The future is so bright…….Jack’n’Aaron both strut their tekkers…..

Written by Harry

As 69,000 and a couple of blow up sheep packed into the Millennium stadium, to watch a home nations clash, something that has sadly been missing from the annual footy calendar, it was however just seen as a mere sideshow to the main event for many gooners…..

As GIE pointed out yesterday, watching Jack and Aaron go head to head was that added ingredient that made watching an England match worthwhile, perhaps even more interesting than John Terry’s love life for a change…..I must admit as much as I am proud to be English, at times I have found it hard to watch them play, often more painful than sitting on a whoopee cushion full of nails…

On to our two boys, I am not sure Jack looks quite as good in an England shirt, perhaps it was a bit over stretched from Frank Lampard normally wearing it…………

Aaron looked the part as the new Welsh Captain, the youngest in their history, lining up in the tunnel. Aaron understandably looked very nervy and as the play got underway, his nerves were certainly unsettling our welsh maestro…..But a game of this intensity can only help Aaron get his sharpness back..

Jack settled very easily and as England dominated early doors, he just seemed to glide around the pitch as if he was dancing on ice. His movement and positioning just seems so second nature, he makes the side tick as he moves through the gears more effortlessly than Jordan’s knickers come down. Tenacious in the tackle, strong on the ball, his maturity is only blighted by his occasional reaction to certain situations where he feels he didn’t get a decision from the referee……but in some ways that’s his desire to win which sets him apart…..

As the game developed  Wales were still predominantly on the back foot under immense pressure from England, Aaron’s Captains armband was weighing heavy as he tried too hard to affect Wales play. You could see the frustration etched on his face. It just seemed that everything he tried didn’t come off, with some missed passes and losing possession under pressure on a more than a few occasions……

Jack really seemed to be the lynchpin as he continued to probe, always open for a pass, at every opportunity he took the ball and moved it on quickly, often getting a kick for his troubles, his vision saw him set Bent free on more than one occasion with subtle and sublime passes, the only thing Jack lacks for me is a more selfish streak when the goal was in range, because he really has a powerful shot when unleashed.

Although Ramsey will probably want to forget the first half, his presence throughout the 2nd half saw him become more influential as Wales made a more of a fist of it, but in truth they never really looked like getting back into as England stood firm.  Aaron looked calm on the ball and controlled in possession but just lacked that bit of sharpness which would have aided Wales more.

Overall I though the game was disappointing and became a bit flat after England went two up, perhaps caught in two minds as to go for the throat or hold what they had……A welsh goal in the last 20mins would have made the match interesting, but Ramsey and Bellamy couldn’t get a shot on target…

An unbiased opinion from me saw Wilshere get England MotM (ahead of Young) and I gave him a solid 8 for both halves, he was withdrawn on 81mins…..

Ramsey gets a 6 overall, 5 for the 1st half, but a much improved 7 for his endeavours in the 2nd half, where for me he was Wales best player in last 30mins…..

The experience both our young stars will get from games like this can only be good for Arsenal, next season I really think these two will help fully establish Arsenal as a dominant team in the Premiership. Both have great individual talent and confidence to dominate and control games, adding that little bit of difference when needed, a drive and determination to succeed.

Both are leaders in their style of play and the confidence they have to play football, is what will see them become more influential as their careers develop, without doubt Arsene has two of the most talented youngsters in Europe within his grasp……

Both have room for improvement and they are not there yet, but I feel there can only be exciting times ahead at the Emirates with these two, I just hope we keep them both for the next 10-15years…………….

39 Responses to The future is so bright…….Jack’n’Aaron both strut their tekkers…..

  1. crusader says:

    I just hope Jack Wilshere can keep his feet on the ground and not waste the undoubted talent he has. It didn’t help Aaron playing in such a mediocre team. He seems a very likeable young man and Wilshere should watch and learn from him.

