW and Al are blameless (unless some think Manuel deliberately makes mistakes) – its bad luck and all we can do is give them both total support.

  17. Just saw this about our goalkeeping situation regarding Stekelenburg:”But the Dutchman revealed to Tuttosport: “If an offer from Arsenal arrives, I will leave.”
    I know it has no bearing on Saturday, but him and Chesney as our first 2 choices will do me just fine.

  18. Jimbo says:

    Yes, precisely Rasp – if you think you’re going to get 60,000 fans singing Almunia’s name, you’re dreaming.

    You’ll get, at most, the 1,200 Blackburn fans cheering for him, and, assuming you’re not embarrassed at singing on your own, you as well. Almunia’s had plenty of support. Just like a load of the twots we play, week in, week out. Doesn’t make a jot of difference. He’s useless, and he’s cost us too much.

  19. Jimbo says:

    London – amazing, I make one post on this blog, and suddenly you’re talking about ‘people like Jimbo’???

    I’m making a simple prediction – if you think you’re going to find 60,000 people singing Almunia’s name, you’re dreaming. I for one won’t cheer him, and won’t boo him either until he costs us the game (if he does). I don’t support him. I don’t support his continued presence at the club. I don’t support the manager who brought him here and has failed to find a buyer for him.

  20. Rohan says:

    Jimbo, you’re pretty darn famous on the Arsenal blogosphere. Surely you know that?

  21. gunnerboy67 says:

    lets face it even wen he wasnt booed he still made silly mistakes non stop 3rd rate goalie tell me another team in epl where he wud b no 1

  22. I might not agree with what Jimbo says but I can understand why he says what he does, and he has, in my opinion, a view that is valid too.

  23. Rasp says:

    OK Jimbo,

    You boo him or sit in silence whichever you prefer. Football is a game of dreams. Almunia is my least favourite Arsenal goalkeeper, he’s a decent man and he’s the one in goal for us at the moment so forgive me for not joining in your protest.

  24. Rasp says:

    Hi chary,

    Not many will disagree with Jimbo’s assessment of Al’s ability, but I hope the majority will oppose anyone who plans to give him a hard time when we’re still in with a chance to win the league – or as long as he wears the shirt.

  25. Hi Raspers, agreed as I said in my 10.15 comment; it’s just I think it’s completely fair to express your dislike/disapproval on a blog forum as, let’s face it, we all wish he’d never have to play for us again this season after his foul ups against West Brom in the home game(doubly so by the time we got to the away game – the West Brom fans must love Almunia as he’s given them 4 points this season.)

  26. Grant says:

    Totally right. We should be cheering the shirt not booing the player. Plenty of time to rubbish all the players you want after the game.

  27. Rasp says:

    No argument there chary. Jimbo is welcome on the site and to have his voice heard on here, I just think he’s missing the point of the article.

    You know from our discussions at the Ems that I am in total agreement with you about Almunia, but…… I want to win the league …. I want that dream to come true …. so why would I, or any other supporter damage our chances by undermining the keeper.

    All Rocky is doing is asking the 57,000 to give him rousing support – what’s wrong with that?

  28. Nothing wrong with that Raspers, it’s just I think that we best we can hope for is a muted cheer without any groans when Almunia’s name is read out.
    To be honest I wish they wouldn’t do that, it sounds so lame – why can’t the announcer just list out the name without pausing for the crowd to finish off their names?
    What if Lehmann get’s picked though?

    That would put the cat amongst the pigeons.

  29. Rasp says:

    True chary, the rather sanitised atmosphere at the Ems is a deliberate construct of the management. We’d all like it to be a more imposing arena. I’d kick out The Wonder of You, the invitation to shout surnames and the other insipid music if I had my way (not the Frank Sinatra version 🙂 )

  30. rishgoon says:

    Well said. Supporters SUPPORT. Those who don’t are kidding themselves that they know better.

  31. Raspers – I’ll bet you’d go for the Sid Vicious version over ‘ole blue eyes’ one.

  32. RockyLives says:

    Morning All
    By all means feel free to debate the merits (or lack of them) of Almunia, but it’s missing the point of the post, which is this:
    If there was something you could do which would help Arsenal’s chances of winning the title, would you do it?
    And if there was something you could do which would harm our chances, would you not do it?
    Attempting to bolster Almunia has the chance of helping us. Booing him has the likely effect of harming us.
    Take your pick: if you really are an Arsenal supporter it seems easy enough…

  33. Hi Rocky – while I don’t belong to the masochistic(well, in an Arsenal suuporting sense, at any rate) set amongst us I can only conjecture that these supporters are hoping the pain of defeat will encourage the powers that be at Arsenal to change strategy regarding player acquisitions and squad depth/constitution.
    On a match day I too seethe when things like ironic cheering of Fab2 collecting a cross or telling the meerkat to “f**k off to Chelsea” happen. I was there when both of these incidents actually happened, I mean WTF ?

  34. king gooner says:

    yep agree charybdiss 1966-the announcer sounds pathetic-it is FALSE -knock it on the head & just read the team out without the “theatricals”-it’s been discussed before but we need a whole new intro/build up plan & soon …

  35. Tricko says:

    U have hit the nail right on the head. This is what we MUST do as supporters and as you rightly said, he might just win us the league. Right Said Fred..

  36. RockyLives says:

    It seems there’s a lot of that sort of stuff these days – although I’m convinced it’s a minority of fans – less than 5%.
    I know that most of us will groan when a simple pass is mislaid, but that’s slightly different.
    I can sort-of understand the logic of wanting us to lose so it puts more pressure on the Board to change things, but it doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. Would people rather we lost the title than win it, so that we can make big changes to turn us into a… er… title-winning team? It’s the logic of the madhouse.