  2. Dom says:

    cant wait to see a midfield of Ramsey, Wilshere, Lansbury

  3. Rasp says:

    I felt quite sorry for Aaron at times in the 2nd half when he was probing around the outside of the England box (excuse the expression) and none of his compatriots were moving into space to give him an option – it must make him so glad to play for Arsenal where he would have been spoilt for choice.

  4. Harry says:

    Your right dom it will be good, lansbury is quality,he will be in the 1st team squad next seaon…

    He is a year behind due to injuries,but he is a talented boy……

  5. Rasp says:

    Morning Harry,

    Thanks for an excellent analysis. I see Lampard as the weak link in the side – the penalty gave his time on the pitch some credibility. I like Parker next to Jack but I reckon he’ll be sacrificed when Theo and Gerrard come back into the side. The fact that Aaron prefers to play in a more advanced role than Jack is a bonus as we wouldn’t want them to be a carbon copy of one another.

  6. Harry says:

    Thanks Rasp, yeah there is some subtle differences between them, Ramsey will score more goals, but jack must take chances more often…..
    and as dom says then add lansbury into the mix, we have a solid middle, with a british bite…..

  7. Rasp says:

    Don’t forget Frimpong either Harry, I was hoping he would be able to deputise when Song goes off to the ACN but apparently he has opted to play for his parent nation and so we may lose him too.

  8. Harry says:

    yeah defo, he would have played a big part this year..i think has opted for ghana…

  9. Harry says:

    Ageed,he needed bale out there, who would have made a difference, Ramsey really picked up his game in 2nd half…

    Now off to my u18 match, my u12’s won 5-0 this morning, reece was MoTM……

  10. Alan says:

    Ramsey was woeful. You can make all the excuses about the lack of movememnt in the wales team but I lost count how many times he misplaced simple passes.

    I suppose that will make mu unpopular because for the for the rest of his career we are obliged to feel sorry him for breaking his leg.

  11. Alan says:

    He certainly didn’t deserve a 5 in first half and in the second his passing didn;t improve. It was only because England stopped pressing that he got a little more in the game.

  12. SharkeySure says:

    Nice write up Harry.

    I agree that Aaron was much better 2nd half, and it really was a simple case of trying too hard in the first.

    He was looking for thekiller pass and ignoring the simple option too much. But on occasion even taking the simple option was beyond him. Much much better 2nd half, showed very good movement and along with Bellamy seemed to inspire his team to at least make a game of it.

  13. SharkeySure says:

    Alan, its not about extended sympathy for a broken leg, its about recognising that he’s just back from a long term injury, which means he’ll not be fully match sharp.

    Then throw in his age, that he was making his debut as a captain, and that it was a ‘derby’ match, and you’ll perhaps realise why some people cut him a bit of slack over yesterdays first half

  14. Rasp says:


    Ramsey has scored 6 international goals and been MotM in previous internationals before his leg was broken. At the time, people were comparing him to Gerrard and he had gone in front of Diaby and Denilson in the pecking order at Arsenal. I think you need to give the lad a bit more time, he will become a very very good player.

  15. johnQ says:

    Wales players depends too much on Ramsey and Bale. Since Bale didn’t played yesterday, Ramsey had to carry the burden alone. It’s painful to see him carried the ball into the opposition penalty box, and none of his teammates were there to receive the ball.

    England games without Wilshere was like watching World Cup all over again. Dull, painful and boooriiing! Nevertheless, I like Parker. He was like the better version of Denilson, making interception without committing dangerous takcles. I wonder if we can buy him next season, or Denilson can save us that money by being as good as him as soon as possible.:)

  16. johnQ says:


    ‘he makes the side tick as he moves through the gears more effortlessly than Jordan’s knickers come down.’


  17. RockyLives says:

    As I didn’t get to see the game I really appreciate the write-up. I hadn’t realised that Aaron had been made Wales captain. A bit of a worry – I’d hate for their to be too much pressure on him.
    Sounds like Jack’s going from strength to strength though.

  18. Gooner in Exile says:

    Fair analysis Harry, except I think you were a tad harsh on Jordans knickers 😀

    Wilshere looks unphased by anything, ok it was only Wales this time, but for a young player to so rarely look out of depth on his first full season at senior level (club and country) demonstrates we clearly have a top top talent in our team.

    I heard someone on the radio discussing Gerards return, he said Wilshere would be the first name on the team sheet and then fit the rest of the midfield around him, high praise indeed.

    Ramsey clearly suffered with poorer teammates around him.

    Funniest moment in yesterday’s half time was Hoddle criticising Scholes tackling (comparing to Rooneys two hacks) and looking to Giggs and G Neville to agree. And also funny was Giggs and Neville trying to be positive about Wilshere through gritted teeth!!

  19. Harry says:

    Rocky, no problem, wasnt hard writing about them, nothing else of much interest to say about the game….I hear you about him been Captain early but he has Gary Speed as his manager and his reasoning was sound to me, he wants to plan now for future tournaments, get some experience under his belt, there is actually not any pressure now as they wont qualify, the pressure yesterday was just more because it was england with all the hype…..It will do him some good and us in the long run…

    @Alan, what ratings would you have given him then? DId you not think he improved in the 2nd half? He will be a legend for us, if he continues where he left off before the injury, and why not give him a bit of slack?

    @GIE; harsh on Jordan knickers? are you sure? they are well versed in going up and down, so i thought it was a fair analogy?

  20. Harry says:

    @Rocky defo, Jack is going from strength to strength, he seems so at ease, I always think when players seem to have that extra time on the ball when really they havent its the level of the class that sets them apart…
    Both wilshere and Ramsey have it, although ramsey will take time to regain fully….

  21. barumgooner says:

    Hello all. I didnt see any of the game but heard Jack did gd. Ramsay is always gona struggle in that side coz its at least a couple of steps lower than the Arsenal. I am very sure that players will need to be let go to allow room for the new breed of midfielders we have coming through. Jack, Ramsey, Frimpong, Lansbury and Jet all deserve a place. If I were Diaby, Denilson and Rosicky I would be looking for a new employer.

  22. barumgooner says:

    Add to that offloading AA and replacing him with Young and the future definately does look bright.

  23. chas says:

    Nice report, Harry.

    Afobe getting 2 assists in the Huddersfield game, lacking a bit of sharpness in front of goal, but excellent overall.

    Cole, Terry, Lampard, Dawson and Rooney released from the England squad. What about Jack?

  24. Ricardo says:

    Nice post Harry.

    I agree with you on several points. It didn’t do Ramsey justice that he is on a mediocre team. He played tough and hard for both halves but I felt he was doing A LOT of the work. Perhaps his young legs can take the running and all that but he needs more people around him. It’ll take pressure off of him.

  25. 26may1989 says:

    Thanks for that write up Harry, good stuff.

    The only reason I watched the match was to see our two lads. Wilshere was superb, he is just going to go from strength to strength. I just pray he stays with us.

    As for Ramsey, a real game of two halves: I’m afraid I thought he was embarrassingly poor in the first half – when he was involved, Wales’ precious possession often broke down with his misjudged passes. But he was gutsy enough to come back out in the second half and show what he could do. The way he sold Terry a dummy to earn a good shooting chance was top quality.

    I believe in Ramsey, I really do think he and Wilshere are our future. Ramsey could also have a big part to play in our remaining nine games, and it’s useful for his recovery for him to have played yesterday. Bodes well for us.

    Scott Parker looked great alongside Wilshere. I’d still put Parker down as my player of the season.

  26. SharkeySure says:

    Cheers Chas, I tuned into to th Hudd post mach and they were waxing lyrical about Afobe. Craig Short said that even without scoring he almost gave MoM to Afobe.