  37. dandan says:

    60 years a gooner

    Man and boy I have been a gooner, a gooner I will stay,

    Oh, I love to sing their praises boys, abuse is not the way.

    Its all about belonging, the quality and the style.

    Those things, not the prizes, are what makes it all worthwhile

    The years of great companionship, the good friends that came my way,

    Who like me have seen the bad times, and the fans that walked away.

    The spoilt ones who just shout and jeer, saying the team cant play.

    I’ve heard it all before boys, but still the real fans stay

    Like me they get behind the team, supporting all our sides.

    Enjoying, the magic spectacle that Wengerball provides,

    Slick one touch passing the passion and the pride

    And the day that I stop cheering The Arsenal, will be the day I died.

  38. Rasp says:

    Bravo dandan, our very own Poet Laureate 😛

  39. dandan says:

    Sorry Rocky forgot to say great article it moved me to write the above. 🙂

  40. RockyLives says:

    That’s so good. Can we send it to the club?

  41. dandan says:

    Do as you will Rocky it is as I feel

  42. 26may1989 says:

    With nine games to go and the chance to win the title it’s amazing that there is a single Arsenal fan who is thinking about anything other than how they can help drive the team forward to glory. By all means, in the summer, let’s all debate whether Almunia should be kept as our third or fourth choice keeper, but right now there is only one thing to focus on: winning.

    Or have some of you actually forgotten what being part of a football club is actually about?

    As for Almunia, none of us has ever thought he has the ability to cut it as our first choice keeper, but he has more ability than he’s credited for (see the Barca away game for evidence – that would have been 6-1 or 7-1 without his quality performance). Plus, as Rasp says, Almunia has great character and deserves respect rather than petulant abuse from people who frankly don’t understand that much about football.

    And before we all slate him, think about other teams’ third choice keepers: Anders Lindegaard or Ben Amos at United, or Ross Turnbull or Henrique Hilário at Chelsea, or Stuart Taylor at Man City. About the only team I can see might have a better third choice keeper than us is Spurs (Croatia’s Pletikosa). That exception aside, I see little argument that Almunia as our third choice keeper means we are better placed than the others, the only difference being we are having to use our third choice due to injuries.

    I will certainly support Almunia when I get back to Ashburton Grove; and if anyone near me gives that ironic cheering shit, they’ll know about it from me. I expect Almunia will be moving in the summer, but I will always respect him. Like Eboué, he’s been ridiculed and abused by unrealistic, ignorant idiots, but who has never complained and has always done his honest best.

  43. 26may1989 says:

    Forgot to say, thanks for the write-up Rocky, top quality as ever.

  44. Rocky, I think they see a title win as “papering over the cracks” and it’d prevent lasting, meaningful change that would be better for the club.

    In case anyone has any doubts I’ll say again I’m not of that ilk, I’m merely suggesting reasons for that view.

  45. RockyLives says:

    Thanks 26
    Excellent point about other teams’ third choicers.

  46. Carlitos says:

    Jimbo u douchbag

    I’m from Australia and think this is a crazy idea.. I think u have all forgotten the 1st half performance against barca the 1st time we played them at the emirates?

    We down here have arsenal hooligans that will do anything for our club and players! Yet u guys live in London and still refuse to show loyalty.. If I came over there with my 50 boomers I guarantee we will get the whole crowd on their feet going crazy every game.. All u need is passion and a little bit of craziness in head then we will make the emirates errupt!!!!

    I was there last season for a few games and was embarrassed on how pathetic the support was.. Sooo weak, 12th man crow? Yeh right u should all be ashamed of urselves!

  47. London says:

    Winning the league = Papering over the cracks…….paper away.

  48. swazigooner says:

    Plz give us a rest guys….we need to stamp down on mediocrity…this guy has cost us on a number of occassions..

  49. Agreed London, I’d happily take any of that sort of paper right now !
    Oops, where are my manners, thanks for putting up such a discussion-worthy subjert Rocky.

  50. Rasp says:

    In that case chary, I hope we paper over the cracks every season.

    There are very few people with such integrity that I would trust 100% what they have to say but Bob Wilson is one of them. For the first time we have heard someone reveal what actually went on in terms of the attempt to sign Reine. BW also said that AW would not have revealed this information, it is not his way.

    So he did try to sign a keeper – the best keeper in the premiership for a large amount of money. Those are not the actions of someone who is blind to the deficiencies in the team.

  51. Rasp says:

    Haha London, you beat me to it.

  52. emma unongo says:

    I am gutted each tym I see him in goal,in Nigeria Almunia and Denilson have turned our very dear club to a laughing stock, but if he plays its better he is given all the support he needs

  53. 26may1989 says:

    “A laughing stock”? You mean it’s not good enough being second in the league with a decent chance of taking the title, getting to one domestic final, the QFs of the other and having qualified for the CL every year for the last 11 seasons? Bloody hell, pity those poor bastards who support all those other teams then.

    I love Arsenal but Arsenal fans include some of the most unrealistic, ridiculous people around. Pathetic.

  54. Red Arse says:

    Hi Rocky, you little genius! 🙂

    Such a good Post again. I am beginning to suspect you must have a journalistic background, but, in any event, your latent talent is blazing a way for every one else.

    In a word: Excellent! 🙂

    In my case I am an optimistic cynic. A paradox? Yes: and here’s why.