    Those two assists were both top quality in terms of awareness and execution.

    I just don’t see where or how we’re going to spend any money on transfers in the future. Fair do’s Ramsey has cost us £5m, but when you look at the conveyor belt of top talent we have waiting in the wings, its almost frightening.

  27. SharkeySure says:

    Harry, I can only agree about Wilshere. He’s got Ballon D’or written all over him hasn’t he. His natural ability and the way he has risen to every challenge set to him this season is absolutely frightening.

    Most impressive is that he is doing it in the hardest position on the pitch imho. You need 360degree vision, you have to create chances for others, defend well, get from box to box etc etc etc. Its as much a test of concentration and stamina as it is of ability. If you don’t play well in there, then your whole team suffers, and thats a lot of responsibility on shoulders so young.

    Jack has completely aced every test he has faced so far this season. He seems unfazed by it all.

    Armband vs Ghana..??

  28. 26may1989 says:

    Sharkey, good points re the conveyor belt. Looking at the younger players on the books, and ignoring the controversial players (Diaby, Denilson, etc), the choice in midfield is ludicrous, and (ironically) at CB and in goal we have buckets of options too. I’d guess we’ll need to spend some wonga on strikers and right-backs.

  29. Harry says:

    Thanks all of you for kind comments, yeah sharkey, Ballon D’or written all over him 100%…..

    We do have a conveyor belt of talents coming to the fore, very soon…Just need to ensure we mix it up with some experience…

    I like afobe, aneke, frimpong, lansbury, JET, Bartley with Wilshere, ramsey, gibbs, woijech, miquel, coquelin, just to name a few!!

  30. 26may1989 says:

    And to name some others, Henderson, Miyaichi, Freeman, Mannone and Wellington. Plus there’s a whole bunch of senior players who aren’t old. The future’s bright, the future’s goonerish.

  31. Harry says:

    not forgetting botelho, sunu, galindo, watt, cruise, eastmond (not convinced), there is so many!!

  32. Gooner in Exile says:

    It’s ridiculous how many youngsters we can get excited about in the near future. It’s also bloody great.

    Just read Telegraph (not normally outlandish) reporting that Barca president has baulked at the £43mprice tag we have put on Cesc. Looks like we will keep him afterall 🙂

  33. London says:

    Finally got a chance to read the post and a very accurate assessment it is in my humble opinion.

  34. Gooner in Exile says:

    Capello has intimated a totally different starting XI for Ghana, Lampard et al have been sent to clubs due to Champions League and an agreement with clubs

  35. Rasp says:

    Morning all,

    I would like to know the reasoning behind Capello releasing Terry, Lampard, Cole, Rooney and Dawson from the England squad. The Ghana game is a meaningless friendly. Jack has played more games this season than any of the released players, is 19 years old and yet is apparently going to play. I’m sure Jack wants to play for his country but I’m just wondering how Arsene feels about this and what consultation there has been with him on this decision particularly since it looks like Wilshere is going to be called into the under 21’s squad and will obviously play if that is the case.

  36. Big Raddy says:

    Morning. Fine assessment Harry.

    I don’t understand the term “trying too hard”. Surely all the players give 100%. If one says that in the first half Ramsey was trying to place impossible passes and be too clever, then I can agree. I imagine that Speed took him aside and reminded him that the simple ball is usually the most effective. Furthermore, because Ramsey was running so hard throughout the game, he ran out of steam at 80 minutes, which is of no benefit to his team. I think this was a performance Aaron will not want to reflect upon – but even so, he showed glimpses of outstanding talent. I think he will become a major star at Arsenal.

    Wilshere has learned to combine the simple with the complex and this is what makes him exceptional – much like Fabregas. A fantastic engine, great upper body strength and superb control are the signs of a superstar in the making, but England Captain? Not yet.

    Rasp. GIE explains 7.27. Seems reasonable.

  37. Morning all

    There’s a New Post

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