    I am an optimist because I believe we have every chance of winning the Prem this year. And if we don’t, I will enjoy the gamut of emotions living the moment, until it becomes impossible. Because that’s life, that’s love, that’s Arsenal!! 🙂

    A cynic? Yes: because you only need to look at the profusion of blogs with a preponderance of nay sayers, and those who prefer to withdraw into their caves of gloom just in case ….. yes just in case we do not win the trophy!

    There are even those who profess undying support for the club, who also stick the stilletto into the players and manager at every opportunity only to back off when challenged.

    These guys are probably worse than those who are genetically disposed to be introvert and pessimistic.

    Not you, Rocky, me or the majority of those on AA tho’.

    Carlitos, you are a shining light as a supporter and I hope you can get over here again with a few of your mates to gee up the local Gooners! Good on you! 🙂

  55. So who’s going to the Blackburn game then, anyone up for a pre match drink ?
    I have a feeling I’m going to need plenty of booze to calm my nerves.

  56. Red Arse says:

    By the way Rocky, London has made the point that your work was prophetic given the lag/lead times involved.

    That is a good descriptive word, but I would perhaps opt to say your work is often wonderfully omniscient! 🙂

  57. Gooner in Exile says:

    Can soneone delete my 2:13 iphone piblished early….full post

    Thank god for sanity!! Some of the comments written by the more Common Spotted Doommonger have really pissed me off this morning.

    Rocky a fine article on how the support should behave this weekend. Instead they come on and justify not making noise, as 26 says pathetic!

    rishgoon said

    “Well said. Supporters SUPPORT. Those who don’t are kidding themselves that they know better.”


    Gunnerboy said

    “lets face it even wen he wasnt booed he still made silly mistakes non stop 3rd rate goalie tell me another team in epl where he wud b no 1”

    Don’t you effectively answer yourself here, he is a 3rd rate goalie, that’s why he is our third choice, in fact you show me which EPL team has a better 2nd and 3rd choice than Fab and Al? City have Stuart Taylor as their 3rd choice, with Given out if Hart picks up a knock what will they do? Same at Utd and Chelsea.

    I think Manuel himself is surprised to be still with us at the away game at Blackburn (when Big Sam employed his normal lump it in the box tactics) he withstood the bombardment. At the end of the game which coincided with the last knockings of the summer transfer window he threw his shirt in to the away end, me and my brother took that as goodbye. It didn’t happen, he is still here and on the weekend we hope he stands up to the test of aerial bombardment that will inevitably come our way, it’s up to the fans to get behind him and make him come out feeling 10 ft tall.

  58. Danny says:

    Bad idea – he might actually start to think some people like him! Jens #1 for rest of season!

  59. Gooner in Exile says:

    Danny I do like him, he plays for Arsenal and as such anything else is a side issue, do we remember when English media were asking for him to adopt English citizenship and wear the England GK shirt?

    That same media now think he’s useless and unfortunately some of our fans feel that it is their duty to carry the message of the press to matchdays and give our players a similar kicking, I understand why the press do it, they need to sell papers, just unfortunate our fans want to join in. As Rocky said time to support not kick.

    Btw DanDan cracking ode.

  60. Big Raddy says:

    Chary. I am going to the Blackburn game with Peaches.

  61. Big Raddy says:

    DanDan. I am going to print out your poem and add it to my memory board. It is excellent.

  62. Great Radders.

    Peachy did mention you may be here for the chicken farmers game a little while ago.

  63. chas says:

    Great post, Rocky. A lot don’t know what support is.

    As for Jimbo being welcome on this site….ffs, I come hear for a bit of sanity and to get away from the moronic whingers.

  64. chas says:

    * here

    We’ll probably be in the Tavern a couple of hours before kick off.

  65. Rasp says:

    Hi chas,

    I understand your feelings and we certainly don’t encourage the overly negative on here.

    I prefer to accept the challenge they represent and counter their arguments with logic and reason. Banning comments on the basis of opinion makes the site look weak. We have persuaded many dissenting bloggers to rethink their views in the past and parted friends rather than creating enemies.

  66. I’ll see you down there also Chas.

    Hopefully I’ll be somewhat the worse for wear by a quarter to 5 when I’ll shuffle off to my seat.

  67. Rasp says:

    We’re hoping to meet up with as many as possible on Saturday. I know Raddy, peaches, micky and chary are around but we hope we can get all the AA’ers to join the party (harry, carlito, chas, London etc etc ??)

  68. mickydidit89 says:

    Great post Rocky. Always behind any player wearing the shirt.
    These International breaks are horrrrible. Could someone tell me what on earth I actually do between May and August?

  69. mickydidit89 says:

    Afteronon all,
    Could this be record numbers for an AA inspired pre-match lubrication?

  70. Good one Raspers – get a big crowd of us, looks like it will be fun.

    We should get RedA and Evonne on board – great for the blossoming blog romance. 🙂

    Anyone notice our penultimate game has been moved from Saturday the 14th to Sunday 15th of May ?

  71. mickydidit89 says:

    Where do we stand with injuries. I am thinking about Cesc, Song and Theo?

  72. Hi MDi89 – I don’t think we’ll hear about it till Thursday – I recall all 3 were expected to be ready for the chicken run according to Wenger speaking before the West Brom game.

  73. Rasp says:

    micky, from ……

    Cesc Fabregas (Hamstring)
    Last Updated: 22 March

    Cesc has been ruled out of the weekend trip to West Brom. “Cesc Fabregas is out for the game on Saturday,” said Arsene Wenger. “He should be back after the international break, maybe, he has a chance, but he is not available for the weekend.”

    Last Game: FC Barcelona 3-1 Arsenal – March 08, 2011

    Thomas Vermaelen (Achilles)
    Last Updated: 22 March

    Thomas will not play again this season. The Belgian centre back has been sidelined since September after suffering an Achilles injury while on international duty. He eventually recovered from that but has since been troubled by another tendon problem and, despite having surgery to correct it, he will not pull on an Arsenal shirt before the current campaign finishes. “For Thomas Vermaelen the season is over,” confirmed Arsène Wenger at his pre-match press conference. “In fairness he has not played since September, I never expected him to be fit before the end of the season. He is not out on the field yet and it is impossible [for him to play] after six months without competition. I am confident he will have a full recovery but for this season we cannot rely on him.”

    Last Game: Blackburn Rovers 1-2 Arsenal – August 28, 2010

    Alex Song (Knee)
    Last Updated: 22 March

    Alex has not featured since the Carling Cup Final on February 27 and Arsene Wenger admits he will not be fit in time for Saturday’s crucial Premier League trip to West Brom. “I don’t know [when Song will be fit again]. But certainly not for Saturday.”

    Last Game: Birmingham City 2-1 Arsenal – February 27, 2011

    Theo Walcott (Ankle)
    Last Updated: 22 March

    Theo missed the trip to West Brom. “Walcott is not available for the weekend and he has no chance [for the international break],” said Arsene Wenger. “He is not available for England.”

    Last Game: Arsenal 1-0 Stoke City – February 23, 2011

  74. mickydidit89 says:

    Thanks both. Hopefully they were all fit and ready before the International break, but were kept at home as a precautionary measure. Utd styly!!

  75. Is anyone else annoyed not just by(the possibility of)Jack being called up for the U21 but having to play the friendly against Ghana ?
    I know he’s not part of the Champions League teams but they don’t play till next week anyway – do the Chavs/Spuds/Manks intend playing second string XI’s at the weekend also ?

  76. chas says:

    Rasp, I didn’t suggest banning comments, it was the welcoming I was objecting to. 🙂

  77. Rasp says:

    Fair point chas 😆

    chary, I agree. This is my comment from this morning on the tail end of yesterday’s post ….

    ……I would like to know the reasoning behind Capello releasing Terry, Lampard, Cole, Rooney and Dawson from the England squad. The Ghana game is a meaningless friendly. Jack has played more games this season than any of the released players, is 19 years old and yet is apparently going to play. I’m sure Jack wants to play for his country but I’m just wondering how Arsene feels about this and what consultation there has been with him on this decision particularly since it looks like Wilshere is going to be called into the under 21′s squad and will obviously play if that is the case.

  78. chas says:

    The radio this morning suggested the players released were from the CL teams. But how that fits when the next game is in the Prem, heaven only knows.

  79. Rasp says:

    micky @ 3:59

    Suggestions for what you can do in the summer. Since you tell me you have already been a sealion whisker trainer and dancing parrot instructor, how’s about doing a course in elephant rhinoplasty or anger management for camels?

  80. Rasp says:

    That’s apparently the case chas, but as you say, we’re all playing in the prem at the weekend. I’d hate to think that AW will have to rest jack for B’burn because he can’t play 3 games in a week.

  81. dandan says:

    One or two on here seem to get the hump easily, be a boon for them Micky 🙂

  82. Carlito11 says:

    Hi all,
    Rocky- thanks for the post- you join a number of prescient posters on AA this season. I bow before your soothsaying abilities! It’s the interlull ( ) and I’m still deflated by our recent run, still praying that none of our players get crunched over the next 2 days. I find it very hard to imagine myself mustering too much excitement for Manuel even though I agree that it would be lovely to hear the crowd really get behind him. Maybe the evening kick off will help get the mood both noisy and cheerful- that’s what we need.
    I did hear that AW expected both Cesc and Song back and said their was a chance on Theo as well. If we can get Theo Van Nasregas going again with JW and Song holding the midfield then we should stop worrying about the defence and start concentrating on scoring more than the opposition! Simple! 😉

  83. Carlito11 says:

    (their= there) dammit!

  84. mickydidit89 says:

    My thinking exactly. We are going to have less than our strongest defence for the remaining games, and some teams WILL score, so without doubt the League will be won by scoring more than them.

  85. mickydidit89 says:

    “Since you tell me you have already been a sealion whisker trainer and dancing parrot instructor”. I have never been so insulted in my entire life. How dare you. For your information, it was believed that I was the World’s Youngest Ever qualified sea line trainer. So you can leave out all the “whisker” and “dancing” quips. Honestly, some people. Pah!

  86. Red Arse says:

    Look, I have kept my head down today, nit that anyone reads my stuff anyway, 🙂 but there is so much dissension between the positivers and the negativers, (I know there is no such word(s) ) I thought I would try and bring everyone together.

    One thing we all have in common, is that one day we will all be old, (except for those of us who pop our clogs early), so here are a couple of thoughts we can all share!! 🙂

    Love making tips for seniors and future seniors!

    1. Wear your glasses to make sure your partner is actually in the bed.

    2. Set timer for 3 minutes, in case you doze off in the middle.

    3. Set the mood with lighting. (Turn them ALL OFF!)

    4. Make sure you put 999 on your speed dial before you begin.

    5. Write partner’s name on your hand in case you can’t remember.

    6. Use extra polygrip so your teeth don’t end up under the bed.

    7. Have respirator ready in case you actually complete the act..

    8. Make all the noise you want…the neighbors are deaf, too.

    9. If it works, call everyone you know with the good news!!

    10. Don’t even think about trying it twice. .. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . … . . . . . . . . . . .

    ‘OLD’ IS WHEN…
    Your sweetie says, ‘Let’s go upstairs and make love,’ and you answer, ‘Look pick one; I can’t do both!’

    ‘OLD’ IS WHEN…
    Your friends compliment you on your new alligator shoes and you’re barefoot.

    ‘OLD’ IS WHEN…
    Going bra-less pulls all the wrinkles out of your face.

    ‘OLD’ IS WHEN….
    You don’t care where your spouse goes, just as long as you don’t have to go along.

    ‘OLD’ IS WHEN…
    You are cautioned to slow down by the …… doctor, instead of by the police .

    ‘OLD’ IS WHEN..
    ‘Getting a little action’ means you don’t need to take any fiber today.

    ‘OLD’ IS WHEN…
    ‘Getting lucky’ means you find your car in the parking lot.

    ‘OLD’ IS WHEN…
    An ‘all nighter’ means not getting up to use the loo.

    ‘OLD’ IS WHEN…

    You’re not sure if these are FACTS or jokes.

    I’m looking forward to the adventure!! 🙂

  87. RockyLives says:

    Thanks for the nice comments. I did spend a few years as a journo (quite a time ago now) but frankly the standard of writing on AA is such that I’m convinced most of you are professional writers hiding behind aliases.

  88. RockyLives says:

    Redders 🙂
    I thought your ‘Old Is…’ lines were a survey. I fear I have just failed….

  89. chas says:

    Well worth watching

  90. Red Arse says:


    I am not surprised my instincts were right about you! 🙂

    I love your stuff.

    Of course, you are also right about me and my alias ‘Red Arse’, I am hoping that if I hide behind such an upmarket ‘nom de plume’ no one will realise I am a plonker!! 🙂

    I was hoping to be in various cities/states of the good ol’ US of A during May/June, but health is causing problems (not mental Micky) 🙂 and was going to suggest we might meet at a suitable watering hole, but that seems unlikely at the mo’.

    Maybe in the future? 🙂 You would have to put up with some of my hill billy cousins tho’!! 🙂

  91. chas says:

    Chary, when did that Villa game get moved?
    Blackburn’ll be the last home game on a Saturday.
    7 of the last 8 on a Sunday.

  92. dandan says:

    Aaron Lennon supposedly got hamstring problem and has left the squad to go back to spuds

  93. London says:

    I admit it, man tears welled up.

  94. 26may1989 says:

    Am on for a jar at the Tavern on Saturday, look forward to seeing y’all then.

    And Chary, with you 100% on LJ and being called up to just about every England team, load of rubbish. He might be a hard-as-nails little dynamo who, like little tykes down who play park football till the sun goes down, wants to play in every game he can, but we all know who will suffer if (when) he gets an injury wearing the three lions. That’ll be anti-English Arsenal.

    Micky: May to August is the deadzone, a time for cricket and neurotic transfer rumours. A time to be dreaded (except the cricket). Still, at least we’ll be basking in the glory of being champions……..

  95. Alam says:

    What the hell has that got to do with anything dandan. Why is everyone so bothered about tottenham these days. dandan is a knob.

  96. RockyLives says:

    Oh my God Chas
    Where did you get that from?
    I presume the speech is from a movie, but I’ve never heard it before.
    Awesome conjunction of words and images.

  97. RockyLives says:

    I think dandan is making the point that other clubs are much smarter than us about their key players being ‘unfit’ for international duty at important points of the season.

  98. 26may1989 says:

    “dandan is a knob”? Brave (and stupid) words about one of the regulars Alam. Not sure you’ll recover from that, probably best to pick a new username.

  99. chas says:

    It was posted on twitter, Rocky.

    Sent to Fab4, Samir, Jack and Robin too.

  100. RockyLives says:

    cheers chas
    I wonder where the speech came from?

  101. Evonne says:

    Dandan – your poem made me smile, after such horrid day I needed your poetry 🙂 Good stuff about Lennon too 🙂

    Chas – brilliant stuff, the words sound familiar(the bit about win as a team or die as individuals); I think it was from a movie about american football. I hope the lads watched it and memorised it

  102. chas says:

    Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday apparently, Rocky.

  103. London says:

    The person speaking is Al Pacino, he made a film in which he plays a coach of an American football team if that helps but I can’t remember the title.

    I am still laughing at 26m’s 8:38 I have seen people put in their place on a blog before but never as well as that……probably best to pick a new user name….is just so true.

  104. London says:

    Chas you beat me to it, by the way it is a pretty good film.

  105. chas says:

    Quite appropriate considering 7 of our last 9 are on a Sunday. 🙂

  106. keeming says:

    “When we win, their silence is deafening – The Silence of the Shams, you might say.”

    This is because we know the team is going to let us down again, at some point. Which they did, repeatedly choke on big occasions.

    Its like the beautiful mistress you could never fully fanthom, breaking your heart over and over again.

  107. chas says:

    fanthom….you’ll plumb the depths

  108. Gooner in Exile says:

    Any Given Sunday is probably one of my favourite sports films, along with Remember the Titans and The Rookie (the latter two both true stories and well worth a watch).

    The thing about Al Pacino’s character in Any Given Sunday is he is working a different world to the one he grew up in, games stopped for commercials, players with unbelievable wealth very young without having achieved anything….sound familiar?

    That speech is awesome tho, and the video awesomer, glad London warned about man tears i had bitten on a knotted handkerchief to prevent any for me

  109. Gooner in Exile says:

    keeming…..just got to ask….do you go to the Emirates? And if you do your telling me you don’t sing because you know the players will let you down again….do me a favour, stop going! With fans like you the team really doesn’t need enemies

  110. Gooner in Exile says:

    Funny that you refer to Arsenal as a mistress.

    To me more a wife, mother, father, son or daughter, one that I don’t get tired of because they are my Arsenal.

    When you tire of the mistress will you find another one to play with? PLEASE!

  111. Gooner in Exile says:


  112. RockyLives says:

    Yes, but a good hat trick…

  113. 26may1989 says:

    “Supporting Arsenal is like making love to a beautiful woman….”

    Swiss Toni is a Gooner!

  114. chas says:

    The beautiful mistress breaking your heart over and over again…is this a Barbara Cartland blog?

    Night all,
    Sweet dreams, keeming.

  115. RockyLives says:

    More true than you might know 26
    Charlie Higson (who plays Swiss Toni) is a Gooner I believe.

  116. 26may1989 says:

    Another luvvy Gooner, excellent news Rocky!

  117. Chris Sealey says:

    he’s rubbish…no chants…put lehman between the sticks

  118. Jimbo says:


    You say:

    “OK Jimbo,

    You boo him or sit in silence whichever you prefer. Football is a game of dreams. Almunia is my least favourite Arsenal goalkeeper, he’s a decent man and he’s the one in goal for us at the moment so forgive me for not joining in your protest.”

    It’s not a process – it’s a simple fact. You won’t get 60,000 people singing Almunia’s name. Just won’t happen.

  119. Jimbo says:

    Process? I mean protest!

  120. Jimbo says:


    “We down here have arsenal hooligans that will do anything for our club and players!”

    Yeah, apart from move to London to watch the games, I suppose?

    I moved to Islington back when I was 21 to watch Arsenal, and to be close to the team. So you can say what you like about me not ‘supporting’ the club, but the fact is I’ve been around Arsenal for a lot longer than many who will try to call me out on the internet.

  121. Rasp says:

    Hi jimbo,

    I understand the point you are making but I’m not sure you are getting my drift. Of course 60,000 are not going to sing Almunia’s name.

    The point is that if there is any small thing, however infinitesimal that any of us can do to bolster the keeper’s confidence for him to perform to the best of his ability, then we should do it.

    I don’t believe anyone who is that committed that he moves home to “watch Arsenal, and to be close to the team” would argue with that. Rocky’s post was not saying Almunia is a great keeper/our best keeper, but he is likely to be OUR keeper on saturday and we should all give him our support.

  122. Jimbo says:

    Problem is, with Almunia, it just feels like another case of ‘been there, done that’. I’ve seen the fans back almunia time and time again, and i just don’t think it will make the blindest bit of difference. He’s just a poor keeper. I won’t boo him and try to undermine him, UNLESS he gives away the game, but I don’t believe cheering him will help, so beyond that you can count me out.

  123. 26may1989 says:

    60,000 like you Jimbo and we’ll definitely not win the league. But at least you can rest easy in your self-satisfaction.

  124. moo says:

    no thank
    Boo relentlessly
    bad players who are error prone deserve to know they are worthless
    I agree, it is wenger’s fault for buying cheap losers and selling them to the fans as world class.
    we ahve terrible players being sold to us as winners. Chamakh, almunia, clichy are all pathetic idiots led by the worst purchase of all time – denilson.
    Sooner we stop the rot, the better
    vote with BOOS, tell wenger to leave immediately and take these worthless clowns with him

  125. RockyLives says:

    what a silly moo

  126. RockyLives says:

    I happen to agree with you – I don’t think Almunia will get much support at all.
    I’m just saying that we should support him if he plays, because he is clearly low on confidence and, if we can lift his confidence a little, it might just make the difference that wins us the three points.

  127. […] Sixty Thousand Voices Singing “Manuel Almunia” Imagine this: […]

  128. ariel says:

    people…almunia like our whole season has been a disaster.

    once Djourou got injured i knew our season is over.

    lets just be patient and wait for next season..
    maybe will see verminator, cahil n stekelenburg on the team sheet….in hope

  129. RockyLives says:

    for goodness sake
    our season is not over – we are one of only two teams who have it in within their own power to win the league.
    Our season has been a disaster? 18 other teams would like to be having our disaster.

  130. keeming says:

    “our season is not over – we are one of only two teams who have it in within their own power to win the league.”

    You are an optimist. Haven’t we been in this position before? at least twice in the past 6 years, we have been in a similar position, or even leading the Mancs.

    But we will fall apart! thats what we do!

    The signs are there – Almunia back in goal, Song, Djourou and other important players picking up injuries and falling like flies with each match, being replaced by substandard players, and most important of all, the players’ self-pitying attitude that accepts defeat all too easily.

    Yes. This is the team that Wenger built.

  131. keeming says:

    to whichever s***head out there who asks if i ever gone to the Emirates to support the Gunners, pay for my $2000 airfare to fly to London every weekend and i will go. I’ll pay for the stadium tickets.

    That said, its painful enough to catch every match on TV and wake up at unearthly 345am to watch CL matches, only to see the team dig themselves into big holes time and again.

    If you lot wants to live on hope, fine. Dont thumb down the other realists out here who have seen this before.

    It ain’t going to happen, not with this clown in goal.

  132. johnQ says:


    Don’t support any football teams if you don’t want to see ‘the team dig themselves into big holes time and again’. Every teams does.

    There’s only two things that humans can do in front of a goal, work hard, or give up. If your goal to see Arsenal to win something, ‘catch every match on TV and wake up at unearthly 345am to watch CL matches’, or ‘pay for my $2000 airfare to fly to London every weekend’ was just not hard enough. If you think it’s painful and you can take it anymore, just give up.

    If the fans didn’t put much effort to support the players, how can you expect the players to put up all of their effort on the field? Hell, they might just put the ball into their own net, because the fans didn’t appreciate their effort anyway.

    I have been Arsenal fan long enough to acknowledged that everything in football are against us. FIFA, UEFA, FA, referee, Red Nose army, Lady Luck, you name it. The players and the manager suffered more than we does. You know why? Because they were the one on the battlefield, not us. And when we’ve been called to do one thing than can help them to win this war, we failed miserably.

    I want to join this war. I want to help the team to achieve Glory. If you want to be a part of it, SUPPORT. If not, suck it up. It might not come this year, it might not come next year, but deep down I know, the patience will be worth it.

  133. keeming says:

    as i said, pay for my airfare and i will be there singing every weekend. deal?

    talking big like most arsenal players. *yawn*

  134. Big Raddy says:

    We have had many discussions about what is an Arsenal fan, and there is clearly a major difference between a fan and a supporter – something we have also discussed.

    But the assumption that we will win the PL is equally as valid as one that says we won’t. It is just cup half full/empty.

    Keeming’s argument that he and all the other nay-sayers are “realists” is a nonsense and rest assured that should we win it, he will be first to tell everyone that he was positive throughout, and then call for 6 replacements in summer!

    Rasp. Whilst agreeing that contrary opinions are the foundations of AA, I recall that ALL the original AA bloggers came because we wanted to escape the asylum 🙂

  135. Gooner in Exile says:

    Keeming I wouldn’t pay for your airfare because we could do with less doom mongers at the Emirates.

    And to moo, show me a team that has benefited for more than two years after the fans/supporters forced the manager out.

  136. 3thbi says:

    when u go to the stadium to support Arsenal, you can’t support one player and piss off another. Football is a team sport. A chain is only as strong as the weakest link. Would you rather encourage the team to fight for silverware or waste time playing favorites with the players? Excellent post! C’mon Gunners!

  137. Carlito11 says:

    Looks like I’ve missed out on a battle between hope and fear since my last post! Fear leads to the dark side! Only only thing to fear is fear itself! To live in hope even if you end up suffering disappointment is infinitely better than dejecting all you come into contact with merely to have the right to say “I was right all along”. With song back and Rvp on the field amongst other reasons I feel the title is ours for the taking and HOPE we can break the cycle of the last 5 seasons. Morning all!

  138. Evonne says:

    Rocky @12:35 – fan-bloody-tastic

  139. Morning Carlito and welcome back, hope you found some things to enjoy on your sad trip to Sweden.

    Partly I think some are a bit stir crazy from no football and the build up to this home game on Saturday has started extra early. The HOPE should kick in soon.

    If every supporter had the ‘we’re rubbish’ mentality what would be the point in supporting?

  140. Evonne says:

    Morning Carlitto, Peaches – very well said. Peaches, don’t do the ‘New Post’ trick yet, this is so interesting…

  141. Rasp says:

    Morning Raddy, re your @ 7:40

    If the regulars on here want to start censoring comments and spamming anything that goes against the ethos of the site then I’ll be guided by the majority.

    My feeling is this; we provide a facility for true supporters to express their views (mostly positive) about Arsenal, but as part of that, we have a duty to promote and defend the club when criticsed unfairly. That involves engaging in a positive way with those who lack understanding.

  142. Carlito11 says:

    Morning Peaches and Evonne,
    It was an extremely sad trip to Sweden and I couldn’t find much energy yesterday but there’s nothing like reading the words of doom-filled pessimists to get me back on track! I think I would find a different way to spend my time if supporting Arsenal made me constantly gloomy! As you all know- I’m more Tigger than Eeyore 🙂

  143. Carlito11 says:

    Morning Rasp and Raddy- I don’t think too many of the “sack Wenger- the team are all shit” brigade will hang around on here too long anyway- they’ll be blinded by the light and unable to type after a bit! Every now and again there’s a feisty argument with doomers or knuckledraggers from rugby teams on here and although it can be annoying I don’t think we should be censoring anything other than racism and bigotry. However, I’m a newbie so just wanted to add my penny’sworth!

  144. Rasp says:

    Hi Carlito,

    Sorry to hear you’ve been having a sad time, a few beers on saturday and some magic from Arsh and Nasri will hopefully restore your chi.

  145. London says:

    I second that Carlito.

  146. London says:


    That is a very interesting point of view and one that you know I respect. But heres the thing, the Assylem was scewed in one direction by the owners; it wasn’t balenced as anyone who offered a possitve view was banned. This is the second leg and we are at home…….bring it on.

  147. Gooner in Exile says:

    Welcome back Carlito.

  148. kelsey says:

    Morning all,

    Rasp could you kindly expand on your comment at 8.49 especially this sentence.

    “My feeling is this; we provide a facility for true supporters to express their views (mostly positive) about Arsenal, but as part of that, we have a duty to promote and defend the club when criticsed unfairly. That involves engaging in a positive way with those who lack understanding.”

  149. Rasp says:

    Hi kelsey,

    I really meant exactly what I said. I spend a lot of time doing the janitor’s job on here and it brings me great pleasure to read the fantastic comments from you guys and join in the fun, but I also feel a duty to Arsenal to support and promote the club – otherwise its just a free ride with no responsibilty.

  150. Elkieno says:

    Great article my sentiments exactly. I also from Australia and love arsenal I would give an arm and a leg to go to a game, just one. U lot should count those stars cos u do get to go.
    Wen I stay up late (4am) watching them and were losing or something that only seems to happen to us, I feel like turning it off and going to bed but I don’t I make myself feel the pain, anger n frustration just like all u fans and the players. That’s what will make this league title soo much better. And if not then there’s always ext season..
    Arsenal forever!!!

  151. London says:


    That is a very uplifting comment.

  152. Elkieno says:

    Oh and great poem dandan, pure class…

  153. Rasp says:

    Hi Elkieno, great comment – thanks for restoring the Yin Yang balance from down under 🙂

  154. 26may1989 says:

    Carlito’s a newbie? Surely not, definitely a core regular! And more Tigger than Eeyore, excellent!

    Rasp, no need to firewall the militant D&Gers in my opinion, if the more realistic/optimistic amongst us can’t cope with debating with them we can’t be up to much.

    There are so many reasons to be optimistic about this season but one of my faves is 1989. Down and out, having messed up in the run-in, there was no reason to think we could win our first title in almost 20 years when up against one of the mightiest teams Europe has ever seen. But we did it, in the last minute. It’s not over till it’s over.

  155. Rasp says:


    What are your thoughts on the subject?

  156. Gooner in Exile says:

    Right few reasonably priced tickets on the exchange for Blackburn game, now i need to get a pass from Mrs GiE, and I’ll be able to meet up for pre match lubrication

  157. Evonne says:

    Elkieno – you are right; those who can go to games are the blessed ones. I used to go to Highbury and then the Emirates a lot; now due to my ill health I cannot go and am envious of others going. On match days there are hundreds of cars parked in my area, some blocking the driveway(as long as there is an Arsenal badge there, I don’t scratch them), fans with scarves and Arsenal shirts going shoulder to shoulder….what a lovely sight

  158. Rasp says:

    Great stuff GiE, we’re amassing quite a contingent – we’ll need a boozer all to ourselves by the sound of it.

  159. Rasp says:

    I’m getting a growing sense of the importance of Saturday’s game. It can be no coincidence that so many of us are making the pilgrimage to ThoF and adds weight to the view expressed in Rocky’s post that we are feeling the need to be there and to get behind the players.

  160. Rasp says:

    Moving on…..

    …. New post….

  161. kelsey says:


    as BR said earlier the hard core on here initially got together because of the unbelievable child like and abuse and knee jer reactions we found elswhere.

    Some on here are far more pro Wenger than others and I agree that in a perfect world censorship shouldn’t have to be applied,but this is cyber space.

    As long as a player is picked and in the team he will always get my support and as fans we are entitled to our opinion on individuals,though I would argue that those attend are better fans than those that don’t.

    I don’t agree with a lot of the comments,but i have learnt to bite my tongue rather than cause an arguement as opposed to a reasoned debate.
    As long as racism is not applied and purely personally speaking, no unnecessary swearing is allowed to emphasis a point, (something i have been guilty of myself) I think the site is one of the best around.

  162. Big Raddy says:

    Carlito. I agree with you. It was early and I didn’t express myself very well.

    London. There are none so blind as those who cannot see …….

  163. Rasp says:

    Thanks kelsey, life would be very boring if we agreed with each other all the time, its just the manner in which we respond that is the issue. Standards are important and we all try to maintain a level but sometimes we fail.

  164. Will says:

    I will be taking my 9 year old step son to his first Arsenal game on saturday. He is a GK for his school team. He knows everything about Arsenal and knows that Almunia has made stupid mistakes but he still regards Alumnia as his idol, as he does Chesney and Fab. Because they are Arsenal. I have no doubt he will be shouting and cheering and supporting louder than anyone else in the clock end because he is Arsenal too and that is what its all about that is OUR job. great blog mate.

  165. Rasp says:

    Thanks Will, I have copied your comment onto our new post for the day, please click the Home button at the top of the page to join in.

  166. Carlito11 says:

    Just found this quote from a Yiddish proverb that I think gives an interesting angle:
    “From success to failure is one step; from failure to success is a long road.”
    I interpret this to mean that it is both easy and common to experience failure as we did in the Carling Cup or against Barcelona (I know the f word is loaded and have no desire to get into semantics). But from the real failure of the mid nineties before Arsene came to us, to the unqualified success that was the Invincibles was a long road, albeit littered with other successes 🙂
    I believe that anyone taking over from Wenger at Arsenal or CCC (Claret Conked Caledonian*) at Old Toilet will find the road to success a long one indeed as all success is relative.
    *Think it was Chary that coined that one- a personal favourite!

  167. Carlito11 says:

    meant to put that on the new post! oops

  168. thundertinygooner says:

    Top post-this is exactly what true fans do

  169. keeming says:

    Hi Elkieno, I agree there is always next season, just like liverpool fans keep writing off their current seaons as “there is always next season”. And its been, 20 years?

    I dont mind hope. But watching the manager doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results, thats crazy isn’t it? For a manager that presides over the era of Henry/Bergkamp/ Vieria/Pires to keep telling us this team is good enough, i dont know if he’s deluded or he is insulting the intelligence of fans in general. This team can’t even win a Carling Cup final!

    As long as Wenger is in charge, I set my expectations as “Top 4 every year” and that would be fine. That’s an achievement in itself, considering his self-imposed philosophy. Considering the millions Spurs and Man City throw to get into top 4, 13 years in CL and counting is excellent.

    Just because i chose to maintain a sense a persepctive/ reality and refused to get swept into the “We can win the title!” insanity, I get mocked for not being a true fan.

    Tis a wonderful world.

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